Sony SmartEyeglass prototype demoed at MWC 2014

by XB on 24th February 2014

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Sony SmartglassSony is showing off the SmartEyeglass prototype at Mobile World Congress 2014. As you can probably guess, this is Sony’s answer to Google Glass, but at the moment it is purely at a concept stage. Potential examples for us include displaying directions as you walk into an airport or showing the names of players whilst watching a live football game. You will also be able to use it to read text messages, be notified of any incoming or missed calls or use it to snap a picture.

However, it doesn’t seem as slick as Google Glass. You need to use a wired controller to navigate the UI and control the embedded camera on SmartEyeglass. Sony is currently working on a SDK for SmartEyeglass, which is built using a similar framework to the Sony SmartWatch 2. However, Sony has no timeline on when this SDK will be released. Can you see yourself using the Sony SmartEyeglass? Let us know your thoughts below.

Sony Smartglass_2

Via Sony Developer World.

  • Tech Gospel

    Not with the wire. I’m already tired of the wire between the earbuds, what more a wire to a controller. Sorry, unless it’s wired to an exoskeleton that can fly… no.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    It’s just a prototype. Besides, I can’t still see the fact of wearing smartwatch, and here comes the smart glasses.

  • David Lettinga

    Just a prototype relax

  • jonyah

    these have a long way to go, but it’s nice to see other companies working on this tech too.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah sony, keep doing foward. the world needs the cool innovation like this!

  • ycleft xperia

    I ain’t buying it unless they make the design match with that of z series. Google glass is better looking in my opinion. don’t get me wrong.

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  • HardyHarHar

    Morgan Freeman just outdated smart glasses today with google eyelids beta 3:) Or if glasses is the real deal today then I want one like from the robocop movie.

  • Jumbo

    The dude looks like a pervert… I hope this gives you the chance to see ‘through’ girls ;)

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  • josesl16

    Pretty awesome, but binocular see-through? Is that the glasses’ lens? and monochrome green doesn’t sound very attractive yet…

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  • Divya Bharathi

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