Sony releases second Honami teaser image, water resistance confirmed

by XB on 23rd August 2013

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wpid-20130823_101432.jpgSony Mobile has just tweeted a second official teaser image of its upcoming flagship,  the C690X Honami. It shows the top of the handset with open 3.5mm headphone jack with a chrome detail and the caption “About to make a splash”.  The side profile shows a port flap,  power button and volume rocker. Sony knows how to build the anticipation.


Thanks to all that sent this in!


    ok i take back what i said that i only wanted a black frame this this looks perfect not the kind of silver i imagined but a dark one perfect :)

    now only honami mini with thinner bezels and i’ll be happy :D


    hopefully the frame won’t be sensitive to scratches

  • The Loyalist
  • The Loyalist

    btw, everytime I see a new Sony phone I go: “WOW” and when I see a new Samsung phone I go: “meh!” Such a big difference.

  • JG

    Why em I getting excited with this!!!!

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Sony’s phone when make an appearance – “Hey babe,you won’t know me until I introduce myself”

    Samsung’s phone : Hi,I am Galaxy XX

  • roeshak

    Here come those big bezels lol

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Can’t wait till they release it.
    I have to see some battery/screen tests, and some camera samples before I fully decide to buy it.
    Based on what I have seen so far (3,000mAh,Triluminous,20MP 1/2.3 f2.0 G lens)
    I can’t see myself being disappointed :)

  • Vladimir Wadegreene

    Isnt the Honami juat the xperia z and z ultra? looks the same to me? idk

  • jag

    It looks like the screen is extruded out?

  • x-periance

    The front parts reminds me of xperia sola…. :-)

  • jangaleon

    seems like it.

  • Aspire5550

    How can you see the bezels clearly from this pic? =.=”
    Just wait till the phone is released before judging. Before that happens, take everything with a grain of salt.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Good point, for XZ they marketed it as “super robust frame with tempered glass” and we all know how shitty it is. Hope it will be aluminium made on honami.

  • Sander Puus

    nope honami will be z1, and its not z or zu despite any similarities u might see

  • samsonik


  • Giannikosmo

    Sony makes the best smartphones and should be the first company on sales!

  • Johney Walker

    Wow It’s so fuckin thick!

  • iUi

    Pretty. If only the bezels were thinner…

  • samsonik’s mom

    Bitch, Please.

  • The had better design before… Neo, Arc looked awesome and unique! This is an iphone copy. Expensive piece of brick…

  • nanana

    Can you really see the bezels now? Wow, your kinda stupid!

  • crappy

    iphone copy? Lol. is iPhone even waterproof? and iPhone is too small… just like it’s specs.

  • lammy

    It’s thick because it’s in a picture. You know, “close-up” shot? I dont think Sony would make the Xperia Z thin and then make the new Flagship phone a thick one.

  • LancerEX

    Uhm. There was a news that the iPhone 4 was actually based on a Sony concept right? :/

  • crappy
  • I loved Sony’s phones because they made unique ones. Samsung makes always the same and iphone too. Sony started with those bricks too (XZ). I dont want fucking brick in my pocket!

    Look at Honami and Neo. Just the design.

  • crappy

    It’s like my “guest name”

  • josesl16

    Isn’t it thicker than the z by 2-3 mms? And most people here care about the bezels than the thickness more anyways…

  • crappy

    Seriously? That’s “Sony-Ericsson” time. It’s now “SONY” just “SONY” time. SONY makes better designs.

  • josesl16

    If you don’t like it, just wait for next year. And for the note, this still looks awesomer than most phones from other brands.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    OMG :) give me now now now now now now now

  • lammy

    Yeah. I know that. but I don’t care about bezels or thickness, as long as it is a good phone…… a SONY phone

  • crappy

    Oh, I forgot to tell you… iPHONES are more Expensive piece of Sh*t brick. and it can only gave you a “mid-range android phone” specs. Piece of brick…. Expensive.

  • and? you can still see SONY in there right?
    IMO xz looks like a brick. If you dont like my opinion then dont f*cking answer my comment …

  • agreed… but Im saying that SONY is going that direction… not that I like f*cking iphone!

  • yeah, but I was hoping for something better -_- oh well another year to wait…

  • crappy

    oh, changing Directions huh? Oh well.

  • XperiaZ

    Judging from your comment, you won’t even buy this phone. So, why are you complaining about bezels? Also, You can’t even see the bezels yet. can you?

  • Sandeep Kumar


  • surethom

    I So hope this has built in wireless powermat charging, im fed up of opening the flap 2 or 3 times a day on my Xperia S to charge the phone.

  • xperiakita

    Yap. Xperiablog had published this issue last year. The concept was named JONY.

  • surethom

    I agree this is even BIGGER than the Xperia Z which is already Massive

  • surethom

    Its has the same screen size as the Xperia Z but MUCH BIGGER, which is a real shame, i dont care about thickness but its taller & wider :-(

  • MyLive

    Well ‘omni balanced’ designed may flat, but still it has a new philosophy with that symetrical four side (not too sharp, lil bit rounded) combined with that ‘metal power button’ and I think it’s something new.. I don’t think any vendor has this kind of ‘look’.. And this is what SONY mobile design look like nowadays.. ;)

  • primahessa

    My flap for charging slot has broken, now my Xperia S is so ugly!

  • sacrow

    Any news bout the mini version??

  • sarath s

    AS an xperia z user i get frustrated when ever i see a water proof phone released by sony ….my request to everyone who’s planning to buy this is to check the forums of xperia z…. my charging port got damaged within a month… many of my friends has already suffered water damage… i’ve personally seen faulty flaps…. and if u are in INDIA…please not that even if a small damage occurs like the charging port in my case,you will have to pay half the current price of the phone to get it replaced…. coz there is no repair for this phone as of now any where at least in INDIA…. thy simply replace it.. dunno what will happen after the warranty period gets over… i’m thankfull to the sony design guys anyway coz thy hav provided an alternate chargin option in the form of a dock…. tis wnt allow u to connect to a pc though.. altogethr its a shit deal ….

  • Raphael

    A bigger sensor implies a thicker phone… There’s no other way.

  • ? ?
  • nidou bossy

    this phone bring you BONER!

  • It’s barely bigger than Z unless you have a REALLY tiny hand since you can’t stop complaining about it. Z looks perfectly normal in my hand, could be a little smaller but it doesn’t bother me. I know this girl who got one, she doesn’t complain one bit about the size.

  • It’s called “dock”, get one

  • You got your port damaged because you use your phone as underwater camera. It is waterproof, because it will save them money for repairing phones dropped into the water. Looks like there are even more dumb people trying to dive with f*cking phone.

  • LancerEX

    This could be it! :O

  • Uqix

    This IS it. :)

  • surethom

    Its about Choice, & if there is a mini 4.3″ / 4.5″ ish phone with the Same Specs apart from the dimensions & many be 720p display then that is choice.

    I know 5 iphone users that are moving to Android but even the HTC One X is too large & 3 users that have Samsung Galaxy S 2 & HTC One X’s & they say they dont need or want a bigger phone.

    It would help if sony used ultra thin bezels & just made the phone a mm thicker for bigger battery.

  • Cristi13

    It’s ok to get excited about this, but please, don’t start insulting each other if they don’t agree with you.

  • riikotta

    I don’t know. Looks pretty thin to me when I look at the 3.5mm headphone jack relative to the phone’s frame. If anything, it looks like it barely fits. I’m lookking at my iPhone 5 for reference. I’ll be getting this phone for sure!

  • Vladimir Wadegreene

    oh ok thanks

  • Ashraf Nabil

    Hope xperia will release walkman pohone with good sound quality, plz make non water resistant phones with good sound quality, isn’t it enough all these water resistant phones,

  • ZR that’s your choice if you want small phone.
    You’re asking for something that’s physically impossible. Having thin bezel is going to make holding the phone harder than what it have to be, accidental touches, easier to crack if dropped, etc. People are going to have to get use to it soon, because from now on, i guess, most flagship phones are going to be 5 inch+

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  • Xyor


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  • Dominic Wong

    You should buy a dock…

  • santos

    This so called HONAMI would look good in Titanium color…. or matt-grey!

  • Fuck Johney Walker

    you fucking complain like a weenie gay freak! just wait till the fucking phone is released asshole!!!!

  • LancerEX

    still waiting for the Mini version :<

  • Zz

    ITs so beautiful, i want it
    but im still too inlove w/ my xperia Z

  • Rene Pedroso

    They should use Carbon Fiber, Mother of Pearl finishes on Xperia devices. Also, the power button seems set into the frame more so than the XZ

  • Herman

    Could anyone actually read this comment or is it just me..?

  • sarath s

    under water camera??? where on earth have i said that in my comment???? Port got damaged in the sense it broke…not water damage wise ass … i jst wanted to share a user exp…. CHILLLL

  • sarath s

    yaa i bought one… i’m actually thankfull to the sony designers since thy have included tat option … else i would have been f*ckd!!!

  • ckl

    the black in here is so much more beautiful than the leaked dummy shots….

  • Where did I mention that I like iPhone? Yeah, nowhere… because I do not… -_-

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