Xperia Keyboard updated (6.4.A.1.24) with larger spacebar, new languages and more

by XB on 18th June 2014

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Xperia Keyboard_4Sony has updated its Xperia Keyboard to build number 6.4.A.1.24, which introduces a number of new features. This includes a larger spacebar to make it easier when typing and new language support (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Georgian and Tatar). Other features include a Phonepad layout on the Xperia Z2 and the addition of a numeric row to input numbers on tablets. The update is currently live through the Google Play Store.

If your phone is rooted, you can download the app here and move it to system/app. You will then need to set the correct permissions (RW-, R–, R–) and reboot your handset once completed. The keyboard has also been ported to run on devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above, head over to XDA to give this a try.

Xperia Keyboard_1

Xperia Keyboard_2

Xperia Keyboard_3

Xperia Keyboard_4

Xperia Keyboard_5

Thanks Ben, Niclas, Rimas!

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Does anyone have a screenshot of the Phonepad layout mentioned on the news?

  • Guest

    yes , :)

  • fiestast2014

    yes :) here

  • fiestast2014

    thanx TO SONY for rolling out a fix so z2 got the phonepad layout .:)

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Fone pad

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Oh, this one… I wish they had that layout, but only for the numbers, with QWERTY. So, you press a button and it goes to that layout…

  • Yong
  • guest

    still waiting the ****230 for xperia zr that rolled out on May 27th.

  • Burak

    I wrote this to talksonyMobile today. By the way attached picture is numeric layout of that phonepad layout

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Flash it with Taiwan kitkat ftf like I done on my ZR

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  • Ado Kanashii

    hi everyone sorry 2 questions 1.How do i move it to system/app. do i set permissions (RW-, R–, R–) or whatever that is. im root but still rockie! sorry

  • ShinOrochiX

    Use a file explorer to cut/copy and paste the file to system/app. To set permissions you need a file manager that supports this, tap and hold the apk choose permissions and set to rw-r-r (read-write-read-read). Reboot and your done. You can use file managers like Es/Astro and many others but the best/simplest one i’ve found is this one…

  • wei147

    I love the new emoji

  • Diogo Simões

    Pegasus, Aries and Leo: Three new handsets from Sony?

    The article is in potutuguese:

    “Reinforcing what is already expected, recently leaked information the codenames of three models of devices under development: Pegasus, Aries and Leo. The tip came through Chinese social networks and Weibo Digi-Wo. According to the rumor, the Leo will be the Xperia Z3, while Aries is the Xperia Mini Z3; the third, called Pegasus, refers both to an unknown device as the other update existing line.”

  • Niels d. G.

    If only they made this available for their older JB handsets

  • Killian Khoo

    What country ?
    I got it at Malaysia ~

  • Alaa

    I hope to see numeric row to input numbers on Xperia Z2 – Z1 – Z – Others….etc.

  • RandXP
  • Rusafie

    What have older models got problem?! Isnt it discrimination? I use Z1c and suffering from spcing problem! Didnt like ur behavior Sony! Disheartened!

  • Ashish

    For me, it shows “installed” on play store, but also “incompatible with your device”… Using Xperia SP 4.3 stock…

  • P9

    still not yet have Cambodian language, come on Sony, google has added to KK already.
    still looking forward.

    love u sony.

  • Mac

    U got spaceing problems on this one or the old one? After the update my opinion for “write predicted word when hitting space” dissappeard.

  • Stanley Lu

    I wish Sony can do the same for the Chinese Keyboard as well… having the latest version in PlayStore

  • Roy RanaDeep

    does it compatible with Sony Xperia M(C1904)?

  • Ado Kanashii

    bro, that sure helps a lot thanks for the boost!! by the way in the pic what are those piano keybords and how can i see the Phonepad layout ?

  • shhh

    Why the hell is it not available for my Xperia L? It’s still 6.0.A.0.0.9, obviously a very old version.

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  • Felipe Pimenta

    Android 4.4 only.

  • fiestast2014

    any who know if kk emoji works on the phonepad option or is it only on qwerty?

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  • Burak

    Just rotate the screen and do it with qwerty.

  • Arvigee

    how can i download it. it always say “theres a problem while parsing the package”. what will i do.

  • Andrii Omelianchuk

    Ok but i have a question: how can I set more than three active languages in Xperia 4.3 Android? In earlier versions I could set 4 languages and switch them any time I need. In 4.3 it says: only 3 active languages allowed = Any way to fix this?

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