Even more Honami images leak, gives us a closer look at the speaker

by XB on 26th August 2013

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wpid-15090_480_0.jpgSony Mobile has seen so many leaks for its upcoming flagship, codenamed Honami,  that there will be few surprises for this particular handset when it launches next week at IFA.

You can check out a few more images of the device in white below.  We get a good look at the side profile showing the thickness of the handset as well as the long speaker located on the bottom. Are you liking what you see? Let us know in the comments below.






Via Digi-wo.

Thanks Jamie!

  • x

    hoping a better audio this time. go sony!

  • Matt

    Looks like a refined version of the Z. Hopefully louder, clearer speaker. Headphone port not covered, looks a tad thicker so maybe a bigger battery. I want =D

  • jonathan3579

    The screen looks very small in that first picture with all that bezel on the top, bottom, and sides. I’m torn on this…

  • niel

    dat grills

  • aj

    honestly this looks a stunning design and the big bezel suits it perfectly

  • Evita

    I bet that some reviewers will critic that speaker get cover by hand in landscape mode.

  • aj

    wow this looks like a stunning device and i dont know about others but the big bezels suits it perfectly

  • Lucian

    I really really hope that it has larger and improved camera sensor.

  • Alexander Kiyaschenko

    Triluminos? really? does not seem

  • mustafa

    Dare I say it? Even sexier than the mighty z

  • aj

    seriously the big bezels adds to the beauty of this device and the big bezels suits perfectly with rectangular design

  • iUi

    I think I’m warming up to its design. :/

  • John Francis Gamao

    Just WOW! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have the Xenon Flash or it has a large bezel
    I’m gonna buy this Beast!

  • lander

    Yeap. At first some think it’s ugly, thick bezels and such. But slowly we began to soak into the design. Just like the Xperia Z’.

  • Ramesh

    Good to skip Z ZL Z ultra

  • boosook

    Too big IMHO, and the bezels are too big too, especially the top and bottom bezels. Honestly, after having seen the Moto X, I think that such bezels are not acceptable anymore, and that the 5” age is over… after years of screen growth, people will probably turn to more manageable devices. And Sony is, as always, one step behind, meaning that they always arrive late to the latest market trends (and I’m saying this as a sonyericsson/sony user).

  • Jay Saxena

    looks a bit thicker but i can compromise thickness(or i should say thin-ness :P) for more juice out of the battery!!

  • iUi

    You copied my username. ????

  • ggee

    you’re just fanboying. smaller bezels are preferable for 5 inchers to make them easier to operate one-handed. big bezels are ok for smaller displays.

  • Minty

    I did this quick edit:


    It’s not ugly, but I think small bezels would make it even more stunning.

  • jonathan3579

    I was thinking the same. (Again, that first picture just looks bad.)

  • Robert Gipe

    I think the extra bezel is too turn it horizontally to play video games. That way your fingers won’t touch the screen to interfere with the game.

  • AsakuraZero

    less bezel = less protection to the screen, i have an S4 which screen died on a small fall.. not only because its cheapily made but also becasue the fall bends the screen intead of the bezel

  • jonathan3579

    So bigger body with less screen is ideal to you? There’s a lot of room for a smaller device and/or more screen.

  • No

    Fuck no. I have a Note 2 and I wish it had a big bezel every day. I keep hitting the capacitive buttons by accident because there isn’t any.

  • Larney Stinson


  • Emanuele Ciotti

    Do you think this speaker as you will at least bring power and quality to those of htc one?

  • Me

    Really? Cause I’ve witnessed a friend’s S4 falling on the floor multiple times and it’s still as good as new.

  • detdet

    i’m so excited for this thing. i can’t wait till the release.

  • Nuno

    Looks good and prium

  • Bjorney


  • iUi

    And now you changed it :O

  • AsakuraZero

    in xda there was a topic where S4’s died on a jeans pocket…

    my LCD broke without breaking the glass, that fall cost me 250 bucks to repair, im going to be so happy once i sell this phone to get a honami.

    and to add more fire to my hate, my battery life sucks, even compared to my xperia T its pittiful

  • Evita

    it’s a prototype device.

  • ggee

    what you need is a “lip” like the one on the xperia z to provide good enough protection for the glass display. what’s important is preventing the glass from getting a direct hit unto the ground when the device falls. bezels don’t help if the glass extends into them.

  • Jack Package

    To be honest…not being a fanboy( I have an Xperia T) the Xperia Z looks better

  • AsakuraZero

    funny enough, my s4 had an hybrid case with an scover and still the mofo died on me

  • bimmersonygasm

    looks narrower than the Z.. thank u so much.. the Z tends to make change how I am holding it numerous time during prolonged use

  • xMelBurNx

    i will go to the mini version that its just so big and the mini its all the same in especifications yeahh

  • pixlas

    Ok. A note on the increasing bezel discussion. I have an Xperia ZL which has the best size to screen size available right now. Ok so here it comes: not one single person has told me that this was important, not one said : “ohhh Ill buy it for the size”.
    Most have the iPhone which they like and which also has terrible size to screen ratio. So yes, to geeks that Only look at stuff to nag on, it’s important. Not to 90% of the rest of the consumers.

  • Guest

    To all the bezel haters: I actually don’t care as much about the top and bottom bezels. The side ones can be thinner but we need to think about pressing the screen by accident if those are made too thin.

    The more important thing, to me, is that with the rumoured metal frames, where else can they put the antennas? It will have to be at the top or bottom where the bezels seem to be getting all the hate. If they end up putting it like the SP near the meta frame, then we will get the wifi reception crap again.

    So now I will have to wait and see if reception on all radios will be good.

  • DonRox

    Look at the hand holding the phone. Its also not clear. Its the picture that does not look good not the display

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  • cloudie

    i tink it’s somehow too huge for daily one hand handling, if xperia z1 mini critical specs are the same, then mini it is for me!!

  • Kelly Joss

    U got it wrong, I happy with my Xperia ZL, it has thin bezels and never accidently. AWESOME DESIGN!!!

  • lucasarg

    it beautiful! my next smartphone is there! #looooooooooooooveit

  • B( . )( . )BS

    Yassssssss I feel so so so good with this!

  • Kevin

    If nobody notice it this is a prototype because next to the lens there is a G and some other stuff while in the last official leak sony made it only was a G next to the lens.

  • knightpt

    I have the z and the honami seems more of a fix of what wasnt as successful as it could be on the z, than a full diferent Phone. It makes sense to me as the xp is. Amazing xcept two things: battery and screen. Both things improved with honami and even cpu refresh.

    Its not a radical change is a mighty fix.

  • cloudie

    prototype or not, seeing the finishes of the phone shown, the overall final design is most probably fixed.

  • Aspire5550

    I would say its up to personal preference. I personally don’t mind the bezels.

  • Amir

    i like the clean premium design. bezel could be a bit smaller – but look at the bright side, much more comfortable hold in extended use – less chance for touching the screen by mistake = win.

  • Aspire5550

    Don’t judge the phone before u seen the real thing. For now, take everything with a grain of salt.

  • Aspire5550

    The leaks sony made might be photoshopped to cut out the 20MP and 1/2.3″ wordings.

  • Aspire5550

    You are both right and wrong. It all boils down to personal preference. I myself don’t mind the bezels but its true that i sometimes accidentally touched a part of the screen of my Xperia arc when using it with one hand.

  • Aspire5550

    It’s impossible to please everyone. :P

  • MannyTheMan

    The writings under the G dont check with the official teaser image of camera

  • ahomad hosin

    This seems an old prototype as the second picture shows XX mp below G lens while today’s teaser doesn’t show it.

  • roeshak

    What do I think? Big ridiculous bezels!!!! That’s what.

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Big bezels and seems quite thick, good thing I upgraded to ZL and didn’t wait for this
    the speaker seems powerful though!

  • ShDynasty

    Much better than the Z’s one ride side mounted speaker. The bezels on the side are about the same size as on the Z, the top and bottom though are obviously bigger.

  • hans

    My impression:
    1. White bezel clearly saves the day. Black one is just horrendous, adding additional virtual bezel to the display. Hope Purple follows the white.
    2. Hmm rounded rectangle display..
    3. Please release Ray 3 globally.. :)

  • droidi

    Yeah Man I Also noticed this.
    Sony is hiding something or not.
    I just dont know.

  • Colby Leong

    Especially if you’re Sony. They could make a phone that can time travel and give you super powers, and can bring true love, yet online sites would still give it an 8, even a 9 at best if Sony if lucky.

  • karthick.s

    hi this s karthick from india,the speaker design is good and big too and i want to know tat this phone does have s-master digital amplifier or else just a bigger speaker only????????

  • blitz_arc

    before dont even know what bezel is, until someone geek enough to seriously complaining it as it is one of important factor for a smartphone. human is really wierd.

  • Feanor

    Guys, big bezels are an ergonomic mistake, not an aesthetic one…. Even ergonomically they are not 100% bad because they add volume but also gripping surface. But ok, even if we say that it’s better to have thin bezels, since when it’s aesthaetically bad a nice metallic frame with some nice section and treatment? Also, from the leaked pictures quite likely both the white and the black models will have a silver frame…

  • mrtrantastic

    Honestly, I don’t recall seeing a micro usb port. I’m under the impression that the side slot is actually a slide out sim tray. Proprietary charge port then?

  • hans

    But the inclusion of white bezel is kinda minimizing the feel. Remember that all of comments here comes from the fact that people see it, not feel it. so aesthetic is still sits highly in the rank. Yeah, the ergonomic is definitely poorer than Xperia Z, but if we have no Xperia Z (or other HD phone) to compare, thiz Z1 bezel is still within reasons, if you count on all the Battery and Lens tech inside.

  • Fawoo

    I think it’s because they’re neither at the top, nor at the bottom. With the top like Samsung/Apple, you have hardcore loyalists and fans who will review the devices and give it glowing numbers.

    Then you have the other side of things, which is at the bottom with the likes of HTC, which reviewers are going to give glowing reviews to as well because they’re the “underdogs”.

    So it sucks, but I’m sure Sony will be able to break out of that status soon, especially with the gorgeous Z1.

  • Colby Leong

    I really don’t thinks it’s because there phones are less superior, but there is room for improvement. I really do like those loyalist who stuck with there brands. Plus it couldn’t hurt if they advertised in the states more.

  • Fawoo

    Nonono, I didn’t mean that they were superior/less superior. I meant in terms of mobile industry marketshare. They’re not the ones with the biggest share (samsung/apple), nor are they at the bottom like HTC.

  • Kevin

    I really don’t think so they have never or at least that I know made photoshop to the picturea they leak about their phones

  • Babylonbwoy

    Most of the time when I cover the speaker is when calling someone,
    New position is better because I’m sure I won’t cover it with my fingers and I won’t make phone calls in landscape…

  • Colby Leong

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that, but if Sony threw half of there marketing that they do overseas into the states it couldn’t hurt. Like you said a lot is about brand recognition, while many still think of TV and audio, no one really knows Sony makes phones.

  • Fawoo

    Totally agree!

  • Sami Mrabet

    They edited it away on the teaser pic because they dont want to reveal specs

  • kakooli

    Idk why everytime I see the honami’s speakers, I think there is a subwoofer in there. Maybe this explains the huge bezels :P

  • leakerbeaker

    Anyone else getting totally tired of those so-called “leaks”?
    Seems to be the one and only way of “original marketing” nowadays…

  • I don’t care about the bezels or the thickness. 3000+ mah battery and triluminus is all that matters.

  • AJ

    Do you really think Sony would reveal the sensor size and MP through a teaser instead of the official presentation? It’s a teaser, it’s supposed to tease us, not to reveal everything about the phone.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Never take a leak picture as a benchmark.

  • Herman

    Dat same complaint over and over again

  • themanspirit

    Like many here, I didn’t like the look of larger bezels of the Z.
    So I bought the more compact ZL.
    But as you’ve found with your Note 2, too often I am accidently striking the buttons in landscape mode with my ZL.
    IMHO the ZL’s lack of bezel means getting a firm grip in landscape mode is not easy.
    It forces me to delicately cradle it by the sides with my thumbs, supported by my fingers across the rear.
    I now understand if it had Z sized bezels I could then grip the phone securely without fear of dropping it, and accidently striking the buttons.

    It’s for these reasons that my next Xperia will be larger like Z, and the upcoming Honami.
    I now no longer see the larger bezels in Sony deisgns as being oversized, or ugly.
    But see them as a necessity for comfortable, and secure handling when viewing content in landscape mode.

  • jangaleon

    Since when did we have a ray 2?

  • Nelson Cebrian

    I have also an office mate whose S4 died a natural death. It dies suddenly for no reason. He returned it to the Telecoms who offers him the plan, and told him to wait one month.


    these pictures just makes it look huge :(

    it looks thick and long :(

  • Nelson Cebrian

    Yeah, it’s rue that sometimes I cover my XZ speakers when making/answering calls. In Honami the speaker is quite safe now. But for those who plays a lot on their phones in landscape mode games, this is again a negative feature because you have to hold the phone on both ends and therefor covering the speakers.

  • hans

    that was Xperia SX in Japan

  • jangaleon

    oh yeah. forgot about that one.

  • fs_sap

    Yeah maybe


    i just checked it’s even thicker than the z ultra you’d think with the extra empty space that they could have it as thin as the z or z ultra but noo

    from these pictures it simply looks too big too thick too bulky

    i hope honami 4.3 inch is releasing allong side this one with the same specs just a 720p screen i REALLY wanted a successor to the z but this phone is simply too bulky

    if it had the same thickness bezels as the z and same thickness then it would have been my dream phone

    i am also very dissapointed that theres no frontfacing stereo speakers :( but mostly the bigger longer thicker form :(

  • Apple

    Than you’re holding it wrong.

  • Jaywalker

    That’s a laptop…you can put it on the wall as TV. Please be careful with Honami mini, we don’t need thousands of MP camera and a thick phone. Keep the proportions real. But I guess it’s too late for that :D

  • Malachi

    I found Sony’s reference device for their bezels

  • Guest

    I’m just playing. I love my ZL, and am strongly considering the Honami… even with the Big ol’ B

  • Malachi

    I’m just playing. I love my X ZL. Probably will upgrade to honami and it’s big ol’ J-Lo bezel

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  • Me

    I hate the bottom.. the rest is awesome

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  • xMelBurNx

    i bet that the speaker on this phone and the mini vesion wil be louder like the xperia L.The speaker of the Z was a shame for me that sony maked that pitty speaker but in the z1 and the z1mini will have a nice speaker and with that fact it will be aswsome!!!! i hope that :D I will go to the mini version

  • Giannis Kosmaidis

    If you say this after 4 September you will surely get 1 like and 16 dislikes…

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  • Daniel

    ugh! the white version has a black front face.

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