Xperia Z2 lands in Australia through Optus and Sony

by XB on 1st May 2014

in Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 SonyThe Sony Xperia Z2 is now on sale in Australia via the official Sony site for A$759.00 (£417, €507, $704) plus A$9.95 delivery. Ordering on the website gives an estimated delivery date of 8 May 2014. Only the black and white versions are available to order through the Sony Store.

Xperia Z2 stock was also available through Optus from today, where they are currently running a promotion for a free pair of Adidas trainers worth A$190. Optus are charging A$869 outright for the Xperia Z2. Vodafone is expected to carry the phone on 7 May in-store. Telstra details are expected soon, but pricing has not been announced so far. Rumours suggest that Telstra may get exclusivity over the purple Xperia Z2.

Xperia Z2 Optus

Xperia Z2 Sony

Thanks Walkalone, Ben, Graham and Jer!

  • Camilo Uribe

    I bought the mine in Ebay, arrives the other week :D
    I’m so happy because my Z1 was stolen :(

  • SickofSony

    Sony Australia site no longer listing Z2 for sale and only have Register Interest. WTF SONY!

  • spatch

    This is very typical of the Sony Australia store. I guarantee that the Kiosks in Sydney won’t carry enough stock either. At least the carriers should have enough for most people, so here’s hoping Telstra comes to the party soon — and not just with purple Z2’s! I want a black one, please.

  • Graham

    Good example of XperiaBlog not crediting sources – pretty sure all the guys who tipped you (Yes, including myself who included the links) actually got the info from Ausdroid

  • Walkalone

    Ahhh actually no it was Whirlpool. And I included the links and most of the text, which is probably why name is listed first! So there :-p

  • Yeah, and the source of Vodafone getting it on the 7th of May? Ausdroid. Not Whirlpool. Oh well.

  • Walkalone

    Ohhh ok, So Ausdroid facts 1….Whirlpool users 10.
    Feel Better?

  • hameac2034

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