Sony Xperia device with optical image stabilisation on the horizon?

by XB on 5th March 2015

in Rumours

Sony-Xperia-Z1-camera-techSome of the latest Sony Xperia devices have some excellent image stabilisation software, but despite this the use of optical image stabilisation (OIS) would still be high on many people’s wish lists when it came to future devices. Well a video from ON Semiconductor taken at MWC earlier today suggests that its technology may appear in a future Sony Xperia device.

Arthur Gonsky, Solutions Development Manager from ON Semiconductor’s Global Marketing Department, appears to suggest at around the 1:15 mark that their inexpensive solution can be found in premium phones such as the Sony Xperia brand. This could be clutching at straws, but would you like to see OIS implemented in an upcoming Xperia device? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Thanks Haidar!

  • Mike Gonzalez

    absolutely yes, basically because current DIS + OIS = perfect image stabilization

  • Nawi

    god yes!

  • ooohhhh.. Z4 is geting me pretty excited :)

  • Clarence Alvarado

    It’s silly that Z4 not to join the OIS bandwagon when the Samsung Galaxy S6 did. Can’t wait to see the Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) + Optical Steadyshot (OSS) tandem! :D

  • jumbo3220

    that 192 point Autofocus IMX230 sensor + ON semiconductor OIS + Curved sensor if possible = Z4 the great camera phone

  • DBS

    Lack of proper OIS is one of the only two faults I find on the Xperia Z3C camera (the other being the software development or lack thereof). So I would very much like to see it on a future Xperia phone as it’s one of the few things that, along with built-in Qi, would make me upgrade my Z3C before 2016.

    However, from what I gather in the video, he’s not actually talking about OIS which is mechanic, he’s talking about DIS, which is done through software. It seems the sensor chip they developed and their software is very good at DIS, by analysing and processing the frequencies. But I would love to be wrong and that it’s really a proper OIS. We shall see.

  • Faisal Armand

    Now that’s a way to fix the bad auto mode and shoot long exposure low light shots easier. Now Sony should rename the OIS as OSS (Optical Steady Shot), then people will lose their minds.

    I hope sony optimise the OIS like Apple did with iphone 6 plus. I mean iphone 6 plus shoots at ISO 64 and 1/4s shutter speed in every indoors and night shots, hence excellent tool for point and shooters. Sony has already better ISO performance than most of the competition except the lumias, so OIS is a great help

  • Guest

    Hmm… ok I wonder if SONY will interesting and eager to do implement OIS on xperia or just ignore it ?

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I wonder if SONY will be eager to do OIS implementation on their xperia or not ? If they do so I think it will be much better than what we have seen before.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    If Sony doesn’t put in OIS and a new camera software to go with that new sensor then they are clearly a step behind and aren’t trying to be the best they can be.

    Also a faster camera startup and faster shutter speed would be very welcomed.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Thought the digital stabilization for videos is pretty damn good

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    They have to, or at the very least put in a better digital stabilization/ better software. Either way, most OEMs have gone with OIS for a reason. The fact HTC didn’t with the M9 was just a stupid decision

  • so where

    Finally got album update!!!!! I can move pictures now!!!!!!

  • Christian

    up for the faster camera and shutter speed! Excited to know if with the Lollipop for Xperia, there’s an option to change the shutter speed.

  • Christian

    After seeing the Galaxy S6 and HTC M9, I’m excited for what the Z4 has to offer. Take advantage of the criticisms taken by the S6 (omission of SD support and removable battery) and the M9 (almost exactly the same design from last year) And hopefully they’ll market it heavily.

  • Timel

    Don’t forget to focus on camera’s software seriously!

  • Ming William Lee

    Also I am looking forward to see the new hybrid auto focus technology that Sony gave Apple to use on iPhone6Plus.

  • Arup

    Nokia 1020 has done quite well with OIS and therefore always a good idea.

  • Rizky Maulana

    curve sensor + DIS + OIS = Xperia Z4 :3

  • Vuyo Ncube

    “What we have learned from our long experience in the consumer electronics business is that consumers want details that you can’t deliver by just simply assembling powerful parts” – Sony Mobile CEO Totoki.

    I’m very glad that they didn’t make a half-baked Z4 for MWC. They’ve kept their heads on straight and can focus more on software with a more streamlined lineup to support, a new UI to work on maybe, they’re probably already testing the IMX230 for September, wait for Qualcomm to get its act together with the SD810 and could capitalise on the new Sense ID fingerprint scanner compatibility of the Snapdragon 810 or even Fujitsu’s iris scanner tech.

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  • Marlish

    Give OIS but not a decent post processing :P

  • laci_csk

    Yes, will be a good and necessary move. Go Sony.

  • mustafa

    In other news, I got free music unlimited until 28th June. Idk why.

  • zymo

    Probably going to see this with the Xperia Z5 along with SD 820.

  • User2080


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  • Gadget Lover

    Plus they need to control their awfully aggressive noise reduction algorithms. I read dpreview and I see the same thing about Sony camera. They criticize Sony for their over aggressive NR which destroy the fine details. I’m sure Sony will bring great looks and snappy performance with Z4 but I’m not so sure about their software anymore (auto mode).

  • User2080

    on the contrary, sony does not have aggressive noise reduction. you can still see a lot of noise in their mobile camera’s images. the problem has always been the overexposure and inability to keep everything sharp. note 4 nails everything in sharpness and noise reduction. i’m a sony fan but i have to acknowledge how samsung’s mobile phone cameras are way better.

  • Faisal Armand


    That too

  • Faisal Armand

    Dude, sony DOES implement aggresive noise reduction which is characterised by blurring of fine low contrast details such as foliages. If you see noises, that’s not because of little effort to NR but because of very strong sharpening after aggresive NR so the noise patterns becomes sharpened. Yes, oversharpening can add noise too

  • goldenblls

    No! Steadyshot works just fine!

  • wared

    Does the m4 aqua or the z4 tablet comes with any fast battery charging technology?

  • Billy de Fretes

    i’ll be happy if sony auto mode as good as others phone that using sensor from sony

  • Sweggity

    LOOK! Everybody lost hope with the lollipop update

  • roeshak

    To be honest for the xperia devices a much faster shutter speed would help more. OIS helps in stills a bit but video is where it improves quality on most phones that have it and Sony already have digital stabilisation that works very well.
    A very fast camera and shutter would help more to make blurry photos the exception rather than the norm. Xperias are just way too slow to take the photo. You really have to hold still for a second or two after pressing the shutter to reduce the chance of out of focused results.

  • roeshak

    I suspect the z4 will be very flow the same path as the m9. Another modest refinement with upgraded processing specs and probably the display although at this point 1080p is looking more likely

  • roeshak

    Agree completely. People always talk about aggressive NR but from my experience the z2 particularly after 4.4.4 is very noisy. It’s become way more light sensitive than before.
    For me the things holding the xperia cameras back is the very slow operation and shutter speed. Sharper and well focused shots always show more details. Another thing I feel that holds it back in the fine details department is the wide angle lens. It makes it much harder for the sensor to see sensor to see finer details because the photo is taken from a very zoomed out perspective.
    I’m not one who believes image processing is the problem with xperia cameras. In my opinion they have probably the best image processing out there. Great natural colour reproduction, dynamic range that other cameras need hdr to produce and excellent contrast. Blown out highlights or edge clipping is a problem though in certain scenarios.
    Xperia cameras suffer mainly from fine details but in my opinion it’s because they rarely focus properly and the sensor just doesn’t see the fine details enough to resolve them adequately because of the very zoomed out lens. Maybe the so called G lens is just cheap and not sharp enough. Who knows but it ain’t because of noise reduction. In fact is the opposite for me, I see lots of luminescent noise distorting the details and not because of any cleaning. Aggressive noise reduction is an LG problem not a Sony one.

  • roeshak

    Aggressive noise reduction doesn’t blur out details it distorts them. The fine details are blurry because the camera doesn’t focus properly. I know, I’m a 20.7mp user and only use the camera at that res so I’ve tested it extensively. Some times, I take a photo and look at it. It seems fine at zero crop but once you start zooming in you find blurry details. I take the same photo repeatedly and hey presto, I finally get one where the details are not blurry but still not resolved clearly.
    Aggressive noise reduction creates an oil painting effect. I don’t think it blurs out details. That’s a focusing issue is think.

  • I have a Sony Xperia Z3, but I’m not sure if I should keep it or get an iPhone 6 Plus. Any suggestions? I mean, I love the waterproofing, the ridiculously loud speakers and the high-res screen, but at times I just feel like I’ve made the wrong choice.

    I see people with an iPhone 6/Plus and when I use the cameras I just get blown away. And the build quality is superb in the iPhones where in the Xperia it’s just good enough. I also feel that the iPhone is more stable and consistent. My Z3’s battery life was great first, but now after 4 months it is clear that it is less, and it is not calibrated properly as I noticed many times that sometimes at certain percentages it just drops significantly (I’m talking only 1 minute of screen on time per 1%, compared to the regular 5 minutes per 1% that I usually get) and I get a little bit of lags and glitches every now and then.

    The Z3’s camera is good in daylight, it’s acceptable at night or indoors. Images are very soft, noisy and the shutter speed is slow which make photos look blurry, and the autofocus is hit or miss. The lens is plain disgusting as it has horrible vignette and blurriness of the sides and corners. So only the center 70% of the pictures is good, the edges are messed up Whereas with an iPhone, 99% of photos have correct white balance, exposure, focus and are very sharp, vivid and clear corner to corner.

    So the experience of the Z3 is not as smooth as iPhone’s experience. Plus, Touch ID looks fantastic. What should I do?

    Here’s the list that will make me decide:
    What I’ll love about the iPhone 6 Plus:
    -Rear/front are miles better than the Z3’s in Photo, Video, Panorama and audio. (Faster, cleaner, Optical Image Stabilization and 240fps slow-motion)
    -Better feel in the hand, curved edges and glass – sturdier build
    -Speakers and mics feel like they are of higher quality. Louder headphone output
    -Touch ID (Awesome. Fast, simple and reliable)
    -Faster UI and experience in general (Camera, apps, 64-bit processor)
    -High quality apps on the App store
    -Better screen color accuracy, viewing angles and contrast. Higher brightness.
    -Longer/consistent battery life. Better standby time (Z3 sometimes randomly loses %)
    -No flaps on ports. Lighting connector. Reversible and durable. Simple
    -Much faster software updates (My Z3 is still on KitKat. Fkin Sony)
    -Most of my friends and family have iPhones. (iMessage, AirDrop, assistance)
    -Silent switch. Clickier buttons.
    -More popular. Cases and accessories are much easier to find, everyone knows it.
    -Less depreciation. So in 2 years I can sell the iPhone for almost the same as now.

    What I’ll miss on my Z3:
    -Waterproofing/Dustproofing. This is fun, I can wash my phone, use it in showers…
    -Loud stereo speakers.
    -Customizability of Android
    -MicroSD card. Expandable storage or hot swapping to/from a computer.
    -Better size than 6 Plus, not too big.
    -USB storage, so I can copy/paste music/photos without itunes (Pirating LOL)
    -The 3GB of RAM.
    -NFC and bluetooth file share with any phone or pc with bluetooth.
    -4K video recording, manual control
    -More control over settings in system, apps…
    -Camera shutter key
    -The fact that it is a Sony device and I’m a sony fanboy and 99% of my tech is Sony.

  • apolloa

    I think OIS should be standard in every camera, it works brilliantly, just add it to a nice large curved lens and cut back on the megapidels to say 12 to 16 and all will be good. And in Sony’s case I think they need to work on their automatic mode a lot and the processing a lot. That seems to be where it falls down, we know the sensors work because they supply so many other manufacturers.

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  • roeshak

    It’s really simple. If you point the note 4 and z2 at any subject, even without taking the photo, by just looking at the viewfinders you’ll see more shapper details shown on the note 4s viewfinder.
    I know this because the same is true of the xperia S and z2 when I do this.
    We have a lens issue with the 20.7mp camera. Actually it was also the case with the Z.
    This why I point the finger at the wide angle. If it ain’t that, then Sony’s using some very cheap soft lenses with poor optics. Every manufacturer cheaps out in some way.

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  • Dan Makwana

    My response would be, if you’re looking for something purely based on camera quality, go for the 6 Plus. Having owned one I can tell you that the pictures I took on it were superior than the ones I’ve taken on my Z3. Saying that, using manual mode I’ve taken some excellent pictures on my Z3 but if you’re trying to capture something instantly and beautifully this doesn’t help. For me ecosystem was the reason I switched back to Android. I have a Moto 360, Chromebook, Android TV on order and I use Google services heavily. Also, I love tinkering with my tech and Android gives me that freedom over iOS.

    So, you want great photos, iPhone. You want customisation/open platform, Z3.

  • Faisal Armand

    Hey there! Regarding the aggresive NR effect, What I really do meant & feel is the same as you state above! The distortion of fine details. But so many people (including me) said the term as “blurring”

    As for the quality of 20.7MP resolution. The main problem is detail distortion, the cause wether it’s the lens or the image processing remains unknown. But I guess we’ll have to wait until RAW comes up in lollipop. But I do believe that the problem is mostly caused by the processing (it’s either NR or oversharpening). As for me, I hate artifacts more than noise. Btw, artifacts are also a problem but people rarely mention it. I don’t really hate noise as they are the natural inevitable problem in every sensor size (including APS-C & Full Frame) but artifacts.. They are signs of foolish image processing.

    Not many people know this. Sharpening is THE MOST TRICKY part in image processing as you have to adjust the amount, radius, and threshold. If you give little sharpening, your photos may end up looking less detailed than it should be, if you give too much or misadjusted some parts, artifacts will appear and in fact details can be distorted too! I think sony either give insane amount of sharpening or misadjusted the threshold. Threshold is how you balance detail preservation and noise, btw.

    But dude as for the other cameraphones image quality. I agree with you, LG is notorious for applying aggresive NR. I went over to flickr, and observed a lot of LG G3 night samples, the pictures are relatively clean of noise but the oil painted effect.. GOOD GOD!! I’m not sure if that’s a photo or a artist made sketches. Even iphone 6 & iphone 6+ already show painting effect at ISO 64. Note 4 at ISO 400 shows paintings too, plus sharpening artifacts. At least Z2 at high ISO doesn’t show anything but noise.

  • roeshak

    This is why I say image processing isn’t the problem. Xperia cameras have the best image processing engine of all. Lumias included. The fine details and blown out highlights are their only problem.
    I’ll draw your attention again to the viewfinder test. Details are clearer and more present on the xperia s’s viewfinder than the z2s. At macro and near distance, there’s no problem but the further you get from the subject the worse the problem becomes. The lens is either too wide or it’s just cheap and not very sharp.
    The sensor feels to me like it suffers from short-sightedness and needs glasses to see things in the distance properly.
    If it can’t see the details properly then it can’t resolve them clearly!

  • Abdul Ghani

    oid or sony calls OSS and a 21 mp camera sounds superb but itllbe useless with current sonys camera software first they need to make a new software with good features like iphone 6 plus fast capture in low light good compression algorithm then the new hardware will be awesome

  • MarkG54321

    Doesn’t matter. Sony’s problem is not being able to sell phones in America, REGARDLESS of how good they are. The networks dictate what gets pushed and what doesn’t. Americans are just clueless plebs in the process.

  • User2080

    i think you’re mistaken. it’s not noise reduction. it’s a focus issue. xperia cameras can’t do a proper landscape-style photo where everything is in focus.

    as far as i can remember, only the xperia z did the kind of aggressive noise reduction you have in mind, the fine details seemingly converted to paint brush strokes.

    from xperia z1 to z3, the photos are usually noisy although i would say pleasantly noisy because they’re bright and you can still make out some details.

  • Ali

    I think Sony’s DIS is better than all of the other phone’s OIS.

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  • David Hvatov

    1080p is ideal.

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  • Kaostheory

    Wait for Lollipop, this might clear up the random battery drain. Also with raw coming for the camera it might improve the camera. In the meantime try other camera apps like Google camera. Also ios is about 2yrs behind Android and their updates don’t always work great on older phones.

  • Kaostheory

    Also the Z3 has a brighter screen than either iPhone and with adjustable settings. With emulators I personally think that there’s more available games on Android.

  • Kaostheory

    Won’t their new sensor eliminate the need for ois? I think with better gyroscopes that software could use the motion sensors in the phone to compensate.

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  • Faisal Armand

    Hmmm.. There are so many theories and assumptions as to why Sony Xperia with 20.7MP sensor can’t do very sharply detailed photos in broad landscape

    – Aggresive Noise Reduction
    – Severe Oversharpening
    – Combination of aggresive noise reduction and oversharpening (Overprocessed)
    – Lens FoV is too wide for such a small sensor
    – Focusing issue

    Every person who proposes each theory has a point though. As for me, I choose a combination of wide lens and overprocessing. But I guess let’s just wait until RAW comes to lollipop to see which person has the correct theories and assumptions.

    But you’re right about Xperia Z. I owned it before I have Z2, all the Z camera does is NR NR NR, and NR. I never spotted any noises even at ISO 400 but that has a price of completely removing details. Even Xperia Z2 at 20.7MP res @ISO 400 has fair amount of noise but the detail is still well preserved.

    By the way, one time ago.. I did a 20.7MP res camera comparison of my Z2 (on 4.4.4) against my mom’s Z1 Compact (also on 4.4.4) and the result was quite drastic, Z2 won rather easily. what do you think?

  • InspectorGadget80

    I’m justing for that rumor curved optical lens and also a Z ULTRA SEQUEL

  • Faisal Armand

    Your theory of lens FoV is correct.

    I recently came home from a smartphone shop when there was a note 4 on display. Then I turned both my Z2 and note 4 camera on then point them at a desk with a whiteboard on the center of it.

    On the viewfinder, note 4 only show the whiteboard but looks very large and detailed whereas Z2 managed to show not only the whiteboard but the entire desk as well. Damn -___-”

  • roeshak

    So I guess it’s a compromise between more information in the frame and sharper details. For me it’s think Sony’s got the balance wrong. They’ve gone too far than is necessary. I think apple have the right balance with their 29mm lens!

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  • Nemanja Nemanjic

    I use Z2 and for noise it’s not true!

  • roeshak

    Do you shoot at 8mp only? At full res z2s camera exhibits a lot of residual luminescence. Even at 8mp also one iso goes above 200, the luminescent deposits are present

  • Guest

    donGrande Omar, como é que é? :-) olha, estive a falar com o Nuno acerca do Veludo & Mentol e ele falou me do vosso projecto de fotografia! Tenho uma amiga que é maquilhadora e anda a procura de algo relacionado, ainda não lhe falei de vocês, da vos jeito uma maquilhadora?’ti don’t

  • Vasilis K.

    Hell yeah!!!

  • Faisal Armand

    At night I always want to use 8MP to access night scene mode so when i’m shooting at the streets, I can get artistic light trails such as these XD

    The other thing that I love about long exposures/slow shutters is that they are also useful to reduce noise and add details. For example ISO 100, 1s shutter speed image is more detailed and less noisy than let’s say.. ISO 100, 1/16s shutter speed

  • roeshak

    I just have a problem with 8mp mode. When I bought the phone, I did so because I wanted the high res camera. Very dishonest of Sony to market it as a 20.7mp camera when it’s really only primed for 8mp usage. That’s a very dirty thing to pull on consumers.
    I’ll experiment more with night scene mode for night shots but I still think full res will remain my go to setting. I don’t want an 8mp camera. Would be using an iPhone 6 today if that resolution was OK for me. It’s too low for me.

  • Faisal Armand

    But dude.. Do you feel the same for the lumias? Let’s say 1520 & 930. Oversampling res wise, they are worse than sony at only 5MP. And what’s more interesting is.. When I count the total pixel count of Lumia 1520 & 930 (4992 * 3744), it actually has 18.6MP camera! 2MP short of sony, but nokia decided to market the camera as “20MP”. At least sony says the truth regarding the total pixel count.

    And as we all know that 8MP from Z2 & Z3 doesn’t come from a mere 1/3″ sensor like iphone 6, but it comes from a 1/2.3″ sensor and it’s basically a downsized 20.7MP image.

    No offense to you dude. I just want to share opinions and have a discussion

  • roeshak

    Oversampling is all well and good but why limit the use of the full res camera. No scene modes, you can’t even shot hdr at full res. I mean come on. It’s really very basic at full res.
    I think that’s dishonest.
    That’s like an automobile maker advertising a sports car to reach 200mph with a 6 speed gearbox but then limiting it to 100mph saying you can still hohit 200mph but only with 3 gears.
    Sure you can hit top speed but it’ll take so long to get to max speed that it can’t be really considered a sports car anymore.
    No where in the marketing is 8mp even mentioned but in reality that’s what you’re getting. This cannot be considered right.

  • Faisal Armand

    Inability to use HDR & SCN mode at full res —> now that’s extremely annoying. I actually know the functions of several SCN such as landscape, night scene, night potrait (my favourite scns) <— they are actually useful.

    – Landscape: adding more dynamic range (helps in dealing with clipped highlights) without reducing contrast, Saturation in blue & green channel is slightly boosted (but not to the point of oversaturation), and also sharper than the usual manual mode
    – Night Scene: Using low ISO & slow shutter speeds of 1/2-1s. Using it can make the quality of night shots identical to those of daylight shots, works miracles at indoors too!. But you need a tripod to avoid shakiness at such shutter speed.
    – Night potrait: does a wonderful job of shooting potraits at night. Shutter speed is constantly 1/4s.

    But even my old Xperia Z has the ability to use SCN & HDR at full res. I wonder why sony do this? Damn -_-"

  • roeshak

    It’s difficult to put a finger on Sony mobiles logic in many areas. I just suspect that they’re limiting the smartphone camera so it doesn’t stand in competition to their dedicated cameras. They probably don’t want their point and shoot cameras going the same way as the psp did.
    Trouble with that is, it’s going to happen whether Sony like it not. What they’re doing now only makes things worse because those point and shoot cameras will increasingly be replaced with Samsung and Nokia smartphones instead of Sony ones as should be the case one would think!
    Another thing that really annoys me. In manual mode you only have proper access to exposure compensation if you leave iso on auto Otherwise you can only decrease it in certain conditions but never increase it.
    Limitations here and there. It’s very annoying

  • Faisal Armand

    Before the launch of Xperia Z1, I heard sony has backstage conflicts –> top management team against the mobile image quality developer teams. The developer teams feel that the camera of xperia z1 could be much better than it actually was. But the top management team doesn’t want the point & shoot and smart lenses sales to sink –> proves your argument.

    Oh that ISO & EV relations on Z2, technically I can explain. The slowest shutter speed in manual mode is 1/8s and no people know this but that EV slider isn’t really an EV slider but that’s a CONTROL OF THE SHUTTER SPEED. I prove this by shooting at dim indoor room. I set to full res and the ISO to 400. When I set the EV to 0, the exif reports the shutter speed as 1/12s but when I lower the EV to -1, the exif reports the shutter speed as 1/23s. And also there were noticeably more noise in the second sample at 1/23s compared to the first sample at 1/12s. Also the image couldn’t be any brighter after the EV was at 0.7 <– I guess at that value, the shutter speed has reached 1/8s

    Both EV and shutter speed controls do have the same properties of overexposing and underexposing (albeit in a different way, hard to explain). But the difference is when you make your images brighter using shutter speed controls, the noise is removed and details is added. But when you make your images brighter using EV controls, you get no change in terms of pixel level quality.

    I don't have this issue when I was using my old Xperia Z. In a dark room, I can still make overexposed image with ISO 100 by cranking up the EV slider and when I look at the exif report, the shutter speed isn't too slow.

  • roeshak

    Same here, or didn’t have this issue with the Z. Sony seem to have dsome personal demons they need to address. There seems to conflict as you put it that’s limiting the progress of the smartphones. Different divisions fighting each other rather than working together.
    Pretty appalling!

  • Faisal Armand

    Apple has many products, from smartphones, ipads, pcs, music tools, etc. Believe me, I have absolutely no love for any apple products but I have to admit that the damn company is very powerful because each divisions ACTS AS ONE.

    But Sony.. I love each and every product of sony, smartphones & tablets, cameras, music devices, TVs, and other shits that’s named and branded as SONY. But the one thing that I hate about Sony is that each divisions are actually canibalising each other, Particularly cameras and smartphones. And no wonder why sony is struggling these days

  • roeshak

    Sony hasn’t yet got it that smartphones are the now the flagship electronic devices. One they need to put all their muscle and might behind. Mobile devices are were the biggest flow of capital are. Most people spend money on mobile devices at least every 2 years.
    The same cannot be said for any other field of electronics.
    Mobile made apple and Samsung what they are today and the failure of Sony in mobile is responsible for their fall from the heights they used to be at.

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  • Nemanja Nemanjic

    I use manual mode, and i manualy setup my camera. give me your mail, and i will send you a picture!

  • roeshak Manual full res shots in my experience suffer from a fair bit of luminescent noise even in daylight conditions

  • Nemanja Nemanjic

    Ok i will send you mail!

  • Nemanja Nemanjic

    20.7 mpx!!! Only in that mode, and i use ISO50 when i need it

  • roeshak

    I’m not saying the noise is very bad. No its not bit it’s present BiBut I’ll look at your pictures and compare

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