Xperia M2 Aqua announced; 4.8-inch waterproof mid-range handset

by XB on 19th August 2014

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wpid-wp-1408436920855.jpegSony has unveiled the Xperia M2 Aqua (D2403, D2406), which as the name suggests is a waterproof version of the Xperia M2. The handset is one of the most dust and water resistant phones that Sony has produced with an IP certification rating 65/68. This is the maximum it can be.

The 4G LTE handset comes with a 4.8-inch qHD 540 x 960 screen (230 PPI pixel density), 8MP Exmor RS camera and 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 chipset with Adreno 305 graphics. It also has 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, NFC, Bluetooth and a 2330 mAh battery.

The Xperia M2 Aqua weighs 149 grams and has dimensions of 140 x 72 x 8.6 mm. The handset will be released from Autumn 2014 to select markets in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Xperia M2 Aqua white paper

Xperia M2 Aqua promo videos

Xperia M2 Aqua press photos





Via Sony Mobile Blog and Sony Developer World.

  • oohhhh, nice :)

  • Armaan

    Its time Sony should change its Design Language
    Although Omni Balance Is Also Supercool but they should move on to more perfections

  • Ambroos

    Available from this fall, pricing in Netherlands will be €249.

  • is that rose gold?

  • xperiaDROID

    Sony should’ve made the original M2 waterproof instead of releasing another variant with just a minor difference. Don’t follow the Samsung way, Sony.

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Waterproof/Resitance Xperia Go/Z2 + Desgin/camera Xperia M2 +
    Screen res Xperia X8 +LG G3…
    Ho-Ho-Ho-Horrible Pixiel 540×960! (Sry my bad english, Also I am Xperia SP user.)
    But…This waterproof IP 68 is damn too high expensive price, awesome BUT….sucks pixiel res…Same as like LG G3

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Nope, It’s Bronze color.

  • mlt

    According to Sony’s product site, this phone has metal frame and ceramic matte back panel. That should be in the article! :-)

  • John

    This is how Sony waste their space.. they can increase
    screen size

  • mtl

    Sorry, my bad. The frame is actually metallic and that’s quite a difference. :-)

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  • Eduardo Otero

    Come on!!!!!!
    It’s just a little down the average, specially if you remember the Xperia Go that had 240×320 (I’m also an Xperia SP user) I haven’t seen that screen on action yet, but I’m pretty sure most of the users won’t see any clear diference between 480×854, this 540×960 and our 720×1280 screens.

  • Eduardo Otero

    There’re reasons to have that space besides wrong desing…

  • PG

    Why to increase the size? 4.8 is enough and if they use above space phone design will look awful(Like Samsung phones) IMO

  • Alfino Setya

    According to GSMarena, It uses IPS LCD, is it true?

  • Eduardo Otero

    It’s clearly that Sony needed to have a low cost phone (M2) to compete Moto G and a waterproof midrange phone (M2 Aqua) for all who can’t buy an Z, Z1 or Z2

  • wim den boer

    Reasonable price

  • Felipe Pimenta

    The thing is: at its price point and specs, the M2 is already a lost battle against the Moto G

  • AXBiC

    XZ is at 299 €, until the M2A will be release, it will at the same price, for a bigger screen with the same size, a higher resolution, a bigger RAM, a better CPU and bigger storage :)

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Inside of it is the 2330 mAh battery in a slim profile. Without those spaces, you can already compromise the battery capacity.

  • xperiaDROID

    There are no other reasons, it’s not an aluminium made phone for antenna or a phone with front facing speakers. I think it’s because of the Omnibalance design.

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  • xperiaDROID

    Why the Huawei Ascend P7 can be fitted with a 2500mAh battery inside? It’s 6.5mm thin, 5 inch screen, with thinner bezels than the M2 and Z2.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Well my POV is, 1. It is abiding the Sony Omnibalance statement, and 2. The design of the internals which gives better thermal capacity to the phone. It is thicker than the P7 due to its camera module placed in the middle part (beneath the screen).

  • Shams Hamdulay

    At last a mid range waterproof xperia smartphone after xperia go…… It was a long wait…….

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    ^Yeah you’re right.
    But i should wait for Z3 Compact, it seem be better 4,6″ and 720p or 1080p has waterproof… (Unknown 1080p or 720p, but Wait until to see Berlin IFA)

  • Tjaldid

    This could have been Sony’s chance of going up against the Moto G but oh well

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  • Raymond De Guzman

    qHD IPS display? Same as LG G2 mini’s screen. I’d take this anytime of the day over the G2 mini.

  • johnylim

    WRONG! Xperia Go 320×480 .
    And there is clear difference between 480×854 vs 540 x960 on 4.5″ above phones

  • doraemonboi

    you do know that Z2 has a 3200 mAh battery and water proof am I right?

  • johnylim

    But these M2 screen far better than XSP.
    I own XSP and compare it to my friends XM2 , M2 has better colour, more punchy, real white and good sharpness

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    Boom…Bronze color has been removed.

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  • xperiaDROID

    Oops, sorry about that. Yeah, I’m talking about the M2.

  • Hamza

    Just look at HTC Butterfly 2 . It is a beast you will forget M2 :D

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  • techielover

    Whats the point of spending so much money on this phone development after all it has only mediocre specs when people already craving for high end hardware and on top of that making it sell at premium price lol!!

  • Naos

    Rather low-range. With this screen it can’t even compete with Moto G.

  • Remsi

    Xperia ZL best frame, ever.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Damn, why not HD?! They keep releasing all those “almost Xperia V” phones, and then they complain that their mid-range sector is not performing well. It is sad =(

  • Jerry Berglund

    great to have those spaces so that you can hold the phone without getting the fingers over the screen.

  • Nikola Maruni?

    Now Sony will have hundreds of old M2 owners return their device because it doesn’t work anymore because they went swimming with it! It does say M2 is waterproof now!

    Ok I know only idiots will do this!

  • Timbo1

    Sony has been following Samsung’s ways for a while now by just throwing out a ton of different models and seeing what sticks and they wonder why mobile division is down.

  • SopNaw

    That’s cool… A mid-range phone with the waterproofing capabilities since the Acro S. But I think, some users of Xperia M2 (non-waterproof Version) will not be very happy… I think it’s a bad idea to have released this version of the Xperia M2, it’s a little too late for those who bought the non-waterproof version.

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  • gunboat_d

    must be nice to have opinions and ideas unburdened by any knowledge of manufacturing and design. Industrial design is a little more than photoshopping an existing product and saying “dat bezel, lol!!1!”

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  • you mad bro?

    another annoying smart phone from soshit

  • aman nankani

    Or they can just add a LED bar like SP in it..then it would not look like a waste..and will attract customers also..

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  • shanefalco

    ridicolous product as the old m2!

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  • Fynjy7771

    Agreed, but no stereo speakers and water/dust protection. According to this i would say Xperia Z2 best frame ever.

  • Jake Lew

    1)That camera module is very small and taking bad quality .
    2) There is no front dual speaker .
    3) The bezel look as big as z2 to me ( even without 2 speaker )

  • Kunorishi

    IP 65/68, best waterproof mid range Smartphone. Is even better than the Z line in terms of IP rating.

  • Naos

    Sony should finally decide whether they want to compete with Apple or with Samsung

  • Mike

    GREAT another unit that is of no use to half of the US…better get your act together SONY otherwise i’m going Shamu on you.

  • John Zakaria

    I am surprised to find the device IP68
    lets expect the speaker to be lower
    And how can a midrange device have more proofing that the HighEnd one ?!

  • DrazenDodig

    people forget that most users buy phones on contract… M2 and T3 are very affordable on contract in Europe and very competitive vs Samsung and HTC.

  • Nawi

    This is a Sony Smartphone!! =)
    Powerful and extremely beautiful

    Learn Z3, Z3 Compact

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Agreed, but having bezels is good to an extent. The Z1, Z2, and maybe even the the Z3 have large top and bottom bezels, that while shrink the sides, make it so much harder to reach the top and bottom of the phone for things like navigation buttons or the drop down menu.

    Plus, if Sony was as much of a genius as we all know they are capable of, they would’ve tried to fill those huge bezels with a stereo speaker or something else to justify having them there.

  • Max

    Hello sonysung!

  • AeronMcaerhon

    Say hello to Marketing Strategy .. =))

  • has sony given up on highend flagships?

  • Kim

    Z now a lot cheaper…still offer very good spec like 2gb ram & quad core…waterproof….

  • barbs

    yes.. a dual front facing speakers like in htc will do.. to maximize the space.. sony is capable of doing that.. like what they did on z2..

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Only food thing is that Sony is now pushing midrange IP certified devices, which is a good thing. Execution needs a bit of work

  • Mr..X

    as i know some things about mobile hardware,as the phone are becomming slimmer believe me screens are not getting slim drastically,so for the speaker and camera they have to leave space as all know the camera’s back part comes where the empty space is..
    for like they did in z2 there is still some space in the top and bottom…

  • yy

    so what? I dont really give a damn about it.. besides, 4-4.3″ is just perfect – Z1c forever !! :D

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m just I’d rather have a slightly thicker phone if it ment havung smaller bezels, especially if they curved the back like on the Xperia S

  • Kim

    Anyone notice that why sony always design mid & low end xperia phones with white bezel but those Z, Z1 & Z2 all black bezel ??

  • Clamser

    tightness and stereo speakers require, so not too blame Sony

    Otherwise efforts can be made for this

  • sid

    Resolution of this phone is repelling me away. Why Sony can’t give 720p screen when moto can give in moto g.

  • Danny

    Its a low-end smartphones, not mid-range. Waterproof is nice though.

  • kaostheory

    Maybe you could engineer their next phone. For waterproofing, the way the phone is constructed doesn’t allow for small bezels. The Z3 has a new process and should have a better ratio. Here’s hoping it has this new rating for waterproofing too!

  • Aron

    If only it had 2GB RAM… 1GB is the main bottleneck of the SP

  • Mido_Lion

    1.Samsung Phones are not awful.
    2. They could better add hardware buttons on this space.
    3.The Z2 bezels look really awful.
    4.Like Bruce Lee said rather get a phone with smaller bezels.
    4. Samsung and Apple are the only woh’s using till now hardware buttons, all the others are yousing now onscreen buttons only because tgey want to save money and make the phone with metal or glass.
    5. Samsung Note 4 rumors says that it has metal frame and at the same time also hardware buttons.
    And last: I am not a fan of Samsung and i saw many bad things on Samsung but i have to say the truth and i am using Sony Xperia Z.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Becoz Moto G doesn’t bear the “Android Modification” cost and so does the Nexus phone.

  • Jumbo

    Bah… why complain when this is a mid-range hand set? If this was a high end hand set, then I’m with you… so let it go dude. It’s not that bad looking really.

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  • phil g

    I wish Sony would have just released this instead of the M2. In my opinion, the less variants the better.

  • jag

    Soshit… haha! nice try.

  • well it’s quite a unique color :)

  • I think it’s purpose is for the phone’s durability. Phones with slim bezels like G3 is really quite fragile.

  • AKR

    Sony cannot compete with value offerings from Gionee and Xiaomi. It can only compete with great designs and user interface. But Sony needs to upgrade its so called mid-range phones from 1 GB to 2 GB to stay relevant and be in the race. Sony has become myopic to market trends and drastic changes to specs are required to survive.

  • Damon Adrian

    Top and bottom bezels aren’t important because you barely touch them

  • dan

    Hi sorry for the inconvenience, I entered on a competition to win a XperiaZ2Tablet from Mexico,can help me with a like?, I really want to win! :(
    (sorry for my english)

  • They are capable of this ! Come on Sony !!!

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  • Mohammed Khired

    what’s the name of this model ?

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  • Jaywalker

    Looks like the girl have a plate at her ears :D How big is big enough for a mobile? They should give us a bag to keep it. A Samsonite or something.

  • Jaywalker

    ERROR: “has a plate”

  • ghencea RO

    You don’t hold the phone putting your fingers on the screen while the screen is on. That’s no way to using a mobile. If the screen is on you work with it, do something, if you want to hold it or move it touching the screen just turn off the screen. The bezels are way too big.

  • master_boy_dn

    Why Sony didn’t release any midrange phone with 4.3 – 4.6″. They think everybody want big? -_-

  • Fabricio

    Just bought a week ago mine M2 single. Now,they did that. This is so boring. If i knew,i would wait. shame on you Sony.

  • Ziich

    as long as its bigger than the xperia z then i will not buy the z3. will sony ever make a flagship phone that doesn’t have bezels for days?

  • D.k. Sharma

    yes, Sony Xperia M2 Aqua for everyone : Good camera features,4G support and Long battery life.

  • zakarea durgham

    finally a sony phone makes me smile :)
    ilike m2 and now i adore it

  • Guest

    Sharp Aquos Crystal.

  • jonyah

    That was my first thought too. With 1gb of memory and 8Gb of storage, this qualifies as low end. Waterproof is great though and I’ve vowed to never buy another phone again that isn’t waterproof for anyone in my family. Between toilet drops and all the water sports we are into, I’m throwing money away on phones that can’t get wet.

  • Clamser

    Sony has an odd-looking, dedicated selfie camera on the way

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    it is actually the curved sensor that leaked before !!! :)

  • Parmod

    I am SFA of Sony we need to change our design and also improve mid range devices between 10k to 20k

  • Clamser

    I don’t know but it is possible to be !!!

  • jonyah

    There has to be some sort of bezel. I do touch them and it would be annoying to not be able to use the screen properly because another finger is accidentally touching the screen. They can be reduced sure, but not completely.

  • jonyah

    I don’t get this model. Put the camera back on the top with a small bezel and make the lower one smaller. Make them even at least so when I have it landscape I can hold it from either side without accidentally touching it. These phones are so thin now that holding just from the sides isn’t always optimal.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Well, not in Brazil. Moto G is selling like water here, because of the quality/specs vs price

    The M2 is more expensive than the Moto G, though, except for camera, it has worse specs in every way.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Beautiful phone sony. but please STOP RELEASING too many mid rangers if you’re not GOING TO UPDATE THEM

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  • arief budiman

    or fill those bezels with refrigerator

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  • Clamser

    classification power consumption of smartphones

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  • Geth Keen

    Still has better specs than the iPhone 6

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  • Arnout Guffens

    Does anyone knows a shockproof case for this phone? I don’t find one.. :(

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