What’s New application update (1.2.A.0.2) brings slight UI changes

by XB on 7th August 2014

in Applications

What's New_1.2.A.0.2_3The What’s New app is currently receiving an update where the build number moves from 1.1.A.0.0 to 1.2.A.0.2. The design of the detailed view has been updated to improve discovery. The other main change includes the addition of price and platform information around PlayStation content. The What’s New app recommends content from Sony, allowing you to keep up with the latest music, films, apps and games.

What's New_1.2.A.0.2_1 What's New_1.2.A.0.2_3

What's New_1.2.A.0.2_4 What's New_1.2.A.0.2_5

What's New_1.2.A.0.2_6

Thanks Dwight!

  • Marinko Agic

    Where is link for download?

  • jumbo3220

    Sony be like , we should kill PSM for xperia but have to keep PS store access in new whats new update xD

  • Yasmin Burrows


  • Giannikosmo

    What an irony! While Sony doesn’t support Playstation mobile they add to the what’s new update information about Playstation content…

  • Jiyeon90

    wtf sony, where’s my xperia s android L update??!!!
    manner up please

  • Luca

    Can i get the apk for Xperia SP?

  • people call these things bloat i honesty don’t i enjoy all extra apps sony gave like file commander best file manager application

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I am really wondering why don’t I receive any app updates :. My Sketch app and Movie maker did not get the update yet and it was released weeks ago. Can we get the apk file please =)

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  • Ali Alkhazal

    It directs you to Playstation store web site

  • JanM RS

    could you please upload apk?

  • Mohammed Khired

    Astro manager is better :P

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  • Mehdi Moghimi

    on Z with 4.4.2 usa and root = not installed

    why ???

    download link : http://d-h.st/kzz

  • zaid

    does it work on android 4.3 (xperia sp) or any one get it for 4.3

  • Fail

    Installation of this app didn’t work on T2 ultra dual!!

  • Deki

    Still nothing received on Z1…

  • Gerardo Muñoz

    Links please, I don’t like the shortcut on the home button, wish can be disabled :l

  • bao trung giang

    Me too

  • Tech Gospel

    I absolutely hate that I can’t remove or even disable this app from the Home Button gesture.

  • ladams888

    I, too, loathe it. I do not watch films on my phone – neither do I download music. We should be given the option to disable it. I asked Sony how to disable it and they replied that you can’t as it’s part of the Firmware. Google Search is also part of the Firmware, although that can be disabled. So I have now disabled Google Search (even though I like it) and that has removed What’s New from the long press on Home button. If they gave us the option to disable What’s New, then I will enable Google Search once more.

  • SinaKing

    Here Is the APK File Guys :


    Please Make it Public ;)

  • Noven

    Why Xperia Z not have this

  • ashishxperiaromea

    This app isnt available for Xperia Z somehow :/

  • ebola

    Sony Select, Xperia Lounge and What’s New …that’s so confused.

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  • SinaKing

    It’s not working on Xperia Z1 ( C6903 ) With Android 4.4.4 Non-Rooted Guys …

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  • +Ulfbert+h

    No its very simple, all 3 are useless and can be disregarded.

  • PBZ1

    WTF Sony!?? – “Sony Select”, “Xperia Lounge”, now “What’s New” !!? How do I get rid of What’s New? – you can’t disable it – I have managed to disable the previous two…

  • yeah sounds great, Now how can we remove this app if ‘we’ don’t want it?

  • I consider it bloatware when they don’t give owners the option to remove or disable it.
    That makes this bloatware.

  • …but can’t be removed :(

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