Purple Xperia Z3 spied

by XB on 20th January 2015

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Purple Xperia Z3_2We recently reported that the Sony Xperia Z3 would be getting a new colour option – purple – to add to the existing colours (black, white, copper, silver green). Well pictures of the upcoming purple Xperia Z3 have now leaked, showing exactly which tone of purple that Sony plans to use. The Purple Xperia Z3 is expected to launch in the middle of February 2015.

Purple Xperia Z3_1

Purple Xperia Z3_2

Via ePrice.

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Not running on 5.0.x :(

  • Ritwij

    Looks like Z3, might be Z4 or something. Sony/Apple Logic.

  • Ritwij

    Looks like Z3, might be Z4 or something. Sony/Apple/Samsung Logic.

  • Rifqi Al Fariz

    Software can be updated, hardware can’t.

  • J.

    It can be a Z4 as well……

  • Kiwison

    Can someone recommend me a good cover for Z3? I’ve one from Roxfit but it is ugly as hell…I can’t feel the slimness of the phone but then again it seems there is a trade off between protection and beauty -_-

  • nikonmerryth

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  • Vuyo Ncube

    I have a feeling we’ll see a Z4 Ultra rather than the Z4 at MWC (hopefully with QHD and FHD variants. Or just FHD just under 6 inches would be perfect). Releasing a purple Z3 in February then the Z4 in March makes no sense.

  • hmmm

    if there’s no Z4 in March,then we can say good bye Sony,no more phone division from 2015!

  • Most likely come out until September this year because the new 007 movie comes out in December (if I am not mistaken) and will serve as a promotion according to Sony Pictutres hack . So we can assume that the Z4 will be launched between March and September and will be the only smartphone from Sony this year!

  • jonoave

    Ringke fusion case. Transparent, so you can keep the design of the Z3. Also solid material with soft gel, to protect against bumps and scratches.

  • Rohit Patil

    Why use Xperia if you gonna cover it up? Don’t cover, just let the beauty unfold!

  • Chris Anderson

    I thought the data breach in respect of the film pulled from the cinemas already indicated a projected release of May 2015 for the Xperia Z4, and on the subject of cases, try the Poetic case on Amazon, especially if you opt for black on copper (alternatively Vena do very attractive colour schemes if you prefer having a magnetic clasp)….. both don’t appear to be too mainstream yet.

  • xperiaDROID

    This must be a limited edition for the Japanese market. No point of releasing it globally, since there are already enough color options for the consumers. And hey, MWC is getting near, what’s the point of releasing a new color when the next flagship will be unveiled on March?

    If Sony only unveil the Z4 Ultra on MWC instead of all the Z4 series, then I must say Sony is really fucked up.

  • xperiaDROID


  • Mijic

    People whining like crazy when they started releasing new phones every 6 months, but now they are fucked up if they don’t?

    You people are nuts.

  • xperiaDROID

    Come on, what’s the point? MWC is already getting near, and Sony still wants to release a new color for the Z3.

  • echomrg

    i can totally vouch for the Ringje fusion case.

    it adds a little bulk to the phone and it definitely will feel bigger, but the cover is very solid and doesn’t alter too much the look of the phone.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    It’s not like Sony Mobile magically stops working if they don’t unveil a flagship in March. A premium phablet Note 4 alternative that still fits in the average pocket made available as people are swapping their Zs and Z1’s makes more sense IMO. Or well priced midrangers. Have some business sense, bro.

  • Rob

    Still people buying Z2 now, heck I even saw someone pick up a Z1 compact the other day. A new color is a cheap way to prolong the sales period.

  • jonny

    well its the same great z3 :)

  • name

    True maybe the Z4

  • Guest

    Z3 color change , oh so exciting , 14 days and Z4 will be announced. Z3 color change rumor ! are you kidding me !

  • Anukul

    Z4 is coming in 2 weeks. Z3 color change! oh, so exciting!. are you fagin kidding me !

  • goldenblls

    From what I understand the Z3 will still be marketed at a lower price point even though a new flagship arrives.

    This is their strategy and releasing new colour variants is makes it easier to promote.

    I’ve seen O2 in the UK still marketing the Z1 Compact, even though the Z3C has been with us for a short while now.

  • tut

    What do you mean it makes no sense?
    The Z4 release is months anyway at least not till May.
    Furthermore not everybody will get the Z4 at the same time.
    In addition to the Z3 Purple will have limited availability and quantities.
    Not everybody will be able to afford and not everybody will want a Z4..

  • Sebastian Solaeche

    Still not a single preview of Lollipop and it’s almost february

  • zeoxzy

    Am I the only one who prefers the look of the xperia z2 than the z3? The speakers look horrible on the z3 and the notifications light is an ugly dot!

  • roeshak

    How long have you been a Sony user? Doing senseless things isn’t new. That’s why they’re considering selling off the mobile division lol.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Limited availability? Where was this? In a different article?

  • Vuyo Ncube

    The “profitability over scale” statement they made in light of their midrange mishap was a lie?

  • Lunkz

    What a ugly notification LED…

  • Vuyo Ncube

    Don’t look at me, bro. I personally WANT Sony to not release the Z4. No tablet even. Just a Z4 Ultra and an SD410 E4. They said they wanna scale down their 2015 lineup to save money, they better do that. The smartphone market is bloated and money has been bled out for phones we don’t care about. Many Android OEMs need some fat trimming.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Z3s with 32gb internal and 805processor maybe??

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  • I want sony to make a Z phone in scarlet or crimson red.

  • hmmm

    no,it’s not like that.I preffer z3 speakers and I had both phones.I had z2 for only 2 months because of it stupid weak plastic around the screen.every drop will leave a mark on z2.I prefer z1 over z2…z2 was so bad!

  • hmmm

    releasing z4 in November for example,will mean that my z3 will worth 100 euros when z4 will be out,so who will want that???it better shows up in March,so I could still sell my z3 for 300 euros!that’s the point

  • hmmm

    releasing z4 in November for example,will mean that my z3 will worth 100 euros when z4 will be out,so who will want that???it better shows up in March,so I could still sell my z3 for 300 euros!that’s the point…or do you all prefer to buy a 500 euro phone,and then throw it to garbage when sony get;s the new model after one year! sony is not apple,so a 2 year old sony will not worth like a 2 year old iphone,but still,in real life,it;’s better than sony dont produce such awful phones like apple…still money talks!

  • roeshak

    You’re on your own there Bro! There was a reason for the plastic. It raised the edges of the z2 making it more stable on flat surfaces as well as protecting the aluminium frame which dents like a joker as was the case with the Z1. Z3 uses plastic covers around the corners as those areas make contact most with the ground if dropped.

  • roeshak

    Nope! You’re not alone there. It’s not just the design, the display of the z2 is also much warmer and nicer to look at especially with skin tones. The z3 just has a very cold lcd panel which annoys the hell out of me. Skin tones look way too pale. Unacceptably so in fact. They probably toned it down from the lofty heights of the z2 to make good on their 2 day battery life business. The camera of the z2 on 4.4.4 is also a more consistent performer especially when it comes to focusing under lower lighting conditions.
    I hope Sony don’t repeat the use of such a cold panel ever again.
    That’s probably why Verizon chose a mix using the z2’s display and camera while using the z3’s processing package. The best phone from Sony in my view in 2014 is the z3v. I’m no fan of the z3. That cold panel just annoys me seriously. I’d always recommend z2 above z3

  • Utsav Shah

    Okay. All I want is the white or Bronze version on T-mobile. Come on Sony! why only black?

  • why can’t they color the front glass bezel too thats why only black looks good due to the black bezels

  • David Hvatov

    Well I prefer a bit colder tone, because white looks better in it. I have Z2 myself and I hate warm display tone, so I added blue to 100 in white balance settings. Everyone has their own preferences..

  • roeshak

    You like pale looking skin tones??? By the way the whites on the z3 aren’t accurate, they’re bluish!

  • Adam

    Because when a phone is made primarily of glass and aluminum, that beauty is in constant danger of turning ugly.

  • H+

    Lol that’s why I thought

  • Aibo Qrio

    Whatever, All I want to see is smaller the top / bottom bezel and why the front of the phone have to be always black? two- tone colour is fucgly!

    Time to change Sony

  • yuskhayru

    true story.

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  • Timel

    Shame on Sony! Sony mobile displays are always fucking horrible, LCD display from Sharp and LG are much better than Sony bit no one can beat the Samsung Super AMOLED

    So… Sony sucks! Sony is dying!


  • ????????

    are you crazy ?

  • Sridhar D

    Then you’ll have no phone to copy from:). he he.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I do prefer z2 speakers placement , z3 speakers placement just like a new xperiment from sony but turn out not a good spot :-)

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  • Taimeru

    I still don’t understand your point for coming to this blog and make pointless arguments everytime you come

  • roeshak

    Sony’s problem is one of leadership and strategy. Not the crap you’re talking. The lcd panel on the z2 and z3v is the very best lcd panel ever produced mate. It’s a resource hog but with the 3200 mah battery on the z2, it was OK. There was no need to tone it down in the z3 just for better battery life when it was already excellent on z2. Like I said, their problem is that they make too many wrong calls and not that they’re not capable of greatness. The z2 totally destroys the S5 in just about every category. The S5 only comes close in the camera dept so run along back to the hole you crawled out from.

  • Wolf0491

    I personally prefer battery life… Lol. I haven’t ever looked at my screen and even thought it looked bad anyway.

  • roeshak

    On its own it looks OK but when compared to other displays it looks very pale. Check the video comparison below. It’s in Spanish but the reviewer acknowledged in the comments about the distillation and camera.
    Sony Xperia Z3 vs Z2 focus fotografico da Technol…: http://youtu.be/Gl5jSt8KRjg

  • Wolf0491

    Hmmm. I’m still probably one of those few people that doesn’t care how nice his display is. I think my regular Z display looks OK too haha

  • roeshak

    The original Z also had a rather cold panel similar in some ways to the z3.

  • Wolf0491

    One thing I will say is I thought my really old xperia Ion had a better screen in some ways than my Z but not Z3.on other hand I have never liked my girlfriends S4 screen at all. No idea why Lol.

  • Apollo89

    The poor guy probably suffers from some kind of mental illness which causes this idiotic behaviour…

  • ryan67668

    The purple Z3 version- As Beautiful as love

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