Limited Edition Xperia Z3 series inspired by Berlin, Tokyo and Warsaw

by XB on 30th December 2014

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Xperia Z3 series Limited Edition Stadt TalenteSony has created a limited edition run of the Xperia Z3 series, where the back of the handsets feature an engraved illustration inspired by three cities. The “Stadt Talente” project invited three artists to choose their favourite cities using the Xperia Z3 series as their canvas.

The Xperia Z3 features an illustration from Vesa Tapani Sammalisto representing Berlin. Shinpei Hasegawa created an illustration for Tokyo for the Xperia Z3 Compact, whilst Jan Feliks Kallwejt created a graphic for the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact representing Warsaw.

Unfortunately, if you are interested in one of these handsets, they are only available in Germany (see links below). All three are in stock, although judging from the source link, it seems that there are only 33 available for each model. So if you are interested, you’d better be quick.

Xperia Z3 series Limited Edition Stadt Talente

Xperia Z3 Limited Edition – Berlin

Xperia Z3 Berlin_1

Xperia Z3 Berlin_2

Xperia Z3 Berlin_3

Xperia Z3 Berlin_4

Xperia Z3 Berlin_5

Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_alle Farben

Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_kupfer 2

Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_silbergrün 1

Xperia Z3 for Berlin inspired by Palina_silbergrün 2

Xperia Z3_alle Farben_Palina Edition

Xperia Z3 Compact Limited Edition – Tokyo


Xperia Z3 Compact Tokyo_2

Xperia Z3 Compact Tokyo_3

Xperia Z3 Compact Tokyo_4

Xperia Z3 Compact Tokyo_5

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Limited Edition – Warsaw

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Warsaw_1

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Warsaw_2

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Warsaw_3

Via Sony Mobile Blog Germany.

Thanks EPGuest!

  • Abdullah Robben

    Soon: Samsung releases a limited edition S5 inspired by Berlin,Tokyo , Warsaw and Seoul

  • Camilo Uribe

    Ultra Cool !

  • m.m

    Very nice

  • Shehab Skull


  • ShinOrochiX

    Wow, they look so sleek and classy. Probably going to be quite expensive, taking into account the Z3 already costs so much.

  • Hasan Aleadani

    Really cool !!!

  • Hasan Aleadani

    no full res photos for use as wallpapers??

  • amir_maxpayne

    sweet mother of god they are beautiful!!

  • Timel

    Sony who?
    Why Samsung has to care what junk company did?

    This is not the first time that I heard sony fanboys say something like “and then they will copy my sony ” LoL That’s so funny you know, What’s on fanboy’s mind? What is the rank of Sony in smartphone market? What’s sony’s brand worth?

    Common For Samsung and Apple, Sony never in their sight for long time

    SO Don’t flatter yourself because it’s really ridiculous.

  • Nothing special

  • tiborh

    if U hate sony , why are u posting HERE?

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It doesn’t matter what you spew on this site, whether you like something or not. But for the love of fucking everything, try to at least make it readable.

  • Stev21

    U mean…plastic junk and soap junk .your the one ridiculous..this is xperiablog not gsmarena..and for your is still a copycat and thats a fact..copying every company, like a chinese brand..

  • Timel

    Don’t forget that “Japanese products” and “Made In Japan” brands were being bullied as cheap and junky(as Chinese bands) before And nowadays all chinese manufactures have improved the quality of their products to higher level, the same level as Apple and Sony.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Hey Timel just a reminder, Sony’s using new fresh plastic from the mines,
    samsung is the one’s using JUNK recycled plastic like a used toilet plastic pipes etc .

  • NidouXperia

    creative idea but the background is fugly! it could be better if it’d be customized according to the customer’s choice.

  • NidouXperia

    ain’t ya place bro!

    so get da fuq outta here!

  • Mee Go

    Warsaw O_o, it’s nice.

  • Timel

    Great h/w, Bad s/w, Worst Camera, Worst Display, Worst sound quality and Less software and hardware Innovations… Sony has already proven itself with its four generations of the Xperia Z series and clear that Sony can’t win Apple and Samsung at all. Yes Sony flagship phone might not bad but they ain’t cool enough to fight with stronger competitor like Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note series because Sony was out, Inefficient, ran out of idea, Sony’s dying slowly everday, this is the fact whether fanboys want to admit it or not.

    So Let’s count! Hehe

  • Lord Glenn

    Timel is the most honest commentor here.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Riiiight, that’s why they copy Sony everytime. And then fail hard at it. S4 Active waterproofing anyone? :p

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    Sony is really creative.. Unlike fucking Samsung and Apple!

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    Samsung can clone by chinese and korean.. but Sony Cant because its awsome!

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    It’s better to ignore the troll.

  • Timel

    “Riiiight, that’s why they copy Sony everytime. And then fail hard at it. S4 Active waterproofing anyone?”

    Hahaha so pity what a blind fanboy
    Actually I don’t wanna waste my time with stupid bias fanboy like you but you seriously need to get out of Sony cave LoL Sony isn’t the first waterproof smartphone maker man, the waterproof feature is not even a Sony’s patent and if you said samsung copied sony about this, it means Sony has copied Moto Defy, Samsung Galaxy Xcover and Casio G’zone as well because these phones came out in the market before your Shitperia Z many years

    “Also if it was all about sales and ranks Prius > Lamborghini. Sales don’t judge how premium a product is”

    LoL What a logic, stop licking Sony’s balls first brainless fanboy and we’ll talk again!

    it’s nonsense make a comparison between Prius and Lamborghini

    Prius and Lamborghini is not the same segment and the price between Prius and Lamborghini are much fucking different

    While iPhone, Galaxy S/Note and Shitperia Z are flagship device and their prices are not that much different but you know it’s so shame on Shitperia Z series, which can’t sell as much as iPhone and Galaxy S/Note series LoL

  • Matthew Grylls

    Illuminati Detected…. LOL

  • tri do

    it is not nice to come to someone’s place and bashing a produc that you are not interested in! Sony is not the perfect so does apple and samsung. i do agree with you that sony s/w has not been optimized as apple, but at least they have balls to go out with big specs and its first with waterproofing feature. i used samsung phone as well before but the touchwiz is very easily getting on my nerves as its nature of lag. Let’s play nice and get which gadget is for you and leave you troll somewhere else. you can not make your judgement without even tried out the product. just my opnion like it or not that is up to you

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Easy there, sir. It was a joke. This is sony fanbase, afterall.. In samsung forum, I believe some shit like this happen to sony. If u hate sony please leave. We don’t need “serious people with bad taste of humour” here

  • Tjaldid

    So this is embarrasing “Vaio to compete against former parent Sony in smartphones”

  • Mohit

    And May be because of high sales of Samsung, they have to shut down their flagship store in London, if you follow gsmarena so much, you should have also looked for the downside of whose balls you’re licking, we atleast lick ones balls, you’re confused about which and lick balls of both..

  • imparanoic

    if sony released embossed version of playstation logo/symbols on limited editions xperia phones ( like 20th anniversary ps4), I am sure it will sell like hotcakes,

  • imparanoic

    A Walkman version would be nice as well, what the hell, why not flood the market with cybershot version, bravia version, vaio version, they could allow the smartphone department in the black ( ie, make a profit) rather than bi-annual updates of their models

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Love it… To bad i had the white one but falling in love with that silver green

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Why wasn’t the Z3 Series like this from the start?!

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  • Binary1ow1

    This is xperia Lollipop material Design will look like.. i just see this

  • Tanmay Behera

    He he..timel..thanks for your valuable time to visit xperiablog… I never, infact we all never visit samsung blog or apple… Ha ha… Thats the power of sony ,it attracts people from a samsung fanboy… And one thing , i love samsung note series… But hate other samsung models.

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  • Utsav Shah

    the white and bronze ones!

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    this is cheating !!!

    cheating! cheating! cheating!


    where you found that which site give me link

  • MyNicki_ds

    That navigation key (home, back, task) looks really not SONY style.. Could’ve been better than that..

  • MyNicki_ds

    Looks great on white, green and bronze on all z3.. and black on z3 tablet..
    On Black and orange z3 compact is rather to much somehow.. IMHO

  • MyNicki_ds

    Hahaha.. I see…

  • Me

    “Actually I don’t wanna waste my time”
    *Proceeds to write a couple of hundred words, which, considering the site you’re on, won’t change anyone’s opinion.

  • I’m starting to think you don’t have a life, did you remember what I say before? you seriously don’t care huh? whatever weirdo

  • xperiafan324

    People don’t feed the troll.

  • Idon’tCare

    Are you an Ex-Sony Employee got fired for leaking Sony’s confidential info to Samsung?

  • ???

    You better buy a PS4 and exercise your self ,throw your stress and enjoy the tech hahaha

  • P9

    bit interesting, why not creat also a screen protector. :) :)

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  • Guest

    probably just a dumb xbot

  • Guest

    Now Japan and Chinese is OK,

    Korean?? ewww.. nope.

  • Guest

    “I don’t wanna waste my time with stupid bias fanboy like you”

    then there’s no reason for you to commenting here, you know where the door is.

  • Alter

    it seems he cares enough to comment, lmao.

  • Stev21

    Lmao..that’s quite funny..The will never never reach the quality of made in japan..yeah..chinese manufacturers are improving..but they are still miles away from japan made..the downside only is if it is actually made in japan, it’s expensive..but still, I’ll choose it any day..korean company are like never mind..

  • ProWeirdo

    Ohh, at first I thought it’d Berlin-Rome-Tokyo ;(

  • jmaxim917

    He has totally hijacked this thread and almost everyone fell for it

  • Aiden Pearce

    hmm..this is what sony is busy instead of updating the existing phones..thats a little nice trick

  • Aiden Pearce

    i dont think those nav buttons wil go..its bit ugly

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  • DavidCameron

    Sony phones don’t have the tendency to bend with normal use, nor are they known to catch fire whilst charging. Something apple and Samsung users can’t say. It’s clear to me which one to choose.

  • Ruub

    ”chinese manufactures have improved the quality of their products to higher level, the same level as Apple and Sony”
    You just stated that Sony have a quality equal to Apple, and some posts before this one you stated that Sony is junk and not comparable to either Samsung or Apple, good job hypocrite!

    The first smartphone company for example was Sony to implement Battery Saving mode…

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  • ayub407

    Black looks better.

  • JHMBB2

    These are so cool! I’d definitely by a California version if they had one.

  • He might just brakeup with her sony fangirl. That somehow give a reason to hate sony at this level.

  • Timel

    Actually The world knows Sony as junk company LoL

  • Timel

    That’s so funny!
    I like your story

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  • Abdullah Robben

    Sony is ran out of ideas ?? lol Sony is the only company that provides a new ideas every year like the water resistance feature (which Samsung copycat it), noise cancelation feature and finally hi-res audio
    don’t forget that all the companies use Sony’s sensors and no one can beat sony’s sensors

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  • Timothy Crayon

    To: Timel……
    If you are sick or mentally disable, seek medical attetion asap or else you will get into trouble…….
    SUCKSUNG and SUCKSUNG’s FANS like you are really SUCK
    God bless you

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  • Micro

    You know what, our lovely little troll, you are boring now… ;)
    Did you know that google can find you by a “blind”, “fanboy” and “cave” phrases?
    Perhaps you should learn some more words (just a friendly advice- you could use school, really, it helps a lot), you would be much harder to spot, you know :)

    oh, and btw – why trolls like you are such a cowards and don’t have own accounts? All of you always post this bs as guests.. why?

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  • If they brought back purple I would travel just to grab one.

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  • shubham

    haha Timel.. you get started with your hatred filled comments as soon as there is any post! i pity you.. but i really wanna know why such hatred?

  • mi

    youre so hateful towards xperia yet youre here bashing it. sigh..

  • Irony

    The Irony of this is that people who buy this will most probably be placing them in casing/covers/bumpers and what not, covering up the designs.

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  • Go lick Shamsung balls!!!

    “I don’t wanna waste my time with stupid bias fanboy like you”

    Then why the f@#$ are you here constantly?!?!? Shamsung must be paying you a lot. Nobody in their right mind would waste thier life trolling a sites for a brands they hate so constantly for free

  • ScrewShamsung

    I’d still get one over a Shamsung anyday regardless!!!

  • ShamsungBlows

    Probably because of all the phone brands Timel has shoved up where the sun don’t shine, Sony phones were the only ones he couldn’t get out and had to go to hospital to extract….miraculously, Sony phones were the only brands to survive after extraction

  • shubham

    haha! :D could be..

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  • asdfman

    Warsaw edition, find the difference :)

  • Shubham Mutreja

    he was a proud owner of xperia sp!!!!
    (well i am still a proud owner of Walkman w350i and SEX mini pro!!)

  • Kaloyskie

    I just recalled how Samsung sacked their Chief Officer for design. That was back when they love to make feminine napkin-like phones.

    No doubt Samsung have better performance than Sony. But if you look deeper, you will see lots of “unique features” compared to Samsung’s. Sony was able to incorporate all those with only compromising tiny bit of performance.

    If you use a Samsung, it’s like using any other phones out there. Not much changes in interface. Try to use Sony. You will love the feeling of finding new most of the time.

    Also, have you experienced the VIP card? Well, I love it!!! Do you have it with your Samsung Phone? I dropped my Z2 several times. No damages. Tried it underwater both fresh and salt, still performing.

    The best part of this was when S5 active was released almost same time as my Z2 here in our region. Few Samsung shops placed a laminated picture of S5 underwater. One even placed an XZ1. It was so hilarious.

    I will have those pics in a few days. I’ll ask permission from the owner of the post first.

  • Sridhar D

    Hah hah. Then why dumb ass Samsung are copying it ?

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