Sony Style Cover SCR24 brings a window to your Xperia Z3

by XB on 5th September 2014

in Accessories, Xperia Z3 series

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_4Sony will launch the Style Cover SCR24 for the Xperia Z3, including a smart window function for the first time. The window allows you to quickly access your most important features without having to open the cover.

When you first use the case, the use of NFC allows you to select exactly which smart window apps and widgets you want to see. These will become visible and interactive when the case is closed (a magnetic sensor is used to determine when it is open/closed). This means you can read a message, start the camera or control music without opening the cover.

It is nice to see that the case has access to all ports, including the magnetic charging pins. This also means it can be used with the DK48 Magnetic Charging Dock. The case will come in four colours to match your Xperia Z3 (Black ,White, Copper and Turquoise). Expect it to arrive in time for the launch of the handset later this month.

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_1

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_5

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_6

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_7

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_2

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_3

Sony SCR24 Style Cover_4

  • Mike Gonzalez

    errrr… not feeling it at all, looks like a 3rd party case, i mean cheap and tacky design
    looking forward to the functionality tho

  • RbbrDcky

    The black Z3 with that copper case would be both elegant and classy! Can’t wait to lay on the table at the next meeting! iPhone who??

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    It looks disguisting even it offers more fuctionallity to the phone itself

    3rd cases are in line with samsung phones to hide their ugliness design, but not to Sony.

  • THOMPSON6135

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  • Nawi

    OMG!! That’s great =)

    Plese forgive me Z3 :(

  • AsadMulla

    water proof phone, water proof case???

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I was really hoping for Z2 ver of this case :(

  • wawash

    Pls dont tell me that its gonna cost $100 for just an accessory

  • sfordesign

    OMG!! SAMSUNG!!! :D

  • Christian

    I still prefer my xperia naked.. :-)

  • xili

    Personally, I don’t like the placement of the “window”, it should have been placed at the top instead of center like what Samsung/LG does

  • Sad Panda

    TBH, I’m having a hard time justifying getting the Z3 over the Note4…

    32GB internal storage VS 16GB internal storage…
    SD805 vs SD801..

    QHD VS FHD (debatable..)

    Haven’t seen the price yet but if it’s going to be close to each other obviously you’re gonna have more bang for your buck getting the Note4.

  • RbbrDcky

    The Note 4 will obviously be more expensive. I’m betting $100 more on contract. Also, the phone is bigger in every dimension (area, thickness, and weight), not even a little water-resistant, and who’s battery life rating is still a complete mystery! PLUS, T-Mobile has already confirmed 32GB version of Z3. Sooo Z3, FTW!

  • SalahE

    Could this be a optioneel for the Z1 or Z2?

  • thumbe

    I have already order the Z3 in black and togther with that case that is coole i was looking at many videos on you tube like from ifa when seeing the note 4/ edge and all the other phone what they can offer like galaxy note 4/ edge theire is to much gimmick on this phones and then the qhd screen it will only drain the battery pretty fast but the Z3 is much better and iam very satisfigth with the 1080 p sreen on my z2 have never hade any problems with that iam sure the z3 is gona be some of the best phones out there and you get value for money with z3 the note 4 / edge will cost alot moore and is no use to pay money for that gimmick you wont have use for that in every day life

  • Mac

    Nah not really..

  • zymo

    Note 4 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5 mm 176 g

    Xperia Z3: 146 x 72 x 7.3 mm 152 g

    The Note 4 is slightly bigger, but therefore it has a 0,5″ bigger display. If you like big phones/phablets (>5″) and are not a die-hard Sony fanboy then I would definitely buy the Note 4. You get more for your hard earned money, even though some features are just nice to have.

    QHD screen, SD805, 32GB ROM, 16MP OIS camera, front camera 3.7MP with f/1.9 aperture, IR-Blaster, UV-sensor, heart-rate sensor, finger-scanner, three microphones for better noise cancellation and of course the awesome S-PEN.

    And knowing that the Z4 is right around the corner (MWC 2015 feb/march) coming with a QHD screen, 64-bit SD810, new camera sensor, less bezel…the Z3 is imo DOA.
    Seeing the Z3, Z2 buyers will not regret their purchase, but that another story with the bump in specs coming with the Z4 (a real successor and not just a incremental update/”refresh”).

    Z3 Compact is clearly a different story. Currently there is no other device to compete with the Z3 except Z1. But it’s a pity it doesn’t have 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM. That’s my only complain.

  • zymo

    The Z4 will be released at MWC 2015 and won’t be just a refresh device, but a completely new one. I hope people buying Z3 won’t regret it in a few month.

  • DrKrFfXx


  • killuha

    Dear Xperia Blog, I wish a spambutton since recently spam comments began to rise on this site. Looks like its full with spam like soon.


  • bista

    Oh “knows when the cover is open or not”… like SCR10, right? That was a load of bull by XperiaBlog and I wasted my money on SCR10 for that feature and it didn’t even have that. I was so disappointed when I got it.

    Anyway, Z2 has been a disappointment for it’s crappy chassis. I got my Z2 May and it has all kinds of exterior problems. Loose flaps, uneven flaps, dislocated camera and worst of all loose magnetic port. It also has an screen that registers touchs when the screen is off while speaking on the phone. I need to send it to repairs already.

    Hopefully Z3 will be a huge improvement on build quality as Z2 wasn’t. I just think that it isn’t fair that they bring a new model called “Z3” to the market with the technically the same specs rather than fixing the problems Z2 is having. It just means that they can forget about software updates for Z2 sooner. I can already feel it that we get L update six months late and after that no updates and we end up with a 700EUR phone with crappy chassis and buggy software.

  • mosfett

    Samsung is all about the bloat, why would you even consider it if you have the Z3 option?

    I promisse you, you won’t notice any difference in terms of speed (even if Samsung got the higher hardware in this one), the Z3 is probably more optimized and clean (User friendly wise).

    And who want’s the Touchwiz, worst UI ever made.

  • Sia

    It looks fantastic to me! Personally that is the case I always expected from Sony, and now I will get it on my next Xperia.

  • Ringo

    Well since you are getting paid so well, too show you sincerity to us brothers why don’t you buys us each a Z3 to show you’re legit?

  • ahmed khan

    Green xperia z3 0_0

  • RbbrDcky

    You literally know nothing about the “Z4”

  • Aiden Pearce

    Right profile view gr8!!!!
    Left nahhh nt dat great… looks 3rd party cheap one…just give access to magnetic connector why cut out every where….

  • rvjaywaks

    Fuck you

  • zymo

    Insiders do. Like they knew about Z2 and Z3…

  • Sad Panda

    I have an XS which while performance is still pretty acceptable, the amount of RAM it carries isn’t. APPs are force closing on me almost every time due to insufficient RAM and this is getting quite abit annoying.

    The other annoying fact is that, lets face it, apps are getting bigger as time passes and technology progresses. 16GB internal storage is SO not gonna cut it if i were to get a phone now and expecting it to last for another 2 years. With the current official firmware on my XS, 2GB is partitioned for apps while the rest are partitioned as “internal storage”. The 2GB limit is really getting on my nerves as updates keep failing due to insufficient space!
    Speaking of which, does anyone knows if android phones with 32GB internal storage does have a larger app partition? Or for that matter, is there anyway to convert internal storage memory to app partition?

    The dilemma I’m facing right now. Is that I bought my XS on a 2 year contract which ended 2 months ago. Was eagerly waiting on the Z3 which, hardware wise, turned out to be quite a disappointment IMHO. And having to wait another 6 months living with my current XS hardware limitations is kind of a pain in the arse.. =.=

  • discbrake

    People who will buy the Z4 will regret buying it because the Z5 will just be around the corner too – IFA 2015 (September 2015). The cycle will go on forever. Just get the available smartphone if you want it and have the money and enjoy it. Sony is not forcing everybody to buy their latest and greatest on every single release.

  • Dan Vafidis

    what higher hardware ? it’s same specs, GS5 screen lags even more than sony’s

  • mosfett

    He was talking about Note 4.

  • Shakhawat Hossain

    Great job Sony ! It really helps to keep the phone clean from all those facial oil and sweat during a phone call. A Sony flip cover = Less phone cleaning + More functionality

  • zymo

    You clearly didn’t get my point. Sure, Sony is updating their Z-line flagship every 6 month, but the difference between Z2 and Z3 is marginal. Hearing from trusted insiders that the Z4 will be a completely new development (not just a refresh), like 64-bit S810 soc, QHD display, new 22MP camera sensor….buying the Z3 now would make me regret my decision by MWC 2015. I mean the difference will be huge.

  • jonyah

    As do I. Z2 with tempered glass on front. still in perfect condition and able to use in docks including my proclip car dock without any issues. I’d have gotten the wireless charging case if they had actually sold it though.

  • wumps13

    Maybe you can buy a brain than cause you are an idiot !

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    The deal breaker for me will be the QHD display.I like battery life more than a display pushing higher pixels that we wont even see or watching movies that are not optimize to QHD display. Oh..And theres the issue about the brighness..To push all those pixels,more battery power is needed so a larger heavier pack.As it is,Sunlight legibilty is terrible in everyphone nowadays,bar my now kaput XZ( CPU overload with ram eating messaging apps killed it).My XZ could be on full brightness and easily readable under direct sunlight.And still had the battery life for half day using mobile data.which I consider very good.So no QHD display I. A phone until power consumption is toned down.

  • Melfes Wired

    this case has a NFC tag, u must pair it with your Z3 first in order to use it

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    looks awkward

  • paul4id

    I wish they’d make a sturdy hardware keyboard cover/slide-out back accessory instead, and take power for this from the magnetic charge port (redesigned if necessary with this in mind)

  • vilun

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  • It’s a very nice feature, I’d really want to have for my ZU, too.
    But it all comes down to one question: The visible display part of the case: Does it have a simple cut-out or is there an actualy plastic window, that still protects the phone? If it is a simple cut-out the case is pretty much useless. (Other than the suggested wake-up function)

  • Kee Wong

    Also plans for older xperia z models en z1?

  • DrazenDodig

    Note 4 is a lot bigger than Z3, so no, I would not buy phone that large. It also has same battery size as Z3, despite large display and big resolution. QHD is also a negative feature since it spends too much battery. Note 4 is also supposed to be €150 more expensive unlocked in Europe.

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  • beny

    what about z3 compact ???

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    “32GB internal storage VS 16GB internal storage” – no one said that the international Z3 is 16gb only. US T-Mo customers get 32gb.

    “SD805 vs SD801” – SD801/FHD = SD805/QHD from what I’ve seen so far. I wish the Z3 had it too but in Anandtech’s experience, the lowest SD805 reference tablet showed little advantage in performance over the lowest clocked SD801 from the HTC One M8. Given that the SD805 was made for LTE Cat 6 support (which almost no one has) and QHD displays (QHD LCDs still suck at the moment), it probably would have been a waste of money to go for an marginally better chipset. The Note 4 with prerelease software couldn’t even beat older phones in synthetic benchmarks. Benchmarks don’t mean much but that’s still sort of embarrassing.

    “QHD VS FHD (debatable..)” – of course it’s debatable, dumbass. Sony aren’t gonna make the same mistake twice and adopt a higher screen resolution too early like LG did. What would you rather have? Class-leading brightness, performance and battery life from the Z3 or poor brightness, excessive heat, lag and poor to average battery life from the G3 or Find 7? Maybe we’ll see OLED Xperias next year at least.

    Comparing the new king of full size smartphones to the new king of phablets is silly. You want a ~5 inch smartphone? Get the Z3. You want a ~6 inch phablet? Get the Note 4. Simple.

    To be childish, Sony boasted 2 days of heavy usage WITHOUT Stamina mode, 3 days with Stamina mode and 1 week with Ultra Stamina mode. Samsung boasted 7% better endurance than the Note 3. So the Note 4 may actually perform worse than the older Z2. That’s kind of insulting to the world of phablets. I’d say the bang for your buck from either is about the same.

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  • mohammed

    does it work for sony xperia z2 ?

  • Seems like there is a scr26 coming as well. With colors matching the Z3c. Can’t find it on the sonymobile site but it’s listed on pricespy. I only found one store with a release date and it seems we will have to wait until the end of november for that one.

  • Chris


    And Why Oh Why Oh Why does it not have Qi? Why have they made ANOTHER case, not available in Copper, that has Qi?

  • Mark

    Anyone know when there will be a version of this very nice cover for the Z3 compact

  • Karthik

    Me too! I really like me Z2

  • MaverFlash

    Just curious is there a similar cover but design for the z3 compact?

  • Tim Westerholm

    There is :-)

  • Daniel

    does anybody know if the casing is water-resistant as well? there won’t be much use for me if the casing can’t get wet.. hah.

  • M Sharma

    I could not add weather widget while putting SCR24 style cover on Z3 dual.

    please advise how to add the additional widgets now.

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  • Izzat Syamim

    Is this case water resistant

  • Gyro Thesnake

    As the purpose of a phone cover is to protect the phone this cover is
    worse than useless, regardless of any cool features it might claim. The
    ‘gel adhesive’ does not reliably secure the phone in the cover.
    Eventually the phone will fall out when you open it and hit the floor
    unprotected. This cover is all but guaranteed to ensure your expensive
    phone is damaged. Don’t buy it.

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