Xperia Z1 firmware 14.2.A.1.136 rolling; includes White balance setting

by XB on 28th January 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z1

Screenshot_2014-01-28-18-49-38Sony Mobile is currently rolling out a new firmware update for the Xperia Z1 (C690X) with firmware build number 14.2.A.1.136. This latest update moves the firmware version from 14.2.A.0.XXX from the current build (14.2.A.0.290) to 14.2.A.1.XXX, so it’s a reasonable update.

This update adds a new setting for display calibration, allowing users to change the white balance of the display. The update should also fix a number of bugs that people are having with the Android 4.3 build. The FTF firmware file can be downloaded here. If you have downloaded the update yourself, let us know what changes you have noticed in the comments below.




Via XDA-developers.

  • raj

    Bring it on SONY :-D

    Waiting here…. Xperia Z Ultra :-D

  • Jiyeon90

    does this help fix yellow hue on grey colors?
    I sent mine back for repair so I cant test!

  • Caio Faria

    And the update for Xperia SP/T/V NEVER arrives.

  • big

    I swear they said SP 4.3 update was going to be released in December 2013, I swear!

  • infinity

    Yes sony, keep releasing minor updates for the Z line and forget about the SP, T, V.. because the important thing that you are forgetting is that this costumers might upgrade to a better phone, the ones with the flagship not.. and if you keep with this BS they will never buy a sony device ever. Just an advice..

  • ImAnurag

    @XperiaBlog – Update is only available via EMMA in Baltic regions only….Not officially rolled on PCC or SUS

  • Koolman2

    And how about Z1’s poor camera firmware?

  • raj

    I agree that 4.3 is overdue in Xperia SP
    But come to think of it
    Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra costs 799$ or more
    Whereas, Xperia SP is sub-400$ device
    Z1 surely deserves the extra care here
    It’s fair

  • ????????

    End of jan.and still no update for sp …

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  • the_black_dragon

    What poor camera Firmware? Mine is Great since first big Update on October

  • Jordan White

    Credits to TheCraig and Xperiaguide are in order?

  • Carljn

    Love this. I’m able to set the white balance if my preferences differ from the technicians. Kudos Sony!

  • jason

    you did not pay 799 for it if u got a contract so why should it be any different for those people who are paying a monthly contract like everyone else

  • Koolman2

    Even after that update the camera has noise issues, I’ve learned how to take noiseless photos in manual mode, but it’s still far from 21mp as we expected ..

  • raj

    On contract you end up paying more than 799$
    Isn’t it simple math?
    Stop whining and go do something useful

  • infinity

    My sister bought a xperia M for 200$, she already has android 4.2. I bought a SP at the same time for 400$ and I’m stuck with 4.1.
    Please, tell me more about this extra care that the more expensive devices deserve.

  • the_black_dragon

    ehm… this camera is not build to take 20MP Pictures…
    exactly Noka PureView Cameras are not made to shoot 42MP Pictures…
    These cameras are using oversampling and combine informations from Pixel Groups to eliminate noise…
    Automatic mode is set to use as high ISO values as needed to Keep the light-time short and avoid blurred Pictures. thats for Point and shoot usage…
    as you say… if you can shoot noiseless Pictures in Manual mode, the camera is very good!
    and even in automatic mode Z1’s camera is better than most other phones today

  • Patrol619

    Yes, we will keep whining, because we spend our hard worked money on our phones, and we deserve a promised update.

  • Abdul Ghani

    z1 camera in hardware is good probably the best but sony needs to fix the software cuz in low light shots it couldn’t set the exposure right

  • Lunkz

    My Z1 has noise issues too on the edge it does not matter if Auto or Manual, 8 MP or 20 MP

  • raj

    There you go again
    Has the Xperia M received any updates?
    It will probably skip to 4.4 directly
    But your Xperia SP will first get 4.3 and then 4.4, obviously after Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z, and it will be way before the Xperia M 4.4 update

  • Arron Patterson

    Any news on wether it fixes the touchscreen issue? My Z1 has become almost unusable since the 4.3 update :-(

  • the_black_dragon

    Manual mode and select correct Scene ;) Night Shot Scenes will have a Long exposure

  • raj

    The update will come soon

  • Patrol619

    They keep telling it to us since December 1st…

  • Abdul Ghani

    if u check the reviews of xperia z1s on phonearena and android athority they do mention that the pictures in its low lighting performance tends to appear disheveled with its softer details and sometimes wonky exposure

  • raj

    No… They told by the end of January or early February

    “Sony Mobile has just confirmed that Android 4.3 for the Xperia SP, Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V will start to roll out from the end of January/early February.”

  • the_black_dragon

    all These Reviews are release or pre-release Reviews…
    i even wrote a review on and later a dedicated camera review… 2 days before my (very negative) review was planned to go public, there was an update to solve WiFi and Camera issues and i had to correct a lot of Points… after that in most conditions the Z1 made great Pictures.

  • raj

    You are wrong

    Sony Mobile has just confirmed that Android 4.3 for the Xperia SP, Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V will start to roll out from the end of January/early February.

  • raj

    They said, end of January or early February

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Very true, it’s the end of the January and there’s no update yet.

  • infinity

    Yes, first fw was 4.1.

    Anyway, how much is sony paying you to reply every single comment that complains about the updates?

  • raj

    Do you get anything from anyone for spamming anything and everything with Xperia SP updates?
    This is about Xperia Z1 update only

  • xperianer

    I have a new theory.
    I think Sony will release the 4.3 for the XT/V/SP after the Xperia z1 compact globally arrived.
    maybe some days/weeks after….

    That’s simply smart. And simply bad for us customers.

    But iam relaxed and not want complain. Switched to omnirom already and I began to compile my own stuff.Just my theory about missing 4.3.

    I theme my own light kitkat…. Fu Sony software development :D

  • raj

    What Sony mentioned was either by January end or early February

  • Koolman2

    Can I see your review about camera? I can not locate it in that web-site.

  • the_black_dragon

    This is the Camera Review directly after the first Firmware Update

    Hope you can read German ^^

  • Koolman2

    Always there is google translate ;-)

  • infinity

    If this is xperia z1 only why did you spam the post with a comment about the Z Ultra?

    You’re funny Raj, now go back to the big bag theory, Chuck is waiting

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  • raj

    at least i didnt whine. I was being optimistic that it will arrive soon… I dont feel anything bad for you now….

  • Abdul Ghani

    hope sony fixes and makes camera software perfect

  • gyevi

    Yes, but first they promised that it will be released in december 2013 , so you should get your facts rigth too

  • Micro

    don’t bother mate, those whiners just won’t stop, just ignore them

  • raj

    In December or FROM December????
    Learn English first n then come n blabber

  • raj

    even if u try n explain patiently, they just keep whining and abusing
    None of them have an active account also. No hyperlinks to their profiles. Think we should report

  • gyevi

    It doesnt matter because after this post they wrote on their official site that the next android version (4.3) will be released in december 2013, so shut up.

  • shishir

    But if u look the selling point xperia sp has more no of customers than any xperia device that launched in 2013

  • Micro

    It’s completely pointless to talk to them indeed, no matter what way you try. You can’t stop a train :/
    They are like “walkers” you know… no matter how many you shoot, they always keep coming. Waste of time, really.

  • Shishir Kumar

    My dear this is third confirmation of updating 4.3 on xperia sp since December.

  • gyevi

    If you dont believe, then here is a picture of that

  • raj

    yes, you are right about that part. Dont worry, i think it is to come in a weeks time

  • Micro

    Hi troll, how about you gonna be late to school tomorrow?

  • Guest

    ok.. am i missing something????
    What’s there in the picture???????????
    Did they tell that the update will be given in December???

  • Micro

    yeah dude, your “draft” caused some real media frenzy ;)

  • gyevi

    Then please explain what does this mean for an average person: Next version Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) 2013-12

  • Julio Spinoza

    Besides on contract, you will have to wait to the update till the morons of your company decide to release it, so no benefits at all

  • swp

    well, this means if you can’t afford the flagship, don’t go for Sony. That’s what I’ll do if the new update is not what I’d hoped for.

  • francesco

    oh yes i’m really relaxed with my laggy keyboard, my buggy lockscreen and my overexposed pictures, such a relaxing experience with xperia v…

  • Dmitry Perets

    I would recommend you to keep beeing relaxed, because 4.1 firmware is actually very stable and relatively bug-free comparing to what you will probably get with 4.3 ;) you mentioned the keyboard… Not sure what bothers you on 4.1 keyboard, but you will get a flickering 4.3 keyboard soon, you’ll be VERY happy ;)

  • Dmitry Perets

    I think we will get a build where these bugs are already fixed. Not sure if it is that bad, if so. Flagship owners are always beta-testers. It is a side-effect of getting updates before others…

  • DooMLoRD

    Here is a direct link to download this firmware!

    Xperia Z1 (C6903 only!) 14.2.A.1.136 FW Generic BAL FTF

    ONLY FOR C6903! Dont flash on OTHER VARIANTS!

  • xperianr

    I know what Sony announced. But that not change my opinion. The z1 compact will come globally (I mean music Europe etc.) first February weeks…. Then we will see the 4.3.
    At least not before the z1 compact….

    I will never believe any announcement of any smartphone company.

    I’m not pessimistic. The past prove me right. It’s good to not expect anything on the update side of Android.

    In the past I went crazy too when a phone not get updated. But you know, there are more important things.

    By the way. I used the leaked 4.3 On XT. It had bugs! it’s not THAT awesome.

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  • XperiaBlog

    According to Androxyde it is: “I saw it on FT update checker who calls the same webservice as pcc.”

    However, it is currently only available to C6903 handsets in the Baltic region.

  • francesco

    i used 4.3 and there is no flickering in 4.3 keyboard, i don’t know WTF are you talking about…

    The only bug i have found on 4.3 version is that is unstable sometimes and start to reboots, for the rest is 100 times better than 4.1…

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    good to get the white balance, but bad that its still 4.3 and not kitkat
    im starving for kitkat goodness now

  • Lunkz

    Good light Condition, Scene is off, no HDR or anything.

    Still noise.

  • Mirrorpurple

    Singapore and no update yet… Sigh

  • xperiaDROID

    What about the Xperia Z? My Xperia Z has bugs after updating to Android 4.3: Bad battery life, Album, Movies, Track ID, Maps keep saying “Unfortunately, ______(apps) has stopped.” when I go to one of these apps.

  • zairolafzal zainal

    Over xpose picture can be corrected if u lowering the ev level one step down in manual mode. I do the same thing with my z1. Not recommended auto mode cause sometimes it give wrong scene selection n xpose. U can play with metering option cause it also usefull to create a better xpose level for your.

  • Mohit

    If the company wants to fix the bugs and roll out the update, whats wrong in it,
    Don’t you have brains?
    ptcrb removed the certified frimware because of the update was buggy,
    Just let them clear out the problems
    Else if the update has arrived, then I guess you’ll be the first one to complain
    “my ass not opening, my Shit not doing this, I m unable to fu#k”
    Just stay calm.
    If they told update will come it’ll come
    You’re not as unlucky as xperia s owners right…

  • zairolafzal zainal

    Yes there will always be noise if u takes in low light condition. But not that bad dude….

  • Kunorishi

    See properly again…….

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  • raj

    If you were so particular about Software updates, you would have bought a Nexus, not a Samsung Sony LG etc

  • techielover

    they are clearly sending the message priorities are priorities for dem lol

  • techielover

    haha thats why they promised kitkat for sp to keep the customer coming

  • techielover

    xperia M??

  • Shishir Kumar

    You talking like that u r a hybrid product of sony and ericsson not man s has old ass that is why u r getting f**k .

  • raj


  • Wyrmeth

    I dont get the problem with waiting for the updates they need to check for layers of bugs the last thing sony want is to rush through a firmware update like samsung did recently and have to pull the update as it was messing up handsets. There is also nothing spectacular in theses incremental updates getting to get your knickers all twisted over. take it easy the update will come when it comes venting on a fan site isnt going to make it arrive any sooner.

  • ExVowner

    I’ve got bored of wait so I decided to save money to get a newer phone and say good bye to my xperia V

  • Guest

    i couldn’t stop laughing :D

  • techielover

    i admire your optimism :D

  • techielover

    what about sp/t/v any info ddomlord thanks ;)

  • brapi

    this does not fix the touchscreen problem.

  • brapi

    update did not fix the annoying issue

  • panagi?tis

    go lumia! if you want better photo quality even in low light Lumia 920 925 1020 1520 is the phone for is not even close to them right now

  • Kater

    Any news about similar update for Z series?Besides, is there any extra news for those “under investigation” for android 4.4?

  • cloudie

    flashed and tested?

  • ImAnurag

    yes I know mate, I apologies for that :/ I removed it ASAP as I can..

  • Philipp Scheller

    Can I flash it over the c6903 commerial and journalist version?

  • Philipp Scheller

    Can I flash it over the c6903 commerial and journalist version?

  • Leo

    packageinstaller.apk bug remains

  • Dmitry Perets

    Google for “flickering keyboard sony” to find many happy Xperia Tablet Z users who got 4.3 in early December. I am one of them, unfortunately. And on my Xperia V I don’t see any problems with keyboard. And last time I rebooted my phone was about half year ago, when I forgot to charge it. So when you say “random reboots” and “some apps drain battery”, it sounds pretty critical to me. You do realize that you WILL NOT get this “kernel optimization” before the next update which… surprise! … maybe will never come to Xperia V? So… I would really prefer if Sony would optimize and test it BEFORE releasing for 4.3. Mate :)

  • Xperianer

    Omg. What is your problem?
    In all my posts I told I don’t complain about missing 4.3 . I have an unlocked bootloader and don’t care updates.
    I already use kitkat. And also 4.1.2 satisfied me.

    I’m just speaking about my theory of missing update.

    I never told that I want have update immediately. Nexus is overrated. I buy me a phone…. Not an update

  • Jerry Berglund

    YEs that true. But remember. T and V is flagships, and they kinda got forgotten as fast as the Z-line came. And thats honestly just about 2 weeks.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Xperia M is a phone thats completely Sony developed and from 2013. Witch means, it will get a slightly better support than 2012 years line, wich Sony sadly seems to wanna forget, because its still the joint venture of Sony and Ericsson who developed those.

  • Jerry Berglund

    That was the info they came with after a month of waiting man. lol. The first word form Sony was actually ” Now we start to roll out the 4.3 JB update to this phones (Then they counted up all models including T and V) with start middle of December. Wich they did, and of course they started with the phones that never waited for any updates. I dont know why 2012 always have to wait for more than 6 months, when obviously the 2013 premiumphone dont havet to. Remember Xperia V was release onto the market before X-mas 2012. Just 2 months after the first Xperia Z was launched. The Xperia V was all forgotten. It was impossible to buy stuff to it, and no commersial at all. And when JB came what phone got it first. Yes, The XZ and those phone of 2013 that wasnt premium phone even got before Xperia V and T and of course Xperia S. I mean to me, its something wrong with the picture here. When premium-phones like XS, XT and XV is treated like mid-range phones (wich they kinda are these days of course) And sometimes even worse than 2013 midrange and low-range phones.

    For me its extremely annoying to se one update after another for the Z-line and 2013-phones, and nothing for the onces made in 2012. But God I relaly want to z-line just because of this annoying thing. So I will try to do anything to upgrade to a Z-line premium phone. Lol

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  • cack

    First they promised IN december.

  • techielover

    @XperiaBlog:disqus – You are the best and most important follower of sony products what do you think that atleast they shall provides you the eta for the device updates so that you can let users better connect with sony news :)

  • dragosh

    Where the heck is the update? Nothing by PC Companion or SUS in Poland yet. HTC One is getting 4.4.2 and Z1 still hanging for 4.3? Shame on Sony!!! Better bought a 5S than this Z1. My mistake…

  • Mirrorpurple

    they are not OFFICIAL part of Sony so ETAs are can never be confirmed…
    if you cannot wait, there is always lots of OEMs for you to choose

  • Mirrorpurple

    sell your Z1 to me then.

  • dragosh

    Hehehe, I would but Z1 looks better than 5S. ;) Waiting for the update…


    anthony had told me in this link they sony team will release update a little bit more than january… every one understand this company is couldnt stand on they own words…

  • fried_egg

    really need a sound level control for video – the sound is too loud at gigs etc. its as bad as on the x10, and the original S firmware, but they fixed it on the S so it was a shock for it to be back to useless on the Z1

  • techielover

    ik,, lol that was just a wish which not gonna come true :D

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  • king

    What is so important about the 4.4 update? Tell me one feature that would actually change the way you handle your device? Be happy you have an amazing flagship. Xperia UI looks nicer than Sense or TouchUIZ. Camera is great (can be better). Processor has higher benchmark than Note 3 or Nexus 5. It looks beautiful.

    If you haven’t noticed the leaked flagships that are currently going around (including Serius) are matching Z1 in specs.

    So don’t go saying you would have been better off with an Iphone or other phone, because the way sony is it currently is ahead of competion (excluding LG G2 but who buys LG?)

    P.S Sony is also waterproof so go buy your 5S and tell me how good your photos are from the side of the pool I ll be swimming in!

  • brapi

    confirmed and tested by users in xda

  • Philipp Scheller


  • sTEVEN


  • yuskhayru

    Dont cry, it will rollout soon..

  • Lemos

    Will I lose OTA updates if I flash manually with flashtool?

  • siwan


  • francesco

    we are using a old version of 4.3, the version that will be released is newer and bugfixed and bugs where just on the kernel, battery drain is solved with some init.d tweaks.

    if you tried the leaked you saw that there is no flickering in keyboard so again WTF are you talking about?


    You don’t know what you saying.

  • dead_lion

    waiting 4.4 sony.. who care 4.3 anymore? lol oh wait. we will get another 6month~ and 4.3 for sp,t,tx and v still not here… oh wait more then 6month? mean 1year? come on sony where your (make believe) ? please change to (make slow).

    p/s waiting for 4.3 XT user………

  • Mohammed Khired

    is there any thing new about it other than the white balance ?

  • Mohammed Khired

    4.4 will come when they release “sirius” officially

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Hi Guys,

    Please sign my petition if you want a move card to sd card option(obviously developer provided/supported just like on Samsung):

  • Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Please sign my petition if you want a move card to sd card option(obviously developer provided/supported just like on Samsung devices):

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Hi Guys,

    Please sign my petition if you want a move card to sd card option(obviously developer provided/supported just like on Samsung phones):

  • Dmitry Perets

    We are using an old version of 4.3, because Sony released it (for Tablet Z) too early, without enough testing and optimizing. So I don’t want to get the same on my phone. Therefore, I prefer to wait. And it sounds much better for me, rather than crying “c’mon, where is our update, release it quickly!” and then ending up with what I have on Tablet Z.

    What is so unclear about this point? =)

    P.S. If you are using the leaked version already, then I don’t know what are you complaining about at all.

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  • Brad Williams

    I’ve been using 4.3 on my XZ for bit now and find it very stable. I have not got one clue what you’re on about, I don’t have a flickering k’board or a flickering anything else!!

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  • Dmitry Perets

    Flickering keyboard is just an example of what happens when the update is released too early. Today Sony certified another build for 4.3 for Xperia V. What does it mean? It means more fixes. Is it good? Yes. Especially because this will be probably the last sw for Xperia V, so we better have it stable. Without “random reboots” mentioned above please…

  • eomer

    here you can find the pricing for this phone in greece:

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    its already available with sandisk memory zone
    what happens to your petition now?

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  • Abhijeet Gangoli

    It will hit soon. Dont worry. Its already certified

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  • Axil

    why would i fkn update i wont update untill i get kitkat

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Having that feature from Sony itself would be way better!

    And you can’t move apps to your sd card with that without rooting!!!

  • Stephen Mcloughlin

    yes you can, have you tried the app?
    the app can be downloaded to both rooted and unrooted devices, and most of the apps can be transferred to sd card
    such as ssx tricky

  • Alien

    True, the update on my phone came from outer space…

  • Torres

    wp is a flop. Wp killed nokia …

  • Kusanagi

    I’m not sure yet, just upgraded my Z1, but recently, I had a lot of problems with the proximity sensor. This fix seems to correct it.

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  • Mr.Reyes23

    my video mode in camara stop working says that my camera is not avaible and i cant record voice note too…need help with this guys….

  • X-avier

    what about C6906??

  • Divya Bharathi

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