New update (17.1.2.A.0.323) certified for the Xperia Z2

by XB on 4th August 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2_17.1.2.A.0.323A new firmware update has been certified by the PTCRB for the Xperia Z2. Build number 17.1.2.A.0.323 looks like a small update, perhaps a bug/security fix, over the current build (17.1.2.A.0.314). The wait for Android 4.4.4 KitKat is set to continue for a little longer then. We’ll let you know once this new build lands.

Xperia Z2_17.1.2.A.0.323

  • Dyaa Ibrahim

    ? ? ?

  • Niek van Rijswijk

    I seriously hope this finnaly fixes all the voice quality issues aswell as the speaker issues

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    But still can’t get update 17.1.2.A.0.314 generic UK… They should notice us reason WHY.. :(
    Is it their convention? No body(Who work in Sony mobile branch UK) pointed out chronic problem!

  • Constantine

    You will get it with next update, most probably.

  • sQueezedhe

    Just got 314 the other night. (UK on 3).

    Tablet not updated recently.

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  • Pek

    no love for 6543? :(

  • Ray

    That awkward moment when Z1 already has 4.4.4

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    In 3, 2, 1

  • Yehaa Afandy

    I hope they add Move app to external Card

  • les

    the current 314. fw drains battery on my z2 a lot than older fws! Or is it just me :l

  • Jan


    Just like a bad joke… ;)

  • GeeksEmpire

    app to Ext-Card

  • roeshak

    Not really interested in anykitkat software update that doesn’t improve camera performance. What’s the difference between 4.4.2 and 4.4.4? Nothing! Just fixes from Google. The next software update to look forward to is android L and that probably won’t be due until next year. Sony will most likely keep any new software enhancements they make for the release of z3 in September. There’s almost no difference in hardware between z2 and z3 so most changes will be software based. They’ll probably come up with something lame like oh we can’t give the z2 all the goodies of the z3 because it’s cpu is clocked lower by 0.2ghz or maybe it’s aluminum frame isn’t rounded enough.
    The momentum they gained after the release of the Z has all but drained away now. They’re falling further behind Samsung, apple and LG. Shipments and sales have been down two quarters in a row and I don’t see that changing if they continue this way.
    For a company that’s looking to climb back up the ladder, they’re doing way too much stretching limited resources and so no device they release ever gets enough attention and that’s both before and after launch.
    They need to scale down considerably and focus their attention and resources on a narrower range.

  • HardyHarHar

    Where’s my Sony Ericsson T30i update? God! I’ve been waiting for it for almost 2 decades now.

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  • Loizos Aristides

    I’m tired of all you “brace yourselfs” guys…
    Just cause u have a newer/better phone and already got the 4.4 update it doesn’t mean you have to complain when someone else asks for it too.
    Sony has lied to us in the past, especially for the Xperia SP which has more than enough power to handle the kitkat.
    So stop.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Stop? lol Its you guys who need to stop, on each and EVERY post here!

    See an article about SP? – Comment there about the update.
    See an article about Z/Z1/Z2 getting update – NO! STOP BEING AN ASS AND RUINING IT FOR OTHERS!

    SP has enough power to handle kitkat? I’ve heard it lags even on 4.3

  • Loizos Aristides

    I personally have never complained about the 4.4 on this site..
    And the reason people say 4.3 lags it’s because they want the 4.4…
    And bad ass? Lol. Just face it, the SP deserves it.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    SP deserves it, just as much as T, TX and V. But crying on a fan site won’t change anything. Mail Sony about it maybe, or run some campaigns. How about a candle march? Just stop crying.

  • azzido

    .314 drains mty battery much more too! It is not able to last a day now :( Sony what did you do to Z2 battery? :( :( :(

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  • thanks for sharing buddy

  • Yeah, I dunno what everyone is going nutters for.
    I got a Z2 on 4.4.2 and I’m totally fine with that. If Android L where out for months, and I was still behind, then I’d have a problem. Realistically speaking, what’s 4.4.4 going to do to my Z2 that it can’t already do? Nothing really groundbreaking. I think people just need to chill and be happy with what they got.

  • Kaloyskie

    I previously had Xperia Acro S. It really does disappoint me that they have stop the software support. My solution? I bought Xperia Z2. It’s a matter of pouring another glass of fresh milk than crying over spilled one. No offense guys, just my opinion.

  • Matt

    I am losing over 10% an hour in standby mode with the screen off on .314. I was having the issue in .402 as well though so it may not be completely related.

  • Stanley08

    Factory reset and follow my thread here :)

  • Stanley08

    Already fixed on .314. No call issues now.

  • matt

    I want an update on the camera. Why commercial on 20,7 mp, when you can’t use it with auto mode? You have to decrease resolution to 8mp, to be able to use auto mode or scene selection in manual mode. I want an update on the camera.

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  • Loizos Aristides

    Not even crying bro…and it’s actually the 1st time I post here.
    Sony is not replying on twitter and there’s already a petition with over 11k ppl…

  • Ramvivek

    Hi…my xperia z2 battery too drains faster after the update …what to do????????

  • thumble

    I read that article in the xda forum and i agree this really helps to extent the batterylife for many xz2 users it is very usefull guide for many xperia users i can only recomand you the read this article very good instad of complain about the phone

  • ishu

    is it available in India?? m still stuck with .314
    battery is draining too fast.

  • Concerned Nigerian

    it’s for vodaphone uk just rolled out today

  • Stanley08

    Cheers mate! :)

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  • anonymous

    Xperia Z2 another abandoned flagship phone just 6mos… Very consistent of Sony

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