New Xperia Z1 firmware update (14.1.G.2.257) now rolling

by XB on 15th October 2013

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.257_3A number of Xperia Z1 owners are reporting that a new firmware update has begun to roll out in the form of build version 14.1.G.2.257 . The update is hitting users with HSPA+ (C6902) and LTE (C6903) handsets.

At this stage, we don’t know what changes have been made, although we hope that numerous bugs have been quashed including issues with Wi-Fi performance that a number of people are suffering from. The build has been revised from 14.1.G.1.XXX to 14.1.G.2.XXX, so we’re hopeful of a big update for Z1 owners. If you’ve downloaded the update, please post some impressions in the comments below.

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.257_4

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.257_3

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.257_1

Xperia Z1_14.1.G.2.257_2

  • Given the revision number, I have to assume this has a LOT of updates. Fingers crossed the FTF will be available soon!

  • _ _ _ _

    If it’s not 4.3 – I don’t care!

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  • Alexander I.
  • saif

    must say SONY is focusing on software

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Same thing Sony Said for Z’s .67 update… But Display had hardly any improvements. Hope Sony does it well here.
    P.S Camera Had improvements though……

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  • Micro

    there are several major problems with Z1 now:
    – WiFi fails on channel higher than 12
    – SOD (happens to many, not for me, but many others)
    – booting problem (it takes up to even 15 tries to make it start, like some old engine lol)
    – earphones – eventually lost left channel after some time
    – camera acts weird sometimes
    – A2DC is glitchy on multipoint audio connections (basically acts like shit, not like an audio device with BT 4.0)
    – some of them get severely hot and kill batteries almost in heartbeat

    let’s see what they actually fixed this time o_O

  • UrDad

    well the z never suffered from yellow hue issues like the z1 so not much to improve there..

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    But its color balance was never accurate aftr white balance update. Skin tone looked reddish and white looked pinkish (still it looks Same)…. Keep ZR’s display near to Z’s, open white balance option, keep values to neutral and you vl get the differences…..

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    and camera

  • saif


  • Bernard Wong

    Update receiving in Malaysia for Z1

  • Babylonbwoy

    Most issues that I have are related to screen :

    – Black screen with backlight only (also when rebooting after the sony logo it stucks at black screen sometimes I have to reboot many times)
    – Touch is very poor when I try to scroll a page it click the item (link, icon, etc) instead, if I try to move an icon it swipe homes screen instead, ggrrrr!
    – Yellow tint issue
    -Poor 3G networks catching and signal lost many time per day.

    Something I don’t understand is with the Smartconnect app : we can’t trigger GPS or Plane Mode with it. It is useless without these. I would like to enable GPS or Plane mode with Smarttags but these idiot don’t understand that it is an important option!

  • ImAnurag

    Download C6903 ftf for 14.1.G.2.257 here!YIdVSZKa!WEvPkn7lUI0EDexkChDtpBieBEw_UUD4UanuPkuo1Hw

    Details – 1277-1398 GLOBAL LTE

  • thanks :)

  • Micro

    umm.. that’s interesting
    my (C6903@.534) never gone black, touchscreen is extremely sensitive (sometimes I don’t even need to actually touch it to respond!), no yellow tint (it’s perfectly white) and 3G works like a charm… that’s really weird O_O

    But I 100% agree about the Smart Connect, it would be really great to have a GPS there :/

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  • Herman

    Why care about 4.3 but not 4.2?
    Both of these updates are minor compared to the first updates to ICS, Jelly Bean and most probably KitKat soon.

  • Herman

    Hey, is there any chance you could do a camera comparison of before and after the update? I’d love to see what the results are of “tweaking the algorithm”.

  • Micro

    that’s the plan :)

  • Thiago Guerreiro Bastos

    Do that, PLEEEEEASE!

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  • jeff

    After you update its still 534.dont think its new.

  • Souni

    I have had issues with Z1’s touchscreen on flat surfaces where it won’t respond as it should. It somehow depends on surface my Z1 is lying on. When i put my phone on my bed touch screen doesn’t respond as it should but when I hold it flat or put it on wooden table it works as it should. Also if it’s lying on my bed and I touch it’s frame with my other hand the touch screen starts to work as it should. Verry strange. Hope it’s fixed or have to send to service.

  • Alex Marinos

    No update for Greece yet still on .534

  • Alex Marinos

    Yes, im waiting for that reason also.

  • Z1

    I hate the fact the Z1 volume rocker increases ringer tone volume!!! they need to make it so it just increases volume for just audio like music and video volume as im always accidentally pressing the button on the phone. even when i have it on silent and press the volume rocker by accident takes it off silent mode!!! so annoying

  • Babylonbwoy

    I’m on .534 too. I went to the shop with the guy who sold me he’s Z1, will get a replacement unit when I go back there.

    Also I have issues with the proximity sensor, screen stay black when on call even with the speaker on, only way to get screen on or phone keyboard is to push the power button, so I can’t use it to ends call.

    It’s the first time I have this amount of problem with a new device.

  • Bernard Wong

    Yeah…means another 2 weeks wait time…I wondered what it fixes this time…don’t feel any difference at all..

  • Jayke

    No update in the UK on EE yet, 4G version of the Z1, hope it fixes the camera problems though, expected more from it as my note 2s camera is better right now!!

  • Abid Iqbal

    Guys Updated C6902 Indian
    Working Fine
    This is the screenshot

    Will be uploading the FTF file soon on dropbox

  • Cool job! :)

  • aizat asyh

    wow …after updating to .534…it takes a lot of my patience to boot the phoe, even the battery drains really fast and hot with prolong use…these problems never exist b4 updating…also …already went to sony service center and they also dont know why…wish this update will solved the problems

  • Bernard Wong

    Try switching on the stamina mode it helps alot along the way…as for your phone felt very hot..yeah I too had this similar problem but accepted it as long it doesn’t burn my hands holding could be the snapdragon s800 running behind..also helps too if set the display to adapt lighting conditions by ticking the small box at brightness. Waste of time going to Sony center at Berjaya Times square coz they can only tell you nuts..maybe after a few months they will know the answers from Sony Japan through internal circular bulletin.

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Unfortunately not yet available for some units in india. (C6902).

  • Alex Marinos

    Still no update for LTE C6903 version in Greece

  • Rajesh Govindaraj

    Update received for my Z1 in India

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Now receiving the update in India. :)

  • Bernard Wong

    Xperia.Z1 update please hurry up!! It’s been a week of waiting and yet still no show!!! What’s is with region and carrier updates roll?? Damn…don’t have to follow Samsung way of doing its update by region … Damn bloody slow!! My ultra Z already updated to 257 but my Z1 hasn’t yet… Both rolled out together and yet ultra Z Update arrived earlier than Z1..

  • SinaKing

    No Update For LTE Version ( C6803 ) In Iran …
    Maybe It’s Only LTE’s Problem !?
    Is There anyone that update LTE version Anywhere ?!

  • SinaKing

    Excuse me …
    “C6903” !

  • 10

    HELP PLEASE.. I didnt receive any update for my z1 . Im from europe. Does that mean that i have a problem with my phone or i should keep waiting?

  • SinaKing

    Hi Mate …
    You phone Didn’t Have any Problem :D
    Last Update For LTE Version Is G.1.534 !
    For Next Update You Should Wait , Like Us !

  • Jaztin Gulane

    no auto update yet on philippines (C6903) or just manually update it?

  • tgn_dee

    Really Z1 battery life sucks, with medium usage i dont even get one full day, my xperia S is lot better, had great expectations from sony with Z1, deeply repenting after buying Z1.

  • dennu

    after this update cant use camera for more than 3 minutes.. its heating like hell………. any camera quality also very poor.. i am re flashing the software back to 4.1.G.1.534


    Now receiving the update in Malaysia via Sony PC Companion!! :):)

  • aizat asyh

    i’m just on testing mode for how long can the battery go for normal use (fb,whatsapp,videos & 2,3 hours of gaming) and it drained heavily..when turning on stamina mode…it can still hold on around nearly 11 hours…quite good indeed… adaptive lighting eh? will try that becoz b4 i’m thinking that light sensor still use power to operate…so i just set display on medium setting….i went to service center at klcc actually n than they asked me to go directly to plaza berjaya where the REAL service center is…klcc one is just a collection center…

  • Ahmad Faris


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  • Richard Lee

    I cant download on mega please upload in other download site..thanks…C6903

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  • aizatasyh

    so ….any improvements?

  • Auu

    I have problem that my front camera have broken.It can not open


  • Auu

    sorry C6902

  • Gautam Pithwa

    Sony improved the camera apps and also few bugs.. But they lack the display it was in last firmware., vivid and quite crispy.. I hope they will once again think about it

  • shashi kanth Sharma

    Yesterday night i upgraded my Z1 to G.2.257….

    Camera improvement: Tested camera in low light… the pics appeared to be granier than before. Will be testing in day light now..
    Better battery backup improvement: no comment.
    UI improvement: Nothing looks different as far as UI is concerned… To me it looks all the same. sony added googles play games app with this.
    Yellow Hue resolution: I don’t understand what it is.. addressed or not, i am happy with the colors on my screen.

    I have observed a new thing… My WiFi is automatically turning on, not sure whats going on here..

  • Srinivas Lanka

    yes..this is the best thing i have noticed in Z1 and read abt this too…
    your WiFi automatically turns on if it finds the recognised or saved.. this is not with the new update..i am downloading my update now..but it automatically turns On if ur Sony Z1 finds saved wifi network..
    i dont yet know whats in update..will get back with the tweaks.

  • dacica

    I have the C6903 model and waited 3 weeks for this update to solve the black screen issue.Yesterday I got the update and surprise! It has some serious problems:
    The biggest problem is the signal! Keeps dropping down in a loop with no reason
    and also poor signal strenght
    Also there is a conflict between camera settings and photo analyzer service. If you disable the
    service then the camera will crash when trying to change focus mode settings
    I reinstalled the firmware 3 times this morning and the signal problem still there
    Other users are complaining about continuous loop booting without being able to use the phone anymore
    What is wrong with sony’s people developing the FW ? How hard can it be? Samsung, HTC, LG can do this! Why sony can’t?

  • shashi Kanth Sharma

    Yeah… It’s a setting that Sony hav provided that incase the device finds a saved wifi network, if will automatically switch on the adapter and connect to the wifi AP…
    But in my case, I haven’t turned on this function.. Still it switches the adapter on sometimes…

  • ???? ????

    ya.. but rooting will gone.. huhu..

  • yorutsuki

    agree, my go is better, just get my z1 yesterday, ‘maybe’ bcoz i charge it with stand magnet charger..

  • yorutsuki

    so cmne?!

  • Patrick Wilson

    Will there me any updates to allow the superior auto mode to take pictures with 20.7mp

  • Ravi

    The new update has made the camera images worst.. the pics have high grains in low light.. and the AR effects go completely dark…!! :-(

  • Allan

    I had my phone for a almost a week now. My problem started yesterday when I woke up in the morning and saw that I am not connected to my celluar at all. Tried swicthing to airplane mode and back and still no connection. Tried switching the phone off and i got back my cellular connection again, But the issue is still re-occurring every morning when i woke up. Today this morning had the same problem but it worked again after i reboot my phone. but I shouldn’t need to do that on a daily basis on a new phone. This issue seems to appear every morning. Anyway of fixing this?

  • allan mark dayan

    btw the model is C6903

  • Amit Sabharwal

    please give me ftf files c6902 .534 , .257 and all that u have

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