Is this the Honami mini in purple?

by XB on 10th September 2013

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Sony Honami miniThere has been rumours of Sony working on a mini version of the Xperia Z1 (Honami) for a while now. The idea being it would share the same design language but be pared down in size, without limiting the specs too much. Well IFA has come and gone, with no announcement other than the Xperia Z1, but that doesn’t mean Sony does not still have this in the pipeline.

A purported picture of the Honami mini has surfaced showing the purple version of the handset against two Sony Xperia Z1’s (black and purple ). According to a report on Digi-wo, the handset is meant to have a 4.3-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 800 chipset, 2GB RAM, 8GB internal storage and the same camera as found in the Xperia Z1 i.e. 20.7MP CMOS with G Lens. The phone will be released at CES 2014 says the source. A picture can be easily be faked, so tread with caution, but the concept of a mini Honami wouldn’t surprise us from Sony, as long it didn’t cannibalise the Z1.

Sony Honami mini

Via Digi-wo.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • hans

    gief epixx!!

  • Ray

    So cute.

  • Rizky Maulana

    3rd !

  • Fahad Khan

    i would like to buy mini with all the max. specs because mini will be quite handy and easy to carry.
    Not peeking from my pocket like my Xperia Z :)

  • Lool

    I still prefer z1
    For 1 simple reason
    3000mha battary

  • Tech Gospel

    Finally! Tired of this phallic phone mentality, buy a tablet. Hoping this is the size of the Xperia U w/ a 3.7″-4″ HD screen

  • MG

    From the shadows that it casts on the table, it is 100% photoshop. They just took a Z1 and scalled it down! Also “Xperia” logo is missing from both “original” purple Z1 and the “mini”

  • utran

    Honami mini has 4.3 inch size but also looks so unwieldy, it still has huge bezels like Z1… Why Sony?

  • Tech Gospel

    How can you tell how big the bezels are?

  • gregosor78

    Because his last name is “bad troll” ?

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Everything with a huge battery, about 2700mAh,

  • rickiking

    Photoshopped? Size of camera lens, LED, and Sony logo also reduced; reflection is not aligned with the purple XZ1; appears 50% thinner, which is unlikely.

  • Feanor

    I think that this phone will cannibalize the Z1 and even sell more. But I think it is the right decision. Many people buy big flagships only to have the latest and greatest but they wish they had a smaller phone. Also, there is no other veritable competitor to lure people away from the iPhone. iPhone users site often that they prefer it for its premium design and compact size. So, I think that this phone may mean that Sony will sell a fewer Z1s but it will most likkely sell all together more phones.

  • rickiking

    Wow! you can see the bezel even the phone is facing down.

  • Colby Leong

    Or is it the Z1 with the Ultra? o_O
    Just kidding, it looks like one of the most potential pics of the mythical Honamini

  • Colby Leong

    Too bad, a big way a company can be innovated is to make a better battery.
    However a 20.7 MP camera in a HTC One sized phone is pretty damn impressive.

  • Hayabusa

    CES 2014? That’s too long a gap if Sony wants to capitalize on the Z1 mini, especially with the holiday season coming up. The things I’m seeing from the picture is obviously the smaller size, along with what seems to be a smaller lens housing (Hoping it’s still the same sensor size as the Z1 along with a BIONZ for mobile processing chip), bottom-placed speakers, and follows the same design philosophy as its bigger brother (glass back and front, and I’m hoping an aluminum frame as well, but it means the battery may be sealed, though I hope to be proven wrong.) Do surprise with this Sony. As for me, I’m buying the Z1 as I can no longer wait due to my phone being on its last legs. Make. Believe.

  • utran
  • Mac

    I sure hope there will be a mini but please, 8GB internal!? got 2 bed if that’s true. 4.3″ well ok but better with 4.6 with ZL bezels. Add Walkman chip and IR, every high end phone must have IR in 2013! then we’re set and I’ll replace my acro s with it!
    Question : does z1 and ZU have aptX?

  • Andrew Tan

    It look fake to me, see my highlight.

  • ZR

    Terlepas dari ini olahan photoshop ato nggak, ane sangat antusias sekali.
    Ane mengharapkan desain, build quality serta daleman yg sama persis kya Z1 tpi layar lbh kecil dri Z1. Mudah2an aja mnjadi kenyataan

  • boosook

    LOL… january 2014… Sony repeats the same errors again and again. Who will still talk about the Honami mini in 2014? Within a couple of months, people will start buying the Nexus 5 and the international version of the Moto X will be released. In Jan 2014, all the fuss will be about the upcoming Galaxy S5. Who will remember the Honami mini then?

  • Purnama

    that just a render…

  • boosook

    I think you’re right. Hope that the news that it will be unveiled in january 2014 is fake as well! :)

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  • ZR

    Kok situ yang repot? wakakkakka…
    Sony aja santai tuh

  • the image looks photoshopped :/

  • Rob

    As they say in the article
    “…the concept of a mini Honami wouldn’t surprise us from Sony, as long it didn’t cannibalise the Z1.”

    They delay the smaller version so as to not kill sales on Z1

  • Rob

    That part is probably true, CES is in Jan.

  • edis27

    namanya aja bosok mas :D

  • Uqix

    Buat orang indonesia ponsel layar 5 inchi emang ga pas. :))

  • Jesus.F.Christ

    What a coincidence, I was 3rd in line at your mothers gloryhole last night!

    Now go crawl back under your rock along with “first” and “second”.

  • surethom

    Please be true BUT 8GB, if there is no 16gb at least then fail & should be a 32gb as well.

    January 2014, way way to late again sony, the competition will release the same time, release Nov of lose Massive amount of sales.

  • surethom

    “delay the smaller version so as to not kill sales on Z1″ would prove users would want a smaller screen size than 5” aslong as the specs are high end.

  • surethom

    Agree most phone nowadays with a screen size around 4.3″ to 4.5″ are mid to low end phones, but will a high end phone between 4.3″ & 4.5″ it will sell bucket loads. 4″ is just too small & 5″ is just too large for the majority. The majority buy 5″-4.7″ phones because thats the only choice for a Flagship phones

  • Yasir Fawad

    As compared to Z1, the mini also looks thin.Anyone noticed? So good, if it happens to carry S800+2GB ram. camera will do fine with 8-13 mp.

  • Crapy

    Who want kids UI in galaxy ?? Or fake leather look ?

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  • Supprised!

    LoL holy crap!
    It’s THAT much bigger than the Z?

    I remembered seeing a size comparison somewhere else and it isn’t that big!

  • Rob

    Xperia Z isn’t in the picture..

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  • Xperia Gaga

    this is fake
    look at the thickness
    that’s like a 5mm phone compared to Xperia Z1’s 8,5mm
    and the magnetic dock is too small compared to the ones on the Z1 and Z Ultra

  • Xperia Gaga

    *magnetic pin*

  • SonyFan
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  • SonyFan
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  • lucasarg

    it has flash, so i think it’s not the Xperia Z Ultra ;)

  • Mint

    The phone in the picture is Xperia Z. Fake.

  • Mint

    According to the sales, lots of people.

  • CLB
  • Ohp

    this is xperia P’s front panel without the bottom part.

  • SonyFan
  • CLB

    Looks a little bit shopped to me…
    If we put this ‘Z1 mini’ next to the Z1:

    The ‘Z1 mini’ housing will be about 120mm long…
    That’s not the same as we saw before with 109.24mm:

  • Rob

    Xperia Z has it’s camera further in from the edge. That being said, it’s still fake.

  • C0DmG

    Dude, IR is the 90s, grow up…

  • C0DmG

    Sadly, yes.

  • Mac

    man just shut up! don’t tell me 2 grow up cuz IR is a very good thing 2 connect old stuff 2 new tech and remote from the same place so plz don’t even bother comment about growing up!

  • C0DmG

    Touched a nerve there did I?

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  • Tito Xae

    the ‘mini’ version from competitor is just another different phone..
    I miss xperia ray.., the mini version of xperia arc..
    all the goodies of XArc are in XRay that have smaller size..
    that’s the mini I want..

  • AA

    Mini version of Z1????? Really??? For What Sony? people will get confused for this stupid strategy, plz stop!!!

  • gregosor78

    Samsung and HTC think different than you.

  • roeshak

    Hope this one’s not the same size as the HTC one. I wouldn’t put it past Sony to slap on some pretty huge bezels on it and make the biggest 4.3 inch device ever made. Taking that record from the Xperia S and SP.
    Big phone nonsense!

  • josesl16

    Uhh…it can kill off the rest of iPhone’s fanboys?

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    The IR blaster is quite useful actually.

  • SonySony

    Wait for Z1 Ultra :D

  • SunySony

    4K Display & 4K vdo *0*

  • Mac

    yeah.. sorry I just couldn’t take it no mo cuz every time I mention something about the IR blaster there is somebody who tells me 2 grow up and I guess I’m just sick of hearing ppl complaining about me want it on my phone. For me it’s a important thing in the tech world. just saying.
    Nothing personal against u man. Peace >

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  • knightpt

    There is a huge market out there for flagship phones with a smaller size than 4-6 / 5” phones. There is a huge number of people out there that come to my store and say they love smartphones but can’t stand the “huge” size of current-market flagships stating “i can barely hold those in my hand” or “a phone is suposed to be portable and mobile not a tablet”, and end up buying phones that are much slower than the flagships or have worse screens and they complain they are disaponted.

    With a high-end spec smartphone on a more portable size-factor like 4,0 or 4,3” (max) i’m sure they’ll sell like cupcakes suported by a well-known brand : Sony.

  • s-emo

    The reflection on the phones’ surface also doesn’t seem right… unless the mini has a slight wedge profile

  • Carljn

    Yes, it’s only a concept. If there really is a mini under way, it should also be thicker.

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  • Babylonbwoy

    I was thinking the same but since I have it on my Tablet Z I find it really useful, all remote in one place, plus they have good apps to go with like TV Sideview, Remote HD, etc.


    my wishlist

    same square design with glass on both sides or brushed black back
    big battery with great battery life (i’d rather have it incased as the build quality lacks when it’s removable)
    very very thin bezels at the side and about as thin bezels as the xperia z at the bottom or top or as thin as zl
    anti fingerprint coating on both sides
    same specs as xperia z1
    camera does not matter that much to me i’d rather have thinner bezels
    same notification light as the zl
    pitch black aluminum frame thats slightly thinner than z1
    able to use the phone in landscape mode as z1
    ips with triliminos and not a tft with triluminos
    WIDE viewing angles

    4.3 inch screen or 4.7

    thats it thats my dream phone i would love stereo frontfacing speakers but i know that won’t happen

  • Best new Android, ios and wph apps and games for September 2013

  • DS

    Yeah! that’s my dream phone too.

    P.S. I think 4.7 inch screen (with small bezels) is the best size for smartphone, not too big, not to small.

  • hash

    xperia sp 2.254 update is out.. kindly post it to let people know.. :)

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  • lovebmw

    4.3 is too small for me… 4.7 and higher is my only option

  • mah

    This is the Z1i Which I said that i saw in my previous comments in another post, sad that Sony didn’t release it in the IFA :(

  • lovebmw

    i think its better they did not, this way they concentrated on the z1, supplies, meeting demands…. once they feel sales are slowing down i will hit them with the MiNi…. good strategy

  • Jmaxim

    Guess you can’t win, it’s either too big or too small. A 4.5″ or 4.7″ screen could be ideal.

  • troll


  • AA

    Yes I want a phone with better camera and more RAM to replace my Xperia S.

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  • dimos

    well buy h1 then…

  • Mint

    You probably have forgotten how Z looks like. It’s exactly this picture.

  • George

    great size great quality love sony

  • [csizor

    The image could be fake:

    (spanish speakers will understand it. Or use google translate).

  • Brad Williams

    I would’ve thought it already has given away a massive compromise by the screen’s quality. I would never have thought I would be using a 5″ screen, I always thought them too big. But, now that I have had my Z for a while, I wouldn’t go back to 4.3″.

  • Mac

    I said never touchscreen then after looong time using 4 different w760i I got myself a Xperia neo. 3.7″ because I thought the arc was 2 big. then upgraded cuz of lack of ram n
    got myself the Acro S, 4.3″ and now want 4.5-4.7 with ZL bezels, but xperia Z is way too freaking big not 2 mention Z1.

  • VM

    it IS 100% fake. Judge by the reflections on the glass, it SHOULD be continuous, like parts of a single picture. Is it?

  • marmorica

    Bellisimo. Il mini è eccezionale.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    don’t almost all electronics still use IR for their remotes

  • HardyHarHar

    lol what? Released in CES 2014? If yes then I say this will be a midrange phone by that time.

  • HardyHarHar

    Some use bluetooth or WIFI…. But still it’s “Some” probably only 10% of the appliances today. And I agree with the IR Remote… I mean come on! They distributed that SDK, I wasted time learning it, Made efforts creating IR apps and all of a sudden it was only meant for a single freaking device with a buggy IR reciever called the Xperia ZL.+

    Just imagine it.. What would you feel when you effortly learn something and all of a sudden the next day it’s already outdated and phased out. Zzzzzzzz……….

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  • Rob

    Sideview doesn’t use IR.. If it did I wouldn’t be able to control the TV from my kitchen :)

  • Rob

    You do realize it’s the back of the device you see on the picture in the article, right?

  • Rob

    There won’t be anything with a fresher chipset on the market by January.. Sure, it won’t be the first device with the 800, but there won’t be anything newer..

  • Mint

    You’re not very bright, are you? I’m not talking about the article, I was replying to SonyFan’s comment.

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  • Assa7in King
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  • lake

    Impossible specs 109 x 58 x 7 mm and a 4.3 inch screen with 20 mp camera, no way!!

    I would buy one as soon as available if true

  • Rizky Maulana

    on 12.2″ screen :lol:

  • Rizky Maulana

    oi..oi dude calm down. ok, am sorry.
    n why 3rd? cos, 1st n 2nd is too mainstream :lol:

  • Martin Ambre

    i want Z1 Mini

  • Martin Ambre


  • Brad Williams

    To be honest Mac, the Arc was probably the worst of my Sony experiences. No useful internal memory. I’d rather the X10, which in my opinion was underrated. But certainly it was not my worst experience with phones. That one, hands down, goes to Samsung!!! :) SE’s were not cool when my daughter was younger, Samsung were. She soon changed her mind after giving her a Galaxy. :)

  • Alter_Ego

    Sony will probably sell this phone with the same policy used for the Xperia ZR. Which is, Europe doesn’t get it, and if you buy grey market 99% of Sony centers won’t have the parts and the knowledge to fix it (assuming I would buy smthing without warranty, which I won’t). C’mon Sony, sell this in UK and Italy as well!

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  • assoom darawsheh

    i have xperia z1 and its new phone but the camera is very bad it doesn’t mean its a 20.7 mega pixel can i know why

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