Supposed leaked roadmap says Xperia SP to get KitKat in June; Xperia C and L to get Android 4.3

by XB on 15th May 2014

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sony-xperia-logoOne of the most frequently asked questions we get relate to the timing of firmware updates. There are still a handful of 2013 Sony Xperia models awaiting updates to more recent Android builds. This includes the Xperia C and Xperia L that are still on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, whilst Xperia SP owners are clamouring for an update from Android 4.3 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

The folks over at JustAboutPhones are claiming to have received a firmware roadmap schedule from Sony India that sticks a timeline to future Android updates. The document shows that the Xperia L will receive Android 4.3 Jelly Bean from June 2014, whilst the Xperia C will receive the same update a month later. It also suggests that the Xperia SP will receive the KitKat update between June/July 2014.

Obviously, take all of this with a huge pinch of salt, as docs such as these can be easily faked. But it gives hope to those who want to believe that future updates are heading their way. We remain sceptical that the Xperia SP will receive an update to KitKat given recent evidence suggesting otherwise. However, we can’t say if Sony has decided to take a u-turn on this decision more recently. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.


Via JustAboutPhones.

Thanks @alexmh94, ?@JesuMT and Mr Tripe!

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Prise the load :-P

  • aekara21

    regardless of this being true or plausible,i do not want an update with more bugs than the previous

  • Jassi

    Why does it say Xperia z will get kitkat in June? Isn’t it supposed to be may?? :((((

  • Ben Ling

    Totally FAKE…

    Xperia T Android 4.3 update in June 2014 ???


    Already been released in 3 April 2014

    The Xperia Z, ZL, ZR & Tablet Z should get 4.4.2 according to the official site.

  • János Jenei

    xperia M 4.4 ?????

  • Rammstone

    I really hope this is fake. There has already been 2 4.4 fw certified for the Xperia Z so how can they delay it another month

  • manutd

    my z1 is ruined thanks to android 4.4 update.nothing is working like on 4.3!!no battery life,no signal,camera freeze,location takes ages,toch not responding few seconds after ending call and a lot others. how can you release such an update and ruin such a beautiful phone???not even factory reset did not solve the z1 now is the worst phone I ever had,big thanx to kitkat!!!!

  • disappointed reader

    Cant believe XperiaBlog posted this thing. It’s obviously fake. Xperia T gotten their 4.3 treatments during Feb….

  • Rohan Santamaria

    Maybe this is region specific. Because Sony said it will release 4.4.2 in May and we have seen leaked certification. So this may be for a particular country or carrier

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Then Downgrade buddy. I just did the same with xperia Z. Downgrade from .101 to .67…… Its working Flawlessly, especially the Camra :)
    Don’t think too much, just do it and everything will be like heaven beneath your feet ;)

  • techielover
  • discoboy

    Please please Sony give us 4.4 without bravia for movies too and I want to be able to cook on my phone, also the flicker should be more colorful like disco

  • ash

    May be some maintenance update?

  • Shravan SP

    Xperia T has not been officially released in India. So the update for t here may be late.

  • Ado Kanashii

    i hope my SP gets 4.4 cause 4.3 sucks big time!!

  • Alex Capo

    What?For Xperia Z 4.4.2 in June?WTF!?!?IN MAY GOOOO!!!STYPID !!!!

  • ash

    it could be a maintenance update.

  • Cris de Oliveira

    Why sony will release 4.3 and not 4.4 for xperia L? –‘ No one talk about 4.3 anymore. ¬¬

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  • Nawi

    This is Sony India. Time for other regions can be different ;)

  • dimitris

    ITS True

  • wojtek0018

    So SP users, brace yourself for August or September XD

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  • Tomaz Habulin

    Well Sony you can go f*ck yourself with your updates. What helps me having one of your phones if the updates still aren’t available to me? How about you talk to the carriers that sell your phones for once? It’s been 3 months since 4.3 came out for my xperia T and having 2 additional updates afterwards. I haven’t even gotten 4.3 yet, AFTER 3 MONTHS. Don’t give me the crap about blaming my carrier. How about you show some initiative and customer care for once and fix those problems with the carriers? I am recommending the people that ask me for advice about buying a phone to not buy a Sony phone and will continue to do so until you the your sh’t together, seriously.

  • marwan balu

    We wish kitkat for sp and we want to solve viber problem…

  • -__-

    From december -__-

  • vf

    Yep blame the carrier. Happy days

  • Kankerhoer

    Battery life is better on 4.3 roms. Perhaps that’s why. Or maybe they feel like they didn’t deserve 4.4 I don’t know.

  • Akuma

    Buy an global phone to be on the safe side

  • Tomaz Habulin

    What do you mean with global phone? Unbranded?

  • Akuma

    Yes unbranded…non carrier

  • Mercast

    I don’t care if i receive the update on summer 2014 or 2015 as long as i get it. =) . That’s all that matters.

  • jhayp sevilla

    What about XV

  • huraan

    based on how 4.3 rolled out. India is among the fastest regions to receive their updates. i think Indonesia would need another 17,000 years before it receives KitKat.

  • SM

    Still no notification for 4.3 in my XM Dual. Waitinhg from March

  • Daniel

    Yeah I think it is a fake! Or something like maintenance just why it says xperia T jelly bean 4.3 in July but the update is out since February! I hope kit for my xperia T! But I’m not sure if it is a true picture!

  • Bu5m4n

    I say..fuck you sony!!!!!!!4

  • laci_csk

    What about Xperia T? Android 4.3 in july 2014?
    Xperia T is on Android 4.3 since march 2014.

  • Peti

    László! Szerintem ez hely függ?. Lokális el?rejelzés.

  • kjjvh

    or flash it for gods sake

  • Kippel

    What should I win if I install KK to my SP?

  • Tomaz Habulin

    Why do I have to rely on breaking my warranty to make my device/product function like it is supposed to?

  • Jassi

    Yes, India has gotten the update in the same week as their release date at all given times. So, I’m guessing, 4.4 KitKat will release at this month’s end and India will receive it in the first week of June.
    C’mon Sony! Make it fast, even Samsung rolled out 4.4 to Galaxy Note II and it’s months older than Xperia Z. ;(

  • Jassi

    Try Software Repair through Sony PC Companion on Windows or Bridge on Mac. That’s your best bet.

  • Jassi

    LOL, I can understand the frustration, I have a carrier free Xperia and even for that I have to wait months for the update, but then you guys with carrier specific updates have to wait even longer! It’s a living hell.

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  • Hritik Bhimani

    Xperia t wasnt released in India…so this roadmap is obviously fake

  • P9

    still no see KK in Z..

  • mannouchehr.maz

    If you give us ‘android 4.4.3’. it’s very better for us!

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  • Jimmy
  • Jimmy

    Good news for Xperia ZL users…. kitkat update on May 21, 2014. check…

  • honglong1976

    I just hope they improve the camera quality. At the moment it’s not even anywhere near as good as the iPhone 4 (5MP) nearly 4 years old.

  • Merson Hoo

    I am really tired of

  • Hassan Chuahadry

    please tell me that wheather there is any update for xperia l or not … I am waiting anxiously

  • Sáu Mi?n Tây

    Sao t?i gi? v?n ch?a có c?p nh?t 4.3 ?

  • Sáu Mi?n Tây

    I was very sad because most of June was still no update for xperia L

  • Mohit Bhati

    Sony speria sp…. Below 60 % automativly restarts pls solve my problem i repair it from comp. ,4 tyms reset but problem is same

  • Mohit Bhati

    Pls give solution

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