4K and Timeshift video ported to Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact

by XB on 5th June 2014

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Xperia 4K videoAs soon as the Xperia Z2 was announced, many Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact owners have wanted to know if they would ever see 4K video recording and Timeshift Video appear on their handsets. So far, this hasn’t been the case officially, but that hasn’t stopped some intrepid devs over at XDA to take matters into their own hands.

XDA member olokos brought the call to arms to port these new features to older Xperia handsets. This brought the attention of lagalaga and Riyal, who have worked together and provide a working port of 4K video and Timeshift video (120fps slow motion) to the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact.

We have confirmed reports of it working on both handsets. The main feature not working is SteadyShot whilst shooting 4K, which causes the app to freeze. If your phone is rooted and you want to give this a try then head over to XDA for the necessary files.

Thanks Karan!

  • afadfd

    non root version please, but I can see that sony will release this to all S800 device eventually down the road on app store.

  • Johniphen

    That’s good news for us, my z1 already rooted but do we need deodex? For the 4k recording and timeshift video

  • xyge

    yup u need to deodex first

  • Adjaero Pascal

    They should find a way for me to remove this feature from my Z2, that would be cool

  • Hossein Kazemi

    it’s not work for me..android 4.4.2-761 Rooted..This error appears : Camera not available…

  • Actman

    Sony technician can fu*k off!

  • vigneshprince

    Will it work on xperia z? Can it be.ported?

  • zymo

    Snapdragon 800/801 + 4K Video = Just a Gimmick

    Snapdragon 810 + 4K Video = A nice feature

    The S810 is even capable of slowmotion 1080p videos! You’re really looking forward to 4K recording? Then wait for the Z4.

  • zymo

    The CPU gets way too hot when recording in 4K. The Z1 Compact has a small body = suboptimal thermal discharge.

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  • NidouXperia

    bro, you have to be deodexed, im on .761 Z1 rooted, ima try and let u know ;)

  • Mohammed Khired


    does anybody have problems with the sd card in xperia z1? Like managing files, recording videos and taking pictures in sd card?

    I did fix it with the pc companian before any buddy say it…


  • John Zakaria

    If you are on kitkat that is Google’s issue
    Use FileCommander and it will be OK as it has System permissions

  • scrp

    cable guy?

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I just root my phone because those are google issues.

  • Mohammed Khired

    I don’t want to move apps to sd card…

    I just want to “USE” this god forsaken sd card

  • Mohammed Khired

    I can’t “manage” my files! , even with FileCommander or Astro ! I can’t delete files, copying or moving! In camera app im trying to use the sd as the default storage but no way! My music in sd card lag like hell!

    It’s sony sd card 32gb class 10! When i use it in my computer or any other (android,even kitkat) device works like charm!

    Google put the restrictions on apps only, my buddies have no problems with sd cards and they upgraded to kitkat!

  • Xperiaz1c

    Tried this on sony stock 757 deodex…did not work. for people who have it working what rom you install?

  • Battal Aljadei

    2K would be good, but Sony’s using everything for marketing !

  • xConjo

    Google can be stupid as fuck some times and iirc, they made SD Card to be read-only on 4.4… but if you say it works good on other kitkat devices, then it’s really weird.
    Make a back-up of your files and try formatting your memory from the phone, see if that works.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Correct. And at SD810, recording 4k videos using the HEVC codec is finally enabled, having less memory usage and hassle free recording without getting the phone hot.

  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    Have seen so many people talking about overheating issue when shooting in 4K
    tbh, i did an advertisement shoot fully with my new Xperia Z2
    and i only got a small cool down warning once in that three hours time.
    the phone was running perfectly alright.
    really impressed. with everything :)

  • Ingus Keivs

    Hi, to solve KitKat limits about operations in SD card, You need rooted phone and this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.sdfix

  • Hossein Kazemi

    It tested on 761-Rooted and Deodexed.

  • Bio24

    I just need tap to wake feature, i don’t really need 4k recording, full hd recording is enough for me…. Need an official tap to wake feature… Only it….

  • josesl16

    You sure you did that in 4K?

  • Sreekanth Namboothiri

    yeah man in 3840×2160 resolution i didnt felt any issues at all
    in three hours time i mean i took several short videos of one minute

  • Hossein Kazemi

    Finally it work for me

    Xperia Z1

    Stock Android 4.2.2 build 761 – Rooted

    My ROM isn’t de-odexed

    Xperia Xposed KK Installed and Superuser Mode Enabled

    Patch Update 1.1 Installed and finally it work fine…

  • Mike


    There is also 60fps 1080p video recording!!!! That’s probably the most useful feature out of this. Great job devs!

  • Mohammed Khired

    Thanks, i think this’s the only solution…

  • roeshak

    You can slow motion 1080p videos on the z2 as it is now. It just doesn’t look as smooth as the timeshift slow motion because it’s only either 30fps or 60fps. For good Quality slow motion, you need video at 120fps.
    If you shoot a 1080p video and click on edit. You have two options to either trim the video or slow segments or all of it down by 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8.
    It looks OK with 1080p at 60fps but still no where near as smooth as the timeshift video at 120fps. Image quality is much better though because of the higher res.

  • roeshak

    You’re absolutely right, 1080p video at 60fps is the big story for all new flagships. The fact that most techblogs concentrate on 4k misses the point. I’ve tested all video quality from my z2 and the 1080p video at 60fps is by far and away the best. Super smooth video. Feels like you’re recording with a professional camera.

  • Timbo1

    thats more of a processor thing than a software thing, Qualcomm pushed 4K a little to fast in my opinion.

  • roeshak

    Stabilisation has a lot to do with the overheating problems with 4k video. Probably why Samsung doesn’t add it to theirs. With steady shot off I can get up to 10 minutes of 4k video out of the z2.
    When enabled, 5 mins max on a good day when the phone is cool.

  • Timbo1

    not just Sony, we can blame RED for the real push for 4K movies. 2K is plenty Arri Alexa shoots 2k and looks way better than any RED camera.

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  • Tech Gospel

    Hope the make Timeshift video official for the Z1 compact!

  • Battal Aljadei

    them why Sony didn’t make it 2k at first ?

  • Battal Aljadei

    them why Sony didn’t make it 2k at first ?

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  • Timbo1

    Because RED made a big hooplah about 4K when their cameras were first starting to be used in the motion picture industry and basically convinced everyone 4K was the way to go a few years back. Its all marketing from that camera company now it seems everyone is getting into the 4K craze, just wait until 8K and beyond start taking off(those cameras are out there BTW)….

  • Battal Aljadei

    And Sony’s doing the same .

  • Timbo1

    Not really….TV more so than camera. Edit: in the United States at least.

  • Kadek

    You dont need to be deodex, you just need to install xpossed installer and activate the framework, also instal Xperia Xpossed KK from serrajr, and superuser mod.

  • Kadek

    no need to deodex, just need superuser mod and Xperia Xpossed KK from serrajr’s xpossed module

  • Battal Aljadei

    I meant Sony using it as marketing for it’s smartphone as RED does

  • NidouXperia

    yeah, it worked for me, but i have deodexed with services.jar patch

    here is my Z1 4K video:

    u need that patch along with the deodex to make most of ur apps working and installable

    i uploaded it for u, is the same one i use for .761


  • No.

    If you read the XDA thread, you would’ve known. Seriously, how difficult can it be to read about something you’re interested in..?
    “Warning: This is currently only working on Xperia Z1 & Z1 Compact. This patch won’t work on Xperia Z series and older devices.”

  • vigneshprince

    so sad that it wont work in XZ! :-(

  • Jiyeon90

    are you sure?

  • Kostadin Odhinn Naskov

    He is right, im using it same way :)

  • Jiyeon90

    thanks, I already installed it and its working :)

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