Some Xperia SP owners report of flickering screens after update to Android 4.3

by XB on 15th April 2014

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Sony Xperia SP flickering screenSince the update to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, some Sony Xperia SP owners have been reporting on a flickering backlight display problem with their handsets. We have attached some videos highlighting the issue, which shows light flickering of the backlight, which we imagine can prove to be quite distracting when trying to read content or view media on your phone.

This appears to be an Android 4.3 bug, as the users did not notice it whilst on the previous Android 4.1.2 firmware. We have only seen reports on this with users on firmware builds 12.1.A.0.266 and 12.1.A.1.201 only. The problem could be related to the kernel as some users on different custom ROMs also report the same issue. Let us know if this is something you have noticed on your Xperia SP since updating to the latest firmware builds.

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums.

Thanks Wojciech!

  • Anshad

    so i m nt only one….!!!!!

    facing issue more when brightness set into max low,….

  • wojtek0018

    Finally! Thanks XperiaBlog for Your post!!

  • Ado Kanashii

    Another reason to keep my SP as it is 4.1 …

  • wojtek0018

    Another reason NOT to buy SP. Really people dont waste your time and money for this piece of …..

  • hyper0926

    sp got some really washed out display

  • SuckItBi–esMySPisOOK

    Mine is OK, I checked with max and min brightness. yay! I guess.

  • mercast

    My SP got better than ever since the last update. No problems here.

  • olga

    when put to 100% brightnes it hurts my eyes.

  • Ado Kanashii

    to late for me dude lol…. already purchased it… i will just try to keep the sh&%&t the less stinky as possible, leaving it in 4.1

  • danirp03

    My SP has the bug…

  • Vicki Doyle

    Mine used to do this before the upgrade and it was because it was set to auto brightness, so just turn it off. My phone is so much better since the uograde :)

  • Tollbooth

    My X-SP C5306 has this problem, introduced with the 12.1.A.0.266 firmware.

  • James Stones

    Sounds like an auto brightness problem. Maybe wrong but worth checking.

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    Honestly, my SP always does the flickering. It even did before the updates, so…

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    But, it does the background-flickers too. When I quit the app drawer to the main screen, the background has to set itself again to the right position.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Yeah, I compared to to the Moto G & there is a huge display difference. All my previous Sony handsets have had poor displays (compared to rival handsets).

  • ShinOrochiX

    Only bug/issue I’ve had is lag and animation deformity during app uninstall. Other than that everything is super smooth and it looks great! :-)

  • XperiaspUSER

    My xperia XP is experiencing the screen flickering after the 4.3 update too, hope there´s a fix soon cause this is very annoying

  • marwan balu

    I have problem when I talk on viber the other person cant hear me and the sound goes to internal speaker….why sony????

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  • footloose

    My sp is no better for the update, had 1 problem before the update and that was a black screen on calls so couldn’t close the calls. Now my phone is laggy my apps take forever to open my browser opens but takes around 20 seconds to display anything everything is just so slow I’m considering a factory reset in the hope of making it usable again. Was really looking forward to the update now I wish I really hadn’t bothered

  • hayvan

    viber not working with a updated version. and screen flickering is existing.

    it might be my last sony phone if we dont get kitkat 4.4

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Mine is C5303, but I don’t have the flickering issue. Auto-brightness enabled or disabled also no such problem.

  • Ram fickle

    Then, it is your last phone

  • ParaSense

    I have this problem and i have tried EVERYTHING(custom roms,kernels,settings)… i have flickering even in cwm,twrp recoveries if 4.3 kernel is installed

  • Newbie13

    I encountered mine on the previous update. my only concern is the touch response of the current update is much lesser than the previous one. straight up and position 60 degree angle is slightly unresponsive. other than that its fine.
    MIne is C5303.

  • troy

    i’m not experiencing this issue

  • Emerson Gochuico

    My XSP is all good no problem after latest update using C5303

  • Emerson Gochuico

    Try factory reset maybe some software are causing the flickering. I had many issue of some software i installed having problem with the phone. Like i installed a game before the latest update which cause my XSP to boot loop before i install the game my phone is working fine so the game caused the problem. Maybe also the reason why only some of the XSP units only have problems.

  • Khaz

    Just spent the last several minutes staring at my phone trying to emulate this bug. It doesn’t appear to be affecting mine.

  • knave

    i too. have this problem. but it is removed when i turn off automatic brightness..

  • JasonTham

    What a news! Is Xperiablog treat this issue as a big one? Many other Xperia’s handset got bugs too. What so fussy about this? Furthermore SP is only a mid range phone…

  • Sabin Jamal

    Where does this firmware number came from ????

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    How about dropping signals and all? some complain about they are having signal bars fluctuating time to time. are you facing this?

  • saddam

    yes there is screen flicker problem in xperia sp after update

  • kay

    When i goto home screen it flickers

  • Sepehr Estaki

    XperiaBlog, I don’t know why you don’t cover the boot loop issue in xperia themes when simcard has the lock or phone has lock rather than swipe? it makes the phone unusable, I can record a video about this if you want, answer me please !

  • 8oldemar

    I believe that this is due to the NFC..
    Once owned a Sony Xperia V.
    Were like blink when the camera works when the option NFC. Picked his
    build.prop and decided the problem, while Sony has not changed his
    Check NFC.

  • EzeezioN

    My viber is working properly. Btw, same here, screen flickers from time to time.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Thats a bug Sony fixed in the latest update

  • johnylim

    Never experiencing this problem

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  • Vitali

    Same problem with Xperia Tablet Z with the Keyboard.. it’s flickering…
    BUT, Whem I’m changing to a downloaded theme, it doesn’t happen to me anymore..

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  • boosook

    Like if this was the only problem… the 4.3 update is a disaster, not only on the SP, but on the T, TX and V as well… phones that spontaneously reboot, that turn off while charging overnight, flickering blue screens, audio problems, bugs in handling themes (the infamous volume bar bug, themes that set your phone in a constant bootloop…), camera that takes many seconds to open… if Sony is addressing those issues (because we don’t even know which bugs they’re fixing, if any), they’re doing it very slowly and they’re not giving us any useful information to know what to do (revert to 4.1.2? wait? for how long?).

  • Mercast

    Nope. The only issue i’ve encountered is continuous GPS drainage when I use sport apps like endomondo or runtastic even when i close the app after running. NOT an issue on Google maps or other services that use GPS.

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  • hyper0926

    Yeah guess what my xperia L got some really bad multitouch problem you can YouTube it.

  • Christer

    Mine is ok, before with 266 and now with 201.

  • Joseph Nolan

    Turn the brightness down – it isn’t rocket science!

  • Joseph Nolan

    I have to say my phone has definitely improved since the update! It is faster and smoother, camera loads in an instant, there is no lag anymore, battery has improved and am very happy with it! Seems like a different phone!

  • tatti

    Try to turn off auto brightness, it is usually caused by that. Worked for me

  • Mohammad Qaryouti

    There is a problam in Xperia SP seems the same which was in Xperia Z1 before updating the bug fixes about the sound

  • dr

    It’s the bugperia SP you know

  • spsp

    whoa aren’t you smart.

  • Kippel

    Sometimes the updating process fails in my SP, and the app is useless till a new update (or reinstalling).

  • Sepehr Estaki

    I have it yet on my V

  • Rutang

    Similar issues with my Xperia T on 4.3

  • Jurgen

    I do not have this problem, but the rom is still buggy as hell!

  • wojtek0018

    We’ll get KitKat :)

  • glein

    Old version that was supposed to be out in March, in the end we got .201 instead.

  • Jay

    Didnt find any such problem here in india. After. 201 update, the phone has been bestowed with superfine features. Everything runs smooth.and display has become bright. Only grudge i have is with camera. Its just average compared to rivals. Otherwise a masterpiece. Homescreen lag has been removed. Its butter smooth now. Touchwood

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  • Jerry Berglund

    Have you updated till .210? because the .199 has it yet. The new one have fixed it. But some themes dont work proparly but I think its bugs from den developer KnowIT who makes the themes.

  • Sepehr Estaki

    Ow, really? 210 fixed it? Thank God, don’t lunch yet in Malaysia, waiting…

  • Julio Spinoza

    Exactly the same issue here in my Xperia Z1 with Kitkat. Force close don’t work

  • Joseph Nolan

    It’s called common sense!

  • Gayan Chaturanga

    There was such a problem with previouse 4.3. I only faced it to while watching movies. Watching movie than 10or15 minutes the screen began to flicker. There were so many bugs in previouse 4.3 because i downgraded my sp to 4.1.2 again. Don’t know that latest update still have this bug because i don’t get the update notification yet….

  • Suika

    Well sony said in the newest update the screen flicker appears on some devices mine has no problems

  • Chris

    i have also seen this, i usually have brightness turned right down which minimises any flicker but it is still there.

  • wojtek0018

    the problem isnt fixed by turning off automatic brightness – you just dont see it clearly

  • prosibu

    Malaysia user here. there is no such problem here.

  • Robson Kanyama

    i have never experianced that problem ever since i got my phone and am now using jelly bean 4.3 still i dont experience such a problem.

  • Mrjraider

    No issues here with that. I honestly think that some users are really searching for issues with the Sony Xperia SP…

  • K.I.P

    Is it because of screen brightness set to “Auto”? I am using Xperia TX but, sometimes its keep blinking blue flash/flicker while watching video. I dont know why, its happened once I updated my device to 4.3. anybody have the answer?

  • Cruz Isaiah

    What my SP has after the 4.3 update is the freaking display problem. Wallpapers that are set to be non movable or fix will turn left to right whenever you hit the Home button. Its not like its a really Major Bug or problem but still not a stable FW.

  • H.R


  • m.w

    has xperia sp really a bad diaplay…????

  • H.R

    I am willing to buy this phone…. what is your opinion about XPERIA SP.?????

  • H.R


  • SPUser

    Same issue here, flickering occurs after update to 4.3. I was thinking maybe its a display voltage thing set in kernel level or a vsync which is actually turned off.

  • Manish Rana

    A Big Noooooooo. go for google or moto.
    sp not even getting 4.4 and right now its dead slow. :-(

  • H.R


  • stacey gray

    My Sony sp has been a complete nightmare ever since updating to android 4.3, constantly freezing,unresponsive, very slow forces close all the time absolute nightmare!!!

  • saddam

    mne too

  • Riralem

    Yeah, I feel the same way.
    the only bug I ever had on my SP was the wake-bug but that was just a minor thing and is already been fixed…

    so generally speaking I’m very contend with the Xperia SP (4.3) :)

  • Henry Acevedo

    Mine is Laggy after Update and sometimes it freeze and will not responses, Chrome does not work at all and freeze system, have to disable chrome os i can use the phone, phone works very quickly but then it freeze and start getting force closed thank start working again phone was working excellent with 4.1.2, sony should do something

  • Henry Acevedo

    I tried A factory reset, I even reload the software using sony update software, same issues , only thing that actually help me was disable chrome. and use mozilla that make my phone a lot faster but still random fc

  • Brian

    How do you disable chrome?

  • Brian

    Next they’ll complain that when volume is high it irritates their ears

  • Jane Anderson

    Are Sony going to sort this out? I certainly won’t buy a Sony phone again. I rang Sony who said it was my mobile! Tmobile were real supportive and sent me a new phone which had the 4.3 update already installed!! Same problems. Apps crashing, not responding and things generally running ridiculously slow!!! Not what I pay for Sony!!

  • Blair

    After the last update the phone locks up and the drop down menu wont always work. My email wont download but it tells me how many I have waiting.

  • Pixie

    I have this problem too

  • Matt Devlin

    ever since this update my sp has been running FAR to slow! wont let me play games like brave frontier anymore, wont let me access my emails, flickering is constant and annoying. tried to restore to factory settings but it keeps the update >.< is there any way to fix these problems???

  • Hanson Eze


  • Hanson Eze


  • Ant D

    I had a perfect xp, never any issues. I waited months for the update. when it finally arrived …. nightmare! here’s what has happened so far:
    -updated and phone became slow with flickering when screen went on and off.
    -re updated with a factory reset (as recommended by some users). same issues, this time though – over heating, getting slower all the time. tried removing bloatware etc etc. no effect. still slow; (shouldn’t have to do this any way, wasn’t necessary with old jelly bean).
    – phone broke: top 1cm of screen didn’t react to touch. EE/Orange replaced within 24 hrs.
    -New phone – came with old jelly bean:swift and as expected excellent.
    – notification came to update. did so and now my new phone is slow too!
    My opinion – the update from EE/Orange is rubbish, if you are thinking about updating, think twice!

  • Kennet Man

    since the update my xperia sp has been locking up and rebooting almost spontaneously. I usually need to attached the power cable to ”help”. This afternoon the screen locked up and has since gone blank. There is a dim backlight and the bottom notification light bar shows green when powered up to the mains but still a blank screen. Just about to go on a week’s biz trip to the USA. Fantastic timing!

    Any suggestions?

  • Smod

    No problems here, Sp 4.3 is just fine as was 4.1.2. Initially it took some time with a few hangs and restarts but it really does help if you clear the cache of ALL your apps once you have updated your firmware! I know it is a pain to log in to everything again but trust me, Android problems are mostly down to conflicting apps with the firmware. 2 things you must must do once you upgrade your ROM – clear all caches and update all the apps from play store! because there are always fixes for newer android apps when the android version changes.

  • Deepak Agarwal

    Upgraded to 4.3 a few days ago. Since then my Viber just died. Nobody can hear me and I can’t hear nobody. Tried to find the older version of Viber but couldn’t. Backed up everything using the provided facility for Backup & Restore on the phone, repaired software using PC companion and restored again Backup & Restore on the phone. Viber still not working.

    Sony, please get this fixed. Just saying the application has been tested and its all good is not good enough. Pathetic!

  • niemo

    My Xperia SP has been terrible since the update; SO slow with everything, takes ages to open up a new text message let alone make a phone call. Phone keeps crashing and stalling. Sony have been little to no help and EE who I got the contract from haven’t been much help either.

  • Dany

    eso es ami tambien me pasa ese parpadeo y ralentización del sistema espero que esta actualizacion llege a orange españa y pronto. gracias

  • Stephen S

    The update here in India also has the same issues.with 12.1.A.1.201. Worked smooth initially for a few days but back with the same lag now.Tried Clean master to clean junk, temp files on the device but it stops responding after the process, even power/lock button doesn’t work. Have to do a force restart every time. I believe a custom rom should work much better

  • zee

    I’m in very struck with Sony SP after. Updating 4.3 now phone is very slow and lag issue so please give some solution for this issue

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  • Muhamad Aznan Alsidik

    Well, I think my only solution is downgrade to 4.1.2

  • Ricky s

    I am furious with Xperia s. I have sent it back to phone provider to fix

  • stephen

    my sp has got slower scince new update a 20 second delay on everything and constant freezing

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  • Dwijesh Sheth

    Yeah yo having the same problem. Someone has uploaded a video on it on YouTube.



  • The update was just so horrible that I had to downgrade mine. The apps kept on crashing every time, sometimes I was not even using them. Sometimes they crashed and never worked again and I had to uninstall and install again. The battery drainage is double of what it was on the older firmware, It easily lasted more than 24 hours, after the update it dropped to 12 hours TOPS.

    Forget about using google maps, it simply didn’t work (i tried a factory reset and even had it sent to be repaired once)
    It was just so lagged, also. I would open crome and wait a good 30 seconds to a minute for it to open (it was a white screen) and more for the keyboard to open, and it would often crash.

    Downgraded to the previous version and oh my god, it’s so much better now. The only issue I have is sometimes when I unblock the screen it won’t load, but it will be gray, so i will have to block and unblock again.but that already happened before so, whatever. And the wi fi signal that is not so great… but better that than having to deal with 4.3 again…

  • Kirsty Miller

    My Android has this recent update and most of the time I can’t do anything on it, games, texting, phoning, can you bring an update out to fix the problem?

  • James Timoney

    My sp is freezing losing battery life very fast and powering off after I updated

  • raghu bm

    Hi Hello!! Same thing with xperia m after 4.3 update!!!

  • shaik

    SP’s flickering display and multi-touch issue is frustrating

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