Sony QX10/QX100 version 3.00 firmware released; brings “Half-Press” to focus and quicker NFC connection times

by XB on 14th April 2014

in Accessories, Firmware

focusA new firmware update for Sony’s QX10/QX100 Lens-Style cameras has been released moving it from version 2.00 to 3.00. Improvements include the ability to half-press the shutter to focus and a reduction in NFC one-touch connection times.

Another change is the ability to use your Sony Xperia’s camera key for the shutter release. Download instructions can be found below, do not that you will need PlayMemories Mobile app version 4.2 or later for this to work.

DSC-QX10/QX100 Firmware Upgrade Ver. 3.00

Download For DSC-QX10
Download For DSC-QX100


  • Thanks for the heads up guys!

  • mohit

    Do Note or Do not? Xperia blog team?

  • Raj Singh

    XperiaBlog is really bad at not sourcing their information…

  • Reader

    *do note

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  • Mac

    Nice, now plz make the qx100 cheaper and the z1 compact case available in Sweden.

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  • Stephen

    its nice to see that z1 camera key now takes pictures on my qx10
    i always hated tapping the screen

  • Stephen

    have you seen the size of the qx100, its a monster

  • Guest

    heres my qx10 lined up beside a coke can and mug to give you an idea, the qx100 actually topples the can can in height

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  • jag

    no image attached

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  • Abhijit Biswas

    @xperiablog: in the last statement, the correct statement is

    do note* that you will needPlayMemories Mobile app version 4.2 or later for this to work.

    its “note” and not “not”

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  • PowerSonic

    what if they are the source?

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  • Kater

    Having updated to 3.00 while the Pmm have been updated to 4.2.0

    The connection becomes incredibly fast

  • Raj Singh

    They’re not.

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  • They are not quoting a press release, why do they need a source?

  • Raj Singh

    As a professional courtesy, when you get a story from another site, you should generally cite that source. Many other websites do this, XperiaBlog sometimes does it, but generally they like to take the credit for it.

  • richard6272

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  • Mac

    Yea so? The qx100 is a good camera. The qx10 is no better than the z1 camera except from zoom.

  • Stephen

    neither 1 has a flash so good camera my arse
    over priced gimmicks that have to be used with a phone
    no viewfinder either
    too big and bulky unless you feel like hogging a camera bag or a murse around because they are not pocket friendly
    but at least the qx100 is a good lens and not a camera lmao

  • Stephen

    what credit?
    it says xperiablog not the fucking wall street journal
    you moron its a blog

  • Raj Singh

    (Credit? In this case, SonyViet.)
    I’m a moron, no problem. But what are you? You’re not, right? You’re a super cool guy?
    Whether it’s WSJ or XB, I don’t know if you see the rationale in citing a source but they should. I’m sure you wouldn’t like people taking credit for your work.
    You don’t have to get all weird about it.

  • Stephen

    omg are you thick or just stupid?
    what credit?
    ill slow it down just for you
    where the fuck do you think they get info?
    in your case maybe samsung

  • Raj Singh

    Again, if I’m thick and stupid, what are you? Super smart? Ask yourself what you are and let me know what you come up with.

    I don’t care if it’s a blog. You should credit your source. (Repeating myself here.) But you’re too stuck in your methodology to even consider the point I’m trying to make. That’s why you call me moron, stupid and thick because name calling makes you feel better about yourself and validates your opinion.

    I get your point (and I’m cool with that): They don’t need to source information because it’s a blog about Sony not an actual media outlet. Both opinions are fine. You don’t have to be dck about it.

    You do realize multiple outlets/blogs compete for hits and ad revenue. So taking another person’s work and not giving credit (if it’s a blog) still has consequences for bloggers/web publishers.

    And XperiaBlog is an awesome source for Sony news/updates/rumours et cetera. That’s why I come here and other ones like SonyViet, XperiaGuide et cetera.

    The Samsung comment, man, you assume so much about people you’ve never met. I don’t like Samsung’s mobile products at all. The last one I bought was a Galaxy Nexus and I don’t see myself getting another Samsung phone/tablet. I won’t say never but I highly doubt it. (I like the Note series but can’t stand TouchWiz.)

    I don’t get the Samsung reference. I don’t want to sit here and bash Samsung but I love Sony products and consistently choose them over competing Samsung devices.

    Anyway, I’m out. Enjoy your weekend, whatever you get up to.

  • Mac

    Haha aight xD. But I still think the qx100 would be more for me than a camera with the same specs. But since the price tag is so high and I don’t take so much pictures I will most likely wait.

  • Stephen

    my qx10 came free with phone when i got it last september and ive used it maybe 3 or 4 times, and 2 of times outta that was just to upgrade to latest firmware
    dont get me wrong it can be a handy little tool, because you can use it in 1 hand and get weird viewing angles that you wouldnt get with a normal camera
    plus it has a tripod mount
    so not all bad
    but if i paid money for it, apart from the initial amusement
    id be bitterly disappointed

  • Stephen

    i took out my qx10 after the firmware update 3 today and turned it on, and paired with my phone, i heard a beep from the qx10 and it shut down, took ages to start it back up
    then it shut down again, then i noticed i could not power on for about 1 hour
    anybody else having similar issues?

  • Mac

    Oh I see. Yea that’s one of the reasons I wanted it before it was released but yea the price is 2 high and the case and a sd card should have been included. Then it might have been worth it. N uhm why isn’t it waterproof? Maybe they thinking about a new upgraded version and it is going to be better on all everything.

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  • Mac

    uhm.. I might be wrong but this is not supposed 2 be here right?

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