Xperia Z1 breaks record score in AnTuTu benchmark

by XB on 24th September 2013

in Xperia Z1

Sony-Xperia-Z1The name DooMLoRD will be familiar with many you, having helped on the modding scene with Sony Xperia handsets since the very early days. The good news is that DooMLoRD recently got his own Xperia Z1, so we’ll see some great support going forward. He recently launched DooMKernel v2, which you can check out here.

However, his work on the handset has also seen him break the AnTuTu record score at 36,887. Now we don’t normally report on benchmark performance too much here on Xperia Blog as we feel it doesn’t always reflect real-world usage, but this is great news nonetheless. It puts the Xperia Z1 at the top of the global ranking. Long may that continue.

  • schattenkonig58

    Very Nice !!

  • K420


  • Joseph

    Z1 rocks baby ;)

  • Joy

    DooMLord, WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  • roeshak

    Well it’s got the fastest cpu available so that’s not surprising.
    Thing is, this only matters to hardcore gamers. For most ordinary users, s4 pro is more than sufficient.
    For me, the Z1 doesn’t do enough in the camera department to warrant an upgrade from the Z. Also not using the same display as found in the ultra kind of sealed its fate for me.
    Looking to CES next year for what comes next.

  • Sepehr


  • William

    S4 suck

  • dfq

    what do you mean “synonymous”? i think what you’re trying to say is “familiar”

  • Max

    So much potential in the S800. I just hope Sony can get the most out of it with firmware updates. That is also true for the camera, so many reports of noise and compression artifacts just like the Z/ZL and now look at how awesome they are. :D

  • Is your first language English.., if no then shut up..

  • Dyaa ibrahim


  • kalyan

    even the note 3 sucks…..
    z1 is the king of the world now.. :)
    Love u doom lord..

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Sony has poor UI then Samsung and lots less features then S4/S4/Note/Note2/Note3. Also less languages and customization like block call/sms, blocking mode, sensors etc. I used XPeria X10, Z, ZL and Sola. Also used Samsung S, SL, S2, S3, S4, Note, Note 2 and ordered Note 3. I never satisfied with Sony. Poor in update, performance, support. Where Samsung provide better update, support and performance. Benchmark test result never useful in real life. Only performance, UX and utilities help users to use device.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Such rudeness.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    sony suckzz0rz poor this poor that samsung is king apple is king rule the world sony shameful #yolo #swag #hashtag swaggity swaggots swagfags swagotry

    This is what I see when reading comments like this, not only this site in particular and not only the Sony brand.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    sony suckzz0rz poor this poor that samsung is king apple is king rule the world sony shameful #yolo #swag #hashtag swaggity swaggots swagfags swagotry

    This is what I see when reading comments like this, not only this site in particular and not only the Sony brand.

  • Rob

    pro tip: call-blocking is a carrier function, nothing to do with neither Sony’s nor Samsung’s UI

  • Rob

    Ironically, I couldn’t even understand what he was trying to say.. :)

  • Carljn

    Sony updates a higher quantity of devices to new software versions. Sony phones usually have a higher performance/price ratio, especially in mid-range phones. And it’s funny that you mention that benchmarks aren’t important, while Samsung overclocks their CPUs when a benchmark is being done..

  • sreenamboothiri


  • sreenamboothiri


  • Hasmukh Patel

    Dude, I get lots of problems after update in XPeria sola. after software update they suddenly drop signal and I have to restart devide. Same on Xperia ZL phone suddenly screen off and I have to wait for battery drain. Service station told to wait for new update every time.

  • Carljn

    The more updates you get, the higher the likelihood of bugs. Try doing a factory reset.
    And you realise that you can, instead of waiting for the battery to drain, do a hard reset ?

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Dude call blocking is software function. You can also do by several apps. And this is not carrier function. You have no reject button on phone? This utility do same.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    Yes but after few days same happen. You can search in google and sony also confirm such problems. And also search Xperia ZL IR learning not working stll

  • Hasmukh Patel

    I sent lots bugs to sony but never attended in new update

  • Rob

    Rejecting and blocking are two different things. Rejecting is only possible after a call has been established, whereas blocking disallows any connection to be made at all.

  • fried_egg

    While I am happy with “supplied” by maker/phone network firmware, I love reading about what these guys can do, because if it can be made to do such things then it suggests as the phone gets older some of those “tricks” can be used in future official firmware releases to keep it offering the best features.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    What you are talking is call bearing service provided by carrier. But I am talking about functionality not carrier services. Lots of more functionality Samsung devices have like Z/ZL/Z1 compare to Note 2/S4/Note 3. Note series have SPen and too many features. You can’t deny in more features and functionality Samsung provide then Sony. And they are better in service in India. Sony is too poor in service. I can say even Nokia is far better in service then Sony.

  • Hemant Sharma

    Samsung only provide worst music, worst design, worst looks, worst hardware, worst camera, worst feeling in hand a plastic crap………………………………..

    And one more thing i think you are changing mobile like your undergarments………………..

    I think you are gone mad consult a doctor…………………..

  • Kathryn

    So what troll? Try harder next time.

  • Hasmukh Patel

    First of all. I am not non technical like you. I change frequent mobile because I have money. but not poor like you who change undergarments after few months. You have no knowledge like hardware and software. Also worst in knowledge of UX. Better you need to educate your self for technical and also consult doctor regular.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks changed!


    Just to let you know, your English is not that good either. ONE DOT IS ENOUGH.

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    @Hasmukh Patel…

    lol r u blind? yours is the funniest comment ever I saw here on Xperia Blog… dude Sony Got the Best UI in the world that nobody can replace. go home dude u r drunk

  • Carljn

    Your trolling is poor, at best..

  • M Usman

    I got just over 34000 on my Z1. How he get 2000 more ? lol

  • Keon Fraites

    I’m sorry but Sony does offer alot of useful features to the market, Samsung offers alot of Gimmiks that the majority doesn’t use / find annoying. Samsungs UI design “TouchWiz” is very heavy and tries to go away from android as far as possible and out of the box is heavy and clunky. Sony’s UI is a small skin just above pure android and if you prefer the childish theme of Samsungs UI that’s all preference. Z and ZL I cannot speak for the Z1 because I have never touched the device as yet are all pretty smooth, yes they were released with some bugs. Yes they have their own issues in which are being fixed via updates which are occurring pretty regularly, but hey… What other company doesn’t have little bugs and hiccups out of the box. I have had both my brother and my father complain about their SGS3 and SGS4 about it dieing really fast. Moving extremely slow, glitching…. my dad even had to get his SGS3 replaced because he had it charging one night woke up the next morning and it was bricked and this was after the first week with it. Even with his new device he still has the fast battery drain issue and he’s constantly complaining on the SGS4 and he is a Samsung fan going on about it then complaining on it. Sometimes wonder why people call down Sony so much when they actually do bring updates to the table for a much wider product lineup when Samsung forgets about roughly 75% of their mobile devices…

    And in regards to customer service I was one of the persons who had that Back lift in the back plating glass of the Xperia Z, due to the out of the box heating issue which they fixed in a patch however mine got water damaged due to that aspect. Sony claimed it wouldn’t be covered under warranty but I sent it in anyway, and hey look I got a fresh new phone from them with a free extended year warranty…

    I have friends who forgot to press down on the plastic back of the Samsung S4 Active and well…. Samsung doesn’t even want to take it back if any water damage has been done to it. Soo in terms of service Sony is doing a great job.

  • cs098

    on geek bench:

    z1 gets 2638 and the 5s gets 2557

    the z1 also preforms better than the 5s in 3d benchmarks

    however the 5s is the king in browser related benchmarks still.

    but I guess its more chrome not being optimized, another browser would probably boost said benchmarks up.

  • your father

    But,u can’t even wash ‘sam shit’ s4.

  • your father

    Sony hate you. hush…

  • Than Ramile Dela Cruz


  • Yedz

    On ZL you have to wait for battery drain? You said that you are technical person, but you didn’t even know that the hard reset button exist on the back of a technical person, i called that as a failure

  • User42

    What about the ~40’000 Antutu score of the Nvidia Shield?

  • Cristi13

    Thank you for bringing samsung into discussion, it was really needed, you know… /s

  • Cristi13

    Thank you for continuing the flame war! Idiot!

  • Abdul Ghani


  • Guest

    I know reset button but after reset it happen same several times. I check all features first then only buy mobiles.

  • sreenamboothiri

    Shut Up U Rich Man!!
    If u think u are richer than us, u are not suppose to buy xperia sola when xperia s was the flagship that time..i have bought and sold all the flagship phones sony released..and when u said Sony got the worst ui..we all understood were u are im technical knowledge! Its a fact that sony got the class looking ui among all the androids!
    If u love the cartoon UI of Samsung more than Sony…u better go to Kindergarden!!

  • Billy de Fretes

    nah.. crap talk.. if you satisfied with Samsung, why do you change your phone so often???? just because you have money??? you just said you’ve been using xperia Z and ZL .. i’m pretty sure you live inside of a cave so you never know Sony update cycle is better than last year.

  • Guest

    Is the article supposed to provide a link to “DooMKernel v2”?

  • jdp12

    doesn’t count as you stream it from your computer’s GPU (has to be one of those really expensive newer models)

  • Guest

    That screen is shit though that’s why I would never buy it.

  • Colby Leong

    Sorry, totally unrelated to the topic but, did anyone else hear about iphone users falling for an ad out there that says upgrading to iOS 7 makes your iphone waterproof? If not:

  • Antarrr

    He uses his custom kernel. Read the last line of first para, “He recently launched DooMKernel v2, which you can check out here”.

  • j__h

    The test runs locally on the Shield, it is only games that can be mirrored.

  • Turki Saadi


  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    But u know one thing ur English is very poor….. u got money but that can’t buy u knowledge… RIP to ur English…

  • Rexperia

    No body asked you to buy it, why you are so over confident like that…LOL..

  • Rexperia

    are you a kindergarten kid or what? shame on you….

  • K!NG M$

    Eww man, U just dont get it, do u? …don’t wast your time.

    Look! For those fanboys… “sony is the best”, “don’t ask don’t tell, sony is always right” and “no one can beat thier sony”. So, I think… you should let them say, let them defend, let them fool themselves, let them DREAM, that’s just their way. so pitiful LOL!

    But in reality, many people will not choose shitperia zuck1 over innovative phones like galaxy note3 or iphone 5s or lumia 1020 (which is truly the best camera phone so far).

  • Rexperia

    WOWWWW…. another trash just coming… how you doing dude? pathetic one that i ever saw…

  • shivaprakash

    Samsung Lunched Samsung galaxy Trend In India (new Smart Phone)

  • K!NG M$

    yasssss! trash like Xperia Z1.

  • AsadMulla

    Sony blog mate!!!

  • AsadMulla

    You got Z1. what did you do with your Z? I haven’t got Z1 yet. Not sure if I will

  • asdasdasd

    Z1 mini or gtfo

  • piggybomb

    does doomlord have a z ultra?
    will he be porting his work over to it?

  • Brad Williams

    This is probably the biggest load of crap under the sun!!! Sameshit fanboys just can’t think for themselves. I and probably many others in here
    have also tried your plastic bits of garbage too and went straight back to SONY for good reasons, the main one being they are just better all round. Stick your reviews and your silly comments ’cause they just mean nothing when you’ve had that disappointment. The fact that you haters can’t help but come in here to trash talk, shows you are genuinely concerned about your beloved bits of garbage losing their shine (or what lack lustre shine they had.)

  • Brad Williams

    Most of the so-called functions you get, I call bloatware. And, its the very reason you need a far bigger cpu, etc to do the same job as us. If you want mindless, churlish functions you will get them in Sameshit, not Sony!!! So go off and buy your kids toys.

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  • Micro

    go do your homework first, troll

  • M Usman

    yes I’ve had it since Saturday. it’s awesome. got 35400 today in antutu. my Z is still with me. I don’t use it anymore though. I’ve just disowned it lol. Leave it at home and then come back to it with a 1000 miscalls and messages from people all angry that i don’t get back. Haven’t given my new number to anyone yet. I’m thinking of selling it though. I already have many buyers lined up. May keep it though as a second handset. Not sure yet. I know I’ll be keeping the Z1 for 2 years though

  • M Usman

    I’ll check it out. I got 35400 today on the standard Sony Kernel so not thinking of modding my handset yet. It’s good enough as it is

  • hcm.

    I bet you have to money because Samsung pays you to write up comments like this one

  • rexperia

    GTFO this forum only for Sony fans, you failed and uninvited, unexpected. RIP with whatever telephone you use now ! FU*K OFF

  • nidou bossy

    ohh guys, i heard that samsung will launch the real octa core…. poor sammy users, they believed they had octa cores, but samsung trolled them.

    even Obama got this news and couldn’t help to stop laughing!

  • nidou bossy

    probably will float on water with iSwim feature!


  • nidou bossy

    Hell yeah!

  • redX

    I think, in future, companies will sell their phones on the basis of its benchmark scores :D :D
    You go to a store to buy a phone, instead of MRP, there will be benchmark score written on the box and you have to pay according to your country’s currency :D :D :D :D :)

  • K420

    Allow me to tell you… you have no sense of humor…

  • Colby Leong

    Where at all did I say it wasn’t funny?

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  • AsadMulla

    I am waiting to see whats next. Sony releasing new phones every 6 months now so I must not get to tempted

  • Babylonbwoy

    You’ll have to unlock your BL just to get 2000 more on a benchmark, not worth the lost of warranty!

  • PowerSonic

    Must be apples way for getting rid of more iphones and make more money…

  • Anupam

    ha ha ha samsung and innovation.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. LOL :D

  • nidou bossy

    shit is what u just said, ain’t true nigga, i smell ya shit around! go take a shower!

  • nidou bossy

    i really feel big pity for u… why u wasted ur time writing all that long paragraph and u know that we fucking love Sony and dayummmmmmmmmmm. if Note 3 or S4 are around $499 and Z Ultra or Z1 are $999, i will poop on Samsung, and buy Sony.

    ain’t my shit if u are a samsung, apple or Nokia fantoy.. the matter most that ur words are like the waste that passes thru the pipes.. so we gonna buy Sony anyway, and
    keep that shit in ur ear like earring and u won’t take off… and more straight answer for haters or biasing is right below;

  • Andres Galvan

    I hate it so much when people do this… Even if you’re a Sony or HTC or Motorola fanboy, you can’t say that Samsung’s flagships suck.

    Personally, I love HTC. But I’m not gonna lie. The Galaxy S4 is a close 3rd or 4th when talking about device fluidness, 1st in everyday camera use, and near the top spec wise. Where Sammy could improve though, is design and build quality. I don’t mean to be anti-Samsung, but the the GS3 was one of the ugliest Android devices released last year. The GS4 improved in the looks department, but still failed with it’s flimsy plastic body, & the Note 3’s faux leather back doesn’t seem like it stacks up against the Lumia 1020, iPhone 4 or HTC One.

    Samsung’s devices would feel so much better even if they used soft touch plastic like the HTC One X and Nokia’s Lumia range. Touchwiz could also use a MAJOR revamp to catch up with Sense 5 and stock 4.3. It’s seriously slow and resource consuming.

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  • mf1gt3r

    Awww thats so sweet.

  • Guest

    i got my balls shoved by iShave, and Cleaned by Touchwiz!

    so iphone and galaxy both uses Sony camera sensor!

    so these best cameras u talking about in iphone 5s and note 3 came from Sony!

    Got enough milk in ur childhood? or should Samsung and Apple lick Sony’s balls and praise them that they got it’s Camera sensor in?


  • nidou bossy

    i got my balls shoved by iShave, and Cleaned by Touchwiz!

    don’t u know that iphone and galaxy both uses Sony camera sensor!

    so these best cameras u talking about in iphone 5s and note 3 came from Sony!

    Got enough milk in ur childhood? or should Samsung and Apple lick
    Sony’s balls and praise them for getting Sony camera sensor in their phones?


  • nidou bossy

    im have a poop right now!

  • Adhar

    Well I am a old SONY fan..presently SONY employee
    I had excellent experience with z1 for last few months..
    just 1 drawback so far..indoors pictures are not too good
    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

  • pgcome
  • nils schenk

    Bad score. My score :

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