Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact updated to build 23.0.A.2.105

by XB on 5th October 2014

in Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

DSC_0036~54Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603) and Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803) owners in the UK are receiving a day-one firmware update to their handsets, moving the build number from 23.0.A.2.93 or 23.0.A.2.98 to 23.0.A.2.105.

Sony hasn’t updated its support pages for this firmware, so we don’t have a changelog. However, users that have downloaded the update report no noticeable changes over the previous version. Whilst this build has only been released in the UK so far for both handsets, there is a good chance it will roll to other regions shortly.


Via XDA (1 and 2).

Thanks Ghani, Jozef and Mohit!

  • atheist arabic

    Why did not update xperia z3 dual ?

  • Ado Kanashii

    Did sony just forgot about z2??? What the hell?!!!

  • wei

    I have a Z3 dual (D6633), KitKat 4.4.4 build 23.0.F.1.74, no updates yet

  • Payback is a bitch

    Stop whining and buy the latest flagship. Hahaha.

  • Berkay

    I can’t give you enough down votes.

  • Pls Reply

    Guys I’m buying this next week, but I’m not sure what color to get. Black or white? Anyone please tell me the pros and cons of each, and what do you think is better. Thx

  • Z3

    For the Z3 Dual, can you turn off the second antenna for the second SIM. Does it take more power than the normal Z3, or you can use one only and turn the other one when you want?

  • Payback is a bitch

    I’m just trolling dostum. Çok da umurumda. Give me down votes oh no I’m going to hell. See, how flagship owners making a big fuss about 0.0.2 difference even though their phone is working perfectly fine with the current sw? That’s the thing arrogant flagship owners say to others “buy a flagship.” Why the f I’m explaining this to you. Whatever. Many kisses, bye.

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Not really. Look at the updates since the Xperia Z came out, updates are still coming out for them. Hopefully if they end support for the Xperia Z it’ll be on Android L, or a more stable version of L.

  • Wolf0491
    Look like around page 9 and on I think and people discuss this

  • Jiyeon90

    Z2 is working flawlessly though

  • Wolf0491
  • XxRampage07xX

    Don’t worry! Your Z2 will get that update sooner or later.

  • Sander Puus

    All the fuss around the all new z3 with its updates and I’m just here sitting with my 2-year-non-upgradable contract with the Z2 and last update was in July, when even the z1c and Z in some regions got 4.4.4 up and running.

  • I tend to agree… I know they’re shining the spotlight on the Z3 and all, but our 4 month old Z2 seems to be forgotten already. Kind of a downer, and makes me rethink buying another Sony Phone. I really love my Z2, but I prefer support for longer than 4-5 months.

  • oooo

    helal kardesim :P

  • Trolololol

    Yet you didn’t give him any ;P

  • =)

    Yep. Near it’s EOL. Say… Q2 2015?

  • =)

    It is longer than 4-5 months. Xperia’s lifecycle’s one full year from the date of announcement.

  • AsadMulla

    Because z3 dual is not available in the UK. This post says UK only handsets

  • AsadMulla

    UK handsets only. No z3 dual in uk

  • =)

    IMHO, Nither black nor white. Black’s too common. White’s too iphonish.
    So either green or copper.

    But if you’ve settled between black or white. I’d go for the white one. Though iphonish, it does looks pretty darn pretty

  • themanspirit

    There’s still little bits and pieces that need work in the Z2 though, to make it a more consistent experience.
    Like the annoying, selective landscape mode that requires you to use the dock which must be powered up.
    Followed by equally annoying Sony Apps that selectively don’t suupport landscape mode.
    Then there’s existing issues not fixed since release, for example the volume bug for notifications still requires attention.
    Likewise we still can’t choose a sound file for the countdown timer.
    Definitely it’s far from broken, nor IMHO has it been neglected with updates by Sony Mobile.
    With the Z3 now available, if I were unlucky enough to damage my Z2 this year, I would still replace it with another Z2.
    Thanks to the Z2’s purple colour, and now being discounted heavily.
    Til the Z4 becomes available that is. ;)

  • AsadMulla

    I got this update as soon as I turned on my Z3 compact for the first time last Monday

  • ZoubIWah

    so like if the z1 gets update now you’ll complain because the z2 doesnt get update?
    and if the z2 get updates and not the z3 at the same time itll be ‘sony dont care for latest flagship!!.

    these complains make no sense whatsoever.

  • ash

    If your handset is running fine why do you need updates? Just for the sake of updates? Better wait for android L

  • ZoubIWah

    black wil heat up on the car dashboard under the sun
    thats all. rest is whatever color you like best.. if you want someone elses taste, insecure sir, take copper. copper rocks.

  • shahab

    Sony forget Z2

  • Ado Kanashii

    Since last update my z2 battery life has decreased a lot, xperia z and zl got 4.4.4 and battery life lasts much longer than my z2 so im hoping next update will fix this issue… That’s it..

  • Nigel Dickens

    I guess you own an SP then

  • I’m so glad that I’ve been waiting to buy the new Z3 instead of getting the Z2.

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  • White phones are straight out garbage in my opinion

  • Aiden Pearce

    well i updated mine yesterday n build number same here….stupid update server took me ages….Y the hell you shut down SUS…SONY???

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  • techielover

    Here the process of ignoring the 6 months old flagship and complete focus on the new flagship long live xperia z2 and already died XPERIA SP!!

  • wei

    well, the main title doesn’t mention “UK”, so I posted my details in case anyone is curious. I’m happy my D6633 shipped with 4.4.4 (I was expecting 4.4.2 actually).

  • wei

    I don’t see any option to disable an antenna. I don’t know anyone else who has a Z3 single-SIM so I can’t really compare battery life, but what I have is really long-lived anyway…

  • theskig

    Don’t forget that happened many times that a new update introduced bugs or issues…

    I never wanted an update since I don’t have problems or miss something.

  • theskig

    Where did you buy it?

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  • wei

    Hong Kong

  • theskig


  • Payback

    Abort mission! We’ve been compromised. Hehe. It’s very much fun to see flagship owners in this situation. I thank Sony for making this possible.

  • Bluetoo

    Do you think the red on the xperia z3 compact looks good?

  • kylo88

    People need to calm down, it was like a 2mb update.

  • Nigel Dickens

    Thank Sony for improving there flagships from the Z to the Z3 in much quicker time than other companies have, but also worry about them because they don’t have the resources to keep them all up to date

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  • Susmit Das

    I still don’t know what the software update did haha. Everything looks the same as it was, probably some background stuff.

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