New Xperia SP update (12.0.A.2.245) intros expanded notification panel and transparent UI

by XB on 12th August 2013

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP 245A new firmware update has hit the Sony Xperia SP (C530X) in the form of build version 12.0.A.2.245. The update is rolling out to HSPA+ (C5302) and LTE (C5303) handsets.

The notable changes this update brings is a transparent notification bar/menu bar, an additional row of settings in the notification panel and some new Small Apps. A decent update all in all. If you’ve downloaded the update, let us know what other changes you’ve noticed in the comments below.

Xperia SP_12.0.A.2.245

Xperia SP 245

SP 245_2

SP 245_1

SP 245_3

Thanks King Adrian Facalarin!

  • ravi

    can anybody give me ftf . and is there any improvement on camera

  • remillia

    This is supposedly 4.2.2 updates but I think sony pushing it to 4.1.2 so they can skip 4.2.2 and jump ahead 4.3

  • Serdar Demir

    türkiye için güncelleme tamam te?ekürler sonymobile :)

  • AsadMulla

    we can see some of the Xperia Z of 4.2.2 specs on this build so I am guessing no 4.2.2 for Xperia SP and straight to 4.3

  • XperiaBlog
  • luigi

    i wanna see this in xperia s :-)

  • ???????

    hello there. is there any timetable for the S update please?

  • Kunal Shukla

    I hope this is the update Rickard said about in the above link with the camera fixes…

  • sina

    Is it possible to update c5302 with c5303 ftf??? Dont have any problem or issue?

  • Truth is

    I tried to update device as per instructions, now it stuck in middle in the step where I have to restart the device. When I restart it shows green light then sony logo and again goes back to sleep. What should I do??

  • Truth is

    it worked, through repair wizard.. ;)

  • Okazuma

    Good Update.

    Hope to see the transparent notification bar on Xperia S

  • (C):stem

    Xperia SP, here I CUM!!!

  • michaeldim96

    I don’t have transparent menu bar!! It’s still grey! :

  • Semo Koda

    hope it comes for Acro S :( … PLEASE Sony !!!

  • Guest

    What about wifi reception?

  • ammad

    same problm with me,,,,plz mention tht post if u will get any solution,,, thnx

  • hash

    is it worth it guys?? anyone can share the experience after updating?? I am not sure whether to update this or not… will lose so much of the data for so little gain!! :(

  • Ninjas

    Time to buy XSP LTE

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  • abdullah

    if i go update by sony update service. will i get this update too? i already have notif an update from the pc companion. but. im affraid if i update it by PCC i’ll lose all of my apps… any suggest? or. is 245 rootable already? if yes. i shouldnt be affraid again about my apps. because titanium backup will helping me out…

  • rey

    it’s possible. i flashed c5303 ftf to my c5302 SP and it works hehe

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  • Tk

    Hope it brings the ridiculous battery efficiency of the xperia zr.

  • Tk

    Hope it brings the ridiculous battery efficiency of the xperia zr.

  • Tk

    The bar housing the android buttons is now black instead of grey, & there is a small browser in the small apps. & maybe its my perception but the camera seems better.

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  • karthik hegde

    the update…has new notification bar….fixed some camera issues(including 8mp resolution)…a new browser small app….and some new developer options!!
    pretty cool update…!!!

  • karthik hegde

    the update…has new notification bar….fixed some camera issues(including 8mp resolution)…a new browser small app….and some new developer options!!

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  • faggot

    No there isn’t you fucking cunt. Stop begging like a fuck and deal with life.

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  • ???????

    cunt is the one who swears behind a keyboard.
    “Stop begging”… where do i beg?
    “deal with life”… What does it have to do with what I’ve asked?
    you have perception problem, you’ve been given placebos instead of real medicines dude

  • tk

    Am having issues with the notification light,it’s not lighting up when I have messages

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  • tk

    & battery is going down too fast have a look at this,from 100%

  • hash

    What about wifi.. Is the dropping signals issue resolved? And overheating?

  • michaeldim96

    If you delete some program which download Wallpaper and then reboot your phone you will Have transparent menu bar!!

  • Marcus Lee

    Finally, the updating tutorial is already here:

    Good job Sony!

  • Minfad Mahyuddin

    previously my led light notification works perfectly until i had this update. sony pls do something about this

  • Minfad Mahyuddin

    face the same issue too. sigh…

  • Minfad Mahyuddin

    just found out that u need to disable the stamina mode for the led notification to function properly…aww man…now i can’t save the battery anymore

  • Guest

    im in indonesia got update from last week .. i got 12.0.A.1.257 what is the diffrent with this .245 ?

  • Samurais

    XSP already got LTE

  • tk

    Thanks Minfad Mahyuddin, I did that & it now woks fine, try the snapdragon battery guru app, it is similar to Sony’s stamina mode. Are you having any issues in regards to sudden & increased battery discharge?

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  • Mani

    Its perfectly working,my battery stood for 2 days after updating..!!!

  • DooMLoRD

    Here is the how-to for rooting this firmware!

    and yes PLEASE DO CONSIDER DONATING ( AS I AM RAISING FUNDS TO BUY A NEW DEVICE! Either the Xperia Z Ultra or the Xperia i1 (Honami)



  • karthik hegde

    no changes in that!! and u can even choose the options u want in the notifiaction bar…in the display settings!!

  • iFA88

    A little improved battery, +0.5-1 day extra.
    With full load says 7 days 11 hours, that was 6 hours before the update.
    I have long time voice calls, but 10% pro day its very good.

  • The display problem has been solved?? My SP display doesn’t respond sometimes, can you tell me how i fix it?

  • tk

    Battery life seems to have stabilized after I killed the stamina mode,pretty strange,everything else seems ok.

  • iFA88

    Its not bad, when u clean the “Eco mode” or “Eco controll” application data, and then restart your phone (i dont know what is the name in English)

  • nameofthewind

    why does the screenshot shows android navigation buttons a semi-transparent background when mine have a Black background(previously gray)

  • tk

    Thanks,that’s exactly what I did,I think you’ve posted that advice on the Xperia sp forum,I have the c5303,Maybe it’s a model specific issue,

  • jetdog9

    Changes to LED with this update are sort of hideous. LED doesn’t stay on in stamina mode anymore. Call this a “fix” if you want, but for me it was not hurting battery life in stamina mode, and I think the user should have the choice to toggle it. Also, the way the LEDs work is not as aesthetic anymore. Things that used to glow/fade now just blink. At first I didn’t really care about the LED and thought of it as gimmicky, but once I bought the SP and got used to it… well let’s just say these changes aren’t a plus.

  • saadman

    hello :) i tried to update my Xperia SP with the sony pc companion. it showed an error. something with cannot install the sony update engine.
    i tried again with the update service, now it’s stuck in 721mb part, the whole update is 728.5 mb. my net connection is fine. any help will be appreciated :)

  • Märlòn Cärl Öchävez Lòqùiäs

    just restart you phone

  • Märlòn Cärl Öchävez Lòqùiäs

    can anyone tell me what are the bad and good things happen to your xsp after download.., :)

  • raghava

    Plz fix the WiFi problems also

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  • Ashish

    I noticed a marked drop in the music volume levels :( Not fair….

  • Malena

    yeah i agree with this but sometimes its very irritating to use notifications! thats why i prefer mass notifications

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  • jeviar

    what is repair wizard? facing the same problem here…. please help!!!

  • Truth is

    Disconnect the phone from PC and then reconnect. Press start button phone will try to turn on and you will see xperia/sony logo. PC companion will detect the phone. There will be 2 options, 1.Update 2.Repair, Choose repair option. It will work.

  • saadman

    i’ve the same problem :/ any solutions?

  • saadman

    my navigation buttons are still black, any idea how to make it transparent?

  • Junie

    Me too i also had problem with the LED. im kinda used to the old blinking notification LED strip not the fade and blink one, its not nice at all ==

  • Janina

    I have the issue too, that my SP don’t light up if a massage is coming in. Also when I get a call. Sometimes it lights up only three or four times. I restart my SP without solving the problems.

  • maverick

    pls fix the Wifi signal. have difficultly connecting to the internet…

  • matkap hüsnü

    this update brings problems with volume, walkman app, clear bass not effective,lower volume, etc…
    walkman lovers be careful

  • nameofthewind

    I tried to set a live wallpaper and guess what I got the Transparent UI BUT, if I set an Image as a wallpaper I get the black ui

  • hsoni

    Updated my Xperia XP couple of days back, did not face any issues, the led effect is intact, other major changes I found is while pressing the standby button it nicely fades and while pressing it again it comes smoothly, and while playing videos from whatsapp it dosent go to landscape mode which used to change in earlier rom.

  • Junie

    Can anybody help with the LED notification strip it’s not lighting up but just blinks and fades and it’s annoying me

  • XSP C5303 LTE User

    Is there anyone who already solved the led lights error? Thanks. -Xperia SP c5303 LTE User

  • XSP C5303 LTE User

    Did anyone tried the same way how they Fixed the same Bug on Xperia Z? The LED notification lights problem?

  • sars

    yes same provlem i m facing

  • sars08

    this update brought some problems … hey sony people pliz verify it and fix it soon… 1.while playing walkman if we switch apps den song pauses,
    2.need to press more then 2 times power button to get the unlock screen
    3.volume output with the bass decreased severely in the walkman which we realise wen we plug in headfones…

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  • bhavin

    not able to update through phone, its asking to connect with pc and when connected, calls out a server error!!!! pls help me out . model : c5302, currently running12.0.A.1.284

  • New to android and Xperia sp

    Is this update available in the UK?
    I have been trying for 2 days and I can’t get it.

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  • Sums611

    Try factory reset after firmware upgrade, and most issues will be resolved.

  • Eduardo

    Set a live wallpaper.

  • Dhaval Ghetiya

    I cant read & write gujarati language on xperia sp….can any one help me out

  • Angel Hsu

    I have all the problems everyone has, plus problem with my power runs out much faster than it used too be, even if I switch everything off or restart, My power drops every 1% per 30mins or more when I open wifi or screen

  • Andrea

    I am having the same problems as listed below the display lights are not working when i receive a text and miss a call..I have reset this feature but it is still not working. This is a shame because this is a great feature about my phone which i was impressed with. Sony what are you doing to resolve this problem?

  • William

    My LED function doesn’t work since I updated the software/firmware. I liked the LED function as I knew when I had a missed call, text or email waiting without having to activate the screen. I know its only a small thing but a step back in functionality from my point of view.

  • alroy

    After the update ma phone hangs up while using it when/during charging display does not work properly well let us know about the changes brought about.

  • kate

    This problem can not be repaired yet?

  • kate

    Its the same..

  • Boky

    Use “Illumination Bar Notification” for workaround. I hope thay fix this bug in next firmware.

  • Gurvir Singh

    I hav problems with my led bar the rigt side led glows redish. Whenever it glows

  • the dudeman

    try using the default themes,custom themes are missing the light commands

  • Dwight Schrute

    Can somebody help me :( after i update my sony SP some apps does not working anymore.its keep forced close.can anyone tell me how to fix it? Pleasee.u can contact me by email

  • Tiff

    This update is horrible!!!!!!!!!! Every program keeps telling me it stop unexpectedly, and my phone freezes sooooo much!!!!!! If I ever need someone in emergency I’d be screwed!!!!!! I wanna undo.update!

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  • I have a friend that has xperia sp but until now the kitkat update is still nowhere. But she’s planning to root it using one click root and flash a kitkat custom rom.

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