New firmware for Xperia L (15.0.A.2.17) introduces Small Apps

by XB on 7th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia L series

Xperia L_15.0.A.2.17 firmware_1Sony Mobile is rolling out a new firmware update for the Xperia L (C210X) in the form of build version 15.0.A.2.17. One of the notable features it introduces to the handset is Small Apps, which thus far had been absent. Users are also reporting performance enhancements and big fixes. The update appears to be out in Indonesia and is likely to roll out to other regions soon.

Xperia L_15.0.A.2.17 firmware_1

Xperia L_15.0.A.2.17 firmware_2

Thanks @billbond4!

  • Muhammad Saad Farid

    Now thats a gud treatment for mid ranger:-)

  • Asad Ahmed

    agreed sir :)

  • Alan


  • nel

    I can’t believe that a low tier phone gets updates and bugfixes before the ex flagship Xperia S, which is still bugged to shit.

  • clewis

    Xperia s is almost a year and a half old, xperia l is only a few months what do you expect?

  • jag

    move on please.

  • lolsomany

    currently downloading :p

  • hans

    Hey where’s my JB update for Xperia Arc?!?! Sony s***s!!!! /s

  • Dencille Cherian

    exactly…old phones have very less chance of getting updates.

  • jumbo3220

    tell us the camera quality improvements and if support USB OTG after this update and overall experience

  • Alvin z

    Camera improved significantly, especially front Camera…
    Don’t know about otg, it fixes most bus this phone have recently….

  • Alvin z

    l mean most bug, not most bus…

  • Billbond4

    No otg support and the Google android device manager is now installed.
    Class 10 microsd support is added. Multitouch improved

  • michaeldim96

    We want also an update for xperia sp to improve camera!!!!!!

  • ik

    SP is getting 4.3, what else do you want?

  • Saurabh

    Update released in India aswell!!

  • faggot

    Stop complaining. you’re giving xperia S users a bad name

  • faggot

    you still have an xperia arc? hahaha grandpa

  • Billbond4

    Noticed that the notification bug is also fixed. Hopefully the 4.3 will give USB OTG

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  • nischal

    wen ?

  • nischal

    wens it releasing in india?

  • Xavier

    Is Sony Xperia L will be getting Jelly Bean 4.3???Please reply

  • Saurabh

    Just few hours after it was released in Indonesia!!

  • sinhue

    sony xperia L has nothing confirmed on an update to Android 4.3, but Sony stated that studies the possibility of moving from android 4.1 to android 4.3 on some phones xperia guess the L may be among those telephones, English is not very good then I rely on google translator, an apology if I have good syntax

  • michaeldim96

    A new firmware has certified one month ago!! When it gDonna roll out?

  • Jay

    Download & Update your firmware via PC Companion

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker


    The reason 2011 Xperias can’t get JB is low amount of RAM.

  • Suresh Dragger

    yeah! it’s good for using

  • Joe

    hmmm…… why does updating with pc companion download the entire 450+MB file.
    my internet connection is too slow. I think I’ll have to go to the service centre to update which is 35 kms from where I stay :(


    if you are using power button to end the call, you will notice that notification light wont stop until you make an other call and end the call through screen, a new bug in this update :(

  • Prashant Kumar

    great! i updated latesst firmware and now the games that were lagging previously are now running buttery smooth…… thanx sony for the update

  • Edit button is your friend.

  • Herman Cruz

    Oh my I hope they fixed the still photos. It seems upon fixing laggy video recording and front camera turns to black and white during low lights situations are fixed but the sharpness of still photos are gone. Will be waiting for more updates

  • Herman Cruz

    Awaiting for the next update because this update has problems with the sharpness of camera especially indoors. I’m back to 15.0.A.1.36

  • Ricardo

    Please, help me, friend.

    I’ve updated my C2104 – 15.0.a.1.31 to 2.17 using Flash Tool…

    But now my 3g connection doesn’t work…
    I’d like to restore my previous firmware version but it seems impossible… (2.17 is not available in PC Companion here in Brazil, but when I restore, it always restore as if 2.17 was the original version)

    What should I do?


  • Herman Cruz Jr.

    Will be waiting for camera fixes. 15.0.A.1.36 has better sharpness of camera

  • Herman Cruz Jr.

    Maybe the reason why there is still no update for Xperia L is because they are prepairing for 4.3… CROSSFINGERS :D

  • Herman Cruz Jr.

    you sure you have used the same model C2104 or C2105?

  • trevo

    These updates do nothing to fix the serious bugs in XL. XL is the most buggy, crappy piece of work that sony has put it’s name on. I’m going to name it XLB (brick). Battery indicator giving wrong readings, internal memory problems, phones shutting off, rebooting for no reason, wifi problems, headphone problems. In short XLB sucks!!!!!!! My bet is on a badly produced and faulty motherboard. Way to rip off people Fony.

  • trevo

    Updating and restoring do nothing to solve the problems. Shitty hardware from a shitty company.

  • therves

    I cant update my xl via ota even flashtool… Help me please…. :'(

  • therves

    I cant update mu xl via OTA or even flashtool.. Help me pease…. :'(

  • lucasarg

    I have THE BOMB: Sony Mobile AR (Argentina official mobile Sony Xperia page) says 4.3 is going to be ready for mid-november.

    [-Hi Caro!, By the time available is version 4.1 but version 4.3 is expected by mid-November. Greetings!] -translation from spanish to english-

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