Official: Sony bringing Android Lollipop to all Xperia Z devices from early 2015

by XB on 16th October 2014

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Android_LollipopSony Mobile has just confirmed that it will upgrading the entire range of Xperia Z devices to Android 5.0 Lollipop at the start of 2015. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes the following handsets:

Xperia Z
Xperia ZL
Xperia ZR
Xperia Tablet Z
Xperia Z1
Xperia Z1S
Xperia Z Ultra
Xperia Z1 Compact
Xperia Z2
Xperia Z2 Tablet
Xperia Z3
Xperia Z3v
Xperia Z3 Compact
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

In terms of timing, the upgrade to Android Lollipop will commence in early 2015 for the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 series. The other handsets will then be upgraded thereafter. Of course, the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition will be updated in the coming weeks.

There is no word on the upgrade plans for other Xperia handsets released in 2014, but hopefully Sony will confirm one way or the other soon enough. We doubt much will be said until the Xperia Z series has seen Lollipop.

Thanks Cezary and Lukas!

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  • walker


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  • 3rdflyleaf

    Omg omg omg omg. Hallelua!!

  • irfanM__

    I’m expecting better battery performance

  • David Hvatov

    Sony is my God!

  • asian101

    Wow. Things DO change at Sony Inc., and they listened. This is a step towards the right direction. Can I get a “woot”!!!

  • Vitali

    Thanks Sony! We all love you! :)

  • WilliamTell13

    And this is why I plan on sticking with Sony phones for the foreseeable future! They are good with this type of thing, at least lately they have been.

  • thelastredshirt
  • Xubair

    Just WOW……………. Thanks Sony

  • Fempter

    Nice Sony, respect for you :)

  • BarelyBlurred

    Good job Sony!

  • aks

    Well Done Sony.. but what about Sony Xperia T3? I hope it also gets updated because its not a cheap phone and plus it was launched in july of this year so atleast it should be supported till the end of 2015.. Its a very good phone.

  • Probably will be out only in 2015 to introduce the new design of Android 5.0
    I’m really proud of Sony ^^

  • And when Sony does what any reputable company should be doing, the fanboiz all over the place are going wild with praises. Omg so pathetic. Apple updates most of their products to the latest version anyway. IT SHOULD BE A GIVEN! A FUCKING STANDARD! Nothing special. You’ve paid for it! Stop making it sound like the second best thing after sliced bread.

  • A.o.D

    Probably the best news of 2014 for me! Way to go Sony!

  • A.o.D

    Probably the best news of 2014 for me! Way to go Sony!

  • fk xsp

    Where are the SP users complaining? LOLOLOL.

  • Rick N


  • Shaik Farooq

    WHY didnt they say this when i was buying SP..

    Screw SONY for evening making a device like SP.

  • BarelyBlurred

    “Apple updates most of their previous headsets to the latest version anyway” They have like a total of 4 devices to update xD You can’t compare Apple updates to Android updates! Sony just listed 14 devices that will get “L” and that’s only devices from the Z-series! It takes soo much more work compared to Apple.

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  • haha apple

    you tell ’em !!

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  • Anti Sony

    Congratulations for Xperia T, M…owners!!!!! They are going to have kit kat forever!

  • And just like that my next phone will be a Sony flagship.

  • roeshak

    I have to say, I’m totally amazed!! This is completely out of character for Sony. The entire Z range. That’s brilliant indeed. They means the Z would be receiving a major OS more than two years after it went on sale. That’s just astonishing…. By Sony’s standards anyway. Great news indeed!

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  • Lukáš Pávl

    That’s surprisingly amazing! Keep it up SONY!This is the right attitude.

  • azzido

    Bravo Sony!!!

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Like we say here in Brazil, “A Bitch slap in society’s face”

  • Robson Kanyama

    Can’t wait to test it on my Xperia Z1

  • azzido

    Seems Sony focusing on its loyal customers.
    For sure such an information will attract a new customers as well. We need to help to spread the word :)

    Will stick with Sony forever as well :) :) :)

  • Malih

    Okay, even the original Xperia Z is getting a Lollipop update, and that’s not even under the usual ambiguous “under investigation” label, that’s a massive improvement. Good job SONY.

    Now if only they would make update plans for mid to low end phones clear, think I’ll be okay if they’re not updating to Lollipop as long as they can keep pricing down and release these devices into AOSP.

  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    I love you Sony! <3

  • Niclas

    Sony has grown in my eyes . The are great :-) thanx Sony:-)

  • Lolipop

    I can taste sweetness of lollipop thnx to sony,hope they retain material design

  • azzido

    there are always people who will complain, even after such announcement. And this is pathetic… I regret you, Logy fan…

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  • Kevin

    Yeah and iPhone 4/4S and even 5 are starting to have lag with iOS7/8 haha also iPads and well iPhone 6+ has a little bit of lag because it can’t run iOS 8 very smoothly with the specs it has lol

  • Vignesh Raja

    Going to buy Sony? Just go for Z series!

  • Ali Alkhazal

    Delays are coming :D

  • Sam Albalushi

    thats fucking awesome and i want a better camera perfomarnce for zr

  • bulbul

    Gooooooooooooooo, Sony, Loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee Sony.

  • Raymond

    This will make me stay with Sony this announcement, well done Sony I’m a Xperia Z owner.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Then it looks it was a good thing to buy a Z-product from Sony. :-) When even phones that is over 18 months getting Lollipop, its kinda good. Said for the phones who aint Z-products though.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    You talking about the update ??? Look whr you are standing with the iphone 6 and its specifications compare to the today’s world !!!

  • Ado Kanashii

    Just skip it man! Dont be so damm pussy and ignore it cant u??!!

  • Pedro Cunha

    Sony learned the lesson. I used to be Xperia S owner and move to Samsung… I really miss Sony Smartphone… Maybe my next device it will be Sony again if this political continues

  • Ayman F. Herzallah

    Plot twist: older Xperia Z models will face the same fate as SP just like they confirmed KK for SP then changed their minds

  • P9

    love u the most & ever, Sony. awesome.

  • Well, just like I expected, actually. Nice to see, that Sony does indeed care :)
    I don’t regret buying all my Sony devices. And I will continue to buy them. They really stepped up!

  • Alexandros Vourlakos

    seeing devices as old as z,zl,zr getting lollipop is terrific news. bring it on, sony !

  • Kiss Attila

    Xperia ZR ON THE LIST, NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karamelakimo

    I love you <3

  • Nawi


  • Just because Sony is doing this crazy banzai shit with 6 month flagships, and doing it pathetically late every time (so when you can finally buy Z3, Z4 is announced in two months, for example), does not mean it’s a valid excuse for Sony!

  • 6 and 6+ does not lag with 8.0.1. All other ones, there are a few issues here and there, but they get the update, get it the moment it’s released, and not after months and months of waiting first for Google, then for Sony, and then for your carrier. Besides, I have Z with NA 4.4.2 – it lags like shit in settings menu. Point is, if Sony wants to compete in Android space, it needs to update all the models, without much hype. Don;t forget, you’ve paid for it! Otherwise get an iPhone, and sell it later on, it retains most of it value over the years, unlike Crapperia, with it’s 6 month fuck ups.

  • I don’t have an iPhone, 6 was a disappointment. I’ll stick to my Z until 2015. But guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank with tens of millions iPhones sold in under a month? Yes you guessed it right, it’s not Sony ;D

  • Abdul Ghani

    we get cm mod support and this wow sony on a role i just hope sony fixes the camera software because sony phones are failing every comparison

  • I don’t complain, I’m saying supporting your own products is FUCKING GIVEN for any normal company. Just because Sony sucks but still charges premium does not mean that they are doing you a favor by updating those phones. IT’S YOUR FUCKING RIGHT not a privilege!

  • dannysoft

    XSP ¿?

  • vigneshprince

    wow! XZ going to get Android L, that some great news! Sony is the best!

  • InspectorGadget80

    Sweet O.G. Z AND Z1 gets

  • InspectorGadget80

    Same here bro. Kinda sad for the SP USERS

  • rus_media

    Early 2015? Isn’t it too fast(In my opinion lightning fast) for Sony? Can they really make it???

  • butthurt richbutt

    Sony promised kitkat sp. It never happen. Then it promised lollipop Z. Is it going to happen? If its not, I guess youre going to butthurt too doing petition.

  • Looks like my Z3C will remain unrooted for a while… :)

  • Abdul Ghani

    now its interesting too see what sony phones will support android lollipop and its camera features see sony has that painting effects in their camera software ( post processing ) and in lollipop we can control noise and it has super fine jpeg support and raw support so basically this means if sony adds that in z z1 z2 z3 sony will be kings in camera phones ………..but i am guessing that my z1 wont get lollipop so i may have to depend on cm team for lollipop still i have my awesome qx10 take extreamly awesome low light shots i mean very low light like this lol i cant upload the final image its 5 mb in size

  • Siyam Hossain

    Yes Yes Yes… Love U Sony

  • Abdul Ghani

    i just took a screen shot of final image just to show here

  • TimmY

    By the time season 5 of GoT arrives, I shall have a Lollipop!

  • Doubleyoupee

    WOW! I did NOT see this coming. And especially not this fast!
    Thank you Sony. You will be rewarded with me buying the Z4 or Z5 compact!

  • IshuZ2

    do not worry. you will not get Android L until Z4 is launched

  • Gitarooman

    hold your judgement, Sony “early 2015” is probably May 2015.

  • Loizos Aristides

    Sad times for our SP…more powerfull than the Z yet it won’t even get kitkat.. :(

  • Doubleyoupee

    More powerful?
    1GB vs 2GB RAM
    8MP vs 13MP Camera
    1.7ghz dualcore vs 1.5ghz quadcore (the SP just has a less advanced SoC).
    8GB vs 16GB internal
    720p vs 1080p

    It’s basically a mid-range phone vs high-end at the time.
    It’s not that weird to conclude that most mid-range buyers care less about latest android versions than high-end buyers.

    4.4.4 would’ve been nice though..

  • NO

    it’s January or February you egg!!!

  • Alex Baloch

    For all of you who said the Xperia Z will not get it. You were wrong. Good going sony. I’m always sony and will stay sony

  • Doubleyoupee

    You’re guessing your Z1 doesn’t get lollipop?
    This news post just said Z1 is getting lollipop….

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  • Damon Adrian

    Lol announce first but actually update last

  • sp user

    what about sp?

  • Wollombi

    Since Sony has indicated they will be focused on their flagship series from now on and leaving the mid to low end markets, I think it is best to assume no updates for those phones. If they do release updates on those models, then you are pleasantly surprised.

  • Anonymous

    Let it go, already. You’re never going to see official KitKat on the SP. Don’t like it? Then move on and choose a different company to buy from, or, hey, root your damn piece of crap phone and mod the OS. Seriously, you’re like an overgrown infant.

  • Wollombi

    Two points. No, Apple doesn’t update every device they ever made. You can’t put iOS7 on an original iPod Touch, for example. The original Xperia Z is getting Android 5.0. Quite the difference.

    Secondly, you buy a device with the OS that is installed on it, not on “potential future updates”, so yes, this is very good news and indeed Sony pushing L to all Xperia Z devices is a move worthy of recognition. No, it isn’t a given, it isn’t a standard, nor should it be assumed to be, since every update of Android requires work from the OEM’s developers to make it ready for a device. Your statement is basically saying you are entitled to an unknown number of hours of free labor from their software engineers just because you bought a phone 2 years ago. That’s preposterous. The only thing more preposterous is your little 2 year old temper tantrum. That is what is truly pathetic, sir. Perhaps take a moment to breathe and regain your dignity.

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s not a right, bonehead. Your only “right” is on the phone when you bought it. You are not entitled to anything more, so move along, or buy from a different company. Even then, it’s not a right, but good customer service. There is a difference, even if you are too dim to recognize it.

    Now calm down, and stop throwing your feces around your cage, you dumb ape.

  • Bluetoo

    yes that’s great news

  • Kharisma Ankh

    Better late than sorry mate

  • FerchogtX

    This are good news, I just hope you won’t abandon some users, like Xperia M2 users, which recently bought this phone (In my case, is like 2 months ago), and is not that old or outdated.

    This is a good step forwards, but take a look at Motorola… don’t abandon your mid-end phone consumers… this can surely set the path for you in terms of rentals, and more precisely, I’m sure I would consider buyng a high-end phone from you on my next purchase, I always liked Sony, and upgrading phones like the M2 will set you on a higer level.

    Thank you for the update Sony ;)

  • paul4id

    Kitkat for Xperia SP:
    and follow the download links for Huashan

    To everyone else: please just post this link to these guys every time they moan.

  • Vasilis K.

    Will my Xperia S get a Lollipop??? LOOOOOOOOOL!!!

  • Paul M

    woohoo, my Z Ultra will get another lease of life next year… I will of course hold back until I know what shenanigans Google decide to play with security and making the SD card useless – fortunately having root allowed me to restore my phone to full functionality.

  • Carl-Filip

    This made my day for sure! :) love to you Sony<3 !!!!

  • kahri

    they have also confirmed that xperia sp will get kitkat :) and we get di.. :D

  • Paul M

    what’s this got to do with Google releasing Android version 5 and Sony?

  • adi

    I still doubt with lollipop for oldest z series..
    Truelly hope xperia SP, T, V, TX scandal not going to happen again..
    Wish sony not just giving sweet words only..

  • zr

    Thank you SONY

  • Abdul Ghani

    well this is a shot from my qx10 without flash its iso 3200 with no grain and very less noise my point is sony mobile team software is poor vs sony camera team software

  • Ritwij

    This is the best news I’ve heard this year for my Xperia Z. If Sony would’ve said no, I guess many Xperia Z users would’ve shifted to some other phone brand. And we really need Project Volta :D What a relief!

  • Ritwij


  • Ritwij

    No man. Sony didn’t ‘promise’. They said KitKat will roll out for the Z series and they’re investigating on whether it can be brought to Xperia SP or not. And well, due to some reason they didn’t bring it. I don’t own an Xperia SP but I didn’t like what they did to that amazing phone.

  • Ritwij

    Exactly. On your face haters. Our Xperia Z rules.

  • Ritwij

    Exactly the same reaction with me. I’m so goddamn excited because everyone was like “naah 4.4.4 is the last update for Z”

  • fghh

    In b4 they do the same like they did with Xperia SP…

  • iainbong

    THANK YOU SONY! Thank you for listening to us!

  • Paul M

    Sorry, I think you’re posting in the wrong forum

  • ea

    grEAt news!!!


    #DemandGreat #BeMoved #MakeBelieve

  • Okazuma

    Wait the update before say “love Sony”….Xperia SP users knows what i mean…..and hope the upgrade will be bug free.
    Sony have a bad habit with the last update for their device.

  • Okazuma

    I have bad news for you……..
    Sony will be focus on the Z series upgrade.
    Maybe T3 will see LP after summer…. If it will be upgrade….

  • Late is better because it is more likely Google release Android 5.1 later this year. This makes it easier for Sony to update.

  • matticitt

    Great fucking news! Can’t wait to see how it’ll run.

  • .. And then it’s June, then August and before you know it they’ve updated their product page with 4.4 as “final version”.

    Naah just kidding, Sony’s going to update their phones in time (let’s hope at least).

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    There you go and that’s what I’m talking about, XZ can be updated as long as nexus 4 gets the update, there shouldn’t be any excuses for Sony.

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  • xConjo

    It’s different I think, SP was “Under investigation” to see if it will get KitKat or not, but this list are for phones “confirmed” to get Lollipop

  • bao trung giang

    Good job, Sony! ;-)

  • wei147


  • M & M

    No! First of all, in SP support page, it was written “Future Version” for KitKat, but after some months, they changed it to “Under Investigation” and finally they left support for it.

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  • Ziegfrid Gualberto

    Guys i’m not here to bust your bubbles but dont get your hopes up!! sony might still Fu** this up. Just don’t fall for the same old trick of sony. Promised and then decided to Fu** up. All Xperia SP users out there will also say the same thing. Im using Xperia ZL and for the next few weeks I might buy my Xperia Z3. Well, I won’t get my hopes up that sony will give Android 5.0 to older z series. IM NOT A PESSIMIST, Just REALIST.

  • Ziegfrid Gualberto

    No more Xperia SP users. they are probably using apple now or windows phone. where all the devices not yet 2 years old and up gets an upgrade

  • jag


  • Both points are bogus. Original ipod touch is not even a phone, it was released in 2008! It’s like trying to install Android L on the original Sony Walkman cd-disc player.

    I bought my Crapperia Z in Canada when it was avaliable unlocked – fall 2013, bought at a Sony store (of course I could have bought it earlier by ordering from Europe, but why would do that in the first place?). BTW these fucking monkeys at the Sony store at Yorkdale lied to me about the phone’s firmaware. It was sold completely unlocked and still uses Bell’s firmware. So now I’m waiting for Bell to release 4.4.4, even tho I paid full price for an unlocked phone (I’m using Rogers). How am I suppose to feel blessed by Sony’s grace to update my one-year old $700 phone to the latest version in 5-6 months (couz I’m ain’t getting this shit any time sooner)?!!

    I don’t give a fuck about Sony’s problems with engeneers or their time. I paid them $700 CAD for a flagship phone. I expect it to last at least two years. IT’S FUCKING GIVEN! If you you don’t know what “given” means – Bing it.

  • Vinicius Araujo

    That’s true, I saw it. They confirmed KitKat for SP then changed their minds.

  • hurray, my old but still feels new XZ is included. I hope it won’t be a buggy upgrade though. Great news :)

  • lolo

    Xperia Tablet Z is the ccccombo breaker!

  • Really Disappointed!

    Next.. The Z series’s camera needs a huge improvement!

  • Robert Terry


  • Kev

    After changing from XSP to XZ2, i had learnt how we shouldn’t trust Sony completely. Once and for all, to those who said that Sony never promised us kitkat for XSP should get their facts straight; THEY ACTUALLY DID. They made it seem like XSP will definitely receive the KitKat update but not long after, they announced that XSP will be under investigation for KitKat.

    So regarding the entire XZ series being ‘confirmed’ for lollipop, we should have some doubts , particularly the XZ and the likes. If Sony changes their mind…well that just sucks. I have no doubts that about the Z3 and Z2, and i am pretty sure that Z1 will receive it too.

    And for the record, XSP was still in its 18 months support period when Sony decided to go for the ridiculous move. Something to think about for the XZ…

  • duke1

    They should make Android One available to legacy devices. Such as Xperia SP.

  • Akira Y? (??)

    ????????????Sony!! Even if it’s going to be the last update for my Xperia Z, I don’t care!! The Xperia Z series went through a lot of major software upgrades. Thank you for giving us the “flagship advantage!” keep it up Sony!! ???!!

  • Chris

    What the fxxx is wrong with those SP users? They whine everytime, yes, everytime when Sony have an update for firmware and seems like they are going to do that forever! Just shut the fxxx up!

  • tk

    I seriously doubt Sony will update the 2013 phones,I hope I’m wrong but Sony promises are worthless.

  • Gutt Grinder

    This is great news! I hope SONY will keep doing this.. Now they’ve learn to update most of their phones. Now all they need to do is to make mid range phones with good features..

    For example the Noise cancelling feature.. It will be good if they’ll add it and even though it wont have monster good specs or IP certification the same with the flagship ones.. It will be a hit..

    IPS Panel, Noise cancelling technology and removable battery.. It will be one of the best mid rangers that SONY can make.. ( I miss the removable battery feature.. )

  • Shaik Farooq

    we are sony fans betrayed by sony.
    it happened with Xperia Ray and now with SP.
    NOW THE ONLY SERIES I HAVE TO buy now is the Zseries..

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Thanks sony

  • Timbo1

    The camera is fine, its the software that needsimprovement and so far every update on the Z1 has had some sort of improvement. The Lollipop update for the Z1 this time will hopefully get a official 4k and 120fps support.

  • R¤bin

    Oh!I’m so proud of you Sony ^_^

  • Nawi

    Where Sony promises KitKat for Xperia SP?
    Link, please

  • Proud XZ User

    XSP isn’t a flagship phone.. XZ is.. Just sayin..

  • Tedster

    Oh no, I’ve only just got over the wait for 4.4.4 on my Z (6603), now it begins all over again! Damn you Sony! Haha :-)

  • xperiaDROID

    OMG, this is a miracle for the older Z series! That means my thoughts were right, Sony did improve themselves. I’m very happy! My next phone will definitely be the Z4. Sony always make me believe!

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  • roeshak

    Well we have to wait until next year to see if they actually deliver on their promise. They’ve been known to promise and then renege on those promises in the past. If they do stick to their, it would truely be a seminal moment in Sony’s history.

  • aman nankani

    Clearly Xperia SL owners like me are suffering the most.
    i bought it for Rs.23k in India.It came with ICS (4.0) pre loaded.
    And after 5-6 months I got the software update for 4.1.2 jelly bean.
    THAT’S it.
    That was the final update I got. :(

  • roeshak

    Although this news is very welcomed, people should remember that Sony has form when it comes to back tracking on its promises.
    One thing though worth noting is just how many flagship devices Sony has released in 18 months lol.

  • Dan Vafidis

    project volta is actually a copy of stamina mode from sony …

  • Dan Vafidis

    SP is shit anyway, just buy a Z series and you’ll be ok

  • Really Disappointed!
  • I’m still waiting for Lollipop on my Xperia T… ;-)


  • Seyed Ali Hosseini

    thanks sony for xperia zr

  • tohrgen


  • Daniele Jordano

    Actually the KitKat update was confirmed for the Xperia SP, then Sony changed it to “under investigation” to finally decide to not keep the promise.

    So I would take the news about the Lollipop update with a pinch of salt, don’t get too exited.

  • Melfes Wired

    Oops, where is my Xperia A2?

  • B@D €NGLI$H

    We think Sony can do much better than this but NO, they didn’t!

    I use Xperia S then Xperia Z then Xperia Z Ultra and now Xperia Z3 and it proves that Sony never changes, Sony still stuck with the same shit camera, Z3 is everything great except its own camera(yup! Camera Apps are so cool whatever) I’m so disappointed again.

    So wonder Sony is one of the best camera expertise on earth isn’t it?, their Cyber-shot RX, alpha NEX, HandyCam are so cool and Sony still make camera sensor for Nikon and biggest phone maker like Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi they’re all use Sony’s camera sensor but Why? Why Sony Xperia Z series, Sony’s own flagship smartphone series, have very fucking horrible camera, results are bad, pictures from Sony’s flagship phones are worse than competitors, suckest auto mode! Unbelievable, Pictures that took by Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 are much much better than Xperia Z3!!! the real big disappointed ever!

    now it seems like Sony isn’t dedicated and hardworking enough to make Xperia flagship smartphone products and it isn’t sincere with their own fans/costumers too

    maybe I’ll wait android flagships phone from Nokia next year, I heard that Nokia is coming back in the game!!! (Nokia PureView technology is amazingly great!)

    Still love Sony whatever!

  • aks

    I am using Sony Z & i bought Sony T3 for dad. Its a very nice phone and it should be upgraded. If it doesnt Sony is going to lose lot of low to mid end customers. Sony T3 is mid to high end phone so i hope they upgrade.

  • aks

    They should atleast upgrade T3, C3 and T2 to android 5.0. All 3 are mid to high end phones and this will increase customer confidence. All 3 are not cheap phones as their above 350$.

  • XperiaZ2
  • Erdélyi Gábor

    Can’t wait to see the Z users to be ripped off like the SP users… :D
    (an SP user)

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  • Rob

    But both Note 4 and Iphone 6 use sony sensor.. so where’s the shame in that?

  • thougts

    No Sony is not God, sony is just a small company on little earth, stop this idolatry you fool, it is by the grace of the eternal and almighty only true living God that sony exists.

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  • Rob

    No, they never confirmed anything.. A roadmap was leaked, where people interpreted it as SP was getting KK, and they also placed it as “under investigation” on their product page. But they never actually confimed anything except that it wouldn’t be getting it.

    Show me where they promised KK for the SP..

  • Rob

    Considering they seem to have plans to move away from the mid-low segment, I don’t think it matters to them. If they didn’t make any money on the sale, how would they make any money from the retention?

  • Rob

    They aren’t all flagships.. Z, Z1, Z2 and Z3 are, but all the others are regional variants, tablets and other variations.

  • roeshak

    I don’t see that many regional variants on that list aside from the z1s and z3v

  • RealityCheck2013

    COOL :P

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Yes. Kind of..

  • Timbo1

    So? Samsung wins a popularity contest what else is new?

  • David Hvatov

    At least Sony exist, unlike your god.. You fool.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Xperia SP is a mid range phone, so I guess you get what you pay for :)

  • Diazene

    Well, most manufacturers send late updates, BTW, the nexus 7 4G got 4.4.4 kitkat after my ZR did (oficially), and I did get it after most other countries

  • Diazene

    “Sony have a bad habit with the last update for their device.”

    I’m pretty sure my ZR got 4.4.4 before lots of other devices from samsung, and even before a nexus

  • thoughts

    You clearly don’t know my God, a God that answers prayers is real enough for me.

  • Okazuma

    I don’t have Xperia SP but when Sony has released it in Europe, it cost 500 euros…
    I don’t think this is a mid-range price

  • Okazuma

    I don’t own Xperia SP ;-)

  • Okazuma

    Fuck you asshole, i don’t own Xperia SP

  • Damn

    I like how you think, some people forget the creator, because that how our creator test our loyalty

  • Bur

    They used superior auto on Z3 but everything manual on note 4, PA is very biased towards sammie and apple

  • Pokndir Pok

    teach me masta… how you do that, can i do like that with my xZ

  • thoughts

    Lol, eat that

  • David Hvatov

    Answers prayers? Really? Why he didn’t saved people in holocaust for example? I’m pretty sure, that jews prayed to him. Religion and bible is a bullshit created by humans. Btw you started this off topic theme.

  • ahomad hosin

    it is probably after the release of Z4 (I would say February-march time)

  • El_Carnicero

    Interesting, because my shots in Auto mode are fantastic and really impress my iPhone machead friends.

  • Giannikosmo

    Oh my fucking GOD!! I can’t believe it!!Sony you always rock!

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  • Loizos Aristides

    Yeah I am aware of the specs…
    But if you compare the antutu benchmark tests the Xperia SP beats the Z with a little difference..

  • thoughts

    Yes answers them, yes really, i did not exist during holocaust so your question is a little bit out of range, i can ofcourse give you my opinion on it if you like? I disagree with your opinion about religion and the bible because it is deadwrong, calling a company God is indeed also very offtopic. If you start to worship things that are being produced by human beings and claim that they are god you are a fool, just look what you produce yourself on the toilet, are you ready to worship waste? because that is the level where you are at this very moment.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Unfortunately when things go wrong man blames God. God is Love. It is Man /The Devil that is the responsible for ALL Sin not God.

  • Rene Pedroso

    That is not a Godly response and this is why people look at God in a negative way. Jesus would never have responded this way. Words are very powerful.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I’m selling my Z2 White, D6503

  • PlayStation Man

    I want new fresh UI/UX and these unique symbols

  • Nawi

    If that is true… Sony Rocks!!

    -No more Bi-Annual Flagship Releases ^^
    -Snapdragon 810 Octa-Core 64 bits 2.8GHz
    -4GB Ram

    -Adreno 430
    -Exmor RS CMOS sensor

  • thoughts

    Rene, that is not a very godly response to someone who is giving testimony of the truth, and showing others what they are doing and how foolish it is, it is useless to make guesses about how jesus would have responded in millions of situations, because no one knows because it didnt happen so your claim is based on your own fleshly assumption, you should obey his truth and proclaim it, not mock god by whining about others who do the right thing, go shame your self and repent and come tot the truth, here some scripture references to study for you: job 20:4-7 fil 3:8 gal 2:4-5 psa 14:1 deu 27:15 jer 10 etc etc etc

  • aks

    True but T3 is more like mid to high end so i think they will upgrade it. My dad wont really care but still.

  • ToniDeLaPlata

    I assume placing it under the category “next Version” on release is a confirmation on it’s own.

  • Akira Y? (??)

    And what if they didn’t? :D

    (a Z user)

  • Ed

    What about the JDM ZL2?

  • Killian Khoo

    Actually I think probably most oldest Z series owner were thought that 4.4.4 Kikat update will be the last ~
    So this is a plus to them ~

  • liampaulmassey

    I can’t believe religion got into/involved in this comment list, lol

  • liampaulmassey

    I think they do make a new model approximately every 6 months so once my contract is over and I’ll be able to upgrade we will be about 3 months after the Z5 yes the Z5 not Z4

  • Rizky Maulana

    Xperia Ion ?

  • Gaurav

    Hats off to Sony they have showed that they are customer oriended company….!!!!
    Sony is creating strong bonds with people and showing it doesn’t matter if they are releasing the flagships after 6 months they would continue the support for as long as possible….!!!

  • Simon Setyadarma

    I hope other mid range phones will get Lollipop too.
    If they won’t update, it is kinda disappointed since they’ve sold their mid range phone on high prices.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Samsung use their own camera I think :/
    But yes APPLE did used Sony’s sensor and produce a better camera

  • Ritwij

    My stamina mode doesn’t work the way it should after updating to 4.4.4

  • thoughts

    Liam Well sony customers must be very religious in some sense because the number of posts with references to god or filled with cursing are high, i think the fast release scheme of sony has both advantages and disadvantages, but i have not the money to buy them all that is certain, i think the differences between z2 and z3 are small

  • Matt

    What are you doing on the Internet!? Go back to your cave!

  • zaid

    brace your self xperia z/zl/zr users sony will delay your update then forget it like the xperia sp

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    Z1 will get Lollipop and even 1 more update for sure!!

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    true, Z4 will be first featuring all new Software improvements.

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    Xperia SP is not an High End device, its also not a flagship.
    Xperia Z Series is all flagship so Sony is supporting them for the heavy price they have paid for the device.

  • Ahmed Musthafa

    with you!! SP Users dont you get it “sp is not a flaship” so chill

  • Qrio

    Sony release smartphone too much and it doesn’t make sense at all. I hopefully Sony will change the yearly strategy for XPERIA division

    – Q1: March, Launch

    1) Xperia Z series (5″ Cyber-shot phone)

    2) Xperia W series (5″ Walkman phone; Walkman music app, Great sound chip)

    3) Xperia P series (5″ PlayStation Phone; dual-boot android/VitaOS, PSVita card game slot, detachable controller)

    – Q2: June, Launch

    4) Xperia M series (4.7″ mid-range phone)

    – Q4: October, Launch

    5) Xperia Pad series (8.9″, 13″ tablet for entertainment and creative, responsive and sensitive display that can use finger, pencil or any stylus to write note and sketch, water and dust resistant)

    6) Xperia Original series [use year numbers follow the name for example if Xperia Original releases in 2016 the phone will be name “Xperia Original 2016″] (5.5″ truly One Sony flagship phone, combine all features of Xperia Z,W,P and Tablet into One smartphone, newwest breakthrough technology, Mind-blowing features, premium material, classy design, water and dust resistant)

    7) Xperia E series (4.3” entry-level phone, water and dust resistant)

    I think Seven Xperia models per year… that’s enough! and Sony gotta care about the software updating as much as possible, make software updating to be the strongest point that other competitors.

  • Raymond

    Let’s have a lollypop party, with all the Sony gadgets Bravia tvs ps4s the lot who’s with me lol.

  • donger0000
  • liampaulmassey

    So do I

  • metcarded

    You don’t want kitkat anyway. Google introduced their Blink Rendering engine and it totally breaks text wrapping. Although google do not admit that it is broken, but rather it’s how they designed the pos to work.

  • Revan Sadiva

    I hope next version sony can do like that, the real manual mode

  • Revan Sadiva

    You kidding sir ?

  • paul4id

    I thought you were too busy being Google’s PRODUCT to be stalking.

  • Eddy Eddy R

    Thank you SONY :)
    Xperia ZL.

  • Killian Khoo

    Nope ~
    I am sure that Xperia Z series win it ~

  • Ashish


  • Nawi

    “Next Version” published for all Xperia Z Series on Sony Mobile

  • Sumo

    XD LOL You Egg! Epic man, epic… XD

  • Jumbo

    You again? I’m really disappointed with you (shakes head)

  • Petr König

    Lets just hope they dont fuck up the update like they did ony my Xperia Tablet Z with 4.4.4 which has totally slowed my tablet. I cant even play PvZ2 on it.

  • Alex

    This means nothing.
    Wait middle of 2015, then you probably see 4.4 as “final version” at the SONY support site. :)

  • Alex
  • Alex

    It is nothing.
    Archive this page. ;)
    Take a look at changes on the same site for Xperia SP:

  • pars71

    what about none Z series ? for example M2 , E3 , and …

  • adria

    the m2 will be not be getting the Lupdate i have a m2 and have had it confirmed by sony themselves that they have no intention of anything other than the z series getting it

  • boy

    Xperia Tablet S , I Hope !

  • Nawi

    No. It’s something.

    Look Sony Mobile Blog. Sony never promises KitKat for Xperia SP on his blogpost. I reall all posts

    I’m sorry for your resentment, but “Lollipop to the entire Xperia Z Series” is published on Sony Mobile blog (and not anywhere. Is the title!)

    Dont want for others your disgrace

  • Nawi

    No. It’s something.

    Look Sony Mobile Blog. Sony never promises KitKat for Xperia SP on his blogpost. I reall all posts

    sorry for your resentment, but “Lollipop to the entire Xperia Z Series”
    is published on Sony Mobile blog (and not anywhere. Is the title!)

    Dont want for others your disgrace.

  • Alex

    Once you get Android L to your Sony Xperia Z Series device then it will be something, now it is only “bla-bla-bla” on Sony’s Mobile blog.
    Don’t tell me that official Sony support site is less official than the Sony’s Mobile blog.
    I don’t trust words from official Sony anymore. It is just “bla-bla-bla” until they update/fix something.

    One more possible variant is that Sony will drop Android L update for old Z devices after all but it will be unusable.

  • Loizos Aristides
  • pars71

    So , with this good news , i will buy Xperia ZR soon within few days :)

  • ????????????

    Nope, SP.

  • Guest

    lmao copy paste

  • piotr

    I have no hope that any new android build will fix that even contact list cannot scroll smoothly, does this feature require extra core for hardware acceleration? shame on who, google or sony?

  • Abhijith.r

    M2 need update to lollipop otherwise it is useless to buy xperia m2 phones of cost 20000

  • anas

    will they update xperia c3 to android L

  • ???????? ???????

    Sony, don’t develop more simply version of Lollipop 5,0 for early series of Xperia Z! Flagship is flagship always. Keeep your name and your face. Good luck!

  • ???????? ???????

    Sony, don’t develop more simply version of Lollipop 5,0 for early series of Xperia Z! Flagship is flagship always. Keeep your name and your face. Good luck!

  • Micha? Qban Kubacki
  • xtr

    @bla..bla..bla…Stop complain..go buy raspberry to start made your own customized super duper smartphone.of course up to you what brilliant function it will have.even need a week to scrolling seeking for powerfull function it up to you.

  • Sergio

    Y mientras, mi Xperia L con 4.2.2. Sony nunca más, gracias.

  • Osho


    Please i wanna ask about that,,,Would Xperia Z3 Dual Get The “LoliPop” Version Or Not??Iam Confused and i wanna know even if it will get it or not,,because i’ve googled and didn’t Found it in the list..Please Help,Thnx

  • Mohammed Al-Basri

    What about z3 dual?

  • Guest

    Holy sh…. Me too… :’-)

  • steve

    What about when the jews killed 30 million Christians?

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  • Melvin Alexander

    what about xperia z3 dual (d6633) will get lollipop update

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  • that is really great we can get Xperia Z4 really soon in this year. I am also very excited for the next generation Xperia Z5, recently i got a blog named: saying that it will have Retina scanner, 4GB RAM, 3.2GHz processor but i don’t think so.. also there few rumors saying Sony will not carry its Xperia Z series after the release of Xperia Z4..

  • Adithyan Hari

    January over…
    Let’s see if February shows some light on Lollipop

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  • Robert Mena

    I’m in Texas and it’s may 11th I use the xperia z c6606 and still have not got the update to lollipop when will I be seeing that?

  • Thats awesome to upgrade latest android OS in my Xperia smartphone.

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