Sony considering the sale of its mobile division?

by XB on 13th January 2015

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Sony Corp President and CEO Hirai attends an investors' conference at the company's headquarters in TokyoSony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai and senior management are considering a number of options for its loss-making mobile and TV divisions according to a Reuters report. This includes the possibility of selling the operations or entering into a joint venture contract with a partner.

Reuters cites an unnamed member of Sony management that “no business is forever” and that “every segment now needs to understand that Sony can exit businesses”.

These sentiments were reiterated by Kazuo Hirai who told reporters at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas that reforms have succeeded “in some parts but not in others”. He also exhibited caution on the mobile division in particular.

“Electronics in general, along with entertainment and finance, will continue to be an important business. But within that there are some operations that will need to be run with caution – and that might be TV or mobile, for example,” said Hirai.

The next time we officially hear from the company is 4 February 2015, which is when Sony reports its Q3 FY2014 earnings announcement. We should get an idea at that point the sentiment around the mobile division.

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  • roeshak

    Well they can’t go on like this. Too many false dawns! They’re running out of chances. Foreclosure looms large but it’s not yet inevitable but something needs to stick and soon!

  • SkyS1gn

    NOOOO!!! What phone i have to buy other than Sony? I mean the design… exc exc.

  • anonymous

    Xperia = Xpired

  • mUSICA

    jst make a 1 powerfull flagship 1 midrange an a budget fone every year thats it

  • Andy

    Well, concentrate on high end, become the number one choice – like the tablet line, which is all high end, nothing else.

  • MarkG54321

    People don’t deserve nice things… Xperia Z series is the best on the market. Its not a product problem for sony, its american politics that prevent their mobile products being able there.

    Their loss is now our loss too…

  • zip

    Perhaps they should ditch all phones except one and call it sPhone. Ditch all tablets besides one and call it sPad.


  • Mani

    No, I can’t endure it. My heart is drowning. When sony came, I started to like smartphone. My familiarity with smartphone just because of Sony Xperia. Plz Sony don’t shut down

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I became a Sony mobile fan a few years ago and live their smartphones and built in apps. To be honest, I they need to step their game up, and if they can’t then that’s their problem. Either put some genuine improvement over your last device or you can watch your current one drown below other OEMs who actually upgrade and put forth a worthy device to hold the title as a flagship device.

    I’m not saying the Z3 is bad, far from it in fact, but when you release a flagship every 6 months with only a few changes then of course you will lose customers. They should really pay attention to HTC, M7 was a great device, front facing speakers great overall build and design. M8, improv d design and handling,uh better speakers, UI improved even more. And hopefully if HTC learned the M9 won’t have that lame gimmicky 4 MP Camera crap. What I’m saying is make a flagship knee a year, but down on middle to low end devices. One flagship a year will show some real tangible improvements than the small incremental upgrades they are showing now.

  • JP

    Wow, I can’t believe this. They just acquired Sony Erricson in 2011 (?) and now this happens? Seriously, if you want to continue your sales in the Xperia line, you must at least ensure your loyal customers like me that I am not going to invest in phone line that is going to be shut down very soon.

    I am so disappointed with what is happening. Sigh.

  • Itsarapong Intoum


  • Sola Hoi

    It’s like GM saying they want to exit the car business and sell their operations. Not only is the company affected, but Japan as a country is going down.

  • Jerry Berglund

    God if they sell they really stupid. They know they cant sell cheap phones ju of their cheap chinese competitors. SO why even try. They cant just say something, and not start doing. They still sell the premiumphones quite good, but they still make cheap medium and lowend phones. Thats why Sony has their problem. Allready as Sony Ericsson their plan was to leave that low-end and medium, and when Sony took over everything, they continued to sell their cheper phones, despite they know they dont sell them?

    If Sony do this, they really stupid. Maybe try to get together with Ericsson again lol.

  • Battal Aljadei

    2012-2015 Three years is enough to say if he has a plan or he is a failure !
    Losing this No-Future-Plan CEO is better than losing another sector Sony .

  • Jerry Berglund

    Not even apple do that. They sell more than one phone remember? :-) NO, they Sony has to leave the low- and middel-end buisness. Because he Z-line do go well. They do also need to have maybe a year between the phones. So maybe release in the beginning of the year, then in the summer they release the compact version. Maybe they could release 3 phones targeted at different customers. One for the smallhanded people who want small screens, like 4 Inches. One for the people like me 4.4-4.7 inches. And the third with 5 – 5.5 inches. And maybe a phablet (thats not really a phone lol) on 6 inches. Thats what they need to do, and the third thing, dont cheat on hardware. SOny has what it takes to get good. Still many people thinks the phones is maybe the better once on the market. The only critic they do get is, that the tend to be a little unnoticable. They reviews often say: “Its not the best on anything, and its not the worse. And just in the middle and many people tend to want the best camera, the best hardware, the best screen. And the only thing Sony has now that they really is the best it batterykapacity. Not even waterresistance is good anymore because the others done the same. So maybe Sony should fix the camera software. Sony maybe has the best camera hardware out there, but the software dont use it as good as it should. I mean when even iPhones 5/5s/5c and 6/6+ in many ways make better quality pictures with 8MP something isnt good.

    iPhone dont compress the pictures that hard as Sony does, and people dont really like that. So maybe Sony should listen and try to let the phone maybe take RAW, or maybe dont compress a 20MP picture too 2MB. The same picture on iPhone is usually round 5MB and much more information. So Sony should sell, just do what they actually say they should do. Stop making cheap low- and middle-ends phones. and stop making 2 flagship phones a year and make one or more, but release them the same date. And of course Fix the camera for gods sake.When my brother teases me of the camera picture quality its not good. Because it can do better.

  • Jan

    For me the time for iPhone is coming from far and seems unavoidable.. But if sony keep coming nice flagships i stay sony :)

  • Flavio Lemos

    huauhauhhuahuahuauhahuuhauhahu first PC now mobile and TV´s? They only can be joking with us.

  • mikhailovich

    Well, a Xperia Z3 costs around $947 here in Brazil. A 2nd gen Moto X costs around $478 while a G3 costs somewhere along $568 and the cheapest iPhone 6 I found was $1099.And a 50″ LED Bravia TV costs $1213, when there’s a 50″ LED LG one at $712. Not that consumer electronics around here are exactly cheap, but I guess it’s not hard to figure out why Sony isn’t in a great financial position.

  • kaostheory

    I’ve said it before but Sonys problem is not including their own content. If they put in a proprietary chip that runs older ps/vita software they would have a winner. Sony has all the hardware at their fingertips and then releases a Walkman without a phone? They make the majority of camera modules for phones and with the inside info on how it’s made, and can still barely compete? I still don’t own a tablet, but if you could play Vita games, I would have bought one long ago. And then there’s the marketing. I just saw a review for the Glyph and the reviewer and commenters acted like it was a new idea even though Sony is on their 3rd HMZ-T.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Maybe you right. They should change CEO and not sell Sony Mobile. Sony kinda made it worse after Sony Ericsson years. A least the Swedish Sony Ericsson Mobile CEO did change the downfall and it was pointing up. And it still does. But as usuall, Sony is dont have the urge to wait, they want the change to happen now. The could do lots. If they got into the US market, they must start to sell their phones in the same time as the rest of the world. And not just think about Japan. But they do really have to stick to their plan, and not go around it. I mean how many times have we heard they should stop producin low-end and middle-end phones? They said that for several ears. And Sony Ericsson started that. When Sony took over, they really didn thave that category. Not that many at least. Then Sony took over, and we got E, T, M and I tink even a J and ofcourse a Z in many different incarnations. They only needed the Z line.

    And one more thing. They have to go down in price. Because I still believe that people want to buy phones form a company that is well knowend rather than a unknowned one. So if Sony could decrease their prices That would change lots. And maybe the people that wanna buy One+One would buy the Sony, because of the hardware and its a big company. I think just a 100 dollars less on their flagship phone. More would buy, and they would earn more because of more buying.

  • Raj Singh

    WTF. Seriously, WTF?

  • mustafa

    Kazuro Hirai is seriously fucking everything up.

  • Raj Singh

    If they can’t turn the company around, Kaz should be fired and replaced by someone who can. I’d be choked if this happens. This is a disgrace to see and hear.

  • aDude

    Incompetent dumb fucks! That’s what they deserve and I know I’ve said I’d enjoy it if Sony went down but it didn’t feel right! Fuck! Fuck you Kaz! Fuck you sony

  • Abdul Ghani

    High price bad camera software and less software support broke sony mobile

  • vida

    Sony what will i buy if you sell your mobile divison? I guess i will not have phone anymore.

  • :(

    For me it’s Noki.. Oh Wait!..

  • Jerry Berglund

    In a way you right. If they could build a phone with maybe hardware like their game consoles, and using android of course, they would gain a lot. And of course make it possible to buy the games. I mean Playstation mobile was a big flunk. What was that all about. They realesed it in Sweden to just put it down some months afterwards. And why, because it was no good games to get from it. I mean what did they think. Sony has done so many strange desicions. What the heck is the CEO doing, is he going to sell out the whole company just beause they cant stick to their original plans, and stick to it. As I said before. They still do low-end and middle-end phones, wich they said they should stop producing.

  • DBS

    Great…first Nokia…now Sony. My next communication device will be an owl.

    Someone get me Hirai’s email. I need to have a talk with him.

  • PJ

    Wow, first they sell their VAIO line and now they’re considering selling their Xperia and Bravia lines?

    I am not Japanese, but this is such a stain to a big company’s honor! What a disgrace! You know what you should consider selling? Your CEO and other senior management people who can’t put up a fight!

  • Abdul Ghani

    Highly pricing is the main reason no one bought sony phones for example in my country z2 was 1650 sr ( saudi riyal) and z3 dual 2999sr both are almost same phone but look at the difference in pricing so stupid from sony z3 dual should have been 1999 sr phone and it could have been one of the best sellers

  • Tangent Lin

    “No business is forever” Yes! If Sony did not prove to user why their money is worth for spending on their product and for sure mobile segment it not the last segment Sony closing down. I’m Sony fans but I don’t hope Sony to start closing its own segment one by one. Sony hardware is the best out there, main issue IMO are support (reduce scope of model launch every year to provide better support), camera algorithm, improve relation with service provider nationwide. In Malaysia, service centre is less and slow, most of Sony store service is bad. And do combine all of Sony greatest technology into a mobile phone, don’t expect user to buy freaking expensive walkman only for music listening. Sony should provide more offer or slightly reduce it price to pull up theirs sales. Wish Sony all the best.

  • Tangent Lin

    For me I will buying 2 Sony phones together before Sony is closing down.. :-)

  • zasdv

    oh please! like they are handing it to you in a gift box.

  • aligamz

    Motorolas are a pretty good option. Check them out.

  • Abdul Ghani
  • Reon

    Can Nokia Somehow buy Xperia and start making Android Phones?

  • RealityCheck2015

    I LOVE SONY TV’s & Smart Phones. I don’t want to see them go :(

  • Xperia

    UGH. Just in case, what’s a good Android smartphone? I’m thinking of going to HTC if Sony decides to sell Xperia. :( (and please not Samsung lol)

  • Flavio Lemos

    R u kidding Sony?? Blow me!

  • Jecht_Sin

    This is madness. The Xperia phones are just great (typing from one right now). But it was nearly impossible to find this model in Italy! Sony must work more in the marketing department, like they did with the PS4. The products are excellent, just push them more!

  • Bur

    Sony didn’t say they will sell it. Websites are just saying that it would be a logic move if Sony doesn’t want to take any risks. I hope they do take the risk. Beat the shit out of the other companies with flapless Z4

  • Bur

    Again, Sony didn’t talk about selling it. Websites are just circulating the thought that Sony should sell it to not risk anything.

  • If they’re going to sell the Mobile division, sell it back to Ericsson.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Seem like sony are getting ready to abandon midrange line up. The market growing so fast in smartphone nowdays as a user i also having hardtime to remember all the brand names.

  • PJ

    You have a point, but I really hope they won’t sell the division. I mean, considering what they did to VAIO, I am afraid this reality might not be farfeteched at all. :( Ugh, I hope this is just a case of speculative journalism. Those comments of Hirai though…

    I mean seriously they just broke off from Ericsson a few years ago and now this? :(

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Now vaio will create own smartphone coming this year.

  • Riyal

    Looking for joint venture? Contact erricson please! :D

    Regardless I don’t think this is a good time to leak such news… Project ARA is coming anytime now so you’re really giving that phone a good introduction market.

  • shanefalco

    nokia return in 2016 with android smartphone! ;) Now nokia sell only tablet n1 with android with intel processor!

  • DBS

    That’s not certain yet. I’m counting on it, yeah, but…what if they don’t?

    You know what would be better? If the “partner” Sony picks is Nokia. Mix Nokia’s software and imaging capabilities with Sony’s designs and ecosystem and you have a killer phone.

  • WilliamTell13

    I mean, it makes sense. I’ve had my phone for a year and I’ve NEVER seen another Sony phone in the wild. It’s all Samsungs and iPhones for the most part, with a couple HTCs sprinkled in the mix.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    Plzzz no, i cant buy any phone except a sony
    No nokia no sony i think i will stay with a sony phone for a very long time… :(

  • I feel broken heart.

  • Rizky Maulana

    yes, my dream come true :'(

  • that sounds awesome, soooo awesome, and if it’s truly happen, I may loose my mind

  • Special One

    didn’t work very well with HTC !!

  • Damon Adrian

    Madness? THIS IS SONY!

  • Crunkoko

    i feel Sony isn’t targeting broader market enough. All of Xperias phones are the same which emphasizes only on entertainment. They should have followed Samsung business model closer rather than Apple’s. I admit not all Samsung products are great but at least they grow faster and have now exceeded Apple in terms of mobile market. The wider range Samsung provides also serve as a R&D opportunity for its employees to improve their other products.

  • chunky

  • Special One

    Z2 was 2500 S.R and Z3 is 3000 beacuse it’s dual !!

    a little pricey but can you name a better dual phone !??

  • Ross

    Z Ultra is a big missed opportunity imo. It could have easily be a real competition to the Note, yet they did not focus on better stylus and palm rejection screen. Note can be used as a business phone as well which Xperia does not have Samsung understand there is no point of making Notes if their functionality are the same as the Galaxy, while Sony release the Z to Z3 in less than two years which are all the same.

  • ZXcorr

    Hang in there, Sony. Nobody designs products better than you. We need you.

  • Maxx Tan

    Why are they even talking about such BS when they have already invest a lot on their mobile division? They’re already getting real close. Saying stuff like these just makes us doubt about the future of Sony’s product. Why don’y Sony just focus on improving the camera S/W, improve on the user experience on their mobile phone and stop making empty promises? You can’t just say your gem isn’t worth the value when you have just started to polish out it’s true potential. Cmon, Sony, persevere like a true Japanese – get your shit together.

  • Ritwij


  • Billy de Fretes

    wowww…. i hope they reconsider it… i mean, Z series getting more popular in my country (Indonesia), 4 years ago, only 1 or 2 people using sony phones in train when i go to work, today i can’t even count since there are so many of them. samsung and iphone still the most used phones but hey, people today admit that Xperia phones good enough.

    we even have dedicated photos group only for xperia user so why consider selling xperia ?

    i’ve been using sony phones since sony ericsson era until these day (happy super smooth xperia Z owner) and yes my next phone will be Z4, Z6…
    it would be perfect if they create 2 different Z4, one with dedicated music player,average camera but not over price like the new walkman & one with superior camera phone but average music player just like the old days

  • Arshad Habib

    Don’t think about to sell. Sony Mobile is my favorite brand and one of the best in the world

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    I don’t know shit but sony really need a serious move..

  • AA

    Sony just needs to keep innovating…. catch up on their software shortcomings, and not admitting defeat. They need to prove they’re better than their competitors, because they really are. Why is this so hard for them to understand?

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Nothing come close to sony in terms of design, UI.. That’s what I’m affraid of.. If they really going down.. Other phone will tasteless in front of me.

  • P9

    pls don’t Sony, make sth any better, we r all here ur big and forever fan.

  • Timel

    If talk about the design I gotta admit on one can compares with Sony, Sony phones are freaking beautiful expecially Z series and arc series even they have the worst camera, worst sound quality, normal display and less innovative features

    But between Bravia and Xperia if in finally Sony really have to choose either of them, I hope Sony will keep Bravia Division and let Mobile division go of merge it into Sony Corp.

  • fufu

    To sony CEO. I’m one of sony big fan. You’re fired!!

  • DStyle

    I hope this news isn’t true. Sony needs to learn from its competitors. One state-of-art flagship and less mid-range. Don’t think entry level smartphones sell well. As the rest already mentioned, faster updates that fix bugs.

    If this is the road that Sony wants to go down to, I’ll have to buy Fujitsu or Sharp smartphones in the future. Luckily, I leave in Japan.

  • Utsav Shah

    All Sony need to do is to hire some people from Apple!

  • jokensy

    Oh shit! Didn’t see that coming!

  • Solovino

    OMG, Sony… if you sell off your tv and mobile lines, I will toss my PS4 and go for the Xbox One so help me god.

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    Apple sucks! Dont you know that? The only best in Phone is SONY and NOKIA with its original owner..

  • Malih

    With the stupid sales & product lineup strategy they have, of course they wouldn’t sell as many devices as possible. And to make matters worse, they’re not updating Android on non-flagship phones.

    Even if I’m a big fan, I’m glad they suffer this loss, here’s hoping they’re smart enough to learn and change, even if it looks like they’re too lazy to.

  • Fan of Xperia device

    If this truly happen I guess I’ll have to choose from HTC and Motorola. LG is also doing some good work. I kinda liked G3. But i’m going to miss Sony’s awesome design. I guess it’s do or die with Z4 for them.

  • Jack
  • Contridiction

    But Apple hasn’t had any plans on selling off their mobile Division yet, whereas sony….

  • Utsav Shah

    Accept the reality. I know who are the original handset manufacturers. One of them has died. And I love the other one a lot.
    And that’s why I don’t want it to die. And If does happen (I pray that it does never), I wish it’s Apple who buys Sony Mobile.

  • Bio24

    please don’t do that… i like sony xperia smartphone…. :(

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    what i want you to know that.. its better to sell their mobile division than to hire some people from their competitor.. they are Professionals in BUSINESS..
    and what i want you to know again is that, they dont need to hire people from Apple, bec they did great in all terms.. but like what Hirai said “there is no permanent Business”..

  • Sadab Khan

    The solution is simple…. Flood the market with more phones using snapdragon 400

  • Gav

    Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I think it is important that Sony has an intergrated eco system from Cameras/filming to the/ film production to media services to TV’s and electronics that consumers can enjoy that media on…

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    of course they will not sell their mobile division.. and i think planning to sell it, wont happen…..bec.. apple’s big HIT is they mobile business….

  • Shehab Skull

    Why ? Sony is doing very well and many people start to use Sony.. when I walk in the street I see many of them holding xperia phones in their hands.Sony occupies third place in sales after Apple and Samsung. If Sony will sell xperia series I will not buy any new phones I will live all my life using one phone forever and it will be the Z4.
    PLEASE don’t do that Sony please please :|

  • JNI

    This news angers me. When Sony decided to sell its VAIO line, it said it was doing it so so they could FOCUS ON THEIR MOBILE DIVISION. And now they’re dropping hints such as these? Seriously? Wow for a Japanese company that supposedly puts honor and “quality” in the frontline, THIS IS A DISGRACE!

    Get your shit together. That’s what you get for being so cocky by overpricing everything. If they will not release any statement that all of these are just speculations and will not do anything this year, I swear this is going to be my last Xperia phone. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Dexter Moregan

    I agree. Before Z1 release, I see people use only Samsung and Apple on the train of my country. Let’s keep seeing in the long term. I’m sure Sony Xperia will be popular in Global!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Kazuo Hirai and Kunimasa Suzuki should have been fired in early 2013 (when the original Xperia Z and PS4 were going to give the corporation a lot of momentum). LG fired their mobile CEO in cold blood to keep things fresh even after successful G2 and G3 sales (OK karma bit them in the ass after their Odin debacle and probably numerous G3 variants). If Sony Mobile can’t blow us away with innovation in an oversaturated market against the chinese and the Samsung/Apple duopoly, they should at least be responsive (even cold blooded) and continue to market themselves efficiently and extensively. The E4 and the speculation of splitting Z4 variants across different regions seems to indicate that they’re trying.

  • Ana Heluši?

    First Vaio, and now Xperia & Bravia, I believe that Kaz is a Sith Lord

  • somebodynicho

    Yeah. no other design and UI is comparable with Sony! best UI and design. :(((

  • arcds

    Its bec they don’t want their products to compete or cannibalize thier other portfolio! They are insanely conservative with their strategies! If you’ll honestly think about it Sony has a gaming segment which they don’t want to share with their mobile phones, they have an imaging department and yet they have the worst camera in the market and a display/tv business but their screens in their phones are anything but innovative! They just don’t want to share and unite their products offerings to build a superb phone

  • von

    Its bec they don’t want their products to compete or cannibalize their other portfolios! They are insanely conservative with their strategies! If you’ll honestly think about it Sony has a gaming segment which they don’t want to share with their mobile phones, they have an imaging department and yet they have the worst camera in the market and a display/tv business but their screens in their phones are anything but innovative! They just don’t want to share and unite their products offerings to build a superb phone.

  • chunkybeats

    I’m so sick of Apple, I’ve had an iphone and wasnt impressed. Long story short Apple screwed me so I went back to who i know I can trust in which is Sony! Please do not sell your mobile division Sony, you are amazing at what you do, just sort out your marketing and get that reputation as number one again! Apple are rubbish and overhyped American hipster rubbish. I love my 2 year old Z!

  • chunkybeats

    Yeah really good, static grid os and heavily reliant on iTunes, um no thanks!

  • alex

    Sony’s problem is with marketing, publicity and distribution. Most people don’t know about sony phones and when they see it, they like it. Sony should make all there phones available in stores not jst online. They should market them through many network providers too. The phones need to be out there for the public to see!!! This applies to all their products. Most times u have to look for there product if not u won’t know they exist!!!

  • chunkybeats

    Yep you are right, American propaganda, oh if it’s made in America then that’s fine but the so caked amazing Apple is made in the exact same factory as Sony. Stupid hipsters

  • xperiaDROID

    I’ll be very sad if Sony decide to sell off their smartphone and TV business. Sony is the one who brought me to the tech world, because my first smartphone was the Xperia P and after that I started to like tech stuffs such as smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. This isn’t the Japanese way of dealing things right? If I’m not wrong, Sony is the 10th smartphone vendor in the world, that’s not bad.

    They should try and do more marketing and not overprice their products, just price it cheaper than before. Stop the 6 month flagship cycle and change it to 1 year, and also surprise us with a groundbreaking flagship. Give us wow! We need the wow like when you unveiled the Xperia Z back in CES 2013.

    To be honest, I really don’t know what to choose if they sell off their smartphone business. Sure, there are lots of brands like LG, Huawei, HTC, Asus, Samsung, Vivo, BlackBerry etc., but I really do enjoy Sony phones, and more importantly, I like Sony.

  • xperiaDROID

    Actually, they should hire some people from Nokia or BlackBerry, Apple only knows money…money…and money.

  • Sridhar D

    No Sony don’t do that. Where will Samsung and LG copy from :)

  • Vignesh Raja

    What more can anyone expect? Sony, why don’t you sell entire Sony corporation to some other cheap Chinese companies so that they can utilize all your current infrastructure and devices and provide better products than yours. Seriously, recently Sony stopped caring about its user. Yes, Sony mobile blog is best proof of it. No matter how users complain there, a single reply will not be given by official sony team. They even dumped old sony users with bad decisions and actions. Take Xperia SP as example. Finally pricing of mobiles is ridiculous . Xperia Z3 currently costs as much as latest Nexus 6 with latest hardware. I accept that Sony has better quality, durability bla bla blaa but again, does it convince normal users? No! Also they need to stop making too many underperforming devices. Like, M2 and M2 Aqua? Why not only M2 Aqua? Seriously Sony needs to change many flaws. If they go on selling each division, one day they will be selling memory cards on streets of Japan.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    Its even lesser now…

  • i feel like buying a z a z1 a z2 a z ultra before it’s too late i have a z1 already and a z3 and a z ultra but i want brand new ones again before it’s too late

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Please don’t sell your business, I love your products!!!!!!!!!!

  • xperiaDROID

    Don’t forget about BlackBerry, Sony phones will have the best security features and will be the most secured Android devices.

    With Sony, Nokia, and BlackBerry, working together and make awesome products, it’s time for world domination.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I already switched to Nexus 6 !!! :-)

  • xperiaDROID

    Because HTC phones are overpriced, same goes to Sony.

  • Timel

    Because just great design is not enough!

    the Z3 is just a shitty toy when compares with Note 4 and iPhone 6

    The camera of the Z3 is freaking bad, Z3’s sound quality is normal no DAC/amplifier and less innovative features

    While The Note 4 and an iPhone 6 have much better camera quality, better sound quality and the Super Amoled display in the Note 4 is the best of the best smartphone display so far, in addition Note 4 also has innovative features like S pen, S note, and other useful features such as Call notification pop-up, multi windows and more.

    Samsung did great with its Note 4

    Apple too, Apple has iOS and the strong ecosystems

    Look back at Sony… Lol it is just empty, their flagship phones have nothing special than competitors and Sony marketing is very weak

    So sorry It’s over! RIP Sony Mobile!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    SONY IS GOING NOWHERE…Look at LG, Moto, etc – everyone’s profit margin is improving but Sony – hopeless..

  • Husam

    if Sony wants to live, they should do the following:

    1- never sell any division, EVER! most people who buy Sony products, they do because they love the brand, not the product. if u took a look in their homes, you’ll see a Bravia TV, a Vaio laptop (RIP), a PlayStation, a Sony home theater, an Alpha camera, and probably 3 or 4 Xperia phones (since SonyEricsson)… if they sold any division, they wont buy any of the other products. you know why? because you killed what they believed in…

    2- take a quick look at what all Chinese smartphones manufacturers are doing. killer specs, excellent build quality, affordable price… don’t shower the market with similarly spec’ed phones, focus on the Z series, 1 or 2 affordable phones and that’s it. use all Sony’s experience in Camera’s, Audio, and TV divisions to make a fantastic phone, not just the names. you put a G-lens and Bionz names on your phones but the result is very far from impressive… same thing goes for displays and audio…

    3- MARKETING… i can’t stress this enough… the reason Samsung makes a ton of money is that they know how to sell their products. wherever you go you see Samsung everywhere… people don’t by Samsung products because it’s the best, they buy them because Samsung made them believe they are the best… Two years ago, Barvia TV’s with Triluminos technology was lunched (Triluminos is Quantum dots technology). few days ago, Samsung revealed a TV with the same technology, and suddenly it’s all the hype! why? because no body knows anything about Sony!

    If Sony considered all the above, they will sell their products (NOT divisions) like hot cakes, and i believe everyone, especially Sony fans will agree with me…

  • lasttodie

    I’m a sony junkie, where will I get my fix from if this happens?

  • xperiaDROID

    Oh look, Samshit fanboy got paid by CrApple as well! Samshit fanboy CrApple paid shill.

  • Utsav Shah

    Hirai is not God. And you can’t just let such a special Brand die!
    In professional world, brands do hire people from their competition not just because they want the best but also because those few people are passionate about other brands. And I am damn sure there would be many employees in apple who love sony as a brand more than apple.

  • Timel

    LoL so pity you indeed,

    Sony has already proven itself with its four generations of the Xperia Z series and clear that Sony can’t win Apple and Samsung at all. Ok Sony flagship phone might not bad but they ain’t cool enough to fight with stronger competitor like Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note series because Sony was out, Inefficient, ran out of idea and it’s dying slowly everyday, this is fact whether blind fanboys want to admit it or not. So let’s count hehe.

  • Santhusa, Ravihara Wijethunga

    No, please, Sony don’t do that!!

    We love Sony Xperia!!
    Please don’t do it!! :-(

  • aNotInUseUsername

    Ok, I’m a sony fan but he’s kinda right! They’ve been giving us the same thing since XZ1! They really should think of something new.

  • Kelso

    Didn’t they recently say that only 5% of their sales were tablets?

  • thoughts

    I always buy sony lol t68 t68 p800 p900 m600 p990 xperia x10 xperia s xperia z1 xperia z3 tablet compact.

    It was not my fault!

    I think sony is only a few steps away from being succesfull.

    A little lower price just a little, less bloatware, and better apps, better device strategy, a little more innovation to bring features that are useful for the masses in hard and software, i really advice sony to start a sony store to get all things sony easily without the clutter of google play, etc etc

  • thoughts

    Sony fix your camera big sensor, not too many pixels, better flash, better stabilization, BETTER ALGORITHM, better camera software, and better superiour auto mode at highest mp setting, more manual control, and finally finally stop de grainy blurry image quality, full jpeg quality, raw support.

  • kondwani ndhlovu

    If this happens I’m buying an iPhone… Really hope it doesn’t come to that

  • thoughts

    And please please carefully investigate every review on the internet, do market research, what do people say, what do reviewers say, face the world, read the forums, improve in the areas that get complains…

  • joseph carmine nero

    Z2 is way better than M8.bigger battery and lesser yeah thats just your point

  • thoughts

    I still want to see sony encryption builtin on file and folder level and user defined acces control on file and folder level to protect my data against any threat like curious family members, evil co workers, dictator police states, cryptolocker and ransomware viruses.

  • Bunny

    oh no please dont!!

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    I had three Panasonic phones and they stopped making them. My next choice of phone brand was Sony and now this bad news comes as I’m on my fourth Sony phone. I’d be sad if this goes through because currently there is no other brand that I actually like.

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    Your fucking absolutely Right.. Men, sony is the best disigner and color blender in the Face of ANDROID!

  • thoughts

    Imagine one place to get all things sony on your device, no bloat anymore…

    One app…

    To get sony apps, themes,camera plugins, small apps, smartwatch extensions,stickers, news, promotions, buy accessories, forum, care, etc

    A modular design in wich you can switch on and off categories of products and services from sony, to fit your needs, and only showing what you really want.

  • thoughts

    Wifi direct media server should be able to share more than only music videos and pictures… What about contacts calender notes sketches tasks? Integrate the media server in more sony apps.

  • doministry

    That would be the terrible news. I am not ready to buy Apple toys or disgusting Samsungs.
    That would be scary, maybe I’d just not use smartphones anymore.

  • ZoubIWah

    Dat troll

  • EPGuest

    Sony WTF! First VAIO, now Xperia or Bravia :(

    I love having all kinds of Sony products. I love playing on my PS4 using my Bravia and Sony speakers with my VAIO and my Vita next to me or laying in bed watching TV on my Xperia Tablet with my MDR headphones on my head while texting on my Xperia or go for a run with my MDR earphones plugged into my Walkman while using my SmartBand to track everything. I’m also thinking about buying a Sony 4K Action Cam to record everything when I go on vacation.

    Please Sony, don’t sell the brands. And if you’re going to sell the divisions, don’t sell the brand names like you did with VAIO. They will just ruin everything.

  • ZoubIWah

    actually most of the electronics in an iphone comes from sony ;) this is one market where things work well for sony hehe.

  • EPGuest

    P.S. Do you know what REALLY sucks? Apple wanted to put Mac on VAIO’s and the OS which now is iOS on Sony phones instead of making their own laptops and phones. This would have all made such a difference if this had happened.

  • adneon0

    ok.. lets die now .. !looks like apocalypse is near !

  • adneon0

    So you’re still shitting here ! Why dont you die..? Atleast let others leave with peace here -_-

  • adneon0

    This cant be the solution.. :( a great tech giant first sold its great laptop lineup emerging mobile division.. next what.. Bravia ? :(
    60 years of Sony ..1946-2016 ? RIP ? :'(

  • John

    Sony ain’t the only one. Samsung and Apple have made the same phones with small improvements every year! If you compare the Z1 to the Z3 it’s the same thing Samsung, Apple and others have been doing! If the hardware or software design is acknowledged by the majority as good there is no need to drastically change it. Sony has that with hardware but not in software. Sony needs to focus on what is important, what they lack! Android AOSP design has come a long way and the majority is pleased with Material design! Sony should just stick with Android AOSP design and focus on fixing bugs, improving system performance, improving device imaging capabilities to surpass competition, add software features that the majority of users would use etc! How many users use their small apps, how many install other launchers etc. I haven’t met anyone who really loves Sony’s small apps or What’s New, and I’ve met a lot of people that don’t care for Sony’s UI or install other launchers cause they don’t like it! However I’ve met quite a few that like stamina mode and Sony’s Album or Walkman app etc. Sony just needs to focus resources where they matter or else they’re never getting their mobile division out of this ditch! Their TV division made a smart move to go with Android TV imo. They made only small changes to Android TV and added that way to the OS without messing anything up. In the end the used less resources, wasted less money and added to their TV line up an OS that has a greater chance to grow than any other TV OS out there! So when it comes down to buying a TV, a non blind consumer will factor in the OS too and might make the purchase over another brand if everything else is veryclose or on par with other brands!

  • DoctorDroid

    lol same here, most of my tecstuff is from Sony :/

  • qwerty

    Here is my advice, Sony:

    1) Change your releasing cycle from 6 months to 1 year for all phones.

    2) Reduce the number of different phones released in a year, 3 type is enough, flagship, compact flagship and a low-segment phone. Do not produce middle-segment phone because you are not good at pricing and too many options in the market.

    3) Provide longer support for all devices.

    4) Advertise better. Samsung and Apple are not better than you, but they make people believe they are better. Once many people believe that a product is good, other people no longer need to think which product is good. They choose Samsung or Apple without considering any other brand. Real problem lies there. You have to change the common belief.

    5) Do not consider sale. Joint venture is most probably the better option, Ericsson comes first as an old partner I think.

    In a nutshell, do not exit Sony from mobile business. If you exit, we will obliged to switch to Apple or Samsung, you will make either of them the best by far with your own decision.

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    i wonder if you really know what are you talking about?
    who are the people you wanted SONY to hire from APPLE?
    the Apples’s :
    Marketing Consultant?
    their IT experts, the Designers?

    Sony has own Marketing Consultant which is equal the ability to apples one? i think so..
    IT experts and Designer?? Sony has that too.. And it terms of “Design”
    Sony is BETTER.. who? the employees? what the Fuck? Utsav?

    actually i dont really hate apple.. and i dont mean about my first Statement. i used Apple devices too, its cool but Sony always makes Difference.. that is the thing i love about SONY!

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    1 is done
    2 is just about there now.
    3 is still a ling way to go but getting better
    4 is their real problem. Without advertising, people won’t know..hell, I see more Samsung and apple advert in one hour than Sony in one year.
    5,you are spot on..but I won’t consider buying any other phones

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    It’s only because people like you believe in ‘credible’ reviews like GSMarena, rather than looking st the phone yourselves.. Sony phones are miles better than shitsung in day to day usage

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    I wish to buy their whole smartphone lineup 200x over and give free samples to people to know how much better a Sony it

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Not quite, though most things are from Sony, the iPhone is overpriced by $500.. Nuff said

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    You and me both.. My first experience with a smartphone, and what cause me to hate it at first was a shitsung.. An S2 in fact.. Lagged shitless, mediocre performance.. So on..and worst,an iPhone which was way overpriced..
    Then I lost my old Sony Ericsson, stolen in fact.. Dad bought me a Sony Ericsson Neo L.. I know it’s a low range phone..But it was lovely… I enjoyed every bit of it.. And it only lags when gaming..,Then 6 months later.. I saw the Z advertising and asked my dad if I could have one..Best phone I have owned.
    Now I’m looking forward to the Z4

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Best joke from the Internet sir

  • apolloa

    Hire people from Apple? And design a phone so thin it bends when you sit down! A phone with buggy software updates every year, a phone that puts the meaning to ‘walled garden’ and is very overpriced, yeah, that’ll work.

  • Dan

    OMG This reminds me of Leo Apotheker with HP … O.O

    It’s time of dismissing Kazuo Hirai. Such statements only damage the image of the company… They take the easy way. if something doesnt work we get rid of it, instead of improving

    Sony has a lot of services to differentiate themselves, but 3 years later have been unable or unwilling to do so.

    For now, after this, my head’s not a Sony mobile as my next purchase. I learned from HP with the Pre…

  • David Hvatov

    Z4 with 810 and at least with 4GB RAM will save sony mobile.

  • Valerius

    How the hell do they manage to turn a loss? I see Sony phones everywhere here (small market, though). They develop ONE model, the Zx. They fill up the rest of the alphabet with spare parts from that and zero development costs.

    The only problem I can see from the outside are the tablets. Those are pretty but nothing special. Wayyyy too overpriced.

  • ???

    We ve been tired reading of you ,get a life idiot

  • Flavio Lemos

    me too. i didnt think that i was going to live enough to see sony´s end. I´ll surrender to apple. First pc, now tv and celphones? Do not deserve me as a client anymore.

  • Alex Norris

    Not surprising … It’s all expected. Sony mistaken thought, that if they are Sony, it will be always in demand, but we saw real Sony mobile – they are liars. Android optimization not the best, a large number marriages, terrible software for camera etc … This led to the fact that we are with you now see. They made a bet only on water resistance, which nobody needs, probably Sony waited the second World Deluge …) And the Chinese fellows, they Responsibility approach to business, because they are successful today.

    The road to success is through responsibility, but not on lie, because lie could not last long ..

  • gnrmt

    aren’t all saudies rich? :P

  • John Zakaria

    Dear Sony just open Xperia blog and read opinions
    Sony saved..

  • doraemonboi

    But Sony UI is less cluttered when compare to Samsung.

  • jr

    Though I love sony phones but the biggest problem up to now is fixing their camera software. that’s the only problem they need to addressed. They should be the number one in camera quality overall especially in Daylight. As for their Competetive advantage, Design, build quality is now losing. they should start considering competitive in price, value, features and inovation. Just look at the Chinese phones such as huawei, oppo and xiaomi their premium phones segment beautiful design and great build quality. They should start considering using mediatek chipset if needed to lower their price or create a prduct segment that uses mediatek kirin.

  • Apollo89

    Why do you always come back to XperiaBlog if you hate Xperia products so much? Do you have a mental illness or something?

  • Brian De Guzman

    Once Sony sells their Xperia, my Z3 will be my last Xperia device, I love the Xperia due to Sony’s ecosystem which will be gone once it is no longer Sony, I will continue supporting the rest of their products though, our Bravias and Sony headphones are the best that I ever had :)

  • Abdul Ghani

    This guy is nuts who paid him and why is he here on Xperia blog

  • Abdul Ghani

    They are but in saudi there are more expats too also all saudis and expats are ready and will give 850$ for Samsung and iPhone but when it comes to sony they think its like a Chinese brand

  • I dont care much who they hand over the division to. As long as they continue the making of great phones, I’m in.

    If not, I’ll go look for something greater

  • DarkLord

  • DarkLord


  • DarkLord


  • Timel

    “Sony phones are miles better than shitsung”

    LoL I’m speechless!
    How dare you said that? Bull fucking shit!

    If Sony phones are really good why the entire Z series have sold much less than Galaxy Note series? What is the rank of Sony in mobile market share?

    C’mon Sony phones are pure shit, shitty software, shitty camera, shitty sound quality and so fucking boring! Nothing news, nothing special, their smartwatch also, they are all shit and fucking boring!

    If Sony has no idea and has no passion to make the great smartphone product line then it’s better if sony will get out of mobile market,

    Sony is just a chicken, sony afraid if Xperia flagship phone is too good no one will buy Sony Walkman and Sony cameras.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Well. Not according to my friends who use phones from Samsung and iPhone..After using my Z once,they are all impressed entirely

  • zaid


  • DrazenDodig

    Actually that is not true… Nobody from Sony cited sale or JV, it is analyst from Citigroup that said that they should consider it… please read the article twice before posting false news.

  • DrazenDodig

    “Yet cost cuts and a focus on high-end phones, a strategy led by Hiroki Totoki, the new chief of Sony’s mobile division, aren’t enough, said Citigroup analyst Kota Ezawa.

    “The mobile and TV businesses both require a drastic overhaul,” he said. “Without drastic reforms such as joint ventures or alliances, they will both be in the red three years from now.” Here is the quote from Reuters article… please correct your article.

  • Jaywalker

    Told you :)) The sell is coming…

  • Pavel

    Nooooooooooooo Sony!!!!!! I hate you Kazuo! worst CEO in Sony history!

  • Hassan Alghar

    The same thing was told about playstation and now look at it. I think Sony only need to reconsider it’s strategy.

  • Guest


  • Kelso

    Nice upvote botting. Not obvious at all

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Playstation phone incoming…

  • Guest

    it caught your attention right?
    mission accomplished,
    as simple as that.
    I don’t really care whether it’s obvious or not. lol.
    I always welcome Playstation Division upgrade :p

  • F?r Tibor

    Please SONY don’t do that! The SONY products are the best. For Me, the only mobile phone, is the SONY mobile phone, also feel that about TV’s.

  • kaostheory

    3 how do spend millions on support when the profit is dried up long ago? Obviously the more units sold of a specific device the longer they can afford to support it.
    4 marketing is a problem, but software is what sells. If the iPhone was running Android at it’s current price it would be a huge fail. Sony needs to add more ps/vita integration to set themselves apart. This would also work for Windows if they added xbox games.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Because fuck you. Don’t tell me how to live my life. This better than that, this good that crap fuck you. Leave your ass out of this site dumbshit

  • kaostheory

    The ps phone was just extra buttons. An iPhone running Android wouldn’t sell. If they add a proprietary chip so ps games only work on their phones, then you have something totally unique.

  • dmckay

    Away and fuck yourself you cretinous cunt!!!

  • Timothy Crayon

    Hey you idiot, dun you know your korean crap shamesung Note 3 to Note 4 sales amount DEREASE DRAMATICALLY all around the world??
    SONY is defected by CHINESE maunfacturers, NOT by your sungsung fanboy kroean crap note 3 to note 4…..idiot….
    SUCKSUNG’s nowadays proft not from your SO CALLED mobile section, instead from her other mother fucking department making CHIPS…..

  • ryq24

    Japanese style of doing business is no longer effective in this modern times. Japanese electronic companies are dying one by one. Their automotive industry should be carefull or else they could be next.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Exactly, but maybe that is why they are not innovators in their mobile division. The X1 & arc were such successes but since then there designs have become stagnant. Maybe a partnership could be a good thing as long as Sony is involved.

  • paul_cus

    The return of Sony Ericsson?

  • parental92

    Wow a fellow s2 user, I’m still on that s2 you talk about but in a couple of month I’m ready to take a plunge and buy xperia z3 I know not the z 4 I just don’t want to spend 600€ on a phone. The z3 is already magnificent to behold :)

    Yes it’s not perfect, there isn’t any perfect phone but for me the z3 is the beautiful beast I choose :)

  • Dean Weaver

    Xperia phones & tablets are really good (even get a lot of good reviews) BUT this is all spoilt by the cretins at Sonymobile. Almost anybody will do a better job…

  • JHMBB2

    Well, hopefully my Xperia Z3 will last an eternity because I don’t want any other kind of phone. I can’t imagine using another TV other than Sony either. If it was between the two, I’d part with the mobile line.

    I buy nearly everything Sony, I just don’t find interest in other brands designs or quality. I don’t understand why they aren’t doing as well as other companies. If it were up to me i’d be using Memory Sicks Vaios and Mini DV stuff. I think it’s cool how they’re always doing random new things, whether it works or it doesn’t. Honestly, I don’t know why a lot of their technology doesn’t catch on.

    It’s upsetting that they’ve fallen from such a high place. =(

  • Rene Pedroso

    It is unfortunate that Sony does not incorporate their full range of camera and walkman technology into their Xperia line. If they did and marketed this at an affordable price there would be ”NO” competition. Also, Sony makes movies but does not provide their loyal customers with any special access / pricing into their Video Unlimited (they don’t even have full HD on their mobile devices when renting, just SD. Whats up with that when the devices are full HD) library. As far as PS4, they release remote play but you can only access it at home??????? I used to be able to access my PS3 from anywhere remotely (music, video etc…). It just doesn’t make sense with what they are doing or who they are listening to when they release mobile products

  • Husam

    You are absolutely right…
    The sad part is, some regions can’t even access video unlimited or music unlimited!

    But the saddest thing is that they said “Sony can exit business” like it’s a good thing! They should have said: Sony will make it…

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    If it comes true really, it would be a great shocking news for me as a Sony fanboy.
    But reality is Sony Xperia devices have nothing innovative except just a little upgrade. Xperia devices are the best and most premium and elegant only in design. Sony UI is also best android customisation. Rather than these, Xperia devices have nothing to compete Samsung and Apple. Post image processing quality, no Fingerprint sensor yet, no heart rate sensor yet, not perfect display these are the main weak points for Xperia devices.
    Still I buy, will buy (if they produce) Xperia because of the design and durability. Sony makes always quality products. That’s why I am a fanboy.

  • Utsav Shah

    Well, in particular Marketing and software engineers.
    We all know how good sony’s marketing has been lately.
    While all other manufacturers can sell their phones on all carriers in US, sony can only get T-mobile to sell their phones. (except the last one on Verizon)
    And most importantly software engineers. look at the hardware on phones but it’s let down by the poor coding of sony engineers. Ever wondered why Apple camera is so good? Which still uses a sony camera sensor. And with much superior camera technologies, sony’s latest phones still can’t match iphone in many conditions.
    the phones doesn’t have overall os smoothness. If you don’t know what i mean, just get your hands on any HTC one device. It’s the same OS.

    Again I am still a Sony fanboy since sony ericsson K550i who has never used a phone except sony. But this is what i have felt over the years.

  • Rene Pedroso

    They sold VAIO and now when my VAIO Tap 11 reaches it’s EOL where will I turn. Love Sony, always will. I have (2) high end Bravia TV’s (55 & 65), (2) PS4’s, Xperia Z3 (Silver Green), Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (White), PS Vita (Slim), MDR 1RNC Headphones, Smartwatch 3. Smartband Talk and countless other Sony products.

  • Paul M

    it’s interesting how Sony bought out Ericsson from their joint venture some years ago, and I thought Ericsson a bit stupid to let a valuable and growing asset go.
    In retrospect, they were just too early before taking the money and running.

  • Paul M

    Here in the UK many high street shops sell Sony, and I’ve seen lots of banner adverts for their phones, showing how good they are and their waterproofness.
    It seems simply that Sony don’t invoke the same level of respect for their technology they once had, admittedly they started trying to make stuff cheaper and for a few years lost their reputation for high quality goods, but in recent years they seem to have recovered from that.

  • Paul M

    I had a Vaio laptop, and knew other people who did too. Sony’s customer support for it sucked if you got a problem, that damaged their reputation for quality and service.

  • lunkz

    You really don’t believe it right, Blackberry and security is no more. Look it up on Wikipedia. There was bunch of news about it. Sure Android isn’t secure either, but they don’t selling them under that topic, and you have the choice to use a Custom ROM.

  • Rogue

    Dear Sony it’s time to listen to your customers, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. The 20.7 mp camera is marketing bs as long as you keep those horrible processing algorithms that make 8mp cameras take better pics,no one has time to be fiddling with manual settings if they want a quick shot. Secondly your software needs refreshing it’s not bad but it could be better and lastly, please stop pricing your devices like you are still on top of the industry you are not and haven’t been for a long time and as long as cheap Chinese phones and other phones can and do take better pics it makes no sense for someone to pay top dollars for underwhelming performance. The Z series is yet to receive a camera worthy of praise, it’s like the staff who made the cyber shot have all been fired and they work burned and as for the stereo speakers they are good but could be better and need some more bass.
    Thank You from a loyal Sony customer.

  • Husam

    I loved Sony ever since I was a little kid, when we used to have that pop-up VCR…
    I think Sony is the best, i also convinced alot of people to switch to Sony.
    They make great stuff, but they also make weird decisions! I really hope they could do something about their losses without killing one of the greatest things on this planet…

  • Sony Fan


    PlayStation Phone which runs Orbis OS or Vita OS

    The new beginning of Sony new era!

  • roeshak

    Look I know the camera performance of z3 isn’t as consistent as z2 but with manual controls it’ll beat note 4 and iPhone. Agreed Sony needs to improve its auto mode because it’s total shit but that doesn’t make the camera bad. Just the auto software.
    When you say the camera is shit, all you’re doing is showing how much of a noob you are lol

  • puestadelsol

    ERICSSON should buy Sony mobile. Than we would see again awesome Xperias in design, features and performance as well :D … But that’s just a dream what never comes true :-(


    It would be so awesome if XPERIA flagship smartphone and tablet have ability to play PSVita’s games natively

    Sony gotta do something different like the Xperia Z series phones and tablet will comes with PSVita’s card game slot and dual-boot android/Vita OS for gaming

  • wumps13

    My wife bought a z3 compact and she is disappointed compare to her old iPhone 5! (especially the software) Compare to my nexus 5 the software is ridiculous. I love sony for their camera, TV, headphones and high-fidelity sound system but phones OMG!

  • wumps13

    The new Sony smartwatch is the ugliest watch on earth even the metallic version! Did you see the charging connection? It looks like a joke.

  • Okazuma

    Xperia Play…….don’t you remember?

    A gigantic flop

  • Adrian Dela Cruz

    Apple has its own Operating system dude.. SONY use android OS weather it is an open source.. Sony has limits to change all codings in it.. Coz Google is now ruled their operating system, special on the NEW LOLLIPOP..

  • Kamil1308

    Marketing that`s what they have to work on. In the U.S. advertising market Samsung only spent $597M USD for the year and apple spent $662, I can only guess that Sony spends nothing close to that when it comes to marketing. Their problem is not that they phones are bad its just that no one knows about them. They have to make better ads and make more of them. In the era its mostly about marketing and how well you promote your product and lets be honest Sony doesn’t do a great job at it.

  • hansip

    One don’t expect 16GB for a flagship anymore Sony. Please increase it not just locally but everywhere.

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Yup…I stayed with the S2 for a while before using a Sony Neo L

  • Greenearth

    All good things come to an end
    we deserve better then samsung and apple

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    They have the AOSP.. This can help reduce their expenditure because whatever the developers and AOSP find, would be sent back to them..Wouldn’t it not??Correct me if I’m wrong.

    Marketing is just marketing..aggressive marketing is what sells their phone.. Look at Samsung, it’s running android, yet it price is still as high.. And although people knows touchwiz lags, they just get brainwash by the life companion advertising.. Same goes to the iPhone, aggressive marketing and using statistics on a wide scale.. IPhone overpriced their phone because they know people who needs something to showoff with will blindly buy their phones.. Also psychological

  • Mac


  • Timel

    Yeahhhhhhhh! You’re right chinese phones are better than sony, Chinese phones have great camera, better automode, better sound quality(built-in DAC), better display(of course all chinese phones use Super Amoled Display), great modified software like the UI, made of premium materials, but Chinese phones still much cheaper than Sony phones LoL shame on sony!

    sony xperia is the overprice shitty toy that made only for stupid fuckface fanboys, so ridiculous hahaha

  • Timel

    Manual controls still worse than the Note 4, and Sony flagship phones never come close to Nokia Lumia 1020 what a Shame, shame on sony, Which is know as one of the most camera expertise in the world

  • Timel

    Finally I found a good sony fan here

    What goes around comes around man!

    Sony lies its Xperia costumers with good maketing hype
    Sony lies about camera quality, sound quality and display, these three things are clearly worse than competitors, so disappointed!

  • Sam

    Sony should not sale it’s mobile division. Infact, it should concentrate only on the high end Z series cuz that’s what Sony can do nicely. It should advertise it’s Z series cell phones through T.V commercials and YouTube, like Samsung. Create a whole ecosystem only for Z series, like accessories, phone cases, better support etc. Sony will be able to focus properly on its Z series and can bring ground breaking improvements as the Z series allows a price range where Sony can put it’s Technologies and can make a difference.

  • obvious bait but this is kind of important. If Sony do sell their mobile line, other OEM have to go find someone else that make the camera sensors since they all are using Sony’s. Most of chinese phone are using Sony’s old 13mpx sensors.

  • Timel

    I think You got something wrong, Sony Exmor sensor is Sony Corporation’s product

  • Timel

    If you want something close to Android AOSP then you should buy Nexus devices I actually love Sony and I like android too but I think it isn’t good for Sony in long term if they depend too much on Google Android or follow Google everything Sony should do something unique… What happen if Chinese TV makers or Samsung and LG jump to Android TV too? Sony is exactly lose and The long time big problem about many Asian electronics companies is they only made the hardware but take software for granted, and now the the world has changed and it changes so fast, coming of Apple and Google, you’ll see that Samsung is trying so hard to change their old vision and turn their image from just hardware maker to the innovator, nowaday Samsung spends a lot of money with r&d, IoT and software, Samsung said they have to focus on software as much as possible, as much as hardware! Samsung have to change and they did it quite good now

    Apple too, Nowaday people still stick with iPhone, iPad and Macbook not just because the hardware but its software, the unique operating systems(iOS, Mac OS) and the strongest ecosystems (iTunes and Apple app store) is the most important key behind Apple successful!

    The question is how about Sony?

  • mibas66

    Can you answer the question. Why are in the Sony blog if everything Sony does is shit? It is like, I’m coming into your house and say your house is shit and how can you be in here? Would you leave your house for that reason?

  • Do you know why Justin Beiber sell so many records while there are other better singers. It is because of blind teenage fans. Same story goes for the success of Samsung and iPhone. if People blindly follow a brand don’t mean the product is finest.

  • mibas66

    Be clever guys. Do not answer or comment on Timel’s comments. Ignore from now on and you will see, he will fade away, trust me!!

  • Steve Brain

    How about instead of “redesigning” a new phone that is almost identical to the one you “redesigned” 6 months before hand you realize that it is absolutely ridiculous and no one is going to buy a new phone every 6 months when it is identical in terms of hardware and nearly identical in terms of overall design. Downscale the operation, make yearly releases with NEW hardware and make people feel like updating to the new Xperia is actually going to be beneficial in some way. Fucking morons.

  • Adhi

    Xperia only needs 2 products Kaz, Z and Cybershot phone, Xperia E, T, and other midrange thing will struggle to fight Xiaomi and Zenphone which have better value
    Sony already proofing that their flagship sales has been better while midrange sales collapsed, and while Sony still one best camera maker and has better perceived value, why not focusing on that and make one valuable Cybershot phone, maybe a midrange phone that is the best on camera feature
    And I think it’s a good move to launch Android TV, while Samsung wasting by making a Tizen TV, just be cautious with the launch price

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  • Timothy Crayon

    All Chinese phones are equipped with AMOLED……holly shit…..
    As fas as i know, its not the turth……i tell you the turth, nothing but the turth…..YOU ARE sucking your shamesung fucking crap from KOREA…….RIP

  • Timel

    What a logic
    Stupid comment ever!

  • John

    Did you even read my comment!? I said they should focus on what really matters!? On phones better camera, better audio, faster updates, better connectivity and services etc. On Android TV services, picture quality, audio quality, connectivity etc! AOSP Android looks fine and runs fine, it’s come a long way! You think people buy Apple devices again and again because of the non customisable UI!? It’s the services, the myth of stability and hardware quality! A lot of people I know bought an iPhone 6 because of its ‘time lapse’ feature and others because Android devices they owned lagged and crashed on them! I no next to nobody who bought an iPhone or Samsung because of the UI uniqueness, especially Android where the UI is ‘customizable’! How do you choose a Windows PC for example, it should be similar Android devices too! Have you ever bought a Windows PC because of the bloatware etc they pre-install!? NO!

  • Kazuo Hirai is pure shit

    Sony should be unstoppable. No other company has such a potent mix of content, brand cachet, and hardware design in multiple areas. But the story with Sony for well over a decade has been its ineptitude at bringing all these things together to form a coherent whole.

    CEO Kaz Hirai acknowledged this when taking over in early 2012, presenting a strategy called “One Sony” in an attempt to unify and streamline the company’s businesses. But that followed previous chief Howard Stringer’s “Sony United” concept; the dream of a slick machine that can draw on the best of each division is a unicorn that the company continues to chase.

    At CES 2015, Sony’s predicament remains clear. Almost nothing in their gargantuan booth appears to be a bad product. There are gorgeous TVs, a thriving game platform, some of the most advanced cameras in the world, and much more, yet the connective tissue between all of this is little stronger than in years before. However, there’s a new wildcard that could have serious implications for Sony’s ecosystem: Google.

    Sony’s SmartWatch 3 improves on its predecessor in some minor ways — the new metal band feels better than most, and its integrated GPS chip makes it less reliant on a tethered smartphone — but the biggest difference is its software. The latest model runs Android Wear, Google’s new operating system for wearables. The story’s the same with Sony’s 2015 TVs: every set will run Android TV rather than the proprietary software on prior models. But unlike Android on phones, hardware companies can’t adapt Android Wear or TV; what Google gives is what Sony gets.

    “We looked at it and said people want to be familiar with their device,” says Phil Jones (pictured below), product information manager for TVs at Sony. “They want to be able to walk up to their TV and within a minute be able to use it. Google Android devices have dramatic marketshare — it’s like 80 percent of the phones worldwide use this operating system. Even if you’re an iOS person you probably have a Chromecast, or you have some sort of relationship with Google. So people are familiar, and what is familiar becomes simple.”

    Sony has linked up with Google initiatives in the past, of course — its first Android phone was released in 2010, and it was one of the biggest backers of the ill-fated Google TV project. But Android TV is a simpler system far more likely to succeed, and Android Wear has much more momentum. From the consumer’s point of view, it’s probably for the best that Sony is abandoning its often clunky home-baked solutions. And, with the sale of VAIO, the company has severed its ties to Microsoft and gone all-in with Google as a third-party software provider. All of this is great news for Google, which will get some of the most attractive vessels for its services yet.

    The problem for Sony is that a Sony smartwatch is now functionally the same as an LG or Samsung or Motorola smartwatch. A Sony TV now runs the same interface as a Sharp or Philips TV, or any other set with an Android TV-compatible box plugged in. Unlike with phones, where the likes of Samsung and HTC were allowed to run wild and customise Android to their own benefit, Google has adopted a stricter attitude to what Android looks and feels like on other types of device.

    With the Google partnership, Sony’s business model is even more reliant on wooing customers with beautiful hardware and high performance; a risky strategy in the current consumer tech landscape. Will anyone really feel compelled to buy a Sony TV or watch to match their phone when competing products run the exact same software? If Sony’s financial results over the past few years are anything to go by, the company’s undeniable knack for design isn’t the silver bullet it once was.

    “Maybe we could’ve built our own infrastructure,” says Jones. “But what is the center of the house? For some people it’s TV, some people that’s the tablet, and for some people it’s the phone. But for all those things, the other two devices are running on Android for most people. Why not make sure that, regardless of whether the TV, the tablet, or the phone is the hub, that Google connects them?”

    Well, Sony has a lot more than three product categories. Take the new audiophile-focused Walkman ZX2. On one hand, it feels like a return to the old Sony spirit; let’s engineer an amazing, niche device, sell it for nearly $1,200, and see if anyone bites. But it runs 2012’s Android 4.2, and the basic interface is laggy beyond belief. I asked Xperia product marketing manager Stephen Sneeden if Sony’s mobile team had any input into the new Walkman’s design, and he said that the device was outside his purview. The ZX2 doesn’t feel like a product of One Sony; it’s a product created by one of many Sonys.

    The PlayStation 4 is another example. It’s an excellent, popular games console, but Sony’s woes with building out PlayStation Network have been well documented, and the company’s gaming devices still don’t interact much with other products. While there’s a rudimentary PlayStation app that lets you check your profile and takes you to a web store, and Xperia phones are starting to allow streaming from PlayStation Now, that’s about as far as it goes. A powerful $399 box connected to the TV could be the center of any product lineup, but Sony seems content to sequester it away as a curio separate from the rest of its devices. That dissonance is only going to get worse as the reliance on Google takes hold.

    Sony has made efforts to unify its strategy. “When you’re a big company it’s easy to become siloed, and we’re working really hard not to be siloed and to communicate so our products work seamlessly together,” says Jones, who notes that he now works in the same buildings as people from other divisions rather than having to go to another office “literally a mile away.” Jones also cites examples where knowledge has been shared to improve products on a technical level; the company’s 4K TVs, for instance, use image processing technology informed by the output from its professional 4K movie cameras. “That experience of making the cameras, making the content, displaying it in 4K, helps us make a better TV,” says Jones. “Because everybody else, this is their first time at the rodeo. We’ve been doing it for a while, and we can do a better job of it.”

    The thing is, Sony seems to think that Google can do a better job of the cloud infrastructure that customers have come to expect. And it’s almost certainly right. But the trouble with bunting to Google is that there’s little room for Sony to innovate or leverage the things it has that no-one else can offer. The company’s most eye-catching successes have been in divisions that Google has little to do with — cameras, gaming, image sensors, movies. What could be a more illustrative example of Sony’s ecosystem woes than The Interview — a movie from its own studio — coming to Xbox and Google Play before the PS4? It’s as if Sony has given up on its role as a content provider.

    The shift to Android software will make Sony TVs and watches better in the short term, but it’s far from a forward-looking strategy. As Sony itself has said repeatedly over the years, it needs to pull itself together if it’s ever going to realize its potential. But the vision at CES is for several Sonys, and the most important one is Google

  • Juan Camaney

    You’re an idiot.

  • kaostheory

    I have to admit, Sony is on its 2nd phone with noise canceling built-in and still not one review of this feature. There’s a comparison of stand alone ear buds with the Bose Quietcomfort coming out on top, but would like to see how Sony compare.

  • thoughts

    Check the oil price lol going down….

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’m not saying the Z2 is worst than the M8, maybe you should reread. I’m saying HTC seems to be turning around their failing mobile business by offering the best that they have. They wait a year and the M8 is better in almost every way than the M7, except camera. But the Z2 to Z3, the Z3 is better in a few ways, small ones, there is nothing that shows Sony is putting in a huge improvement. Just small, incremental upgrades

  • Steven Khoo Skkl

    Actually, you are right..It’s like,the reviewers don’t want people to know Sony’s greater strength

  • Thomas Crouch

    It’s really sad. The current Xperia phones are the best on the market and their TV’s are equally impressive. I think Sony needs to overhaul their sales and marketing division, they have the goods on offer but the average Jo doesn’t seem to notice the quality and groundbreaking technology…instead turns to the over hyped iphone.

  • bb

    Samshit,i-shit and now Lumshit wtf??
    Go home u ar drunk

  • bb

    yea but faster than tat tuchwiz shit

  • bb

    ya no phone can come closer to sony design elements and support

  • Michael Felton

    pshhh i just remote play ps4 on my z3 tablet and phone

  • Couldn’t Agree More

    Sony should develop Vita OS and use the OS with its products such as PlayStation, Bravia TV, Walkman Player, Alpha NEX camera, Xperia phone and wearable devices

  • EPGuest

    I doubt that would be a good idea. I really want Sony to have it’s own OS, but people say they already have VITA OS on the PS TV. Maybe if they made it like a list like with Apple TV but VITA style, because I think that would look awesome.

    Anyway I think Vita OS is too limited to be a great OS for phones. Of course the apps part isn’t very different from iOS so it could work, but the open maps (those things you see when you swipe to the right) would work on it and that’s mostly what Vita OS is about.

    I would LOVE to see it on their cameras though.

  • mibas66


  • Vignesh Raja

    They don’t even care about their own Official Sony Mobile Blogs.

  • Vignesh Raja

    What if Z4’s price will be sky high as usual?

  • Vignesh Raja

    Same Dilemma here bro….

  • John Zakaria

    Well they have to if they want to survive

  • FAegr

    He just said he loved the camera fucktard….

  • fsd

    Fuck you asshole sony fanboy…

  • zsdgvsd

    Lets all hail Sony for not screwing up the impossible.
    I could make a UI with a banana less cluttered than Samsung…

  • fas

    YEah so is my $45 chinese iphone copy.
    Get your head out of your ass, its no achievement being better than shitsung

  • ascsce

    Because we used to love xperia, and instead of blindly cheering for it not being as shitty as samsung we would like it to be great as before.

  • asf

    Same to you loser

  • frfwer

    you are nuts, we are the real xperia fans who wish for the greatness of old instead of wetting our panties for a NEW Z1 15 gr. lighter.

  • vewrv

    Same applies to Sony retard…
    I´m a Xperia fan but forgive me if im not exited for a NEW xperia Z1 that´s .03 inch thinner and 12 gr. lighter for a premium price….

  • bone

    YEah then wat is the achievement?

  • Sumo

    Fuck, change Hirai and Sony shall see changed in their mobile division!

  • Stanley08

    HTC does

  • Khaled

    You guys should read this very insightful article regarding this from (posted 1/17/15)

  • MiB

    if they gonna go for a joint venture then the only company worthy is Google itself.

  • André

    No, keep the excelent work. Z phone are excelent, M good price quality and E low price with regular performance. Keep the focus on this 3 models. Just send new phone 1 time p year,

  • maybe pressing down price, make good service, and promising update support, can be safe sony mobile division.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    sell 50% sakes back to ericsson!!!!!!

  • They should rather consider that no manager is forever… I still don’t understand how Sony can be unsuccessful with their TVs and mobiles: these are pretty good devices! They should fire the sales and promotion departments, get new people.

  • Jumbo

    I’m on you with this one. Any great brand or thing can go down if led by a incompetent or delusional leader, like Kazuo Hirai. He still has that concept that ‘We are Sony, we give you a high end design product and people will jump the gun’ while this is somewhat true, we are willing to pay for their designs, but they need to be versatile in this tight mobile market. Also just because Samsung is willing to throw money into the sea with their shit phones releasing 3-4 per year, Sony doesn’t even need to follow this to stay in the competition. Their designs and products win it all. We should go for a petition to ask Sony to change their fucking CEO.

  • Hussain Ali

    I agree with you, selling more units doesn’t mean better product, however, it doesn’t matter if sony’s product are better if they can’t sell it.

  • Hussain Ali

    I’m pretty happy with my Z1, but I didn’t like the software support, why the fuck can’t I shoot slow motion video while my phone has the hardware to do so ? is it because they want to force me to get a z2 or z3?
    this is unacceptable I paid so much money on the Z1, I want to use it for two years at least.

  • Ney

    How can you compare Note 4 and Xperia Z3? Those are totally different phones with different targets. What Sony has? Xperia Z was the first 5.0″ phone, a beast in its first days, waterproof (so useful to keep your phone clean!) with excellent design till this day. Samsung? These guys can’t even properly put their logo on the phone – it’s bulky, ugly and visually heavy. Sony has the most light UI for Android, yet, I think they’ve messed up the software design a bit, especially icons.

    Super AMOLED is way unnatural and I find it very inconvenient/tiring for eyes (I had a Samsung, once and only 2 weeks).

    Sony loses money because their idiotic (yes!) strategy: “we maek moar fonez, we earn moar mmmmonay!”. They also don’t really listen to users…

  • Ney

    Actually Sony placed 3rd on UKs and French Android phones market with the Xperias (2012). After releasing Z series they started to sell more phones.

  • Timel

    according to your logic… Wow you mean Sony and its blind fanboys too?

    Fucking ridiculous hahahahaha

  • Timel

    “Super AMOLED is way unnatural” LoL this is just the old story, where have you been? Sony hole? hahahahaha

  • No mate, ofcourse you are too stupid to even understand my words at first place. Sony does not even sell half of the cell phones like Apple or Samsung. Do you really think that Apple and SAMSUNG Really make finest phones that is the reason they are selling in large numbers… ROFL,….next time try to read between the lines.

  • Jon Doe

    Alright, i didnt read every comment, but just to iterate the fact that EVERY brand has its set of pros and cons
    THE ONLY reason why sony is behind Apple and samsung is only 1 major cause, sony’s strategy in its advertisement
    I have seen iphone and galaxy billboards in many places, but none of sonys
    and its not just sony, even htc and lg are behind samsung because of this reason (expensive phones, but sadly, a very few, for htc, to non-existent ads)
    i didnt even know about sony phone before i got one as a gift.
    So all the discussion about “a better phone” is like a discussion about “which ones better, pizza or french fries”…
    I have used samsung and no, its not worthless, and i also have sony, which is also not worthless

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    And plastic samsung have some ideas? Best cameras in SONY, samsung, iphone and others buys cameras from sony ;)

  • MarketExpert

    News : Might sell the Mobile division
    Heavy price drops, Technology selling to competitor brands, No participating in exhibitions
    Chinese Software Support ( Cynomod Updates ), No new Models, No TV Ads, closer of SONY- shops on Canada, un-expected delay in launching Z4.
    Will Support available ? , if SONY Xperia NO MORE.

  • Abhishek Dhakla

    Excuse mr. Old man, If you keep yourself a bit updated, you will come to know that only idiots buy samsung now a days.
    Apple still has hold of its market and sony is just unbeatable.
    Samsung is just a company who lost its phone designer a few years ago and started copying apple designs, what a pity!

  • Abhishek Dhakla

    He is right, samsung is shitsung only.
    And always remember, the world is full of idiots like you who still prefer shitsung over priceless sony!

  • Abhishek Dhakla

    This is the best comment anyone could give!

  • Abhishek Dhakla

    The old man is again roaring like an idiot (old man-Timel) hahah!

  • Abhishek Dhakla

    Timel is a A**H***

  • Lorenzo Bandini

    Take a Z2 then and all the others will be dinosaurs!

  • Lorenzo Bandini

    the pearmodel apple is for people with no selfconfidende! all followers like those fanatic religioncreeps!

  • Lorenzo Bandini

    Take a photo with your examplerubbish and compare it with a foto taken with an experia……………..and don’t lie please.
    Or even better take it under water!

  • azzido

    Yes!!! Because of lilipop treatment they deserve it to sold entire division!!! I hope they will also sell TVs and whatever producing as well, do not buy anything from this brand again! On their own wish! Well Deserved!

  • fdfh

    Do not compare sony hardware with others…..their software optimization is bad…that does no t mean their hardware is a crap

  • i think i got your point timel, they only mad because u are rude and mean to everyone. just be nice please, this is xperiablog. its normal when everyone mad at you. no offense

  • Jajo

    Iphone 6 has old 12 Mp Sony camera.

  • Jajo

    Sony corporation owns Sony Mobile 100%.

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  • Herbert Julius

    Sale at any smartphones Get 10% off

  • George Karaolis

    I would recommend Sony to partner up with Google. Allow for a redesign of its Xperia model and beef up its software with the tremendous software yeast of Google. Next model should be a Google Xperia (please drop the alphabet, you are not selling a car,,!!) Sony should become a leader on Camera quality, Screen Quality and Battery life. Aiming for a premium sales price will not help revive its sales as its need to recover lost consumer confidence first. If OPPO could make a good affordable phone why Sony should have any difficulty with it. It is relatively easy for Sony to recover lost ground but I have a feeling that problems rise mainly from a short sighted, esostrephic (introverted) board of directors. Maybe a lack of vision could be the root of all of Sonys problems… I would strongly recommend Sony to seek for new talents in China. The technology is there as well as many talents. Maybe Sony needs to touch base with its customers, it needs to get its feet on the ground and find out what it missed while it kept its head in the clouds..!!!!

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