Background Defocus camera app available to download on Xperia Z devices

by XB on 16th January 2014

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Background defocus_6Are you running Android 4.3 on an Xperia Z series device? If so, you’ll be glad to know that the Background Defocus camera app is now available to download. The app creates a bokeh effect, blurring the background to focus on a particular part of the image. More details on what the app does can be found in our previous post here.

The app was exclusive to the Xperia Z1s for T-Mobile in the US, however as the handset has now launched it was a matter of time before it leaked. You can install the apk from the link below, this will work on all phones (no root required). Install like you would any other third-party apk. We had no problems installing on a Xperia Z1, but we would expect it to work on all Xperia Z devices (Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Z, ZL, ZR and Tablet Z) running the latest Android 4.3 update.


Backfground Defocus apk file

Background defocus_1

Background defocus_2

Background defocus_3

Background defocus_4

Background defocus_6

Thanks Ambroos and Felimenta97!

  • The blur effect is a bit crappy sometimes, I hope it will be improved.
    Still pleased to get that fast on my Z1, works as charm

  • Pedro Miguel Santos

    Worked like a charm on my Xperia T with leaked 4.3

  • laci_csk

    I am glad to hear that, because I am an Xperia T owner.

  • Xperia z1 user

    this is awesomeness !!

  • Billy de Fretes

    great, after AR effect can be add to xperia Z (nice add on for me :D ), now backdefocus can be add to xperia Z.

  • P9

    awesome ever.

  • P9

    work like a shit on 2011 xperia. xD
    anyway, super awesome app.

  • Guest

    this app is just amaziiing … thank you sony thaaaaank u

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    this app is just amaaaaaazing .. wooow wow wow thank u sonyyy

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    for me no bluur .. u must be stable like they said

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  • evolutionx1

    Will this work on non Xperia devices?

  • Giannikosmo

    Perfectly worked on Xperia Z!!!

  • Mirrorpurple

    need to test it out…
    maybe tomorrow and i will post my review (and maybe pics)

  • Vivek Vishwakarma

    awesome on xperia z1

  • Chetan Reddy

    installed on xperia sp running leaked 4.3 ,but after capturing photo says “cannot blur background”

  • zairolafzal zainal

    Not bad… But need to capture at a very close point not more then a meter away. With this near point the background already in blur . Hope sony can provide maybe 2meter – 3meter for background de-focus mode

  • wim den boer

    It’s working on zr

  • Pek

    it installs as a complement to xperia camera app, so I think that you would need to have that ported to your device

  • ShamesungShit

    Shamesung will copy this awesome app!!
    Nice work Sony.. The best.. :)

  • Jiakushi

    Cannot install this app to my C6602 :(
    And, i don’t know why :(
    Please, help….

  • evolutionx1

    Umm, okay, thanks!

  • Batuhan Süersan

    Great on Xperia Z!

  • nvier

    It is a little laggy when cancelling a taken shot. But other than that it’s great on the Z1! Probably will be improved through updates anyway :P

  • Dark Moyan

    link of the apk please

  • jj

    TimeShift burst?

  • hansip

    You need to stand closer to get it, because the second take will recognize the depth difference between the object and background, unlike real F1.8 lenses.

    Ps: it works with Z Ultra. O happy day :)

  • P9

    it’s a fun thing to hear people from some blog that sony copy nokia with this feature, actually cyber-shot got this for years.
    this more fit with samesuck. :P

  • justguest

    works great on my xperia z but it takes a quite long time to process the result. Love it!!

  • raj

    Installed on Xperia Z Ultra
    And it works flawlessly

  • mahmud

    How?! Everytime i take a picture tell me couldn’t blur background

  • Diego

    Thank You! Installed on my Xperia Z1, have italian language (Sfondo Sfuocato).

  • wim den boer

    You need something on the foreground to focus on than the background you can blur

  • Ajay.alinkad

    why it is not available for xperia SP

  • wim den boer

    Look at the picture of the lighter

  • karamelakimo

    i wonder why all apps of camera ported to Z except Timeshift burst???
    although i saw a video of custom rom on Z works with timeshift perfect!!

  • Guest

    Very nice on the Z1

  • Carsten Elton Sørensen

    And now with picture…

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  • Carsten Elton Sørensen

    Sometimes it goes subtly wrong though

  • ayub407

    Is your phone running on Android 4.3?

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    we dont like cricket hah hah hah,
    we hate it hah hah hah

  • Gitarooman

    malwarebyte gave me a malware warning……

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    it works like a treat for me, even lets you choose how out of focus background is,
    i want this for my qx10 now :)

  • Bryan Ng

    Got this app a few mins ago. Had so many ‘cant blur’ errors, but made few amazing shots. Challenging but awesome app. Tnx Sony :-)

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    im just brimming with excitement waiting for your review, i cant wait till tomorrow lol

  • Neet

    can not blur background :(

  • hong

    pls restart ur phone and try again.. it’s worked for me

  • P9

    it’s not real DLSR though, but it’s better than don’t have… :)

  • mukul verma

    hlp doomlord.
    i had installed this app , but after taking pic, it says could not blur background. i am using xperia sp.

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  • Billy de Fretes

    really nice app.. from xperia z

  • lucasarg

    I love this, but 4.3 didn’t hit my ZL c6502 unbranded in Argentina ¬¬

  • mops

    yeah, this is a good solution to cover up these blurry photos that the z1 does, congratulations!!
    Seriously you should improve z1’s pictures quality instead of covering this big mistake.
    Well done, you can really be proud of yourself!

  • :D
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  • djsnoopyxxl

    It works with 4.2.2, too

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Forget Custom Rom, Xperia T2 Ultra has this app with mid-end chipset. Z should get it !!!

  • Restifler

    La instale en mi Z1 y me sale “No se pudo poner imagen en modo borroso” :'( AYUDA!

  • Ruslan K

    do you have Android 4.3 ?

  • Gutt Grinder

    This app is awesome! If the 4.3 update for Xperia V is available, is this app going to work? I’ll be glad if someone can confirm.. Peace y’all!! :3

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  • Night of Xperia Z

    Can anyone or any Sony Developer make Timeshift Burst Camera app for our Z Series???
    I’d looking for this Timeshift Burst, but some is need to root our phone. Hope someone can make Timeshift Burst Camera app.

  • zairolafzal zainal

    Good for u…. Lol

  • plekenut


  • Aigars Vilc?ns

    Works perfect, THX!!!!

  • Billy de Fretes

    this apps need android 4.3

  • Chris

    It works great on my Z1 4.2. Thanks, Sony!

  • karamelakimo

    it’s available but need a rom

  • karamelakimo

    yup,,that’s true also
    i’m in love wiz my Sony Z,,i think i’ll stick wiz it for a time
    it will be gr8 to have timeshift burst :D

  • Hausofalejo

    It’s working on my Xperia T (4.3 Jelly Bean leak)

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  • Jiakushi

    Okay, thanks. Its working now :)

  • Jiakushi

    Yes, absolutely :)

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  • MikeViller

    on tab Z SGP312 I get “can not blur background”

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  • Sophia

    This application was detected as a trojan virus..

  • Gokul

    Tried to install this on my Xperia Z.. Says application not installed.. I have android 4.3.. I restarted my phone several times but nothing seems to work.. :(

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  • Nacho


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  • Andrew Tan

    Thanks for this cool add-on, the Defocus Mode working perfectly in my sister non root – Xperia ZL – Android 4.3 ROM. :)

  • Sarath Kumar

    Will it work on xperia l (C2104)?

  • Sarath Kumar

    Will it work on xperia l (c2104)?

  • Guest

    It works although there are artifacts.
    Taken during night time in a blackout with little lighting.

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  • taio

    That’s strange. I’ve just installed it on my Xperia Z (android 4.3). Just go to: settings>security>unknown sources. Make sure it’s enabled. I hope it worked!

  • taio

    False positive, look-out security says it’s clean.

  • tally

    After taking a picture with this app, I can’t go back to take another one. I have to restart the app everytime. Am I the only one with this bug? It’s a nice app once you learn how to shoot pictures with it.

  • Inge

    Does it support multiple language? Like Norwegian?

  • hale

    uncheck “Verify app” in settings > security.

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  • Nice one, for the phone camera.

  • Zengetsu Espino

    Is this available to google play store or you must download outside?

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  • aNotInUseUsername

    will Z get Timeshift video as well?! cause i did the math, & i think it wont!

  • Rupesh Kumar

    Hi All,

    Your product is great and working good, but i have another one try it here –

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  • Fabio

    may it work on xperia ray? android 2.3.4 stock?

  • BA BU

    Yeah Working My Xperia ZR :D

  • BA BU

    Take a snap 1meter

  • Sanky

    “showing there was a problem while parsing the package”. Xperia SP Android 4.3

  • Hendri Cen

    Unfortunely still bad if compare to Nokia Refocus app,
    sadly Android still far behind in DOF Camera software

  • Mayur

    Hi, I’ve downloaded this app and installed too but its not appearing anywhere in phone.
    I have restarted my phone.
    Is it available for Xperia Z’s (Indian version-C6602) ?

  • aldopucci

    This app is crazy! Took this with my old Xperia Z. Not even using my reflex anymore for taking shots for my online shop….

  • Xperia ZR User

    work perfect on my XZR…tq SONY….make believe…

  • Jaissal S

    This doesn’t seem to work on the Z1 with the latest 4.4.2 Kitkat update :(

  • Fadhil Parewangi

    curious about how this work for the feature. I hope they can make it for video too. so we no need brought super expensive f/0.95 lens.

  • Sachin Raj

    Its not working with my Xperia T2 Ultra . it showing an error after capturing image “Background Could not be blur” Please any one help what kind of heck is this ?

  • Basq

    awesome installed on my xperia Z

  • bladewolf

    it will u gotta have kitkat to use that

  • Chetan Shenoy

    I tried installing this app in my Xperia M (with android 4.3 update). When i launch camera app, and select BGDEFOCUS, my camera doesnt work. I get a dark screen with all options :(

  • Chetan Shenoy

    Heres the screenshot ..

  • Prince Mahmud Sumon

    my phone is xperia Z… said could not blur….what should i do…?

  • Emraansharkar

    In my xperia m2 dual after capturing pic it’s say culd’t blur background

  • Rajeshwari

    Please make this app available for xperia C3 please please please

  • Sanket Koli

    same problem dude.. :-( xperia m2 dual has got a kitkat update..nd still bgdefocus is nt available on playstore..nd when installed from internet sources..the app displays an eror “culd’t blur background”. plz help guyz

  • narender reddy

    Background Defocus does not supports to sony xperia m4. disgusting…!!

  • Raghu Fernantoo

    Can I install in Samsung A5 2016

  • Noval Hikmat

    Very Nice! good steady hand

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