Sony tweets first teaser image of Honami

by XB on 22nd August 2013

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wpid-20130822_103020.jpgSony Mobile has just officially launched the first teaser image of its next flagship smartphone. We get a close glimpse of the signature power button with the hashtag #bestofSony. Excited?


  • Kazuo Sat?

    Awh yeah!! not long now :P
    Can’t wait to see what the camera can really do!


    the picture shows what i feared the overall phone looks long and thin :( the bezels ruins the whole thing it could be so beautiful i hope i can look past the bezels

    though i am VERY happy about a black frame not silver

  • JEp ?


  • panagi?tis


  • How is the phone long and thin, and where is the bezels in the picture? All I see is a power button?

  • David Moslehi

    Cool… I am desperately waiting for it to become available. Nice photo of the Xperia line’s signature button. ??:-)


    they posted a official picture of the phone on their facebook page

    well the top of it as someone is holding it

  • David Moslehi

    I like the bezel as it is like in this picture. ?

  • ImAnurag

    it seems it is Z Ultra.

  • The Loyalist

    That’s Z Ultra

  • Rory

    Z Ultra

  • Mac

    Hope dey reveal the Honami(ni) as well. But 4,6″ is the best.

  • Babylonbwoy

    I really hope for them that it will be released as a real finish product unlike Z Ultra which is a semi fail with its all its issues!

  • Babylonbwoy

    One of the comment on facebook says “Honami Will bring Tsunami to the mobile world!!” Well find!

  • Mac

    I like when a company have phones looking like they are made from the same company but when you really can’t tell for sure which one it is then it’s not so funny any mo.

  • Gikes

    Dat bezel!

  • jangaleon


  • Herman

    I’d love to see a comparison with the Nokia N8. That was one hell of a cameraphone, and still today beats most other smartphone cameras.

    If the Honami can beat the Nokia N8, it’s great.

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  • m sacha


  • AlvinZ

    Please be patient and ask mom what is bezel, ok?

  • rickiking

    some trolls are complaining about the bezel, it’s not even shown here.


    In Poland (Europe :p ) Realise date of Xperia Z Ultra is 11 September – official info for shops.

  • giannikosmo

    so from now every flagship smartphone of sony will be the best of sony!

  • Guest


  • ? ?


  • KrYpToNiT3

    My C905 beats N8

  • x-periance

    Using lenovo supercamera with my xperia z… Not bad… Hope honami will be even better….

  • Ka Ku

    People say no Xenon , but gsm says LED + Xenon :/ can’t wait for the final release ;( hope week pass like days :P

  • @atWidget
  • Cheng

    5sept honami announcement in Beijing !

  • kontrol

    you’ll be disapointed bro’
    I bet that the gs4 will beat it for sure

  • Herman

    Show me.

  • Abdullah Robben

    C905 is the best camera phone of all time

  • Abdullah Robben
  • DrazenDodig

    Sure… GS4 will also be faster. Because S600 is faster than S800, right? :-)

  • Herman

    Oh come on, the Xperia S is not any better than the Nokia N8.

    I’ve had the N8 before my current Xperia S, and I know I’ve lost photo quality. Mostly because the Xperia S has too much noise, therefore less details. That video only shows that the Nokia N8 couldn’t do close-ups very well, much like the Nokia 808 PureView.

    And how can you compare photo quality in a video, with YouTube’s compression? Show me photos side by side and show me that the Xperia S does better than the Nokia N8 every single time, without removing certain images.

    EDIT: The Xperia S may be comparable with the Sony Ericsson Satio. Not with the Nokia N8. It’s a completely different league.

  • bet1001

    So let me see. Early this Year – Xperia Z, best of SONY. No wait ZU, no wait……

  • lolsomany

    since when s600 more faster???
    look at benchmark how faster s800 is. don’t talk at something u don’t have knowledge with….

  • lolsomany

    thats why samsung will release s4 with s800 in 3Q this year

  • Rob

    No shit.. They don’t make a flagship that isn’t better than the last one.. Whats new with that?

  • Meta

    look at this

  • rexperia

    why i should disappointed?

  • rexperia

    Then let me cheers with your beloved N8…

  • rexperia

    what’s wrong with bezel?

  • Dark Moyan

    my friend got N8 and I got Xperia S.
    don’t know about you guys but the n8 camera of my friend is not that good. the camera of my friend got the same quality as my Xperia neo(sold) but my xperia s beat the crap out of n8.
    BTW, I used many nokia like 6600, n73 MEand I must say nokia is really great with camera but no so with OS :/

  • Dark Moyan

    Photoshopped paperhangers but if its real it will be awesome :D

  • That just means Sony improves itself very quickly

  • nidou bossy

    do you still taking money from your parents? lol

  • nidou bossy

    N8 my ass!

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  • Bill Lockhart

    LOL! Good one @DrazenDodig:disqus
    And lol for the person (aka @lolsomany ) that did not get your sarcastic remark. :P

  • bet1001

    But that harms its future sales. Why would I want to buy something that will be classed as ‘old’ 6 months later. Imagine Playstation 5 came out summer 2014, Playstation 6 November 2014…..

  • Sameer Shah

    -_- no snapdragon 800 is faster than 600
    dude its capable of capturing 4k ultra HD video

  • DrazenDodig

    haha Bill, obviously sarcasm meter is broken in many :P

  • rockky

    No issues here

  • JEp ?

    nope. the opposite. lol.

  • shayan gozarabadi

    you can’t compare xperia z with zu…they are in completely different categories…honami is the successor of xperia z and it will release almost 8 months after XZ..

  • bimmersonygasm

    Consoles don’t have that kind of development time as smartphones do. It’s really Qualcomm’s and Intel’s fault for coming out with their latest and greatest so quickly. It has its pros and cons for the consumers.

  • giannikosmo

    They say exactly the same thing as the Xperia Z!

  • DrazenDodig

    if Sony doesnt come out with Z1, someone else will… so yeah, they should update them as soon as they can.

  • surethom

    Lets hope sony camera software does not let the hardware down, with over compression.

  • UrDad

    plastic-sung fanboy detected

  • roeshak

    No way. The initial rumored specs might have done that but from what we now know, that tsunami has been downgraded to just another big wave. Nothing more

  • yogi

    best of sony has lately been not upto the mark…I hope Honami stays upto our expectations…

  • Anukul

    man that golden age

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    lol so you’re telling that close up photos aren’t necessary, haha funny you.

  • Babylonbwoy

    yes the perfect sony mobile won’t be this one maybe but i liked the comment

  • Yoshimitsu

    In fact “Honami will bring the big bezel to the mobile world”

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  • HardyHarHar

    I’d like to take it :D

  • JEp ?


  • DStyle

    I’m just wondering about Xperia 2014 cellphone design. Will Sony follows Samsung and Apple’s footsteps by just making minor changes to it’s design or a completely new design. What’s your thoughts?

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  • x-perieance

    Maybe this is for japanese version. Remamber xpz japanese version had extra ir blaster at the back side near the sensor optic.

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  • Solar

    that sucks!

  • Speculator

    What do you guys think about next year’s “ONE SONY” product. Will it be specific to H2 Flagships? Or will they have a follow up in their H1 Lineup as well?

  • Ally Sandrana

    New Teaser from Facebook

  • Babylonbwoy

    Plus they drop support one year after! Who can believe S3 soc from beggining of 2012 aren’t supported no more, that’s crazy!

  • Babylonbwoy

    I think and hope they’ll come with something new, enough of glass front and back and Z line design, Honami if I get it will be the last I buy that have the omnibalance look.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Maybe you don’t have any issue with yours like me with the Z, that doesn’t means there is no issues at all, read the news.

  • ? ?

    #2013.9.5 beijing?china#

  • nidou bossy

    i have an xperia S and some shots looks like taken by a real Dslr! so crisp and sharp like razor!

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  • mode893

    Sony now has the hardware, software & design covered. What they need to do now is go crazy on marketing! They suck so much at that.

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