Movies update (8.0.A.0.8) brings new Material Design icon

by XB on 19th February 2015

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Movies icon_NEWSony has updated the Movies application which moves the build number from 8.0.A.0.6 to version 8.0.A.0.8. The minor change in build number primarily introduces a new flatter icon for the app – most likely to bring it in line with Sony’s upcoming Lollipop update. We didn’t notice any other changes, but do let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Movies (8.0.A.0.8)

Movies 8.0.A.0.8_1 Movies 8.0.A.0.8_2

Movies 8.0.A.0.8_3 Movies 8.0.A.0.8_4

Movies 8.0.A.0.8_5 Movies 8.0.A.0.8_6

Movies icon compared

Slice 1

Thanks Deki and Mohit!

  • They forgot to change the overflow icon in action bar? It is three circles in material design, not three squares.

  • Z1 compact

    Nothing new except for the new icon. Can’t seem to find the new movies small app

  • SonyBrah!

    I really like the new icon, but as far as I know, that’s the only thing that has changed. Can’t wait for the 5.0 update, or maybe even the 5.1 if they do that instead. As long as its stable and relatively bug free, then I’ll be happy.

  • naru

    Aren’t they going to release a new music and video streaming service dubbed ‘ playstation music’ and ‘playstation video’ ? anyway Im excited to see what Sony bring with lollipop! And so I can finally buy a Z4 a massive upgrade from my iPhone 4s, I’ve been waiting for sony to get it right! I have always been tempted to buy the Z series ever since the original, but have been drawn back by things they should have done right in the first place! Like camera issues, screen, battery, updates, audio, and flapless usb type c. This time I am confident that the Z4 will be the ONE.

  • Stephen Lane

    apk please!

  • Raymond De Guzman

    The update has a bug. It can’t play any videos even after clearing the cache.

  • Pavan Champion C


  • Carlos Imada

    Really like the new icon! Looking forward to 5.0 update!

  • Prob

    It now has the same red background as TV Sideview app

  • Fadi Obaya

    Maybe for the next release.

  • drchips42

    AS long as Lollipop does not kill my z3 as it did my N7 !… even after 5.0.2 its still sluggish

  • Raymond

    I noticed that, maybe they are in a hurry for something lol.

  • jxPerience

    SONY XPERIA demand great

  • Arkimde

    I still don’t understand why podcast is in the movies app and not the Walkman app. Plus the circular style apps look like lazy designing if you ask me.

  • yuskhayru

    nice catch dude!

  • Carlos W. H. Sun

    I really hope that Sony could separate out the RSS app from the Moive app.

  • Indashio
  • yuskhayru

    This material design looks cool then the old one. I wonder why people keep saying its ugly?

  • Jaissal S

    I like that flat design of the icons. Its a good change from the 3D style of the current ones. I hope that the Podcast App also seperates too. I wonder if many people know about the podcast app within the Movies App.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    And all that is left is the album app.. And the complete OS

  • Raymond

    Also the Sony Select app lol.

  • BarKohba

    This is surprisingly retarded.

    What am I to understand? They’re updating their core apps every 2 weeks (one at a time) to lollipop specs? Why bother? Why not just come out with the update and that’s it, it makes no sense.

    At this rate, we might be getting the 5.0 update in august.

    Just come out with the 5.0 update that will obviously overhaul all the visuals, this one by one every 2 weeks app visual update makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Lollipop

    But it looks perfectly fine in lollipop.

  • hermann

    You mean Sony bloatware app? lol

  • Khillo81

    Indeed, I didn’t know about the Podcast aggregator until I read about it somewhere. I’ve also wondered why it was placed in the movie app and not in Walkman…

  • Jaissal S

    Received the update on my Z1 here in the UK :-)

  • roeshak

    Prefer the old!

  • Niels d. G.

    I’m pretty sure they’re just teasing.

  • echomrg

    that’s what google has been doing for a while: they released their apps with material design, one/two at a time, well before the official release of lollipop.

  • wer

    Im pretty sure you will say like that when received lolipop.dont bother update

  • mody

    Where lollipop

  • name

    We should start #xperia_LOL on twitter …

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  • mUSICA

    ppl should moan about 5.0 after FEB Ok?

  • David Hvatov

    Old icon was so perfect. Fuck lollipop!

  • akira


  • spatch72

    I’d be excited by this if only I used the Movies app instead of MX Player & VLC. Give me an Album update and I’ll get giddy.

  • spatch72

    Agreed, having Podcast within Movies is retarded. It belongs in Walkman, where the actual podcasts end up once you download them.

  • batuhan

    how did you updated your phone to lollipop ? is your phone xperia z3 ? z2 ?

  • Tomislav Mati?

    TV SideView in Movies 8.0.A.0.8 has old icon. This needs fix.

  • ash

    update is not released yet, it will give option in phone itself

  • Sadman Khan

    Sony be like: No one cares about updated OS. Icons are more important.

  • tysonbox

    Never buying anyone of Sonys products again. Idiots dont even know how to update an app… Its the end of February and they haven’t released lollipop and now this stupid update that only changed the icon.

  • xperia

    Fuck your movie update sony…. Fuck you sony

  • tysonbox

    Koj ti je taj, z2 ili z3?

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Oba imaju ovakav program Filmovi 8.0.A.0.8 sa starom TV SideView ikonom. Z3 i Z3 Compact. Mogli su bar staviti promijeniti ikone programa koje su do sada nadogradili.

    Both have this Movies 8.0.A.0.8 with old TV SideView icon. Z3 and Z3 Compact. At least they could change icons of apps they updated so far.

  • Tomislav Mati?

    Oba imaju ovakav program Filmovi 8.0.A.0.8 sa starom TV SideView
    ikonom. Z3 i Z3 Compact. Mogli su bar promijeniti ikone programa
    koje su do sada nadogradili.

    Both have this Movies 8.0.A.0.8 with
    old TV SideView icon. Z3 and Z3 Compact. At least they could change
    icons of apps they updated so far.

  • Hendrik

    Just be lucky that phones who are not going to get the lollipop update immediately after release can also benefit of the newest Bugfixes in Sony apps.

  • kedar

    Sony looking for Lollipop update for Xperia t3.

  • azzido

    after update to this, animations in this app stutters on my Z2…
    Icon uglier than previous :/

  • xperia

    FUCK FUCK YOU SONY!!! and suck my lollipop!!!

  • gtop

    Where is this mysterious “Open” icon mentioned in the changelog? Am I blind?

    Or is Sony still not matching release notes with version numbers? Seriously, how often do they do this …

  • Robson Kanyama

    Nothing has changed apart from the icon and material design.

  • bilomar

    A new app icon, that’s what I needed. Thank you Sony, my life is now complete.

  • asddsa

    i love material design but material doesnt mean blurry!!!! why simply get rid of the shine? why is blurry as fuck?

  • Be patient dude…….

  • Dre Kelley

    Can we minimize the video in the background with movies small app on a z3? Or only on other xperias

  • someone

    Them dots are framework -res related

  • Arshad Habib

    Nothing new except material icon

  • Timel

    R.I.P Sony, you suck!

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  • LeAnnZZZ

    There is no podcast and that small app button in my z2, WTF?

  • Stanley Lu

    Album left! After Album will be the release of Lollipop lol

  • nick

    New walkman update!!!!

  • johnson

    Now album looks different. Expecting update by next week

  • nick

    Walkman got 3 iterations.. Movies 1
    What hell is wrong with album..y r they not releasing it…no lollipop atleast update all media apps..bunch of lazy..ppl maybe eating noodles at the dev headquarters…

  • Ding

    Sony’s Album app kind of sucks… there are better alternatives on Google Play app store.

    Sony could have combined Walkman and Movies into a dedicated media player, but Walkman has to be an app on its own because it is a famous Sony product… in other words, a marketing decision, not a practical one.

    What I would have done:

    Sony Player = plays, streams and discovers music and videos. Links to TrackID (and other song lyric search services)

    Sony Camera = camera app + photo album app. Links to native photo editing app.

    Sony Walkman = FM and Internet radio app combined with an audio recorder app.

    Sony International Keyboard = All languages including Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The ability to switch languages in the middle to tying without a need to switch keyboards. Also allows for voice text input and web translation of selected text.

    Sony has too many apps that are not streamlined and even the basic stuff such as clock, alarm, calendar, dialer and calculator are not good enough. And you’re wondering why Sony Xperia phones aren’t selling as well they’re supposed to?

  • Tim

    Sorry BarKohba, YOU are the retarded one.

    Some Sony phones won’t get the Lollipop update at all. The owners can only get updates to the core apps.

  • Tim

    Material Design was Google’s response to Apple’s iOS7/8: flat icons are awesome.

    Suddenly everyone wants the flat look. Developers code their apps with the flat look.

  • Pop

    Yeah, but not every phone can be upgraded to Lollipop.

    It just shows that Sony is complacent: doesn’t properly test their software and at least check for consistency before releasing it.

  • Timelsucksdick

    Damn, Timel. I thought your messages are unique to every thread. But seems like a prick like you can only come up with so many insults.

  • f

    he hasnt got lollipop hes lieing.

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