Sony China announces Xperia Z1 Colorful Edition (aka Compact); will cost CNY 3,999

by XB on 15th January 2014

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Sony China Xperia Z1 event_2Sony Mobile has unveiled its Xperia line-up for Mainland China at a recent press event. Sony announced the “Xperia Z1 Colorful Edition” (M51w), which we know globally as the Xperia Z1 Compact. This particular model is exactly the same as the global model, but it is 3G only, so there is no LTE support. It will be available in all four colours (black, white, pink and lime) and launch in late February for CNY 3,999 ($661, €486, £403).

Other handsets announced includes the 4G/LTE Xperia Z1 (L39u) and 3G Xperia T2 Ultra dual (XM50h) for China Unicom. The 4G/LTE Xperia T2 Ultra (XM50t) was announced for China Mobile. Check out some hands-on pictures of the Xperia Z1 Compact below, including a comparison of the Xperia Z1 Compact’s IPS display versus the Xperia Z1.

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_1

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_2

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_3

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_4

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_5

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_6

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_7

Sony China Xperia Z1 event_8

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  • They re Xperia z1 compact, arent they?

  • jesusnavas

    They re z1 compact.. arent.they?

  • xperiaDROID

    What is that iPhone doing here?

  • starkiller306

    don’t understand why it’s not listed in the Indian Sony mobile website :/ they have a huge market here and we always got xperias on-time before. Hope it goes on sale at the same time…can’t wait for this to be in my hands…

  • Micro

    looking insanely stupid :D (size comparison.. perhaps)

  • Mirrorpurple

    They should do Rainbow colors… Imo

  • Ben Lim

    Malaysia!! :)

  • doucheytuesdayhellyeh

    Not as stupid as your comment, micro… you realise the iPhone designers were influenced by Sony design, right? #stupidfanboy

  • heng

    Is it use IPS Display?

  • Mohammad-R

    WHERE IS XPERIA SP ANDROID 4.3 !!!!!!!!!!!????????

  • Colby Leong

    Huh, didn’t know that. What phone design did Apple copy from Sony?

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  • santhosh

    Please change the wallpaper(2014 new wallpaper ) when you post in the blog….

  • Lunkz

    Apple and Sony worked together, for a iPhone Design, back in Time.

    Thats the reason why Apple don’t attacks Sony.
    If you use Google you find some Concept pix from Sony.

  • Micro

    oh my, I’m so sorry.. I didn’t meant to hurt the precious, mighty, designed by copycats, awesome iPhone.
    I was just kidding.. what a sense of humor of #iDiot #applefanboy :/ I said it was for the comparison.. geez..

  • Micro

    no, Z3 nano

  • saif

    Hey @xperiablog considering Indian visitors share please give inr price also on any post related to pricing. I know we can convert it easily but it would be comfortable.

  • saif

    They do it with every handset. But they will release It.

  • starkiller306

    hope so….

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  • Colby Leong

    I know I might get hated on, but what would a SonyApple parternership look like? Or SApple…

  • HardyHarHar

    You lost bro? SP is nowhere near the looks or sound of Z1. Also this isn’t official sony blog. Why ask here?

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  • josesl16

    uhh… iSony?

  • josesl16

    3rd and 4th picture: Le wild iPhone appears!

  • Jeff Martinez

    Will an unlocked Z1 Compact work with T-Mobiles LTE here in the states? I’ve been thinking of ordering one from Negri Electronics.

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