Sony to release new KitKat firmware next week to fix sound bug for Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Compact users

by XB on 3rd April 2014

in Firmware, Problems, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

z1-android-kitkatSony’s recent Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware update for the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z1 Compact and Xperia Z Ultra was largely well received. However, one critical bug that appeared for some users (including us, which we covered in our firmware review), was a sound bug where audio would sometimes be directed to the internal rather than external speaker.

This would mean that you would not be able to hear notifications, alarms, videos and calls. Well given that call functionality is a critical part of any phone, users have been asking Sony when it will be fixed. Sony has released a statement to its customers saying that a firmware upgrade to fix this problem will roll next week i.e. week commencing 7 April 2014. We’ll bring you more news when it is released.

Sony Mobile statement on Android 4.4 KitKat sound bug

Sony Mobile Communications would like to provide an update in response to reports around abnormal audio functionality and quality; that some users may be experiencing on their Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 Compact devices after upgrading to Android 4.4 KitKat. We have identified this issue on some units of these models, and measures have been taken to swiftly deliver a solution for our users. A fix for the issues will be included in a new software release that will start rolling out from next week (w/c 7/04), with exact availability and timing varying by operator and market.”

Via Quelli Che Telefonano.

  • hansip

    Can’t wait :) Hopefully additional fix can be included, like Messaging occasionally crashed when opened. Chrome too..

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  • finally

  • Denislav Popov

    This is the moment to ask you guys, any of you having camera focus bug? Whenever i try to take a picture my phone freezes, the same happens when try to record a video.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I haven’t had any problems with sound because I still haven’t received the update to KitKat. Ughhhhhhhhh

  • Deki

    Great! That would be awesome! The phone is also getting too warm and the camera is crashing all the time. If they fix this, that would be awesome!

    Nice news that made my day! :-)

  • Adrian969

    And the 4.4-update for Xperia Z rolls out right after this??

  • Thank you Xperia blog for the quote :) can’t wait for this fix!

  • esniper

    grEAt news parekoh!
    i cant wait for this update…

  • xperia user

    Thank you for this, Sony. I was losing my patience since I upgraded my Z1 to 4.4.

    Please also include in this update the fix for other bugs that came in with KitKat like the camera overheating, Gracenote error in Movies app, Messaging notification error, and other bugs being reported.

    Please please please.

  • zaimi

    So sad gonna sold my z1 to have upcoming z2

  • Rui Filipe Bacelar de Oliveira

    Thanks Sony, also had this bug ;)

    btw…why not KK for SP??

  • 3rdflyleaf

    For those asking Camera bug, It’s Google’s fault. Nexus with 4.4 Users are also experiencing it So you have to wait for Google to release the fixed version.

  • Idderes Mh

    My Z1 problem after upgrade KitKat:-
    1. No call history are listed
    2. Battery drains so fast if using mobile data compare 4.3 Jelly Beans
    3. Z1 getting too warm
    4. To slow to fulfill my battery when charger using Sony charger.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Hope for camera-fixes

  • Pavan

    I’m not able to change the lock screen wallpaper after the update…. And also settings icon keeps flickering on left corner of the status bar.

  • Amin

    I want “Tap To Wake” as soon as possible


  • Ashish

    Open dialer and tap option and see if there is option to show call log , if yes tap that. No issue except some lags here and there. And battery issue, camera lags unlocking also lags.

  • ashish

    Yes if you swype notification down and you get notification at that time. Notification bar just stops in the middle. I hope this should have been fixed.

  • ash

    Yes that’s google’s bug but since they release the source code sony can fix that in no time. What their software engineer would do can be done by sony engineer also. Also sony uses their own camera app.

  • Timbo1

    I had this bug on 4.3 but have not noticed it on the Kit Kat update yet…

  • Timbo1

    Did Google actually release the update/source code yet? I run a custom ROM on my Nexus so I have no idea..

  • Amin

    And “Stability & performance”

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  • Mirrorpurple


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  • ABBolle

    I hope they update the touchscreen-firmware too. My touchscreen looses my finger randomly… :/

  • marwan balu

    The same thing happen to me in 4.3 was more faster and not lag

  • Erik Engelsen

    finally , i was wonder when they would say something about this, can’t wait to to fix the sound issue with my z1 ,

  • noshow

    already, took such a long time for this update, and still, bugs. so much for confidence in slow updates being more bug-free. its the same buggy update that HTC’s and Samsung devices get 3-4 months earlier than Sony’s, though not as deadly, but still….

  • Sam Albalushi

    What about xperia zr

  • RealityCheck2013

    Still waiting for the KK update to come to my Z1(in the UK) :(

  • hyper0926

    Same problem is there in Xperia L for months and Sony isnt looking at it. So pathetic behavior towards your midranges sony

  • Nidou

    let’s Sony skip 4.4.2 for Xperia Z/ZL/ZR and go straight to 4.4.3 or 5.0 :D

  • Idderes Mh

    TQ so much. I get my call history. Wow…

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  • ProWeirdo

    Yeah for some reason sometimes my alarm is played too quietly and laggs at the beggining…

  • NG

    me 2(Portugal)

  • hekermeker

    France, Z1 compact, new firmware already. Received thru Sony companion today. Strangely same build number but the download was 1 gig.

  • SonyPony

    Ya I am too facing it on 4.4.2 C902 … !

  • xperiaz6603swe

    give us 4.4.2 kitkat to us z owners first would be nice ¨thanx sony for “NOTHING”

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  • Sherkhan

    Still haven’t recieved 4.4.2 for Z ultra C6802 in India

  • grav1ty

    Hope so, but i don’t think so, because it wouldn’t be “sony-like” if they release it earlier than they promised. Sony-like means, give a release date und let the rollout begin at least 1 month after.

  • Diego

    Hi, me too in Italy ;-((((

  • erter

    Because they have their priorities and they don’t have a FIFO-policy like a fast-food company. You’re just ignorant jealous person. If you want every update on every device fix on time, then stop trolling us. Go buy yourself an iPhone or a HTC flagship. Quantity over quality. That to be said, this may be the last or the big update before the last version that’s coming to the Xperia Z as the period of 18 months on the market will be reached. Android 4.5 will come around summer and that may be the last official big update we will ever see on a this beast of a phone.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Its has arrived almost 2 weeks back. Try checking on SUS if it doesnt show on PC companion

  • Aakash Singh

    Plz fix slow charging and battery drain and overheating issue.
    Plz Sony fix this issue.

  • Somebody

    I found this bug on my XSP :( What should I do?

  • Mohammed Khired

    yup , sometimes camera app crashes or just black screen

  • najiy91

    before,2 weeks after rollout.

  • najiy91

    totally agree.

  • najiy91

    stability and more battery saving.performance no need.

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  • Gaz Almonte

    i hope sony releases the features found on the Z2 (at least those that are not hardware limited) to the Z1. I understand they wanted the xperia Z2 to unveil these features, however now that the dust hast settled, they must implement things such as (tap to wake, smart calling) to our 6 month old hardware. Those who don’t yet have a z1 or z2 will probably go for the z2 anyways, and those of us who have the z1 will probably take a hard look at the z2. I will buy the Z2 as soon as it becomes available here in the US of A. Not through a carrier, but at the sony store, unlocked. What i fear is that this will become a habit (a la Apple) where phones which are capable of doing the newer things are left out simply to force consumers to upgrade. I know my Z1 isn’t capable of 4k, or whatever, but lets be real. Some of these nifty features should be given to us.

  • marwan balu

    I have the same problem on my xsp too

  • Somebody

    Has it fixed?

  • nickb91

    sound is one of the problem but what about other bugs big and smalls i.e. bettery draining quicker then 4.3, camera apps, mobile data.and were expecting more features from z1 which are missing be honest there is nothing new exciting in 4.4.2 as of now..

  • ash

    If you are using custom build that means they were made out of google source code. If you have source code and you know the bug you can fix it right? Considering sony developers and custom build developers. Why we are waiting for google to do everything if we have source code?

  • David Matthews

    Me too in the UK

  • Sunil

    i can’t find my Sony DLNA devices, which it was connected to my phone such as a My Sony smart TV and Bluray

  • Timbo1

    MIUI is ages behind that’s why.

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  • wen

    can they do it with a software update or is it something that has to do with hardware?
    I would like it though :)

  • boban

    Mine too….

  • marwan balu

    No still the same problem

  • Dion

    Still waiting for Xperia Z………………………………………………………………

  • Sherkhan

    tried it just now ..still showing i have the latest firmware for Z ultra on SUS and pc Companion

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is this camera bug? I have a z1 on KK and everything looks perfectly ok for me :o

  • tsh

    The KitKat update have many bugs. It lags a lot in general.

  • Jeff Martinez

    I’m still waiting for 4.4.2. Is that update on hold now because of this bug?

  • Jon Zliver

    And the other bugs will be repaired with this update?

    especially the delay of the camera and a small spot that appeared in the photos from Xperia Z1 with the arrival of android 4.4.2

    (My lens is perfectly clean and there is nothing visible to the naked eye either inside or outside the camera)

    leave here with sample photos of what I mean and I reiterate that this started to appear with the upgrade kitkat

  • Mac

    Z1 compact issues I have met with 4.4.2:
    Apt X playback not functioning properly, Throw is very bad and overall bluetooth connection as well.
    Also this sound bug, and sometimes it sounds like the speaker is broken when receiving calls or notifications. And during calls it sounds like the other end is speaking from inside a box behind the phone.

  • Jon Zliver

    Sony could even implement the features of Z2 camera especially

    because they share the same hardware for purposes of merchandise preferred to degrade the good performance that had the Z1 with Jelly Bean

  • liampaulmassey

    your right there, and did you also know that even though the Z2 screen is 5.2 inches it still has the same amount of pixels which meens the Z1 is slightly better graffics cos its 441 pixels per inch but on the Z2 its about 426 pixels per inch

  • MastaMold

    Anybody know when kitkat update will be available for Xperia Z1S?

  • TheFamilyMan

    Are they rescinding Google’s asshole time regarding OUR SD Cards, you know, the ones WE purchased that Google is practicing crApple’s Nazism by TELLING US WHAT WE COULD DO WITH OUR PERSONAL PROPERTY!

  • Abdul Ghani

    u know xperia blog isint official to sony so complaining here is kinda waste if u like to complain do it here

  • Abdul Ghani

    xperia blog isint official to sony so complaining here is kinda waste if u like to complain do it here

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  • HardyHarHar

    Only software update. The hardware already has this implemented.

  • mukul verma

    then download firmware from XDA site. google it..

  • kevin

    One bug that I’ve seen is when my phone is in stand by I press camera button and doesn’t open camera it just stay shut down

  • Suvadip Chakrabarti

    Yes the sound bug is definitely irritating and causing a lot of inconvenience

  • John

    Anybody else here who is experiencing a Z1 4.4 bug on their Movies app? I download information for my movie files via the integrated Gracenote but ever since I updated to 4.4, the movie information I downloaded occasionally gets wiped out. The thumbnails which used to show the movie posters are replaced with grey thumbnails. I have to download them all again!

    Also I cannot seem to download specific movie information. It tells me “No network available, etc” even though I am connected to the Internet. This used to work before, but now it’s just annoying!

  • Thien Gbp

    Fucking Update, Sony!
    I think you should be change your Company name to Sorry Company

  • sxz1

    Regarding to ur opinion i think it just the same.. Z1 using tft screen.. Z2 using lcd screen.. How about u compare to HD amoled.. Same inch with just 300++ ppi..

  • tiago

    me too (Brasil)

  • Humberto

    How this fix is going to affect on those smartphones.. if that problem is an internal issue? lol

    I have a xperia z ultra and sometimes when i listen to a youtube vid, starts with the volumen too low.. but when i touch the screen, the sound goes loud.. why? is this problem?

  • suit up !

    Xperia Z Ultra C6802 in India

    Have not received the KitKat update yet

  • ahmedawesome115

    About th walscreen thing you probably hava had a live sirius wallpaper before.
    Fix 1 go to apps in settings and uninstall xperia app ( with sirius like wallpaper icon). However you lose the sparkle effect and the lock screen becomes identical to the home screen wallpaper
    Fix 2 unisrall the xperia app then reinstall the firmware by either factory reset (backup your data first) or through pc companion

  • Amit

    Exactly!… Even I’m checking everyday for update through pc companion… But it always display “your phone upto date “…..XPERIA BLOG please reply!

  • ..:: m a n i ::..

    They better seed fixed KK update now for C6802 in India. We should be the first to receive this update!!

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Why should India get the update first……..tut tut

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  • Zhyriel ZA

    same goes with me…i’m holding for updating it to 4.4.2 until all bugs fixed!

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  • pixlas

    I think this will be fixed

  • ..:: m a n i ::..

    Because we are waiting for KK on our C6802 while the whole world has it.

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  • me

    I don`t have 4.4 on my Z1 :|

  • Amit

    I think we will get the final update with all bugs fixed up!

  • I have an unbranded Xperia Z1, model C6903, and I haven’t received the update yet. I was kind of upset, but if the update has bugs, I guess I am better off without it. Although I still think it’s unfair, I bought the unbranded phone the moment it was available, and looks like I will be amongst the last users to get an update. It’s kinda unfair….

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  • Nikhil


    Sound bug is not only the problem.
    Battery drains fast in 4.4.2 as compared with Jelly bean.
    Camera apps has been improved in Kitkat but the performance is not bearable.
    Phone heats up even while playing some low graphics games and accessing apps.

    We all hope this new firmware update would help in eliminating the bugs and error faced by Sony users.

  • Frustrated Xperia User

    Hello guys,

    Does anyone know if this update will fix the flickering screen on the Z1 Compact?


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  • Nikhil


    Sound bug is not only the problem.
    Battery drains fast in 4.4.2 as compared with Jelly bean.
    Camera apps has been improved in Kitkat but the performance is not bearable.
    Phone heats up even while playing some low graphics games and accessing apps.

    We all hope this new firmware update would help in eliminating the bugs and error faced by Sony users.

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  • xperiaz6603swe

    Ok what ever u are a very rude and stupid person :-D

  • Rodel Magana Jr

    luckily my Z1 have no problem after updating to kitkat…

  • djno

    i prefer es explorer than file commander. hope they give an option to choose the explorer apps in the next update

  • Farai Chiwandire

    I want the original 4.4 KitKat full screen album artwork on the lockscreen. Why Sony felt the need to change this is really puzzling to me as I like that look instead of Sony’s really annoyingly crap implementation.

  • Mohamed Mostafa Ali

    I have Xperia z ultra and I’m facing this problem since I update it to kitkate. Today I received this tiny update 0.7 Mb but unfortunately I have the same sound problem even after updating it.

  • Pavan

    Ya what you said is right. But will the repair option work???

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  • ahmedawesome115

    try fix 1 first if you lose the sparkle effect and lockscreen becomes identical to the homescreen let me know

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  • Léo

    cara o upgrade pro Brasil ja rolou faz tempo….

  • tiagozorak

    Não apareceu pra mim ainda. C6903

  • xperiaz6603swe

    Ok I’m not jealous all I want is 4.4.2 what ever u are a very rude and stupid person can’t u say anything nice shut up ffs thanx :-D

  • Nikhil


    Sound bug is not only the problem.

    Battery drains fast in 4.4 version as compared to Jelly Bean.
    Camera apps has been improved but the performance is not stable.

    Hope This new Firmware update will eliminate the sound bug and will give relief to the SONY Xperia Z1 user.

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  • Jeff Martinez

    I think its best for us to stay clear once this last update hits the XDA forums we can probably install it. But we might need to already be on 4.4.2

  • Abdul Ghani
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  • Zhyriel ZA

    Whoever update the bugs fixed firmware next week, please share us some info whether it is ok or not……thanks

  • Pavan

    Ya that’s what happened.

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  • Arun Prakash R

    Sony please let us know whether the camera lag issue is also fixed or not

  • sonyxperia

    One fxxxxking annoying bug…. There are others like Lag when you end a call… Or… You disable wifi and mobile data but the phone its still able to read emails….

  • Andy_c

    It’s not just the audio which is screwed up, my camera is totally knackered because of the update as well. It freezes everyone you take a picture or video. Apps that use the camera suffer the same fate. Not impressed at all. Once an.update is released to fix, I’ll probably ignore all updates after that

  • Daiquiri

    Yep. Same here. Did you found a fix?

  • Asyraf Abdul Malik

    After i update my sony xperia z ultra to 4.4.2, my small apps browser suddenly gone?? Does anybody have the same problem?? Plz help… I’ m Really stressed right now…:'(

  • Jim

    yeah, this one happens all the time. maybe because stupid Google wants us to use their Hangouts integration

  • Jim

    did you pull up the additional apps? bring up the small apps window and on the left there is an arrow, all of the small apps that you don’t put in the quick bar is there

  • Asyraf Abdul Malik

    I already pull up the left arrow, still not there… All the small apps is there but not the browser..

  • Asyraf Abdul Malik

    I already pull up the left arrow but still not there.. But the other small apps still have.. Only the small app browser.

  • lonertine

    No message notification in status bar, no sound in incoming messages. .o well, please fix it as soon as possible :(

  • mayank singh

    Me too in India. :(

  • walter

    Im using z ultra.. After I update to 4.4.2 kit kat.. My z ultra rear camera didn’t work… Please help on this issue… Thnks

  • Andi Ko

    I got it,…yesterday in Germany,….nice but,….camera don’t work with shutter button,….and battery drain faster then JB,…

  • Pavan

    I just lost the sparkle effect but lockscreen is not identical to the wallpaper after uninstalling xperia app…

  • ssd

    just released the bugfix

  • Denislav Popov

    Nope, waiting for the fix.

  • Adrian del Valle

    diego e gia arrivato in italia un mese fa

  • Kris

    Have you installed Kitkat over your existing Jelly Bean, or did you do a clean wipe (delete everything on your Z1/Z1C/Z1U) before upgrading on kitkat. After my clean wipe I have only experienced the sound bug and the “camera not available” bug… but yours seems extremely annoying.

  • ahmedawesome115

    were you able to change the lockscreen to what you desire

  • Kevin

    Uhhh That same thing has my Xperia but it ain’t because of 4.4.2 I had the spot since 4.2 and I haven’t complain with Sony but a friend told me it may be the camera I will complain tomorrow

  • Zhyriel ZA

    Guys…from my experience, any update we received and found bugs in it, we need to repair it thru PC Companion or update it using SEUS. Due to get a total update we need to erase all data in our xperia ( it should look like you buy new phone ). We need to use ‘Back up & Restore’ application which xperia provided to get back our setting and data after we repair via PC companion or SEUS. If we repaired it and still got bugs then it shows that the firmware issue. Sometime upon retrieved data from the update, the files not properly install…

  • Lefty Stryker

    Kit Kat performance sucks…I got 3000 point less on Antutu benchmark after upgrade! At least would like to keep the level….

  • Pavan

    Yap I’m able to change but the sparkling effect is gone…anyways gonna reset.

  • Hasan Khalil

    very bad update 4.4.2
    very bad bugs
    plz release the update fix as soooooooon as bossible

  • Fredrik

    When I recieve a phone call the ring tone usually droput/clicks 0.5 seconds into the signal, like a cheap blackberry phone without enough CPU. This never happened on older FW releases on Z1 or my onder TX and T phones. I hope this problem is also fixed as it is “cheap”.

  • Brian O’Reilly

    Sony have had plenty of time to test KitKat before releasing it to paying customers. But they let their customers be the quality control department. Very poor form.

  • Zhyriel ZA

    so…what is fixed? please share…tq.

  • ..:: m a n i ::..

    Where is the fix update?? Its already 8/04. Has anyone received the fix?

  • Zhyriel ZA

    Still bad fixed update….still got bugs….damn!

  • gonzo

    bunch of f….k loosers, next time I’ll buy some chinesse shit, bet it would be better and cheaper than sony’s shite

  • Zhyriel ZA

    Bugs on Xperia Update 4.4.2 it is not Sony fault….its google issue…you may read this..same goes to Samsung Galaxy S4……luckily i still not update to 4.4.2…..still stick with 4.3 until all bugs gone….hihihi

  • Zhyriel ZA

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bugs issue after update 4.4.2……so this is not Sony’s issue….what i’m thinking is, Sony tried to please us by release the KitKat but unfortunately KitKat got bugs inside the chocolate…..

    read here :

  • ed

    Z1 Compact. The camera freezes after each shot. Kind of annoying. Battery gets used up fast. Never needed a charge half way through day. And does not allow me to put apps on sd card.

  • Solopeligro

    Sinceramente, me parece un poco decepcionante esta situación. Por que no sacáis una manera de poder bajar a la versión 4.3 y a los que nos interese nos olvidamos de todos estos problemas.

  • Solopeligro

    Me too in Spain!!!

  • Swordfishtrombone

    Sounds like there’s something wrong with your phone. I’ve experienced no camera freezes, and my battery life is pretty good – in my work I have several hours of waiting time each shift, so I tend to use my phone to watch videos. Haven’t had to recharge during a shift yet.

    The only annoyances I’ve had are the sound issue, and the EXTREME scratch vulnerability of the screen-protector layer on top of the glass. I wish they’d warned me about that one before I bought the phone. I still would have bought it, but ALSO bought a screen protector. I have scruff marks on the screen now, and no idea where they came from – I’ve been very careful with the phone.

    My options are essentially to live with the scruff marks, or to remove the protective layer and replace it with another solution, but doing that will void the warranty.

  • Swordfishtrombone

    Haven’t received it myself yet, but that should not be surprising. From the article above:

    ” A fix for the issues will be included in a new software release
    that will start rolling out from next week (w/c 7/04), with exact
    availability and timing varying by operator and market”

    Hope to get it ASAP. The sound issue is very annoying.

  • Me too in Thailand.

  • Tanvir

    For anyone who hasn’t upgraded to 4.4.2 for the Xperia Z1, make sure you don’t!!!

    Battery life is pathetic after upgrade. I used to get a whole day with moderate use, but after the upgrade I have to charge the phone twice daily. The phone does heat up as well.

    I would like to roll back to 4.3…or atleast know when the fix is being released…

  • David Ayton

    My z1 is having the same problem with the speakers hope gets sorted soon and they release the new software to sort this problem out as I’m finding difficult and keep missing phone calls texts and when it comes to playing games and video the sound comes from the earphone speaker and is very hard to hear

  • mark

    Pls remove the AUTOCONTRAST or just put an ON OFF settings on the display settings

  • nasser Abubacar

    Camera some times just got very slow , sound sometimes do unknown things :s, stability(messages app stop working constantly) and baterry saving. please i hope that can be fixed in that new update!

  • ..:: m a n i ::..

    At least someone would have received it by now. Its already 9/04.

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  • sini

    did anyone gt the problem solved?

  • Swordfishtrombone

    And someone probably has.

    Again, read the bit I quoted to you from the article. They said the roll out of the update will happen “starting from next week (w/c 7/04)”, which doesn’t necessarily even imply that it’ll happen this week at all, for everyone, much less in the first half of the week.

    Simply, we don’t know their schedule, just that they started releasing the updates, somewhere in the world, this week.

    The delay is annoying, but it’s not as if they promised any precise schedule.

  • siwan

    Update rolling now in Sweden

  • Mac

    Is it?!

  • siwan05

    Yessir on PCC!

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  • Mac

    Fuck.. Always having 2 less power when this happens. 35%.. Haha!

  • Niloufar

    I have camera issues too! my camera suddenly go black. and wont show any thing till I restart my phone. both front and back camera!

  • zeeshan

    After updating my xperia z ultra with 14.3.a.0.757 it’s getting stuck everytime when I am trying to access.

  • Adriano Marcio

    Ninguém tá falando da atualização do 4.3 para 4.4.2 e sim que o 4.4.2 está com defeito no SOM.

  • Jeffrey Fitzpatrick

    Experiencing same problem. Why are people so quiet about it?

  • Swordfishtrombone

    Just got my update today. Hoping that everything works fine now. Will have to wait and see.

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  • Prashant Khatavkar

    Fixes Sound Issues on Xperia Z1 what can i do Frd

  • Prashant Khatavkar

    after update new 4.4.2

    Fixes Sound Issues on Xperia Z1 what can i do Frd

  • Allan

    Welcome to whether the update has solved the audio problems? Estonia does not yet have an update available

  • Ardi Abduramani

    mine too

  • Lise

    Mine is freezing now too! its so annoying, the camera is slow to load and then when i take a picture it completely freezes. Need a fix for this!!! :(

  • Rafael

    Still waiting for this fix (Brazil).

  • Dustin Kruise

    What a bout the camera issue? I got a lot of Camera Bugs. If i want to make a picture the camera freez. Somethimes i cant even open the camera. Fix that as well in the new version.

  • toomuchswagkid

    got the z2. Epic but is anyone else having problems with messanger?

  • Totallypissed@sony

    Me too hong kong

  • Tech Gospel

    My Z1 Compact now has a wifi bug where the wifi no longer works. it says disabled in the AP points that I’ve saved.

  • Golden Child

    Hello guys I have a new Z1and updated the firmware to 4.4.2 not long after unboxing. I have realised my notifications especially whatsapp do not come through unless I am physically holding the phone. Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a solution?

  • Mike Hunt


  • ahanja

    Hi, r u facing the camera app crash problem as well?

  • Denislav Popov

    Yes i do,i haven’t found a fix yet, tried to flash fresh version of latest firmware with no success, it seems that the only option is to go back to the previous version where camera was working.

  • Raksha

    Hi Im a sony customer from India, and recently, my external speaker began to malfunction (on 3rd of June to be precise)
    When will sony release the update for India??

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • NEil

    Thanks for this. I have UK xperiaNeilZ c6603 and have this notification issue. QA must have been on holiday that week to miss such a basic issue.

  • Kerry

    Anyone else have this problem with Sony Xperia M2. When I have my WIFI on i can’t receive calls. If I have my mobile data off I can’t receive calls. If I have my mobile data on and WIFI off I can receive a call. WHY?

  • ruben van heuverswijn

    hi, i installed 4.4.2 yesterday night on my xperia Z (The official one). Since then, the unlock button on the side doesn’t work anymore. It unlocks when i plug my phone in (charging) or 1 out of 100 times when i push it. Does anyone have the same problem? or know how to solve it?
    Greets from Belgium

  • hm88

    any one has delayed notification on xperia z1 and what is the solution?!

  • z1 ken

    How can i fix my camera app-_- it take nearly 10s to open it;(

  • neil

    I still have the same issue on a xperia z c6603 running 10.5.a.0.230. Not happy at all with this.
    Do we think will ever get fixed as cannot believe such a basic test was missed. putting me off sony

  • Crazy_Fast

    i still have verry bad audio quality when i hook it up to my car audio via BT. u guys have the same?

  • I upgraded by Xperia Z into Android Kitkat 4.4.2 version,but when head phone is inserted there is no sound nor there is any update.

  • Max Doel

    My Shutter button isn’t working ( it doesn’t start camera after long press + it only does fouces when camera is launched never take the shoot ) …. my kitkat is 4.4.4 what should i do

  • sundas javed

    Hi after updating my video cam is not working … Plz help me out in this regard

  • sundas javed

    N battery consumption rates r too high … Now i have to charge my phone daily

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