“PS4 Remote Play” app hits Google Play Store; brings support to Xperia Z3 series

by XB on 28th October 2014

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PS4 Remote Play_0_resultSony has today launched the “PS4 Remote Play” app onto the Google Play Store, bringing much-awaited support to the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. PS4 Remote Play has been seen as a killer new feature for the new Xperia Z3 series, allowing users to stream their PS4 games onto their mobile screen whilst using a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.

To start enjoying PS4 Remote Play, you need to make sure that your PlayStation 4 has the latest version 2.0 software that will roll today. A full list of supported devices are expected to be available at this link, but at time of publishing it is not live.

PS4 Remote Play_1

PS4 Remote Play_2 PS4 Remote Play_2b

PS4 Remote Play_3 PS4 Remote Play_4

PS4 Remote Play_6 PS4 Remote Play_5

  • roeshak

    Wonder where the 4.4.4 update for the z2 is? Perhaps Sony’s having second thoughts about it. Giving the z2 all these features from the z3 is bound to affect z3 sales as z2 is over £100 cheaper.
    They may change their minds and wait for the L update to bring z2 and z3 on par softwarewise. But can they seriously leave the z2 series on 4.4.2 when all other Z devices are on 4.4.4? Don’t think so but I wouldn’t put anything past Sony. Seen a lot from them over the years.
    Hopefully they’ll ditch the 6 month cycle next year and so this will be the last time we’ll see one recent flashship waiting for updates because of a newer release.

  • Fadi Obaya

    what the fuck is people’s problem about 4.4.4 for z2? If the phone works great then you don’t need it.

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  • Fadi Obaya

    fuck off

  • XperiaBlog

    Xperia Z2 owners won’t get PS4 Remote Play without Android 4.4.4, so we can understand why many are looking forward to it.

  • roeshak

    I think you’re the one with the problem mate!

  • demize

    I hate my sony z2 and sony company :-(

    Emo mode: on!! lol

  • Fadi Obaya

    Why did you buy it if you hate it?

  • Fadi Obaya

    Just install cyanogenmod

  • lee jun-hoe

    I’m guessing they could skip 4.4.4 altogether, since Lollipop developer is released and they’re working on transitioning the entire Z series to Lollipop. Why release 4.4.4 now when in 2 months you will release Lollipop?

  • mountain

    Sorry, may I ask, whats the difference between 4.4.2 and 4.4.4?

  • Dmitry Perets

    Says who…? Were there any official statement from Sony that 4.4.4 will bring PS4 support to Z2? I only saw clues that 4.4.4 is coming to Z2 and that PS4 is coming to Z2. But who said that these two were related? So far it seems that PS4 Remote Play is just a feature that comes with an app. So Sony makes this app available for Z3 series.

    As always, I think that all these tears about Android version are just totally wrong. There is absolutely no point in waiting for a specific Android version when talking about manufacturer-specific firmware. So I have 4.4.4 on my Tablet Z. But the build number is totally different from the one on Z2/Z3 series, so it is a different piece of software. I was waiting for this 4.4.4 on Tablet Z, because Sony promised to fix battery drain there. Which they did. And they also fixed the most annoying bug ever on Tablet Z – flickering keyboard. BUT! These bugs didn’t exist on Tablet Z2 from day-1! So saying like “Common, Tablet Z got 4.4.4, but Tablet Z2 didn’t” – is a complete nonsence! It is a different software with different bugs and features! The underlying common piece of Google code there is totally overrated in these discussions!

  • HARMONy_9934
  • roeshak

    Look there are known bugs with 4.4.2 which have been fixed with 4.4.4. Most notably the camera focusing bug. The update will also bring with it improvements in other areas like performance and battery life. Above and beyond that, there’s all the new software features launched with z3.
    Your tablet Z is a 2013 device and so didn’t get Sony’s 2014 set of features. The z2 series are 2014 and so will receive most if not all of it save for say the 12800 iso thing which is just a gimmick anyway.
    And yes, z2 series will get remote play. The z2 tablet is the most capable device for this considering it’s display size. It would be insane for Sony to launch the feature and keep it from its most capable device for it. There’s a reason why z2 users have had to wait for the update. Sony wants to have these exclusive to the z3 series for a while because that’s really all they have meaningfully above z2 series.
    I think you’ll find that your post is very misguided!

  • Jonathan Bratanata

    Well he did say he was in emo mode

  • roeshak

    On the Google side, a few important bug fixes and improved performance. On the Sony side, there are all of the features launched with z3 to come for the z2 so yes it’s quite a notable update. In fact it’s the biggest update the z2 will receive from Sony. Android L is a big one but that’s mostly google stuff. The z2 and z3 will not receive any new features Sony includes in its 2015 software launched with z4. Not officially anyway. You’ll need root and xda for any ports.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Don’t know why people are talking about the 4.4.4 update for the Z2 on an article like this.

  • roeshak

    They would be canceling it and not skipping it. We already know the firmware exists. I think it should start rolling out in a few weeks I think. It’s too late to leave the z2 series on 4.4.2. All other Z devices are on 4.4.4

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  • ShinOrochiX

    Where is 4.4.4 for the Xperia SP?

    I’ve been waiting for months! :@

  • Alaa

    Will support the Z2 and Z2 Tablet

    in next update 4.4.4

    very soon – early Nov 2014

  • Alaa

    Will support the Z2 and Z2 Tablet

    in next update 4.4.4

    very soon – early Nov (11) 2014

  • dragon_unleashed

    Has anybody tried de ps remote play feature yet?

  • Dmitry Perets

    I think you miss my point. The improvements (and new regressions) that come with Sony updates are not related to the fact that it is based on 4.4.4 or on 4.4.2. So they can fix your camera focusing issue, while the underlying Android version will be still 4.4.2. Same is with battery improvements, performance optimizations and other things. There are of course things that are strictly related to the underlying Android codebase, but in most cases either we can’t point on them or their impact is overridden by other modifications made by the manufacturer. You can even have an opposite scenario – when a clean Android version has some issue, but you don’t see it on Sony. For example, Nexus 4 users got 4.4.4 and started to complain about battery drain. But Sony’s 4.4.4-based build for Z series didn’t introduce this issue and even solved previously existing battery drain.
    As I said already, the fact that 4.4.4-based build brings battery improvement and keyboard fix to Tablet Z (for example) says absolutely nothing about 4.4.4-based build that will come to Z2. And it says absolutely nothing about 4.4.4-based build on Samsung. Or even about a pure 4.4.4 on Nexus. So taking the Android number as a reference for comparison is just wrong. That’s why I believe that statements like “Samsung has 4.4.4, but we still don’t! F#ck you Sony!”, “Z3 has 4.4.4, but Z2 don’t! F#ck you Sony”, “Google updates Nexus, but Sony doesn’t! F#ck you Sony” – all those are pointless. IMHO.

  • Anukul

    just stick a $10 price tag and sell it for other brand’s mobiles, easy money

  • roeshak

    Yes there may be bugs and issues with the core android firmware which OEMs can and do compensate for in their builds. No other smartphone apart from the z2 exhibited the same focusing issue. Sony did not compensate for that and word is the problem is improved with their 4.4.4 software.
    I’m not sure I get the thrust of your argument. Are you saying you’d rather be on older firmware?
    As I said in one of my comments, the 4.4.4 is the biggest update the z2 will receive from Sony as it’s the last time Sony will official add new features to it. The rest would be Google orientated.
    The z2 launched with what was essentially Sony’s 2013 software save the addition of 4k and timeshift video and other tiddly bits like tap to wake. The full 2014 software released with the z3 is what the update is really about.
    Are you saying z2 users shouldn’t care about improved camera and battery performance or remote play for those that have ps4s. Add to that the improved call and speaker quality, high res audio and new camera features and I think you should be able to see why the update matters to z2 users.

  • Dmitry Perets

    So this camera focusing issue has just nothing to do with Android codebase, and that’s why you didn’t see it on any other phones apart from Z2. Sounds logical? In fact, camera software is one of those highly customized things that different manufacturers bring, so Android version and Google are very far from it.
    It MIGHT happen that Sony releases many good in valuable fixes in this release based on Android 4.4.4. But all I am saying is that it has nothing to do with 4.4.4.
    All the new features that you describe from Z3 software MIGHT or MIGHT NOT come to Z2, and if they come, it MIGHT or MIGHT NOT happen with the release of 4.4.4-based firmware. That’s all I am saying.
    So instead of asking for 4.4.4 and comparing to others who get it, people should ask for specific fixes and features. Which will be back-ported. Or will not be back-ported. Depending on Sony’s will.

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  • lee jun-hoe

    A better idea would be a free download and a 1 month trial. Then charge them a monthly subscription fee, e.g. $3-5 per month.

    Only free on Xperia devices. *evil grin*

  • rav


    Now, it’s officially confirmed that Z2 series will get the PS4 remote play too

  • Kabuto Kouji

    You re absolutly right!! Im just waiting to see your post headline that says: “4.4.4 UPDATE FOR XPERIA Z2 NOW ROLLING”

  • betraya

    Just tested the ps4 remote app, first impressions are great but definitely needs a stable 10Mbps for standard video quality, and 30+Mbps for high video quality. This can vary depending on your games as

  • TY89

    does this first try to connect directly to the wifi hotspot of the ps4 itself like the remote play of the vita or does it only connect over the internet connection?

  • betraya

    It connects over the internet connection, hence there’s a minuscule lag between phone and the ps4’s primary screen

  • betraya

    Some can vary between bandwidth, depending how you stream or share online gameplay.

  • TY89

    I was thinking about selling my vita, as the only feature I’m using is remote play, and buying a z3 tablet compact. But if it really just works over the internet connection I will have to stick with the vita

  • Ali Alkhazal

    can someone provide the apk link please :(

  • Mike W

    Hmmm…anyone know how to get this to work on 4G?…can’t seem to bypass the Wifi request.

  • Raj Singh

    There’s demand for the PS4 remote play feature by Z2 owners (and others) so they probably want 4.4.4 yesterday.
    I have 4.4.4 on the Ultra. What I don’t have is the remote play feature. Want.

  • Raj Singh

    Want PS4 remote play for Z Ultra.

  • Fadi Obaya

    I have the Ultra too, but I don’t have ps4 remote play? If there’s any phone that should get it, it’s Z ultra, the rst can **** off.

  • Raj Singh

    With that screen? Bigtime.

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  • timothy chan

    ya and it always disconnects itself … it isn’t very stable yet

  • No , it disconnects because of Bluetooth. If you turn off the bluetooth completely you will see that it won’t lag and it will be noticeably faster. But sadly, the bluetooth signal interferes with the WiFi connection, so if you turn on bluetooth to connect the controller it will lag and appear pixelated. This is so disappointing. I bought the Z3 because one of its pros is the Remote Play. But now let’s hope Sony fixes it with an update maybe.

  • For everyone asking how it is. I tried it on my Z3. First let me say it looks like a promising feature that could benefit many PS4 owners, including me. Once you try to connect the two you will definitely see the (connection is too slow) error message. For people saying it needs a really fast/strong internet and wifi connection, NO IT DOES NOT! It disconnects because of Bluetooth. If you turn off the bluetooth completely you will see that it won’t lag and it will be much faster. But sadly, the bluetooth signal interferes with the WiFi connection, so if you turn on bluetooth to connect the controller it will lag and appear pixelated. This is so disappointing. I bought the Z3 because one of its pros is the Remote Play. But now let’s hope Sony fixes it with an update hopefully.

  • hansip

    i guess 5Ghz Wifi should be the most suitable for Remote Play.

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  • Death Metal

    Dmitry: while it is not a certainty, it is LIKELY that Android ver. 4.4.4 will support the PS4 Remote Play app simply because the Z3 does at this version. Yes, it is true that one thing does not directly relate to the other unless Sony explicitly says it, but it is likely because the technology itself is not hindered by the Z2 hardware. In fact, if you compare the hardware specs between the Z2 and the Z3, you will see that very, very little has actually improved with the latter. They are practically the same under a slightly different case. One thing is for sure: remote play functionality is not tied to hardware components. To the best of my understanding, it shouldn’t even be hindered by the latest Android version on the Z2 (4.4.2), but since I am no expert on programming and don’t even know what is improved on 4.4.4, I cannot tell conclusively. One could even suppose that Sony will never officially release the PS4 RP app for the Z2, forcing you to buy another device (the Z3) for that functionality, but I would also suppose that a skilled programmer is able to port the app to other Xperia devices with not much trouble.

  • Death Metal

    He is mad because Sony is monopolizing the app on the Z3, when the Z2 is also perfectly capable of supporting that functionality.

  • Rob

    And that’s why it’s coming to the Z2 soon..


    In reality he’s mad that Sony made another phone, when he would much rather they stopped making phones after he bought his so he could have the latest one forever.

  • Dmitry Perets

    Actually I think that Remote Play support just comes with the app. And that’s it. So it might be that Sony will just make it available for Z2 one day, and that’s it. Now, of course, I didn’t see Sony’s code, so maybe this app is using some more generic framework which the current Z2 firmware doesn’t support yet etc. And then of course it is possible that this missing part will come together with 4.4.4 code in the next update. But it is definitely NOT a feature of Android per se. It is not something that changed in Android code. So it is not that “Remote Play can work only on Android 4.4.4” or something like that…

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  • Death Metal

    Hah, it may be that, too. However, I also think that Sony releasing another phone so soon (and with so little hardware improvement no less) puts Z2 owners a bit off. It seems they want to catch up with Samsung’s S5 before the end of the year.

  • Death Metal

    Exactly, exactly. We can agree on the points you raised now.

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  • Paksa

    My Xperia M2 has 4.4.4 and I’m not getting Remote Play. Might be because of how shitty specs that phone has?

  • ?n?nt Gh?t?

    can i remote play in xperia z1?tell me please

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