New Xperia V update (9.2.A.2.5) has been released

by XB on 26th June 2014

in Firmware, Xperia V

Screenshot_2014-06-26-14-33-24Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for the Xperia V (LT25i) in the form of build number 9.2.A.2.5. According to Sony’s official change log, the update brings an enhanced user experience, improved battery life as well as software performance improvements.

Users haven’t noticed many changes with the new Android 4.3 firmware, although some are reporting that the camera is taking longer to load. If you’ve downloaded the new update, let us know your thoughts below.


Thanks Stefan!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, wonder if that was there way of telling. NO kitkat for Xperia V?

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  • XV user

    We dont need jelly bean..we want kitkat 4.4.3 now..

  • Sebastian Rank

    Released in Germany, too :D:D:D

  • rj

    I’m having the same issue with the camera. It has some flickering lines. Please fix it SONY

  • lon

    My movie, walkman app it’s back to the previous version, it is normal in this update???

  • rj

    same here

  • Sepehr Estaki


  • Sepehr Estaki

    And there is still the “bib bib bib bib” sound when lens focusing on video record!

  • Sam Albalushi

    Sony please fix kitkat big in zr

  • Caio Faria

    I hope Sony fix the bug of recording in Full HD on Xperia T and flashing blue screen :/

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  • xperiaDROID

    How about Android L 5.0? :P

  • xperiaDROID

    Maybe it will jump straight to Android L 5.0, who knows?

  • Jonas

    Anyone else experiencing a bug in chrome? My xv show some black flickers when scrolling landscape

  • Abdul Ghani

    any problems go here
    xperiablog is for blogs this is not official sony

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  • Uqix

    Indonesia here. I got the update notification too. But I’m still afraid to do the update.
    Can somebody tell me whether it’s wort updating or not?

  • hm88

    anyone has delayed notification on xperia z1? and what is the solution ? plz!!

  • Omar Hesham

    i have the same problem, if u mean i have to power up the screen then all notifications from whats app and fb pop out at once

  • honglong1976

    Please for the love of God, Sony, update Xperia L to 4.3

  • Androdi

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  • zam

    camera already slow, hope it is fixed in this update.

  • Saeed

    new firmware for z1 z1c zu 14.4.A.0.108 certificated

  • ShinOrochiX

    I’m surprised Sony still updates this phone! Probably last though.

  • Fact

    you should go to this page too for sucking Sony’s Dick, idiot!

  • Abdul Ghani

    Why did Sony fucked your mom and raped you with her

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    He’s right… Why to comment here when you have direct link to Sony…. This is a blog for views, not Complaints !!!!

  • sss

    kit kat fo xperia V?? When sony??

  • Abdul Ghani

    I see people crying and complaining like babies so I just show the link to complain there What’s wrong with that read all comments u will know what I mean

  • pixlas

    Hey dude- That is stamina mode. The batery saving feature that turns of your data traffic if you are no using the phone. Go to Settings – power management ( might be called something else) and select which apps should be excluded in your power saving scheme.

  • Anon

    Wow thats great! But why XperiaBlog is not noticing this? ;(
    They’re late!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    @XperiaBlog:disqus pls flag and/or delete such kinds of comments and block this fellow too!

  • Fact

    So, the same applies to complains you have done on this page xD

  • SonyCEO

    Under Investigation but.. Never.

  • LetItBe

    In that sense you should never discus politics, art or any sort of thing you can’t directly change or adress. It’s just for conversation you know, people also send complaints to official site. Here you just share your frustration (or any other feelings/comments) with fellow users. So when somebody says “For the love of God Sony!! Do this, do that.” They are not actually talking to XperiaBlog to do that. You may not like it but there’s a button for that. Also when I search for some sony device this site comes before support forum so here you can have a more honest review by reading comments. Why do you want to limit people, why does everything has to be in some kind of order? Long live diversity XD Freedooooom!

  • Sepehr Estaki

    And really what sony can do really with 6mg file?!

  • puestadelsol

    Does anyone know, if this update includes Anti-motion blur or Handheld twilight scenes in manual camera mode? I’m thinking about buying an Xperia V, that’s why I’m asking.

  • Abdul Ghani

    lol you think making fun of sony with memes is complain lol noob get a life or do better

  • Takashi Fujiwara

    If you don’t know how to behave, don’t live in community.

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  • Pingback: New Xperia V update (9.2.A.2.5) has been released | Xperia Blog | smartphones14()

  • Abdul Ghani

    so you think showing people to go and tell sony whatever complains they have is wrong

  • Abdul Ghani

    and do you know that xperia blog is for information not for complains and problems

  • rikimaru

    Personally I got it and my camera work like a charm.

  • vishnu

    We dont need jelly bean..we want kitkat 4.4.3 now.. plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss update

  • Rain_Broker

    Maybe he actually wants to read relevant comments instead of 100 idiots posting out of their ass

  • Irrelevant

    Maybe you should ask them instead of posting on this private blog

  • Irrelevant

    Maybe you should tell Sony instead of posting on this private blog

  • Actman

    Hello. I’ve updated this 2.5 and thanks to SONY for fixing the camera bug. And right now I’ll consider this as a bug free update. Credit goes to SONY.

  • Ahmad Zarief

    no way

  • Sepehr Estaki


  • Steve Pony

    Why are your surprised please??? I bought this phone shortly after it was released in Germany 1 year 3 months ago and paid about USD 600. So THERE HAVE TO COME some updates.

    But, by the way: I didn’t get sh*** yet. Still using 4.1 and no update available. I even called Sony and they couldn’t help me. Wtf? My first and last Sony and maybe even Android phone. So annoying!

  • Gutt Grinder

    Wait?!! So the annoying ticking (Frog like sound) from the camera is still there?? LOL..

    I think I’ll pass for this update since I noticed the previous one had greatly improved the battery life but messed up the camera (when taking vids) big time…

    I’ll be patient and wait for a real fix.. (or waiting for the Z2 to drop its price.. hahaha)

  • cpu

    Moin Steve, dies war auch das erste Update, dass ich in den letzten 15-18 Monaten angezeigt bekommen habe. Alle anderen Updates sind komplett an mir (bzw. meinem Xperia V) vorbeigerauscht.

    Allerdings kam das Update nicht direkt auf’s Handy, sondern per PC-Software. Vielleicht hilft das ja.

    Erfahrungen: Einige neue Funktionen im Vergleich zu 4.1, insb. die allgemeinen Android-Funktionen. Akkuverbrauch kann ich noch nix zu sagen. Allerdings habe ich das Gefühl, dass mein GPSFix nun deutlich länger dauert als vorher. Und mein WLAN verbindet sich nur noch, wenn Bluetooth ausgeschaltet ist…

  • Steve Pony

    @cpu, hmm, you’re right. This update is shown up finally for me. I didn’t even try after having checked for updates 1000x the last few months. It’s even shown on the phone itself…

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  • gayashan
  • tfbiky

    Why are you the only one who does not have any problems with camera? In many other blogs you can read, that the focussound in videos and green flickering is still there. did you a complete reset.

  • Actman

    Yes after I upgraded it, I do a repair via pc comp (full format).

  • CrisStrong

    I just got the notification today. Will check of any improvements.

  • yuskhayru

    need to fix camera, still buggy and ugly as shit!

  • Niimayi

    first,sry 4 my bad English!
    guys,any update from sony, will have bugs until Ericsson came back to Sony! come on, use some custom roms! but if u like to experience this rom,at least go to!
    in 9.2.A.1.210 or any other 4.3 for Xperia V,sometimes when u want 2 answer the call,touch disabled! so u couldnt answer the call ! did anybody faced this ?!

  • Kevin Shaji

    installation failed

  • sachinth

    They never will :P It’s an outdated phone :3

  • Wac?aw

    When Android 4.3 Central Europe for xperia v? I still have no update from 4.1.2

  • Tadu

    Please fix the problem with the camera in Xperia V. Its been showing blurry images since i have updated it to jelly bean and i have the latest firmware on my phone.

  • tfbiky

    I upgraded to 4.3. No green flickering anymore, but autofocus sound in video is still there. I did no complete reset.
    Actman, are you sure, there is noch autofocus sound in video after doing a repair?
    Speed is good and batterie runtime seams to be better than before with 4.1.2.

  • Akuma

    Is this even a reliable source? Haha I doubt that

  • tfbiky

    Did a repair and still have autofocus sound in videos. no difference if nfc or wlan are on or off. still buggy. but overall the last update seams to run really good.

  • Uncle Cop

    Update update update… My Xperia V works good without problems on my current version. Why risk updating something that already works?

  • Artchielle Real

    Where is the screen shot? Why it doesn’t show whenever i long press the lock button ? All i can see are ; power off, airplane mode.. And sounds button. WHERE IS THE SCREEN SHOT ? I

  • kim

    yeees!!! where is the screen shot?

  • kim

    sony V Where is the screen shot? on version 9.2.A.2.5 Why it doesn’t show whenever i long press the lock button ? All i can see are ; power off, airplane mode.. And sounds button. WHERE IS THE SCREEN SHOT?

  • Immanuel Mugambi

    Updating my sony xperia v to 4.3 the camera takes long to load and why is it that all the time you keep updating albums, movies and walkman why cant you just update the xperia v to 4.4 kitkat at once ?

  • sima

    I hope Sony fix the bug of recording in Full HD on Xperia T and flashing blue screen :/

  • sima

    Please for the love of God, Sony, update Xperia L

  • Esther Sunnex

    I just got the software update and now my whole phone is in Chinese :(
    Not happy!

  • dark son popoy

    got my xperia v updated to latest firmware and everything got awesome! no bugs here.

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