Movies Small App released for Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

by XB on 3rd November 2014

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Movies Small Application_3Sony has released the “Movies Small Application”, which we first heard about last week. The Small App allows you to continue watching any video content being played in the Sony Movies app through a smaller resized window. The Movies Small App (version 1.00.06) has been released for the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact – we haven’t seen it appear on other Xperia devices so far.

The Movies Small App can be activated within the “Movies” app player. You will see an icon that will enable this mode. The Movies Small App can then be resized by dragging the right bottom corner of the window. Content can be navigated by the progress bar and there is also Play/Pause functionality. The Movies Small App has to be started from inside the “Movies” app, you cannot start it from the “Recent apps” menu. Expect it to roll to other Sony Xperia devices soon.

Movies Small Application (version 1.00.06)

Movies Small Application_1

Movies Small Application_2 Movies Small Application_3

  • crl

    Apk pls

  • roeshak

    Typical Sony! They keep endlessly updating their apps but when they eventually come up with something decent, it’s nowhere to be seen lol!

  • Anon

    This is a native feature I’ve been after dating back to the days of the original Tablet S.

    No doubt Sony has seen the popularity of the recently released Media Viewer Small App and has decided to implement their own.

  • Murad

    Agree with you.

  • hansip

    I think Sony is more concerned with Samsung multi window approach on Note 4. At least now they can show to general public that they can do something better with their small app approach officially.

  • M Usman

    I don’t understand. I have had Sony’s movie small app on my z2 when the movies app was updated a week ago so why have others not got it

  • Will it come for Xperia M

  • RoberMC

    Anyway this is mostly useless. I cannot yet understand why Sony doesn’t support AVI Divx playbackin in his player while Samsung and most of the other players do. Also… They release it for the tablet compact and not yet for the full tablet where this app really makes sense, just like the ps4 remote play. They are starting to think with their butt

  • XperiaBlog

    That;s odd – it hasn’t appeared on our Xperia Z2.

  • Shravan SP

    Can you post a screnshot from your Z2 with the small movies app???

  • To be honest , I rarely use small apps feature

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Sorry, not sorry. Small apps have been useful to me like Calculator, Notes, Browser, Touch Block (on Movies) and even third party apps like Flashlight and that Media Viewer small app.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    The movie app update itself did not show up on my Z2 yet lol

  • Haha to me lah , not other people :) , since my phone screen is small , I think it’s faster for me just by using the actual application

  • Sander Puus


  • rubinaish

    Not officially. The M had it’s end of life a month or so ago. The only hope is that soon someone releases the apk (which is very probable), then I think you will be able to install it manually on your phone running Android 4.3. However, I’m not sure you can expect it to run smoothly, regarding your phone’s specs.

  • rubinaish

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember the Galaxy S3 having that kind of feature around summer 2012. With the ability to rescale the window’s size manually, and all ran smoothly playing a video in 1080p.

  • Anon

    A native multi window function on Sony phones is defiantly needed. Whilst not being a fan of Samsung phones, some of their software tricks are appealing. I can’t help but feel Sony software has been a tad out of date for years.

  • hansip

    Funny thing is that some people loves Android stock interface but hated Sony stock like interface. :v

  • lovebmw

    does it come with a magnifier! i cant wait until i watch dumb and dumber on that microscopic window!……

  • RoberMC

    What do you want to do?, watch a movie while browsing the web in a smartphone?, really?

  • Fadi Obaya

    Can’t anyone dump the apk?

  • thoughts

    why o why does it take so long for such a small app?

  • mUSICA

    New Update For Track ID on Playstore

  • Gitarooman

    interface, but not features, clean UI is one thing but functionality is another. I This movie small app has been available on S3 since the day it came out. Sony OS has been outdated for years until Z2 with some eye and motion tracking functions that bring them closer to the competitors.

  • Gitarooman

    yup, it did and it plays smoother than the movie player win Z1.

  • M Usman

    I don’t have my laptop. Can xperiablg send me their email

  • rubinaish
    That might be useful.

  • M Usman

    I need an email address

  • M Usman

    Please provide me your email. I don’t have my laptop so can’t use your contact form to upload the pictures from my phone

  • hansip

    Yeah but at least all the essentials is already there so.. Still some people keep hating the stock like interface.:-/

  • Mohamed Tharik

    @xperiablog apk please????

  • I see what you did there


  • hansip

    Better late than never. Plus it’s not good to be samsung like, you are essentially reducing the usefulness of Play Store since you are already getting all the ‘features’. It’s not weird that Samsung likes to get themselves off from Android because of this, and why Google is upset about that.

  • Mohamed Tharik

    @XperiaBlog:disqus Please add the apk……

  • Jim

    “The Movies Small App can then be resized by dragging the right bottom corner of the window.”

    Make it as big as you want, fool.

  • ash

    You can open desktop view and upload it

  • ash

    Or you can use and upload and post the link here of that image

  • M Usman

    Here’s the link of the screenshots from my z2

  • M Usman
  • M Usman
  • M Usman
  • M Usman

    I’ve just uploaded them to Google drive. You should be able to see them and share them

  • Mohamed Tharik

    Can you please anyone post the link to download the apk….

  • Mohamed Tharik

    Kindly upload apk please….we are waiting to test it on our device.

  • ash

    Shit man you have shared all your drive folder

  • Ben Ling

    Apk is here :D

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  • M Usman

    Thanks for that ash. Done :)

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