Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

by XB on 20th November 2014

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Case-Mate Tough Z3_15Case-Mate has a strong pedigree when it comes to their “Tough” case series. Typically, Case-Mate Tough cases offer dual-layer protection, good grip in a slim and lightweight body. The case is perfect for those that want better-than-average case protection, in a form-factor that leaves the front glass exposed.

The Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough case offers the best protection for the handset that we’ve seen, especially since some competitors such as Otterbox do not offer a Z3 case. Mobile Fun is selling the case for £24.99 and offers delivery to select countries worldwide. They also stock a variety of other Xperia Z3 cases. Read on for our impressions of the Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough case.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough case comes in the usual Case-Mate packaging, emphasising the “Dual-Layer Protection”.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

This dual-layer protection comprises of silicone and ABS hard shell plastic. This offers secure protection according to Case-Mate against knocks, drops and scrapes.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The silicone wrap provides the shock resistance, whilst the hard shell gives impact resistance. The case is designed to withstand accidental drops.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The silicone wrap is on the right in the picture below, with the hard plastic on the left.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The Case-Mate Tough case adds little bulk on top of the Xperia Z3.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

Without a case the Xperia Z3 can be very slippery. The rear of the case provides a textured plastic grip that makes it much easier to keep hold of the handset. Another benefit from this matte finish is that you will never have to worry about fingerprint marks. There is also adequate cut outs for the camera and LED flash.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The top of the handset has ample room for the 3.5mm headphone jack, enabling you to use pretty much any headset.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The right side of the phone is completely covered, including corners, which gives peace of mind if the phone drops. As the side is covered it means you cannot access the micro SD and micro SIM port flap, but since these do not need changing regularly it shouldn’t be an issue for most.

Given the dual-layer protection, the Case-Mate Tough uses its own metallic buttons for the power button, volume rocker and dedicated camera button. We found with our sample that the power button is quite stiff to press, but the other buttons all work fine.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

The left side of the phone has both corners of the phone covered, but leaves most of the middle exposed. We understand why Case-Mate took this decision, as they wanted to keep the micro-USB port and magnetic charging pins free. You can use either a magnetic charging cable to charge the phone as well as the dock.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

However, it does mean that the left of the handset is exposed to accidental damage. For previous users of the Case-Mate Tough cases, you may even feel that the case is compromised as a result.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

Including the case, the Xperia Z3 will weigh 195 grams (the case weighs 43 grams on its own). It is not the lightest case around, but for the protection provided, we think it’s perfectly reasonable.

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

Overall thoughts

There is no doubt that the Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough offers some of the most secure protection around for the handset. If you have used one of Case-Mate’s Tough cases in the past, then you will know what to expect in terms of build, feel and protection. However, leaving the left side of the phone partially naked may concern some people. Also, the power button is quite stiff to press down (it does loosen a bit over time though).

Overall, if you are looking for a phone that provides great impact protection, has very good grip with access to the USB port and magnetic pins then you should definitely consider the Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough. If you are interested, then head over to MobileFun who stock a wide range of Xperia Z3 cases to choose from.


– Good solid dual-layer protection
– Very good textured grip
– Easy access to micro USB port and magnetic charging pins
– Lightweight and slim design


– Power button is hard to press
– Left side of phone is exposed, which might make some nervous

Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough Review

Thanks to MobileFun for providing the Xperia Z3 Case-Mate Tough case for review!

  • Steve

    Had one for nearly 2 years for my z and it works a treat. Dropped my phone from first floor of a house I was refurbing onto a concrete floor below and not a scratch on the case or phone. Highly recommended. :-)

  • Looks good. I found one available for purchase in South Africa, but shipping adds 67% to it’s purchase price :-/

  • qwerty

    I hope Sony will release the next flagship with shockproof feature like Samsung’s S5 Active so that we won’t need these kind of things anymore.

  • lovebmw

    Its time for a new logo Xperiablog

  • Ediz I

    New fw for z3 is rolling out around 129 mb

  • newtsy

    Had the Case Mate Tough wrapped my old Z for nearly 2 years now, plenty of drops and still going strong. I would recommend these to anyone, especially with the larger phones as they are that much harder to handle. The single thing the I missed with this case access to the charging pins, its a compromise but the only reason I never bought the Sony charging dock was due to the case not giving me convenient access. Also due to this my USB port cover is now entirely worn and not water resistant.

  • newtsy

    Had a great experience with mine to, did you wear out your USB flap also?

  • kmf

    ping me when you find one locally :)

  • I disagree with you there @lovebmw:disqus I like the simplicity and the colours.

  • Will do, and can you post it here if you find it please @kmf:disqus?

  • kmf

    @kmf on the twitter

  • It is great and superb and it will be a save cover.
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  • I just purchased one from The final total, included “Expedited Shipping,” came to $67, which translates into roughly R740.

    All things considered, is paying what amounts to 6% of the phone’s cost worth it to help protect it against physical damage? I think so, seeing as the insurance excess is around $105 / R1150. But still, it’s a little bit “eina!” as we say in South Africa! :-)

    /CC @kmf:disqus

  • Thanks for sharing Steve. :-)

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