Lifelog app updated (2.0.A.0.12) with new Cycling and Transport activity recognition

by XB on 23rd June 2014

in Applications

2014-06-23 21.10.23Sony has updated the Lifelog application moving the build number from 1.0.A.1.8 to 2.0.A.0.12. As can be seen by the big change in version number, this is a reasonable update to the Lifelog app adding activity recognition with transportation & bicycle and the ability to change activity type. Both of these features are exclusive to Sony Xperia devices only.

Other changes include the introduction of male and female avatars, the ability to delete single activities as well as customising (show/hide) activity boxes in the dashboard. If you’ve updated let us know how you are getting on in the comments below.

2014-06-23 21.10.23 2014-06-23 21.11.22

Thanks Gavin and Rimas!

  • SU

    If we don’t have the smartband, what we’ll get from this application ?

  • Kamil1308

    It will tell you how much time you spend it on facebook, music, youtube, how many pictures you have taken, tbh the band is only used for the walking ( counting the steps) that’s why i sent it back and just use the app on its own

  • mustafa

    i cant install it. error code 24 or something

  • jetztissenseman!

    Not sure but I think my Z2 doesn’t go into deep sleep since I updated Livelog.

  • Massimo Materassi

    The smartband is also very usefull for notification, smart alarm, and for control the music player

  • kutaytopac

    will it come to other android devices?

  • Burk

    Been using this app for a while but I’m not sure how to set up for sleeping.. Anyone know??

  • Tech Gospel

    I wish they would allow for step counting from the phone (like Walkmate did), or SmartWatch2 (it does have a motion sensor as well) aside from just the Smartband.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    To set it automatically select the smartband on your drop down menu, then select settings. There you will be able to set it automatically, it’ll use movements to try and detect when you really are sleeping or when you wake up.

    I set it manually every night before I got to sleep. You can do that by simply holding the button down will it vibrates and the LED’s flash. Night Mode will be shown by having the lights blink both outside together then inside then outside. Day Mode lights will simply light up from one side to the other.

  • DStyle

    Bought this SmartBand a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I’m able to track my daily activities and it works the way as mentioned.

  • Kamil1308

    Didn’t work for me as much. Don’t know if it was because of my phone z1 but it kept disconnecting. Only thing that really worked for me with the band was the changing of the music but that wasn’t always, I am not going to bay 80 euro just for that feature. Smart watch comes in more useful

  • Kamil1308

    Ya me too it would be perfect then, but i guess no one would be buying the bands then. I wouldn’t be surprise if they would allow for this maybe in a year time or something like that.

  • DR

    Yeah I think I’m having the same issue, my z2 dropped 20% battery over night since I updated?!

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  • churyl

    It works with the Xperia Z2 (you probably need to have a device which can count steps) :-) The latest LifeLog app with Xperia Z2 counts steps and measure other transport activities like public transport and walking (I tested both). And it works fine, but you need to have a phone with you. Anyway, the band allows you to monitor activity without a phone, because it has internal memory for about one hour of activity. It also monitors your sleep and informs you about incoming call, messages, etc. And it supports “intelligent” alarms and allows you to control music player. But I would by it, if it monitored heartbeat rate (and another health stats) continuously.

  • Arthur Simon

    I knew that a female avatar was coming.

  • Hhimesh

    Will you Trade your MacBook Air with Surface Pro 3 for $650?

  • Kamil1308

    Agree The heartbeat rate monitor would be a really good idea. Maybe they will apply it in the next Smartband. I would definitely buy it again then

  • Rene Pedroso

    LifeLog should be on the Smartwatch 2

  • Todimu

    The update brings along some krazy battery drain issues. Lifelog stops stamina mode from working. Hope they release a fix for it…else the smartband is gon be pretty useless cos you would have people like me deactivate logging

  • Peter

    Don’t buy the smart band. It is incredibly inaccurate. We’re talking 30-40% difference between Sony and other leading products ( fitbit, jawbone etc. ). In tests it showed ~24000 steps while the others reported ~18000 correctly. This is just too inaccurate to be even remotely useful.

  • Hassan_29

    dose smartband work in Z1 or not yet.I am from middle east and i went to sony world and they told me it is not compatible with Z1.

  • Christian Alfonso Sanchez Mazu

    Anyone know with the new update, how to change the activity in the application? and not wait for this to be so automatic?..

  • Do not upgrade from Lifelog v1 to v2. v2 keeps the phone awake for 24/7 and avoids entering stamina mode, eating up the battery.

  • This is strange because all official reviews state that SmartBand counts ~10% less than real number of steps.

  • Spectre51

    Yes it works with the Z1. Using it currently with that device.

  • chunkeewong

    Updated and uninstalled… Serious battery draining

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  • burgz

    I have Xperia Z2. the steps and walking is great. but my transportation logged into the cycling activities. LoL

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  • My lifelog app does not have the ability to log features like “transportation” “cycling” etc
    I have also updated the application to the latest version. This is a screenshot

  • Louise Ericsater

    The biking feature is a hit and miss. 9/10 times so far it has logged biking either as driving or walking. I wonder how it determines if you are biking fast or driving slow? Inaccurate and quite irritating when I bike to meetings just to get higher activity on the lifelog…

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