Xperia Z1 disassembly guide

by XB on 15th September 2013

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Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_34The Sony Xperia Z1 has not even seen a wide release yet, but the handset has already received a very comprehensive teardown courtesy of Chinese site CNMO. The Sony Xperia Z1 packs some very high-end specs into its chassis, so if you’re intrigued in how Sony pieces it all together check out the handset dismantled in all its glory below.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide

[Click on the images to enlarge]

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_1

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_2

The first step is to remove the back cover which is stuck using bonded stick tape.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_3

Once the back cover is opened, you can see the Xperia Z1’s battery, secured by yellow tape, and the mainboard. There is a total of nine screws in the shell. The top two metal contacts on the back cover are to enable NFC.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_4

Sony’s G Lens and chip shield can be seen towards the top of the handset.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_5

The next step is to unscrew the nine hexagonal screws using a special screwdriver.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_6

Nine screws removed.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_7

Removing the shell is trickier and requires patience to separate carefully.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_8

The power supply now needs to be cut off i.e. separating the 3000mAh battery from the shell.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_9

A flat cable design sits at the bottom of the shell, reducing the chance of damaging the cable when conducting maintenance.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_10

The Xperia Z1 has two RF cables, located on the left and right sides of the battery. This design helps to give the Xperia Z1 a more stable phone signal.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_11

Now we remove all of the parts. This part is the bottom of the small panel which the speakers are connected to.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_12

A close up of Sony’s G Lens.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_13

The back of the motherboard (or mainboard) shows that it uses the now popular small-sided board design.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_14

The front of the motherboard shows a number of interfaces including that of the micro USB, micro SD card slot, micro SIM and front camera.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_15

The motherboard’s shield needs to be removed gently to get a better understanding of the Xperia Z1’s chip information.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_16

With the shield removed we get a close look at the chipset information on the front of the motherboard.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_17

The rear view of the motherboard with chipset exposed.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_18

Now that the motherboard information is exposed, we can see the 2GB SK Hynix memory chip running H9CCNNNBPTARLANTH 327A.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_19

Here we see the 16GB internal storage in the way of a Samsung 310 KLMAG2GEAC-B001 memory chip.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_20

A close up of the Sky77629 signal amplifier.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_21

Here is the IC chip, model PM8841.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_22

The Qualcomm PM8941 power management chip.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_23

The Xperia Z1 front camera.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_24

The micro USB interface and micro SD card slot on the motherboard.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_25

The micro SIM card slot.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_26

With the motherboard removed, we get to the screen panel parts.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_27

Xperia Z1 handset close-up.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_28

The frame shows the magnetic pins to be used with the charging dock.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_29

Slots in the frame for the micro SD and micro USB ports.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_30

Slot for the micro SIM card interface.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_31

The signature power button and volume keys close up.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_32

The dedicated camera key.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_33

All of the parts together.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_34

Overall CNMO says the handset is not too difficult to disassemble for maintenance, although you need to take care as some parts of the process does require some brute force. It will also mean that you will need to reseal the dedicated tape around the handset. Only attempt if you know exactly what you’re doing.

Xperia Z1 disassembly guide_35


Thanks Anurag and Dacha!

  • Carljn

    Amazing to see these little thing that manage to do so much.

  • lucasarg


  • adsada_arc

    this is bad news guys… one of the reasons I held off the Xperia Z was because of the back cover coming loose problem, but it seems that this is the same assembly for the Z1 where the back is glued down… shame they didn’t physically screw it in place, the only hope now is that they’ve used a better glue with higher melting temperature

  • xperiafan324

    Any more info on the speaker, sound chip/DAC, and the amplifier in the Z1? That’s one thing that no one’s gone in depth on. I expect great audio from the Z1, especially after how well Z ultra performed in gsmarena’s audio tests, let’s hope they make it really loud and clear this time with the Z1

  • xperiafan324

    That problem only affected the launch/near-launch batch with the first launch firmware build, heating issues went away with android 4.2.2 iirc. Plus, also consider the fact that the overheating only occured when the S4 pro SoC was really pushed in resource heavy games. The S800 being so much more powerful, won’t nearly be taxed as much.

  • Micro

    hell yeah, good work and thanks for that!
    Evernoted! :)

  • adsada_arc

    ahh I didn’t know that, I’d maybe still consider the Xperia Z in that case seeing as it’ll be going cheap, but are you saying that on 4.2.2 when completely pushed running heavy intensive apps the phone no longer heats up?

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    What have you done! lol

  • Jack Lim

    wtf samsung memory chip?!?!

  • miromi

    It will be hot all right but just don’t charge the phone while playing games and you will do great

  • jangaleon

    Yes. They almost monopolized the production of those.

  • HardyHarHar

    What do you want? lol! A Western Digital Caviar black memory chip? :D

    Samsung is good in making these NAND chips IMHO so there’s nothing wrong with getting these….

    And ohh…. Samsung Mobile is not Samsung Microelectronics…

  • Micro

    I saw tons of hardware (I was running a service once) and pretty most
    of memory chips (ram mostly, but flash too) are Samsung’s. This is
    probably the best what Samsung do – memory chips (but definitely not
    HDDs, good they sold that part). And most likely the only thing they are
    not able to screw up ;P Samsung use Sony’s cameras, so what too? ;) Just like miromi said – there’s nothing wrong with these ;)

  • velocity

    No they have just shown that Samsung’s phone and Sony’s Z1 they look similar in terms of chip location. The upper image shows sony’s chip (SKhynix) and the lower image shows Samsung’s chip. They have just shown that it sits in the same way in both of these phones. SONY is not using Samsung’s chip.

  • Micro

    Sorry mate, don’t get me wrong, I am not offending you, but not everyone knows this specific thing about samsung memo chips, so..
    there is no need for sarcasm.. he just asked you know..

  • Mohammed Khired

    Are you Sony fan boy?

    Indeed you are

  • Thai Vuth

    lol, sk hynix is ram , samsung here is internal storage dude.

  • Micro

    now we know what fanboy you are.. trolling failed, go home

  • Lolzer

    Why is Sony still using glue for their back cover? Everyone knows what happens to the Xperia Z, such as back cover falling off, or some parts are not glued properly which cause water intrusion when immersed into water.
    I really hope they will use a better, super-refined double strength version of the glue. Designs on Xperia series are good, but it is always their maintenance that costs a lot, especially their water-resistant phone.
    Flaps are one of the fragile parts, and repairing cost is similar to a bluetooth headset. WTF

  • Jack Lim

    k =D thx for the info

  • Tharun george

    Where is Qualcomm Snapdragon 800?

  • jumbo3220

    Where is the Snapdragon 800 Chip? :|

  • Micro

    oh, come on mate, just “k”? where is something like “my new master, you must be” or something :D ;P lol (of course I’m just kidding ;P)

  • Jack Lim

    i will serve u, my lord

  • Mohammed Khired

    I care only about my money…


    Money Over Brand… BIAAAAAATCH !!!

  • vigneshprince

    why the use samshit memory card???

  • sreenamboothiri

    This question shud be reversed..” WTF Sony Sensor? ” when u come to know
    samsung,apple,LG,oppo and most of the companies are using the same Sony
    Exmor Series sensor :D
    Its a mutual understanding ;)

  • Jack Lim

    that different, other brand use sony component is good, sony pro at camera

  • Rob

    Why the hell not? If Samsung makes good memory chipsets, they should use them for sure!

  • roeshak

    How come there’s no word on this blog about the leaked specs of the Z2 codenamed avatar. The leak has been doing the rounds all weekend but nothing on here.
    Xperia blog? You guys aren’t trying to preserve the shine on the Z1 are you?
    From what was leaked, the Z2 is the real successor to the Z.

  • H

    Because sony doesn’t have much money and they can’t make a great memory/SoC like samsung.

  • barilla

    At first i thought i missed it… but went over entire disassembly 3 times now and there is no cpu/soc anywhere lol

  • JaroB

    Z1 uses a speaker or stereo speakers?

  • nadoudidou

    No. a user on a forum gave a theory about a possible Z2, and all the sites took it as a fact to generate traffic.
    This is the worst for sony because it leads customers to have extremely high hopes (and sometimes impossible ones) and then be disappointed when the real device comes out. fake rumors are the worst.

  • Colby Leong

    I figure because it’s so early especially since the Z1 has just been announced. Everyone is prolly just taking these “leaked specs”, in grains of sand. It’s so early that everything is up for speculation. I’m sure if the leaks persist after the Z1 is released, then it would be stated here, until then it really is too early.
    Plus the Z1, you are right, the Z1 isn’t a real successor to the Z. I figured its Sony striking out in its new innovated One Sony. I would look at it like a start to something new, not really as the successor. Because under the One Sony line, it would be the best of Sony put into a smartphone, whereas the Z was really just a high end, luxury waterproof phone. Don’t get me wrong I loved the Z, but there wasn’t anything about it, besides the design, that screamed, “The Best Song had to Offer”.
    For me the Z was a huge shot in the dark for Sony to try and show that they’re still here, and doing even better after they divorced Ericsson.

  • Colby Leong

    I know what you mean. You have the world’s best designed smartphone on the market, and we have to worry about something as simple as glue.

  • vigneshprince

    so which is best in memory card???

  • Micro

    …asks the very same guy, who said to me “Your stupidity knows no bounds” and called me “mindless soulless fanboy”. And now asks here why there is no word about Z2 :D :D :D

    you’ve been so easily trolled, just like most kids, how that feels?
    Your smartness knows no bounds, you just proved that. Amazing smartness…

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  • iUi

    There’s a little bit of Samsung inside the Z1!

  • roeshak

    I’m very glad my words have left such a lasting impression on you lol.
    This is the place for all things Xperia related so it’s strange they haven’t even mentioned it. Rumour or not.
    It’s been doing the rounds all weekend so wondered why Xperia blog chose to ignore the leaks.
    I think they don’t want anything to over shadow their promotion of the bezel king z1 lol.

  • Baro

    It should’ve been called Sony Xperia Galaxy Z1 or Sony Xperia Z1 (feat. Samsung).

  • Micro

    hehe, good one ;)

  • Micro

    What a shining intelligence made you explain such a shame this way…? Yeah, I remember what you said because it was so smart and so eloquent, that I can’t stop laughing at you for a few days long now :D
    And the way you put yourself into a laughing stock only makes me feel better. I am not gonna fight with idiot, you’re simply not worth my time. Good bye, get lost and keep being infallibly “smart” your own way.

    Phew.. :D

  • xperian

    eh ! how come two power management IC’s ? the 8841 and 8941 !!?
    Can you add the pic of the SoC pls

  • Ambroos

    Don’t know about the speaker, but just like the ZU the Z1 uses the Qualcomm integrated sound hardware.

  • Ambroos

    Was completely fake, it’s a fan wish list.

  • bimmersonygasm

    That Samsung internal memory gets me cringing to my bone.

  • nidou bossy

    and there is a huge Sony in Samsung galaxy phones along with iphone.. it’s the Exmor RS Lens!

  • nidou bossy

    It’s not glue dude…. it’s silicone paste… same in car’s doors, trunks, hoods, window shield..etc is to prevent water to get inside and to keep the surface well sealed.

  • thumble

    Hey xperia blog theire is a new rumor about xperia z2 with very good new specifications like that beast : 5.2 inch screen full hd igzo triluminuos display with 500 ppi qualcom snapdragon msm8974ab chipset 3gb ram 20,7 px with 4 k video recording support 3200 mah battery and the device is runing on 4.4 kitkat the device is expected to be released at ces 2014 source: tech kiddy you can read the article on phone arena com but take that rumor with a pinch of salt

  • roeshak

    To be honest, the leaked specs seem plausible. 5.2 inch igzo display with 3gb of ram. It had same camera as Z1, just a larger sensor. I don’t think that’s too far out for next. In fact, I fully expect such q device to make its debut at CES next year. Hope Sony addresses the bezel thing by then.
    Sounds like a killer device. Worthy of an upgrade indeed

  • P9

    sony throw samesung away pls, produce it ur self, boss!

  • Xyor

    It was packed with the ram

  • ET

    It would be so proud if Sony make their own memory chip and SoC.

  • Brad Williams
  • Brad Williams

    Gee by this reckoning I best be throwing my Micro SD card away too, cause it aint Sony. What a trivial load of crap this is. Oh and we all best make sure the boat it arrives to our shores wasn’t built by Samsung or the cranes on the docks……….. Do I need go on?? XD

  • blitz

    Is it ‘good’ or is it just ‘cheap’ to cut the production cost?

  • jumbo3220

    Thanks mate! Bionz image processor should be inside something too then.

  • Xyor

    Na, I think, like x-reality stuffs, the Bionz thing is software based too

  • xperiafan324

    You’re right, some people just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that companies could be competing in one market, but still have amicable contracts in other sectors, it’s like to these people, all companies should be at an all-out war. smh

  • xperiafan324

    That’s complete bull, JDI isn’t producing IGZOs yet, and I doubt that Sony would sign another contract with Sharp which would not only cut into their profits, but might also mean giving up the triluminos tech, since to my knowledge, only JDI produces screens that incorporate the qdots.
    It’s more likely that Sony moves onto the RGBW OLEDs that JDI reportedly prototyped earlier this year, for the 2014 H2 flagships rather than go back to a screen with a narrower colour gamut. Plus 500 ppi screen of 5.2 “? Seriously? This has fake written all over it. Sony is multimedia-based company, it doesn’t make any sense for them to jump up to transitional resolutions that just increase battery consumption, while at the same time making FullHD content look fuzzy.

  • xperiafan324

    Samsung NANDs are used in most of the devices, they’re fast and fairly good quality. And Samsung IS the biggest player in NAND memory, so I guess they’re probably economical and good.

  • Tharun george

    That is strange. How can a SoC packed inside a RAM?

  • Kiko

    I want Toshiba chips !
    Why Sony you don’t use japanese chips which are way better !!??

  • Dadou

    Toshiba !!

    19nm Nand

  • Brad Williams

    I wasn’t saying it is correct, I was just responding to the post by giving you all a look at the gossip, fake or otherwise.

  • Baro

    Apple iPhone Xperia 5S :P

  • nidou bossy

    u nailed it (lmao) :D

  • vigneshprince

    mobile mc?

  • Renato Laporte

    As reported in XDA by someone who works in a Sony repair center, Sony has replaced the seal used in the Z to a stronger one.

    The biggest problem with the Z, was the the seal in the camera corner was thinner due the placement of the camera, to make things worse, in the same corner they placed the NFC connectors and a sponge in the camera making pressure towards the backplate .

    As I see, it seams that the Z1 uses double protection against water, if you look in the inside shell, there is some seal/glue/silicone (or how you want to name it) around the mainboard components.

  • Mohammed Khired

    Toshiba them selfs using samsung memory in their laptops u fuckong idiot

  • josesl16

    what’s that whitey thing surrounding the power management chip?

  • Amrit

    hi guys, I was looking at the above after recently purchasing the Z1, I bought the official Sony Camera attachment case:, the case came with an extra cut-out next to the rear camera as you can see from the link, the above doesnt really show what this might be for, does anyone have any ideas?

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  • Insatri

    Where is the vibration motor located?

  • BEN66

    Made in China…how much i (dis)like that…

  • Kendalizor

    If Samsung had a bigger part in this phone, you would be able to replace the battery yourself and not have to send it in paying $100 deductible.

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    It is usually under the flash storage chip. The galaxy s4 also shares this design.

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    It is under the flash storage chip just like the galaxy s4.

  • Alex
  • Stenph Kirny

    I found youtube video about teardown:

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  • asdf

    will it affect the waterproofing in any way after this disassembling? can you still take the phone underwater or not? and if somehow the battery is drained, and need to be replaced, can it still be waterproof,because it obviously will need to be pried open like this

  • ???

    I’m really pissed off seeing that battery. Still, manufacturers are trying to sell us on the idea of non-removable batteries by claiming that they can in turn produce them in shapes to squeeze the last bit of free space out of them, and hence maximize their capacity. And guess what, 95% of phones with non-removable batteries have your regular, rectangular, quasi-removable battery pack, that the manufacturer simply decided to artificially make more difficult to access so they could sell expensive replacement services, or more new phones. And very obviously, the “thinness factor” is not true either. There is simply no justifiable reason for making the battery non-removable, apart from reducing the lifespan of the device.

    The Z1 was on the top of my buy list, but to me, a phone with a non-removable battery is dead on arrival.

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  • Ervin

    Hi guys thanks to your instruction i got the phone alive. I have only one question to do. In the back cover there are two contacts that should touch two pins. One of those pins the left one in mine is missing. Can you please tell me what are they for?

  • Vé Tomi

    Hello! Sry for my learn english! Where can i assigned Xperia Z1 compact motherboard?

  • keith

    does this work with the z1s???

  • keith

    does this work with the z1s???

  • Fung

    X-reality is software, but Bionz is a chip by sony :)

  • J Kay Brown

    I can’t find my sim card tray, I thought I put it back in but it doesn’t seem to be there, any ideas? Wonder if the tray can get stuck in the phone, although I asked others and they can’t see it either, I’m just asking the smartest people because I’m not smart at this stuff….thanks

  • layla hai

    Hi, I have a problem with my z1. It doesn’t connect when I insert the USB port. I have to hold the port with hand to make it charge and it still doesn’t charge if moved even slightly. I think its the fault in internal circuitry of charging. I was wondering if I could use the magnetic charging cable but im not sure it would charge. Please can someone guide if the magnetic charging has a different internal pathway/circuitry for charging, other than USB charging? If so then it might work. Please help

  • feyemahi

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    penetration of 3G/4G network in urban areas but still there are some
    pockets in the city where consumers don’t get good signal strength, blind spot,
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  • Chetan Pardeshi

    If u deassembled the phone is it still water resistance???

  • yasir

    what is this part???

    please tell

  • Misael Batista Miranda

    hello I have a Sony Z1 that with the dark screen, since they changed 3 the problem was not resolved. What can it be?

  • FujiS2500HD

    Bought a Z1S online used, placed it in my sink gently and in 2 minutes the camera stopped working. Touchscreen crapped out two minutes later. Beware used phones, y’all.

  • Dima

    iPhone Xperia Galaxy XXX series ;

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