Xperia Z1s model number expected to be D5503; first sample image leaks

by XB on 12th November 2013

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Sony D5503 ThumbThe Sony Xperia Z1s should be announced early next year as the mini version of the Xperia Z1. It appears that the Xperia Z1s model number will be D5503 with codename Amami. This fits the naming scheme of this being the first 2014 Sony Xperia handset. When Sony moved to its new model numbering system, the first letter determined the year. So ‘C’ was 2013, ‘D’ is 2014, ‘E’ is 2015 and so on.

This particular model is the European LTE version and shows that the Xperia Z1s is likely to see a global release. It also highlights where this particular model will sit in its 2014 line-up. The 2013 equivalent was the Xperia ZR (C5503) which had a 4.6-inch 720p display. We spotted some sample images from the D5503 on Flickr and you can see the Exif information below. It shows that the handset was running firmware version 14.2.A.0.204. We’ll bring you more details as we have them.

Sony D5503 Exif information

[Click to enlarge]

Sony D5503

Sony D5503 sample image

[Click to enlarge]
Details: 8MP image, 2.4MB

Sony D5503 sample image

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • Ali

    Please 16 or 32 gb of internal please >.<

  • yachi

    dat bezel

  • Martin Ambre


  • sisore

    My question is how can we make sure that this one would be the so-called Z1s, aside from its expected-to-be name D5503?

  • sony

    dat name of yours
    in my language ya=(saying for long time) chi= utter waste

  • So the model number has a little reasoning for each character and/or number.

    Yet the commercial naming scheme, makes absolutely no sense. (Xperia A,C,J,K,M,Z,ZR,Z1,Z Ultra, etc.)

  • XperiaBlog

    According to the source link it is, but you’re right there’s no hard evidence that suggests both are linked.

  • Anonymous

    Now where did this fuckward see a bezel.

  • But today there’s a conference, or not?

  • Garmelia

    Leaks again, sony? :)

  • cherry

    so its about time for me to start labor work & blackmarketting kidneys.

  • shah

    howyeahhh~~ bring it on!!

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  • Sami Mrabet

    Not until next year?? thats too bad…

  • josesl16

    If it’s 2014, I hope Sony changes the design. The rectangular design got pretty boring, after all.

  • Sonic

    In the universal language Ya=Yuck (saying it fast) chi=Ky so Yukky… it’s got a nice ring to it.

  • James Bond

    i dont know how people buy sony phone with their shitty screens and shit screen calibration
    all the colors looked grey on the xperia z i had now i got lg g2 and i cant belive how good and sharp it looks

  • pixlas

    Don’t forget to charge Samsung for your comment.

  • in my language, Yachi means stupid ass internet troll that doesn’t have a life

  • Czeyl

    In my language, it means small dick.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    the japanese version launches in december and they could launch the international version in Jan at CES so it is not far apart

  • Dr. james bond

    The xperia z is realy good if they will calibrate the screen even z1 screen is colorless and washed out and i dont have samsung phone but i prefer thier screen much more then sony cheap screens with light leak and cheap panels

  • Mac

    maybe it’s ZR mini x)

  • Guest

    Why is the Camera type Sony D5503, shouldn’t it be Sony Xperia Z1s. My Windows phone says Nokia Lumia 920 and my iPhone says iPhone 5. What the hell is D5503?

  • Berg

    Triangles, man.. That’s the future!

  • Joni

    Staring at the sample picture gives me the creeps

  • Mohammed Khired


    everything is good about Xperias except the screen and the software

  • Joses Lemmuela

    Unless you want triangular displays… Da bezels

  • Moth

    In my language in means; ya-smell like & chi-onions, hence smell like onions.

  • Dave

    Mr. Bond, I though you had the Xperia T?

  • Vitali

    Take a xperia P and look at his screen no fucking viewing angles very bright.. but sony decided to put a good screen to P and their worst screen into the S, their flagship! well done sony. why do they put their worst screens in their flagships?! why?
    same in T and TX.. in T they put good screen but there’s still viewing angles but in TX another story.. becasue TX was less popular and etc. they can make good screens, they already made.. But they want to put their worst screens in their flagships… wth

  • James Bond

    i bought the cuz z i needed it for underwater secret mission but its not good at water proof either

  • khan

    omg i should wait 2 more months :(
    & the picture really creeping me out

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  • jdevora

    ONLY NEXT YEAR????? I have been looking for the release the whole day for see if I was able to add it to my Christmas List :-(

  • P9

    we most think 2013’s C is cyber-shot as in se -_- sony, yes? we looking forward to here, my live walking is WT19 :)

  • xperianer

    oh, january, or february is early enough for me :)

    but, why they not try to use the christmas business to sell that? am just curious, wouldnt that be a good idea?^^

    i mean, people get christmas bonus on work, have money, and like to have presents, so? hmmm not understand that^^

    maybe because of the ps4?

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  • Gitarooman

    2.4 MB for 8MP, it still shows that there is too much compression, S3 8 MP shots are generally 3.0-3.5MB in size.

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  • Sami Mrabet

    So Z1F isn´t for sale yet? then ok…

  • [csizor

    The colors in my Xperia L doesn’t look “washed out”. Also, SONY will implement WhiteMagic technology in future phones.

  • HardyHarHar

    Don’t you want to have some HTC One? You could use it as a throwable weapon in case your enemies flee.

  • raxxta

    Ikr! It would be so funny if Sony used it in the actual promos though!

  • raxxta

    Ha Sony would make a ton of money if they had us as executives!

  • raxxta

    You’re saving up for a Lumia, too eh? Cmon, Sony, it’s 2013 and it takes more than a crappy 8mp image of a hairy weirdo to excite the public! Make. Me. Believe.

  • cherry

    HTC one with 4mp & the public go insane. if the camera perform good, why not?

  • Juan Camanei

    damn, fuck you! whoever started the rumor

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  • Putty-Tang


  • Yeah Yeah Yeah

    I want 64 or 128 GB

  • sam


  • Desiree

    Sgut up

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  • CK

    Why Xperia Z1 has price differences on different websites and shops?

  • CK

    Xperia Z1 is also known as Sony Xperia Z1 Honami, Sony Xperia Z1 C6902/L39h, Sony Xperia Z1 C6903, Sony Xperia Z1 C6906, Sony Xperia Z1 C6943. What is the differnce between these models? Is the price very for different models?

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