Sony STH30 Stereo Headset now available in Europe

by XB on 29th May 2014

in Accessories

Sony Stereo Headset STH30_1Following a long wait, the elegant Sony Stereo Headset STH30 is now on sale via the Sony Mobile Store in Europe. The lightweight headset is water resistant (IP57 certified), the earbuds are fitted with specially designed water-repellent acoustic fabric.

The headset features 9.2 mm dynamic earphone speakers and an inline remote to answer/reject calls or navigate music (play/pause/forward/back). The STH30 Stereo Headset is in stock in three colours (black, purple and white) and costs £29.99 in the UK. In France and Spain, it can be had for a bargain price of €19.00, whilst it is just under €25 in Germany and Italy.

Sony Stereo Headset STH30_2

Sony Stereo Headset STH30_1

  • George

    nice looking headphones but what about sound quality

  • Michael Hofmann

    Apple Earpods – Sony Style

  • Lajos Márk Kovács

    no no no, too much Apple style…

  • Simi401

    except they’re WAYS better and much more qualitive-crafted ;)

  • cdok

    Looks like mini hair dryer

  • dh

    Can someone who ownes these give me some opinions? Are they any good? :)

  • Jaouad

    I still use the MH750 that I received with my xperia p and they are still very good. Although I wouldn’t mind to get a new headset after a lil over 2 years. Maybe these or I go and look into a higher price class.

  • Z1ZLIndia

    Sony Ericsson HPM-70 was best to fit still using it with cord swapped !

  • Danny

    looks great. does the volume and audio control really works on any smartphones, including Xperia phones and iPods? that’s awesome. I use to buy the MDREX38iP, which is for iphone/ipod/ipad. It have volume and track controls with a mic. the controls wouldn’t work on smartphones.

  • Abdallah Safieddine

    If Apple didn’t sue Sony for this then its obvious that Sony is the one who design and create the earphones at the first sight….

  • Mahinthan So

    I think it is better to use the one comes in the package.. If you want quality spend more than 80$ but not from the mobile manufacturers.. .. If I am wrong correct me.

  • Noway

    Apple style?
    Are you serious?
    MDR-ED12LP was launched BEFORE the first iPhone!

  • FullDISK

    How many db have this STH30 ? Is good for bass?

  • FullDISK

    Anyone know how much “db” has these headphones?

  • Vwake Nova

    Suck,,,i prefer Z2 noice canceling headsets

  • Darknight307

    i got it 2 months ago for 20€ from amazon.i must say it’s very comfortable and fits good in ears…..the quality is really good..i didn’t expect it that good…very clear bass and the volume is satisfying in crowded places like on bus or on trains.i already have XZ1 and i can say it’s much better than the headset comes with XZ1. the inline remote works without any problems with my xz1 but my friend of mine having problem with volume button with his iphone(compatabilty issue for sure but i tried with my xz1 and it was working) so far i’m really satisfied with it …that quality with this price makes it a great deal for me.

  • dss

    I would say not that good: 9.2mm drivers while the Z2 earphones (and iPhone earpods) have 13mm drivers.

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