Xperia SP and Xperia TX Android 4.3 “Testing complete, Awaiting rollout” says Vodafone Aus

by XB on 6th February 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia SP, Xperia T

Android-4.3-Jelly-BeanVodafone Australia has updated its software rollout schedule this morning with some good news for Xperia SP and Xperia TX owners. It says that the Android 4.3 firmware update for these phones is now complete and that it is awaiting rollout. This signifies that the last certified firmware is indeed likely to be the final one. Sony says the update should start from “early February”, so we could see it hit any time now.


Via Vodafone Australia .

Thanks Ben and sheikho!

  • sp user

    Hope the update comes today

  • Hossam Essam

    finally ……

  • Rinku Singh

    and for v

    and finally happy sp users

  • lon

    How.about xperia v??

  • techielover


  • Parag D Bhoir

    wohoo… :D

  • i think SP, T, TX & V will get update in the same time, like Z1 & Z Ultra and Z & ZL & ZR earlier

  • AA :P

    phew! I was beginning to lose faith in English language :P
    “early, soon, mid, few” were all under the threat of losing definition!

  • neville chidawanyika

    hahaha sooooo truuuueeeeeee

  • lon

    true :)

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  • Xperia beat Samsung

    I have been waiting for this :) (from philippines)

  • mrhossen

    great news…. just waiting for when update come… :)

  • Jayesh

    Is there any news for Xperia L???
    Its much similar to xperia SP in configuration

  • manoj

    is that only for australia or all over the globe?

  • Not that fast as you think

    Update rollout is on next week, Sony twitted back to some user with this information.

  • xperiaDROID

    Finally! Now, the SP and TX owners can have a break now. Please, no more whining, or else no KitKat for you. :)

  • techielover

    stop giving false news lol

  • xperiaDROID

    Don’t worry, I think the Xperia L, Xperia C, Xperia M, and Xperia E will get 4.3 because Sony is still supporting these phones and the hardware of these phones can support 4.3 and 4.4.

  • Mirrorpurple

    finally those owners can stop whining….

  • xperiaDROID

    Really? Not that fast as you think because you don’t have evidence, please post a screenshot of the tweet you saw, so we can believe you. :)

  • mahm?t

    sony fake.believe

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  • Xperia user

    I’m curious why Sony didn’t just release the update and fix it later through update just like the Z series…

  • sony
  • Eduardo Otero

    This update was surely unsatble and your Xperia could brick. I’m quite sure you’ll be very upset about it

  • Patrol619

    Only vor Vodafone Australia. We don’t know whether it passed tests in other carriers.

  • Eduardo Otero

    That was for Vodafone Australia but you should know that unlocked Xperias get updates before so it’ll be the same for all over the golbe

  • FoXGhOsT3

    thats truth

  • iKushtyy

    SP users gonna be real disappointed when they see the update makes almost no difference.. The moaning and whining will continue..

  • Matush

    They are delaying update because of ending tech support for xperia T. They won’t give us KitKat, I’m pretty sure about that.

  • Andhy Christian

    waiting come to indonesia

  • belit

    and this time, it is ‘any time NOW’!

    this is why i hate learning engrish…

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  • TiTu

    A re but when is the update gonna come…. Today tomorrow when?????waiting for It eagerly

  • nickyvengeance

    There’s going to be a performance enhancement of some sort. The last firmware update SP users got came with bugs, sound issues and WiFi stability was always an issue. This update won’t be the same for every phone.

  • iKushtyy

    It’s still a stop gap.. If the SP gets 4.4, that’s where the difference will be.. But 4.2.2 to 4.3 isn’t that big a deal on any phone, Sony or otherwise.. Oh and BTW, the issues Sony said would be fixed on Z1 4.3 update, well, they weren’t, really, so I would expect the same with the SP..

  • ????? ????????

    The difference is in the Sony apps.

  • Darwin Paul Tüazon

    It’s 4.1.2 and not 4.2.2 and 4.1 to 4.3 is a big jump

  • mahdi

    i doubt it guys ! do not be moran ! sony is a not a good promise holder !

  • iKushtyy

    Ah, OK.. Fair enough, yes that’s a fair jump..

    EDIT: Ah yes, I can see the picture at the top of the article on my computer.. I couldn’t see it on my phone :/ .. Assumptions being the mother of all f**k-ups and all that :P ..

  • Good news

  • Xperia user

    yeah….but they should just release it at least for sp,since the phone also released around same time as xperia Z…

  • hellomisswhiny

    You mean the weirdo head-up-their-own-asshole whiners who whine about whining just because they were lucky enough to already receive the update for their phone can stop *their * whining. (and they’ll be the ones whining next year when they don’t get a timely Android 5.x update LOL!)

  • Mirrorpurple

    Seems legit LOL

  • Sabin Jamal

    Good :)

  • fagdroidiswhiny

    So you’re the bandit at Sony who’s in charge of updates… You’re too busy sticking kitkat’s up your bumhole to give Xperia owners their updates as promised on your website, huh?

  • nvier

    “omggggg where’s 4.4 for SP,T,V?!?! omg screw you sonyy!!!”
    Oh wait, too early?

  • Panji Aditya

    me too!

  • kero

    You are funy :D

  • not that fast as you think

    u want screenshot? there you go.
    u mad? dont believe?

  • Micro

    Hope they make 4.4 for Z series first

  • Cory Chasez

    Still No Update for Xperia C…screw you Sony!!!!

  • NeverAgainSony


    It’s very possible :)


    I told that in first week of January, when there still wasnt update for T/TX,V,SP.
    After release 4.3 they can immidiatelly after type “Final&latest version”

  • techielover

    z series got the buggy update is it true??

  • techielover

    which phone you got?

  • techielover

    haha xperia blog has no direct connection with sony directly but i have so much respect for @xperiablog because they provide the genuine and the most trust able content to the users kudos xperiablog

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  • the sad user

    shame on sony i waited about two month for this update for xperia sp but…where the hell is the update?

  • nvier

    XperiaBlog are not SONY and are NOT OFFICIAL Sony employees. They’re just people who bring the latest and most trustable news for the Xperia line. Jeez… how can you think they’re Sony…

  • Micro

    Hi troll, nice to see you :)
    Unfortunately for you, it’s not true :)

  • Mirrorpurple

    Xperia Z1

  • francesco

    holy shit there are people like me waiting update from one year with Xperia V and you are ranting for 4.4… hahaha

  • Micro

    sure, if people like you can whine about SP/T/V under every single Z series post, why can’t we under yours? ;D

  • francesco

    because you can’t rant bro, you got 4.3 and you will got 4.4 soon, so just stay chill, for T,V,SP is different they are on delay from 2 months and they will not develope the 4.4 so it will be nice if we can get working drivers for new customs roms…

    The situation on Z series is totally different… ;)

  • Micro

    I totally agree with you, but that’s not the point mate ;)
    The point is: SP/V/T updates are not related to Z series, and Z updates are not related to the SP/V/T. You guys had no problem with constantly spamming our posts, no matter how nice (or not nice) we begged you, so we shall not have any mercy here ;P

    Come on Sony, what’s wrong with you? I want Kit-Kat on my Z1 before any SP 4.3 will even see the light! ;P

  • Diolo

    The sp will receive 4.4, read sony’s official blog

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  • techielover

    oh great lucky people for at least another 6-7 months lol

  • techielover

    lol hope you will get the best update in the world kudos to you :D

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  • Mohammed Khired

    well it’s true for xperia z1…

    the second update for 4.3 didn’t fix the bug that supposed to be fixed allready

  • Lukas

    Well one month ago there was a leak of New ROM for XT which is already used as base for some C-ROMS on XDA so that update was halted because of some other reasons… Most likely they want to make sure the 18 months are over for XT and at least what I believe

  • hungyonhg

    Oh wait 6-7 months is for XZ users Dec 2012-jul 2014
    XZ1 will be at least 10 more months
    And then you are with us first the feeling that my phone is like new and totally capable of handling this update and still nowhere mentioned… ?_?…
    They’re not leaving us out are they the phone only had two updates ?_?
    … (*???)?
    Sony (*???)v
    F$$$ it I’ll buy a Samsung flagship at least supported for like three years with updates ???????

  • RHBH

    I think every Xperia with the letter “S” is cursed to wait… and wait…. and wait… and wait… for updates… It happened with Xperia S… now with Xperia SP… hahahah!

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  • Minmr

    I would have liked to see you ‘Z series users’ if SP,T & V got 4.4 first. It wouldn’t be fair right? And how sony treated us is not fair at all. I personally did not spam your posts but I did feel the frustration of the ones who did.

  • Micro

    Funny enough, but not gonna happen ;D and even if it would happen, I wouldn’t care.. I own the XS, nobody need to tell me how frustrating is the waiting for the update. I was in “your” position and I was never whining under posts not related to my phone.
    You may call this my little revenge ;)

  • sfordesign

    when will you sony fanboy idiots have a bit more IQ? Do you guys really think sony is delaying the update because they are busy fixing bugs for a almost bug free release? Get a damn brain, idiots! just think about how long it took for sony to release xperia s/p/ion’s 4.1 updates, and how laggy and buggy those devices are when running the new update. then, sony left them behind with no updates for months and then end their supports while they are in fact only supported for 12 months. it won’t be much difference for t/v/sp users, so good luck.

  • dead_lion

    u belive on them? hahaha.. remember Xperia Play, they said ICS will come.. but suddenly they cancel.. sony always.lie

  • Notafan

    So true. Apparently Sony attracts customers with low intelligence for some reason…

  • SPartacus

    Hey troll nice to see you. Don’t worry, you’ll get your 4.4 update by this fall if you’re lucky enough ;)

  • Micro

    strange… I have one, I didn’t notice any new bugs o_O
    BT sucks on all 4.3 androids so.. I wait for the 4.4..

    All fixed? Nope. But buggy update? Not true.

  • Micro

    oh well, winter is coming.. :D
    we shall see if this or another fall ;] but.. if this gonna take so long, then I would have plenty of time to whine under soooo many SP/V/T posts xD

  • nickyvengeance

    Oh, I should have mentioned it’s still on 4.1 oops

  • Erdélyi Gábor


  • ererere

    Sony promised 4.3 for our device to be released in December too, you’d be mad if the Z got delayed to mid February too

  • odsod

    The SP is getting 4.4

  • Samuel

    The R800 had no “S” on its name, remember that phone and what happened to it? At last moment they decided it should stay on 2.3

  • It looks like 4.3 update for SP,T,TX &V will never roll out :))

  • Micro

    sure I’d be mad, I was too when XS had this .211 shit rom, but I wouldn’t whine under xperia Z posts about my poor S not getting the update long enough too

  • Micro

    what about Xperia S, it was a flagship too several years ago!!! WTF Sony!! [whine, whine]

  • aloa

    Yeah but the SP is set in stone to get 4.4 why delay that update too?
    There are many questions sorounding that 4.3 update and Sony lives up to its slogan make.believe

    In my opinion it is because of the 18 months update service for the XT which runs out feb-march

    But again why delay roll out of 4.3 for SP too

  • Micro

    dude… do you believe in miracles? I wouldn’t count on that.. they will whine about 4.4 the very same day they get their 4.3, you will see haha ;)

  • hfhfghfg

    nice to see you on a sony blog :P

  • Micro

    you mean sammy S3 mini users? no… ;D

  • Micro

    to show whiners that the whole world doesn’t revolve around SP owners and the whole company and its slogan is not about just one freaking phone and its single update it should never get in the first place

  • irony….

  • aloa

    Is your username referring to your micropenis or your tiny brain?

  • Jerry Berglund

    no update this week either. :-(

  • Micro

    to small tolerance for whiners, about my penis.. I think it would be best to ask your mom, she enjoys it everytime you are at school ;]

  • damnit

    Haha what did your mom do when you skipped classes micro? Getting suicidal?

    It is how it is this firm has weak after sale service and we are not whining we are showing our frustration as we are not heard, I mean I thought Sony learnt from the XS disaster they didn’t and that is something we are angry and not very tolerant about

  • Timbo1

    Well obviously it delayed for a reason, bugs anyone? Would you rather get an update that was buggy and had to wait for another update or get a near perfect update (since nothing is perfect)? Just saying.

  • techielover

    winter is coming and the night is full of dark and terrors (for users except sp/t/v :D ) whiner will rule rest will just see them happy with updates lol :D

  • Surprise :)

  • Karel Komjathy

    Certification missed…hmmm…

  • Rokku Boboy

    The dream come true..:)))

  • hm, u’re right, it was deleted already, wtf?

  • Karel Komjathy

    I dont know… :(

  • sony$$

    Sony is just kidding and effing us off like always…
    I really have no other way than laugh about this and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever buy a Sony smartphone no matter how nice they may look
    Problem is I can’t stop looking on the internet every day to see if 4.3 arrived

    Though if you look closely you see that it have always been about 4-5 certifications before it got released otherwise this now is the second case they took a certification down…

    They are so “open” about updates but still it’s more confusing than ever

  • sony

    Where is update?

  • Ankit Bagadia

    Simply checking the backlink it says testing completed awaiting rollout.. The next status update for other phones is Rolling out which is not yet updated there meaning rollout not started and so no need to refresh the update software button.

  • XperiaT

    Hurry up Sony!!! We are approaching “mid” February ;-)

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  • andros

    that’s funny

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  • anonymous

    How about for xperia v? They told us early feb. But its almost mid feb already. How come sony. Is this early feb feb. 2015?

  • Mohammed Khired

    sound effects >> sound enhancements >> settings

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  • Micro

    what about it? everything there works great

  • Mohammed Khired

    what is your module number exactly ?

  • Micro

    which one? BTW, if you mentioned the “app stopped” error when entering sound enhancement settings, it’s not really a bug, it happens after update to 4.3, you reset the customizations and everything is fine again, no need for flashing/repairing.
    EDIT: I have 14.2.A.1.136, C6903 LTE if it matters

  • Poop

    It is not at all mid feb

  • t Willingham

    What does it mean for Experia sp users who are using att and they don’t carry the phone

  • brad

    just expect the update to be released early ‘this year’ so you wouldn’t end up getting disappointed … get used to it. after all, we’re using a sony.

  • EXapplefans

    FUCK YOU iOS7, FUCK YOU SGX 543MP3 !!!

  • ngentotsamapembokat

    i dont receive any firmware upgrades in my w350 :(


    today i talked with sony..they told the update isnt ready and vodafone is not right…they told android 4.3 cant compatible with SP,T,TX and V

  • thew01

    Nahahaha, those guys just trolled by sony, i’m now not cares about when my phone get an update from sony, since SONY make some big bullshit for Xperia Play, now if there any update software, i’ll update, and if not any, i’ll looks some custom rom, just simple…

  • the01

    Nahahaha, those guys just trolled by sony, i’m now not cares about when my phone get an update from sony, since SONY make some big bullshit for Xperia Play, now if there any update software, i’ll update, and if not any, i’ll looks some custom rom, just simple..

  • Sabin Jamal

    Wat the fuck ?

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  • francesco

    and if in development there are bugs who’s guilty? SONY, sony develop, so sony is responsible of delay and bugs.

    So mate if something went delayed for bugs it’s not a valid reason…

  • Timbo1

    That makes no sense whatsoever! Kill the bugs while in development that’s the proper way to do it! You don’t put out shitty software!! You guys just want something to bitch about!!

  • francesco

    if you fail in doing something for example programming like a “noob” and that cause a delay in all works of the world it’s your fail, is unjustifiable, so i think you are doing bitches justifying sony…

    i don’t give a fuck about 4.3 or new things in sony launcher, i want a working phone, with a smooth keyboard and a working lockscreen.
    I paid for that and i pretend that and i’m in this situation from 1 year!!!


  • Timbo1

    Gotta love the ignorant trolls like you guys!

  • francesco

    thanks mate, that’s made my day and Postal Police day… ;)

  • Timbo1

    C6902 and no problems with the sound enhancements app either.

  • sp

    y there is still delay for the update 4.3 for sp?

  • tanz

    atleast give us the update today itself for xperia sp waiting from 2 months for the update or give us directly 4.4.2 kitkat

  • tanz

    if there are bug also no problem but give us the update later ull can fix n launch the new firmware updates

  • Sabin Jamal

    R.I.P English !!!!


    whats the problem?

  • Kline


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  • Sanjay

    When it is going to roll out 4.3 for. Sp 1 week has passed after testing successful…. Now it turns to mid February…. From early February.

  • Sanjay

    R u making fun of sp user’s…

  • tanz

    y their is a delay to roll out till now? for z series at the end of the month getting 4.4.2 y for sp users getting delayed for update. this is the 3rd time sony people are breaking their promises… very bad

  • sony :|

    :| how can sony do that?
    why sony? why?!!!!!!
    why do u realise lots of phone without supporting :| !!!!!!
    u can realise just two phone every year and support them like other companies.
    just i hate ur way.

  • zeb

    what the hell where is the update for sp? how many months it will take to roll out? n for 4.4.2 update how many years it take ?

  • Vishal Soni


  • Divya Bharathi

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