New Android 4.3 firmware certified for Xperia M (15.4.A.0.23) and Xperia M dual (15.5.A.0.18)

by XB on 24th March 2014

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Xperia M_15.4.A.0.23New firmware builds have been certified for the Sony Xperia M (C1904, C1905) and Xperia M dual (C2004, C2005). These new firmware versions are likely to be Android 4.3 builds and are incremental revisions over the previously certified versions. The Xperia M has moved from build number 15.4.A.0.21 to 15.4.A.0.23, whilst the Xperia M dual has moved from build number 15.5.A.0.16 to 15.5.A.0.18. We will keep you posted if and when these firmware builds go live.

Xperia M_15.4.A.0.23

Xperia M dual_15.5.A.0.18

Thanks ?@KaneshiroAngga!

  • Adrian969

    Where is 4.4.2 for Z?

  • Michi Fus

    But if these certified versions are like in xperia SP, it will be out in months…

  • Yali AA

    learn to read articles…
    The company also confirmed that KitKat will hit the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z and Xperia ZR from the middle of Q2 2014 i.e. look for it in May.

  • hyper0926

    Should have bought this instead of L. Goodbye sony

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  • Cristiano de Oliveira

    I hope that xperia L receive 4.4 :)

  • Joh Kevin Manabat

    Let’s see at the timeline of updates:
    June 2013: 15.0.A.1.36
    August 2013: 15.0.A.2.17 (Small apps, performance enhancements and bug fixes)
    (Late) October 2013: 15.3.A.0.26 (4.2.2)
    (Late) December 2013: 15.3.A.1.12 (Performance enhancements)
    January 2014: 15.3.A.1.14 (still 4.2.2, performance tweaks, camera improvements, homescreen UI refresh)

    You can see updates come with 2 months gap, 1 month the least. It’s nearly the end of March and the only hint for a new update is the open source archive for .12, .14 and a .16 firmware for XL. No PTCRB certification for .16, yet.

    Now, the latest update is plagued with bugs, just reading posts at and over at XDA. So, most likely the .16 update is a bug fixing update. Say Sony does support the XL for 18 months after release, no more, no less. It was released in May, so 8 months more. Sony has released a new bunch of phones, which makes the XL less of a priority. Say two months after April, a new update will come. That makes only 5 months left, most likely bug fixing updates after a version jump. 4.3 has been released for Xperia M. Xperia M has almost the same specs as XL. So, it may need just a few tweaks to bring it to XL. But why have they released it first on XM? Also, 4.4 AOSP has been out for the XL. And you would wonder why they haven’t released a 4.3 update for XL? Maybe, 4.4 is now being tested for XL.

    Right now, we can only speculate. Ranting won’t do anything. And if they kill support for XL, we have the custom ROMs. :)

  • Abhijit Biswas

    M and M dual deserve 4.4 atleast yaar!

  • Moehamad Pay

    I am very proud, and I was deeply moved by this news, because it is so fast it created a 4.3 firmware update for xperia M, I think this is the rapid progress for SONY, but what will happen to my Xperia L?? whether to continue to use firmware 4.2.2 or 1.5 firmware back to the cupcake??

  • Akash249

    What about L, Sony? :'( . . .

    Hope Sony updates L directly to 4.4 kitkat

  • hyper0926

    Most of the issues are creates by Sony in new firmwares and fix it again by creating another firmware. So Sony trying to say it updates frequently?

  • Ana Heluši?


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  • Ricky

    I have installed Android 4.4.2 Unofficial CM 11 on my xperia M. It is working awesome

  • Guest

    its a goodbye to sony not to you :P

  • Ana Heluši?

    hehe bye

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  • Kausik

    Please help me. My model no C1904. Some day before I get notification for update of 4.3. But next day the notification gone whereas I didn’t update my phone till den. And now it showing I have the latest version softwar. But I am still stuck in 4.1.

  • Mudit

    After this update the mobile seems to be have slowed down. The response time has increased for most of the apps. Even when I open a message (SMS) it takes a while to open it up!

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  • Divya Bharathi

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