Xperia M update (15.4.A.1.9) now rolling [Update]

by XB on 10th June 2014

in Firmware, Xperia M

Xperia M_15.4.A.1.9Sony Mobile has released a new software update for the Xperia M in the form of build version 15.4.A.1.9. This is the second Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the handset, moving it from build number 15.4.A.0.23 to 15.4.A.1.9. Judging by the change in software number it looks like a reasonable update, however we can’t confirm just yet whether Xperia Themes are now fully supported. If you’ve downloaded the update, let us know your thoughts below.

Update: Xperia Themes are now indeed supported on the Xperia M.

Update 2: Sony has released the changelog for this update:

– Enhanced user experience
– Improved battery life
– Software performance improvements

Xperia M Xperia M_15.4.A.1.9

Thanks Jonathan!

  • fishu

    SP 12.1.A.1.205 too :)

  • JonaScouser

    Still Jelly Bean… we want Kit Kat!

  • shhh

    My Xperia L is crying.

  • Lex Luna



  • Chew Loh Seng

    Rollout seems to be limited to carrier variants of Orange, and T-Mobile UK. Hope Generic country variants come out later! (Especially Generic SG)

  • Chew Loh Seng

    Don’t expect that much. XPERIA SP still hasn’t even get KitKat please!

  • Razvan_XPSP

    probably till tomorrow for other cust also :)

  • JonaScouser

    Come on… Xperia M is not that bad.

  • jumbo3220

    same here :(

  • diego

    Y el xperia L, para cuando alguna noticia? el Xl es un gama superior al M, pero esta muy abandono

  • SonyCEO

    sell this and buy an Xperia S and you will receive kit kat at the end of 2015.

  • zia

    speria update .205 now seeding?

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  • HenryJMorton

    If you’ve downloaded the update, let us know your thoughts below.

  • Darholme95_

    Yesterday :)

  • Razvan_XPSP

    What’s new on 1.205…good improvement?

  • Darkholme95_

    I never had problems with flickering screen. I guess expecting something bigger.

  • troyb

    xperia L ??????????????

  • setsuna15

    just updated my xperia M to latest version. it can now support xperia themes,

  • diego

    I’m the same

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  • setsuna15

    Updated my xperia m to latest version. Can now use custom xperia theme

  • Cris de Oliveira

    All I wanted that xperia L receive 4.4. That will be great. :D

  • Wafiazmi

    Really? But I even can’t download AR Effect from the play store

  • Wafiazmi

    Yay, but I even can’t download AR Effect from play store :'(

  • dinesh

    issue occurance while preparing

    downloading software is getting struck @99%

    shows 16hr 27mins left and nothing happens :(

  • Angry Commanter
  • Angry Commanter

    From this site I mean

  • PraNtîk SaRkar

    India update for c1904 ?? o.O

  • ritesh

    mine too

  • leo

    ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11-06-2014

  • leo

    Argentina!!!!!!!!!! 11-6-14

  • YULI


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  • Arvindh Mani

    Could you pls tell me what was the size of the download?

  • prasanna balajee rajan

    for me too … :(

  • Hitesh Murkute

    The new update for Xperia M gets stuck above 90%. Tried it 3 times with SONY Update Service. PC Companion gives an error “Sony Mobile Update Engine Error 1200” and nothing shows up when tried to check new update through phone. It’s annoying. :-(

  • Millennium

    XPeria SP is 3 months older. So I don’t get the even… How older the phone the less support Sony gives

  • dinesh


    read sumwhere saying “770mb”

  • Chew Loh Seng

    But SP is the mid-range and M is the low-end. It doesn’t make any sense for Sony Mobile to ignore.

  • vishnu

    mine threeeeee

  • deepak

    same problem showing in my handset too …

  • János Jenei

    any theme I’m using the phone hang after power. SHIT SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sami Siddiqui

    have you resolved the situation?

  • ho

    Is three any problems while updating?

  • Arvindh Mani

    :O :O
    Thought of using data pack, no chance now! Thanks!

  • Manoj SIngh

    from last 2 days m downloading regularly 4-5 time in a day new update 15.4.A.1.9 for my Xperia M but always its stooping on 99% …. How I Can Solve This Problem ?

  • manu21

    Still its like that only ,did you found any solutions?

  • Vyshnav Raj

    Enhanced user experience
    Improved battery life
    Software performance improvements

  • Shajji Saleem

    hai hai guys am facing a problm wth my sony xperia m updation for new android update 15.4.A.1.9

    i hve been trying to install it frm 3days through pc companion bt am unable to make it cn any one help me to get through it plzz do rply to dis

  • chat

    I ve just updated it but build number is still 15.4.A.0.23? and how do I download xperia themes?

  • chat

    I ve just updated it but build number is still 15.4.A.0.23? and how do I download xperia themes? When I check the update it says it is the latest version what is this guys help me :/

  • Ali Ahmad

    When C1905 in indonesia?

  • Hitesh

    No, nothings working. I’ve attached both Sony Update Service and Sony PC Companion screenshots. Is there any other way to work around this?

  • bleh

    Can any body provide the new update center apk or tell the update center version atleast…

  • Rahul Mehrotra

    Hi All. M having problem in updating the Xperia M software.
    every time i update it.. The update goes to 99 % and then a msg comes ” error in update”. Plz help

  • manu21

    guys i too had the problem of getting stuck in downloading ..but now getting the download.just do this 2 steps you will also get-1.turn off the firewall and 2.turn off the antivirus the start to download its working.

  • Romain

    Any chance Bluetooth Low Energy is eventually fixed on this new firmware? thx

  • Hitesh

    Finally I succeeded in updating Xperia M to 15.4.A.1.9 after multiple tries. Here’s what I did:

    1) I used Sony PC Companion.
    2) Turn off the Antivirus Protection and Windows Firewall.

    The themes feature is amazing, Thanks Sony.

  • vishnu

    succesufull updated

  • kiran

    The update has been received for india also. I have done update still there are some problems.when using xperia new themes,the volume bar get disappears and the phone have to put on default themes and reboot it.

  • Mallesh Royal

    Hey just downloaded it through wifi or through ur data carrier and then install it that’s it I have used to download through wifi… Successfully installed in my M.

  • arun as

    107mb, and I am not yet downloaded,

  • Harkamal Singh

    Thanks.. Someone mentioned it.. I am facing the same problem. What’s the point of applying new themes if volume slider disappears. I am back to old stock themes.

  • Ivan.trlin

    I installed it yesterday and the thing about themes is they only change wallpapers and some colors, the notification bar still looks the same even tho it shows a different one in some screenshots. Also I get this bug, when I try to volume up or down, that indicator is not.showing well, I’ll put a picture. So is it able to customize your own notification bar, to make icons different like battery and such, but without roms. Thanks in advance.

  • XM user

    Anyone can tell me how do I change/add quick settings on notification bar?

  • Sunil Kak

    Did you find any solution to your problem ? I am facing the same problem. It updated to 15.4.A.1.9 back in june. The build No is still the same and i cannot see any new changes as well. Actually nothing has changes.

  • Sunil Kak

    Did you find the solution. please advise as i am facing the same problem..

  • Nadee

    I hate the upgrade. The one thing that was different and awesome about the phone, was its lock screen where it switched off like a TV. I thought that was pretty neat and different. But then comes along upgrade and now I’m stuck with the common screen switch which you get everywhere. hmph -_-

    (or is there a theme I can download that will give the original version’s screen lock appearance)

    The rest of the features, I’m still testing. This is what I found most annoying.

  • anonymiss

    …with the great update comes, great bugs!



  • Aakif Akhter

    Worst update
    It does not show volume bar after 15.4.a.1.9 update

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