This is how Sony is masking its phones in public

by XB on 13th August 2013

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Honami MaskedMost manufacturers these days employ certain methods to stop up and coming handsets leaking out to the public. One common such method is to use a different shell or case, to mask exactly what the phone looks like. The images below show how Sony Mobile is encasing their upcoming Xperia’s to avoid prying eyes.

Adam Outler from xda-developer fame, posted an image of such a handset onto Google+ yesterday. The picture is believed to be of the Sony Honami and Outler tagged the picture as “Unannounced Sony device”. Outler has been posting from XDA:DevCon, where Sony Mobile is the main sponsor so it’s not surprising that there may have been a prototype Honami doing the rounds. The image has now been removed by Outler, which probably highlights its legitimacy.

The second image is a few months old and is believed to be the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It has black casing, as opposed to the white one for Honami, but has similar slits. Therefore, if you see anything like the images below in the wild, then you’re probably looking at the next Sony Xperia handset.

Honami masked?

Honami Masked

Xperia Z Ultra masked?

XZU Masked

Thanks Liam and Zohaib!

  • GOod Lo0king

    Holy smack!! That phone’s a beauty!!!

  • all al al al

    Man, that’s one thick bezel.

  • Jonfensu

    If you see closely , the case cover a part of the screen

  • henry

    Hannibal’s smartphone

  • Lolzer

    Yeah, exactly, the bezel on the both side and bottom is very small, i’d say it’s almost similar or even smaller compared to LG G2. This design looks different from the previous leaks…

  • Ikhwan Huzir Bin Islakh

    He’s just being joke about it bro.

  • Xperianss

    News about Gadget and Technology, like
    this one :

    News about Gadget and Technology,
    follow this one :

  • ProWeirdo

    Look at the phone in the screen in the last photo. Isn’t that photo made by Honami?

  • Marco Rocha

    I thought the same man!

  • hans

    No it’s Z. Honami Camera placement is more at the edge of the phone. whereas the Z has the camera at near the center of the phone vertical axis.

  • Billy de Fretes

    it’s white xperia z since LED flash below camera

  • Billy de Fretes

    hopefuly it will be different than previous leaks

  • Yehaa Afandy

    what kind of screen in Xperia Z Ultra ? is it TFT or LED or LCD or what ??

  • FracRowland

    TFT with ips technology
    I think the honami will use the same screen as well

  • surethom

    I wish sony would make a more non reflective screen its the same on my Xperia S, it hard to use out doors.

  • Yehaa Afandy

    is there difference between IPS LCD and TFT with IPS technology?

  • Yehaa Afandy

    is there difference between IPS LCD and TFT with IPS technology?

  • ? ?


  • Babylonbwoy

    So much money in this business, one day we will here about spying companies in mobile technologie!

  • Herman

    Man, that’s one comment that shows up way too often.
    You can’t even tell because the device is in a thick casing.

    Even if it were the Honami, we all know it’s going to have ‘huge bezels’ already. Your comment won’t make a difference.

  • ChallangetobeAccepted

    Man, that bezel is huuuge. I hope it just looks like this because of the angle the picture was taken from.

    If you look at the competition, the bezel is fucking humongous, especially if it is just “wasted” space. The S4 uses the bezel for buttons, the One has awesome speakers in there. The Motorola and the G2 have barely any bezel.

  • ChallangetobeAccepted

    One day? All I can say is Apple and Samsung.

  • Ever heard of matte screen protector? You can get one for less than $5.

  • roeshak

    Big bezel or not? That remains the only question left on the honami subject.
    I really hope the pictures we’ve seen so far aren’t the real deal. I’m hoping they’re of a back up device which will never see the production line.
    A phone much bigger than the Z with the same display size isn’t going to go down well with many. Sony should be shrinking the bezels, not increasing them. For phones, that certainly holds true. For tablets, they can do whatever they want but with phones, slim bezels is really the only way forward.
    Thinness is no compensation for larger than average surface area.

  • jake


  • roeshak

    I hope they’ve just allowed their back up device to leak to prevent real leaks of honami. I hope to be surprised on the 4th. If it’s what we’ve seen so far, then I’ll be sticking with the z until next year. Can’t buy a bigger phone with the same display size. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • P9

    could be Z? :)

  • josesl16

    Z Ultra is IPS? So Triluminos is a part of IPS or something? O.o

  • He was being sarcastic…

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  • Izamanaick

    Wouldn’t mind having a case like that. It’s definitely a change from the conventional ones that pretty much everyone has nowadays.

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  • Jonfensu

    Its biger due larger Sensor and Battery

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  • B( . )( . )BS


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  • Lolzer

    It’s the same TFT S-PVA (8-bit, since it produce 16 million colours) as other Xperias. But what’s different is the quantum dots.

    “Quantum dots are best described as light-emitting nanoparticles. Basically, they are very small (2-10 nanometers) particles of a material that emits light. Depending on the size of the particle, which can be controlled precisely, quantum dots emit light in a specific wavelength, which the human eye perceives as a specific color.

    Conventional LCD displays use a white backlight that passes through red, blue, and green filters to form the color that the user perceives. The problem with this approach is that filters are not very selective – in other words, it’s hard to form very specific colors, and the end result are washed out colors. With Triluminos, the white backlight is replaced by a blue LED, which emits a blue light that causes a film of quantum dots to produce pure green and pure red. The different wavelength light is combined to form the color on the screen. This way the display can show more pure, unadulterated colors.”

    For people who says Triluminos is IPS (in-plane switching) or TN(twisted nemetic) TFT LCD, it’s NOT. Sony uses PVA (patterned vertical alignment) displays. Why is TN not possible? TN uses 6-bit (256k colours), but Sony’s displays are 16 million, so left with IPS and PVA. IPS is not possible for Sony because it’s expensive (considering sony’s having financial problem), plus IPS will have a shade of violet/purple-ish blacks when viewed from the side.


    Sony’s PVA display have lower contrast due to the low-performance liquid crystals

  • Lolzer

    Btw, another way to determine PVA is by waving your hand in front of the display. PVA have lower response time compared to TN or IPS, which means, you’ll see blurry/shadow when you wave your hand. TN and IPS will NOT have this blurry/shadowy phenomena.

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  • Lolzer

    Nope! They’re actually the same thing
    TFT is a tech built on LCD, while IPS is a tech built on TFT.
    So it’s like a 6.2L engine (LCD), with 6 cylinder (TFT) , and the engine is turbo-charged (IPS).

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  • Lolzer

    Sony uses Super-PVA (S-PVA), which eliminates the slow response time.

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