Vodafone Germany screenshot points to Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact launch

by XB on 8th July 2014

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w640The screenshot you see below has been supposedly taken from the internal staff Vodafone Germany website detailing a promotion being run in Vodafone stores until the end of September.

It shows how many points staff can accrue by selling certain smartphones, for example 1 point for Samsung phones and 1.5 points for Sony and HTC smartphones. We imagine Vodafone Deutschland is offering less points for Samsung phones as they are more popular*.

You will notice that within the brief there is the “Xperia Z3” and “Xperia Z3 Compact” listed. Given that this information has been allegedly taken from Vodafone Germany, you would expect them to have a good idea on what the future flagship handset will be called.

The fact that the promotion runs until 30 September suggests that both models should be available prior to the end of September. Could we see an immediate launch after IFA 2014, which finishes on 10 September? You never know, but it would be great to see quick launch.


Via Caschys Blog.

Thanks Zymo!

*With the less-informed consumer!

  • RHBH

    That’s why I decided to upgrade my desktop instead of selling my Z1 and buying a Z2!

    Z3 released shortly after Z2.

  • the_black_dragon

    Shortly? 6 Months… also betweet Z1 and Z2 there was a 6 months time…

  • jmaxim917

    The Z3 will probably be released in Europe about the same time the Z2 is released in the US. Good work Sony.

  • Patrol619

    And that was shortly..

  • Faisal Alqarni

    I hope xperia Z3 have camera 30MP with new sensor

  • Thiolo

    hope z3 comes with Windows OS., for the Z2 to survive

  • Tjaldid

    Not until Windows 9 atleast

  • Jarrod

    But thats the new proposed cycle. Apparently Samsung and HTC are considering changing. If you bought the z2 and are happy with it just because a new one comes out 6 months later doesn’t make the z2 any worse of a phone.

  • ryq24

    I think Z3 target market are those that owned the 1st Z who want to upgrade their phone. But I hope this news is fake coz there will be a lot of angry People who just bought the Z2.

  • Just bought the Z2 and I’m not angry at all, I’m very sure I’ll enjoy the Z2 to the max for the coming 2yrs. Come on … all of us know the flagship cycle is 6 months. Yup my wife uses a Z up to this day and will most likely get the Z3.

  • $#!+

    dreaming….wake up!!! :P

  • Mizmo

    Sony has been releasing every 6 month a new flagship at least since 2011
    Xperia Arc, Xperia Arc S -> Xperia T -> Xperia Z -> Xperia Z1 -> Xperia Z2 -> Xperia Z3
    + x special models for different markets….

  • HardyHarHar

    This is impossible. Snapdragon 801 has a maximum capacity of 21mp sensor. Wait for those upcoming 64bit processors of qualcomm if you want more megapixels then cause I think they support up to 50mp+

  • xConjo

    I guess you missed Xperia S between T and Arc S…

  • thumble

    I will wait lets see what sony brings to the table at the IFA in Berlin next mounth iam mow on the Philipines in cebu my wife is from here we beem here since the first of july and i have taken already pictures and videos for over 7 gigs with my xz2 i was bourgth a 128 gigabyte sd card slot before we left norway the only thing i can say about my xz2 is that the phone is moore then excellent that will be a very hard decision to leave that phone when sony release its new flagship some time in september i will only buy the z3 if sony does something with the internal storage i must be atleast 32 gigs and 3 gigs of ram

  • i am glad i skipped the z2 i wasn’t a fan of the matte black plastic frame at the front with uneven texture or the purple blueish frame

  • Mac

    Rest in peace Xperia S, AcroS and ion..

  • Ritwij

    Snapdragon 805 supports upto 50 MP :) maybe Z3 has Snapdragon 805. Who knows?

  • Mahinthan So

    MP are nothing… I wish it has RAW shooting..

  • Mahinthan So

    Android is the reason i buy phones

  • Mahinthan So

    I will consider my next phone when i feel my phone is slow for what i do.. currently with ZR I’m happy..

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  • Mark

    I don’t know how they expect you to keep up with the latest phones when contracts typically last for 24 months. I’d like to upgrade but I’m stuck with the Z until March.

  • Tangent Lin

    Oh yeah~! I’m from Arc s to TX then to Z3.. Buy Sony phone every 3 cycle..

  • Lunkz

    I wish better Lenses and bigger Sensors.

  • Mahinthan So

    Me too.. But it will make the phone stockier..

  • roeshak

    Well there was no point waiting for the z3 as it would be pointless. I get my phones at the start of the year so the only thing I’d consider is the z4 which would probably have enough about it too make worth upgrading to. Z3 would probably be another early prototype of the z4 which the z1 was to the z2. Didn’t make that mistake then, certainly not gonna make it now lol. 2015 it is for me and no sooner

  • Mizmo

    Oops yes, how could I….we still have 2 Xperia S ;)

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  • the_black_dragon

    Okay… and Sony is a bad manufacturer because you can only walk around and say “look here, i have the best phone on the market” for just 6 Months? :D
    Made my day… I’m totally happy with my Z1 and it didn’t get worst just because of the Z2 release…
    I(!) decide if it is worth to change after 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months and so on….And if I’m unhappy with my phone i don’t have to wait another year because all the other just release their new flagship phones in Spring…

  • Buican Alexandru

    and in march you might get the z4 , just saying . The Z is a great phone . I have a z1 and have no plan to upgrade at least for another year . It is a great phone and the z2 has only a few updates and if i want and have the time i could get the 4k and everything else on the z1 as well so , no reason to upgrade for now .

  • Buican Alexandru

    or just give her your z2 and get the z3 for yourself :D

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