Sony’s DK30/DK31 charging dock can be hacked to use the magnetic cable instead

by XB on 24th September 2013

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Sony EC21 Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector_3We were somewhat disappointed when we learned that Sony has two separate magnetic charging docks for the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra. We would prefer Sony to have one solution for all of its flagship devices. The DK31 and DK30 docks serve the Z1 and Z Ultra respectively and look pretty much identical. However, the dimensions of each dock are different to give a perfect fit for their respective phones.

What is interesting though is that it appears each dock is just a plastic box housing the same “EC21 Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector”. This EC21 cable can be extracted from the dock by simply removing two screws from the bottom of the dock. One can then charge their device using the cable alone, which gives much better flexibility when using with a wide range of cases.

The same EC21 cable can then also be used to charge both the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra and perhaps even future Xperia smartphones. Sony is not selling the official EC21 cable anywhere, it wants you to buy the expensive dock instead. However, there are a number of third-party options available on eBay, although we’d always be quite careful of using such cables on an expensive smartphone.

Sony EC21 Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector_1

Sony EC21 Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector_2

Sony EC21 Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector_3

Pictures via HardwareZone.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Pretty neat

  • Makiz


  • glovesave

    or get the cable only on ebay for.around $10 ;-)

  • the_black_dragon

    or buy an original Sony Magnetic Charging cable from here for 16$ ;)

  • Peterpots

    or get the magnetic adaptor so you can use the Genuine charger and get the correct charge rate and current.
    £5.95…mine works a treat.

  • dude

    I was kinda expecting something like this but i never thought it would be that easy.

  • Max

    This news is at least 5 weeks old…..

  • moogoo

    it’s a scam. they will send you a chinese generic version. guaranteed.

  • Geoffxx

    I believe the Docks themselves are the same just the 2x adaptors are different size, I have a Z1 and use the DK30 Dock from my XZU and it’s fine

  • They should just sell these for all the Z’s that are waterproof. Why not since you wouldn’t have to open the flap all the time for charging!

  • QueryDude

    Sorry, while I do not own a Z1. What is the default charger that comes with it? Was it still the USB one like previous models? I was under the impression that this would be the default charger supplied with the Z1.

  • tochi

    I hoped for this when z was released….pretty neat but, lack of ideas on sonys part ….way better than opening flaps

  • Sambob

    It is incredibly annoying of Sony to charge 35 quid for the dock. I would much rather just buy the cable anyway as the case for my ZU stands the phone up for me, so don’t need some stupid plastic holder for the phone, which will just add clutter to my desk when it’s not being used. This dock is a dirty trick that Apple would be proud of, and that Sony should be ashamed of.

  • EsAd Bal

    Great ?dea !

  • need help

    Can any one tell me how to unroot my xperia z its rooted on 244.firmware i want to unroot it n get latest firmware.

  • Mr.Alawi

    so you prefer cables instead of charging dock …. while you see it as a dirty trick I see it as a smart trick cause with a dock your desk will be more cleaner and no cables hanging around …with a dock your phone can act as a clock for your desk (if you put it on daydream mode) so while you prefer cables others prefer something easy and nice looking dock for charging

  • Concha

    That cable is genuine. I have looked it up with SONY Mobile in Sweden and they say it exists and it is right now only available on the Asian market.

  • Keon Fraites

    Once you update to the later firmware it automatically unroots

  • AsadMulla

    you dont need to unroot to update the firmware.

  • the_black_dragon

    we’ll see… just got my shipping confirmation yesterday!

  • Sambob

    Ah sorry, I think I haven’t been clear: the dock with detaching cable is great, I don’t like the hyper inflated cost, that’s all

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  • T War

    I have a DK-30 and DK-31, the physical item is identical the only difference is the sleeve sizes.

    On the DK-30 the larger sleeve fits the Z1 and on the DK-31 the smaller sleeve fits the Z1.

    I assume the smaller sleeve on the DK-30 is for the Z and the larger sleeve on the DK-31 is for the Ultra.

    Also the magnetic cable removed will just fall out if you move the phone around so its a shit idea to take it out of the box.

    Did you try any of this yourselves or are you just copying it?

  • hajisavvas

    Where did you buy it from? Have you got a link?

  • Nasrun Ismail

    Malaysian are lucky because it’s already inside the box when we purchase Xperia Z1. But do not get free musics and videos which is fine for me. Recommended retail price is quite higher @ MYR 2399 compared to others high end mobile phone such as iPhone and Samsung.

  • MK

    The small sleeve on the DK-30 is for Z Ultra, the large for Z Ultra with Cover. Same is with DK31 and Z1, but the DK30 also fits with Z1 with the large sleeve. Z has another connectors.

  • Jason Bailey

    I’ve got one off then and its bunk!!! The charging rate is terrible with the stock sony charger.

  • the_black_dragon

    just got my cable yesterday (finally) and everything is fine… it is exact the cable that is inside the dock too!

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  • rykellim

    Hi, is a similar dock available for the Z?

  • Zaim

    Can the same be done for a Tablet Z ?

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  • Aaron Tan Kah Sam

    can i hack a xperia z charging dock to do this as well?because i bought a protective case for my xperia and wonder if i can fit it in the dock with the case on

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  • istyle1129

    anyone got the link to what he was talking about?

  • istyle1129

    anyone got the link to what he was talking about?

  • hajisavvas

    Here you go:

  • istyle1129

    You’re awesome. Thanks. You think this will work for XZ Tablet too?

  • hajisavvas

    I can’t tell you for sure but most likely yes :)

  • Indian Melon

    i like bugs

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  • pitt

    this cable will work on Z2?

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  • ahmed

    Is good for battery magnetic? Or it will.damage the battery in the Future?

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  • David MTRacK

    But what about the difference in power output? It could reduce the mAh of the battery. I can say because I lost my charger and have been using my younger sister’s Samsung charger.

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