Xperia screenshots compared: Android Lollipop versus KitKat

by XB on 5th March 2015

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android-l-vs-android-kitkatWe already have a good idea of what to expect in Sony’s Android 5.0 Lollipop update for Sony Xperia devices, thanks to a number of hands-on videos at MWC this week. However, if you want a side-by-side comparison of how Sony’s latest skin compares against the current KitKat build then check out the video (in Italian) and screenshots below (courtesy of PhoneArena).

The video compares two Sony Xperia Z3 Compact devices, one running the latest Android Lollipop software against another with KitKat. PhoneArena’s comparison shows screenshots from an Xperia M4 Aqua with Lollipop against an Xperia Z3 on KitKat. Are you happy with the direction that Sony Mobile has taken? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_1

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_2

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_3

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_4

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_5

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_6

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_7

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_8

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_9

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_10

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_11

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_12

Xperia Lollipop vs KitKat_13

Via PhoneArena.

Thanks Andrew and Sanjaya!

  • Vuyo Ncube

    It’s aight. Sort of has to grow on you.

  • ????? ????????

    Where is my lollipop!!!???

  • Shehab Skull

    It is awesome to have a fresh notification bar like this ^^
    Cheers to Sony dev and designers ??

    Edit : now I can make my material theme .

  • RenegadeA1

    These Lollipop screenshots are different from Z4 Tablet screenshots…Maybe these’re the early version?

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Just like I tweeted with XperiaBlog, music on lockscreen now shows a full-screen album art. Check out AndroidCentral’s hands-on of the XZ4 Tab.

  • DBS

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you ruin a good design.

    Definitely NOT updating after seeing this.

  • I’ll miss the green button “send” in the application of messages.

    But I really liked it! A matter of habit, but I think there is too much blank space in Settings

  • Reon

    Not a big upgrade I have hoped for.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    So the z3 and z3 compact will recieve an update at the same time or diff time frame?

  • Reynaldi Sutrisno

    Finally! My tablet Z is old enough with kitkat and want to take a bite with lollipop!

    Simple and fresh design provided by Google, love it
    Changes are not as big as I expected, but it’s okay because another brand do same way as Sony

    So, cheers guys!

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Right above the comments section.

  • serendipity1002

    Looking at Kitkat Xperia UI, I see a sophisticated appearance, a little bit dated, that I agree, but well thought out and attention was given to details. Looking at the Material Xperia UI, there are a lot of things I can’t wrap my head around, it seems like a sloppy job compared to the matured Kitkat. For example, icons on the status bar are not evenly aligned or spaced (just seeing the size of the battery icon in juxtaposition with other large sized icons hurts my eyes), and then black text on vibrant blue background (Settings), I was like, “Really?”. Wifi and Bluetooth menu in Settings, obviously you can see that’s a degrade. Multitasking view: No clear all button, the miniapps still retain the same aesthetics and that grey bar superimposed upon the carousel-view windows, sorry, Sony, but that’s bad…
    Other things are pretty stock-like so there’s no comment. I am currently multiboot both kitkat and CM12 Lollipop 5.0.2 and seriously a lot of cm12 third-party themes are better-looking than this. With that being said, I hope this is just a demo version of Lollipop and the finalized will be better and issues all ironed out and I’m still looking forward to official Sony Lollipop

  • mmm

    No one forced u to

  • Zidhin Mohd

    No close all button?

  • Stemro

    Probably same time as they are very similar devices.

    I think Sony said they will be bringing Lollipop to the ENTIRE Z series this month.

  • To me, the changes are subtle. Which is good, since I really like the current look and feel of my device.

    But the UI changes aren’t the foremost thing on my mind when I think of Lollipop, it’s ART.

    I would’ve **REALLY** liked the Playstation buttons to replace the bottom buttons though… Even if it’s just on the Z range of devices. :-)

  • DBS

    I don’t recall writing I was being forced to. Actually I said I would not update it precisely because I can choose not to.

  • Ravi _111

    Sony world slowest company this is coming soon soon

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    I think walkman will remain on flagship device. and all low and mid range will get music app instead walkman!!

  • valentino

    The lollipop design look fresh, but the kitkat design is timeless. especially the on screen button.

  • Carl E

    What I wouldn’t give for a chance at that keyboard tho

  • Meysam Khanbabaie

    Updates come in lollipop to Z2

  • asdhjkbvc

    l want double tap wakeup on z1.

  • wared

    Why xperia keyboard is not material designed?

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  • Ozon91 Jogja

    Wow, you’ve got the lollipop update for D2203…???

  • Noor Elharty

    Exactly my thoughts
    That would have been accepted if they released the update early so we can say they rushed it, but they are the Latest oem to update and they come up with that !!!!
    We don’t talk here about the look or style because that is subjective and varies from one to another But we talk here about inconsistencies and there are tons and tons and they are so obvious even to the blind
    1-status bar icons size and spacing are just misaligned
    2- square button on the navigation bar is misaligned
    3- three dots action bar shapes and sizes are different from app to another some times they are squares and some times they are circles, some times they are big some times they are small (look at the newly updated apps like xperia lounge, albums, track id, Walkman)
    4-the navigation hamburger menu items fonts are different in thickness and size (look at the newly updated albums and music)
    4-the font overall is inconsistenct everywhere from size to thickness and shape
    5-icons sizes are different (compare the newly updated movie creator and xperia lounge, albums and music)
    6- some icons are blurred a little and not high resolution like the rest (look at the new social and news icons it’s blurred a little compared to others)
    7- etc etc etc……
    The point here they have there time fully and they come here with an update full with imparresing inconsistencies that is not even acceptable with a cheap chinsese oem, and other oem came with brilliant updates before them like htc and what they did with lollipop was an excellent job regarding style and adapting material guidelines and again i’m not here judging by stability or solidness
    And like you said sir kiktat eventhough looks a bit dated but just alot matured than this rush job we are looking too and the sad thing they have there time to fully and simply they have no excuses

    Shame on you Sony, what a lit down:(

  • cüneyt avc?

    Please lollipop sony

  • cüneyt avc?

    Please give the lollipop Sony.

  • Sweggity

    I swear never to buy Sony ever again… I am done with their bullshit

  • Exodite

    That looks even worse than I expected, which is impressive.

    On the plus side I have no real reason to upgrade past KitKat, the new ART runtimes have to provide very /noticeable/ – as opposed to measurable – speed increases to get me to update at this point.

  • Guest

    The inconsistencies and Navigation buttons are what really hurt eyes.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Exactly, The inconsistencies and Navigation buttons (it looks unbalance to me) are what really hurt my eyes.

  • mukul verma

    off topic: tmrw we are having our famous festival called HOLI. so from my side to all people of xperia blog & specially Xperia Blog Mod, a colorful & happy holi.


  • Killian Khoo

    Status bar icons still need improvement,
    And there are still have some text colour problem in settings app not all but some.
    And think I would like Sony to change whole time and alarm app. It look bad..
    Alignment of that 3 dot still need to realign on contact app.
    And that Small app bar I think Sony should completely should put it somewhere else it look cheap….

  • Yali AA

    hate the UI and the apperance on Lollipop….. I might stick to my KitKat on Z3….. In the settings you need to scroll so much further than on kitkat…. wtf, im not 90 years old and need big ass fonts with good space between functions…

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Nooo! I really like that Phone and Contact is the same app in KItkat.!! Why do you have to make them a separate apps! I can’t think of any benefits by doing that.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    So lollipop means smaller font and bigger space. Seriously, Google?

  • Tjaldid

    the Multi-task menu is already to crowded

  • Nathan

    On what days did Sony Mobile previously release updates?

  • Hassan

    How can they replace the iconic Walkman symbol with just music?? Ewww!!! Sony broke my heart..

  • Lukáš Pávl

    I hope that this is just Beta or Alpha or something, because how they fu**ed up Lollipop is not acceptable. Bad aligning, inconsistence and wrong used colors everywhere. This is like work of some unexperienced devs or ROM builders or design fresmen students. Anyway i Hope for good themes.

  • hansip

    I assume just like Kitkat we need to install one app for that. But not sure about how that can kill Chome tabs if it’s allowed to be displayed in recent apps.

  • ??? ?? ???

    No one force u to buy Sony dude.

  • hansip

    It is flatter but i don’t agree if we let all the buttons appearance go.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    I didnt install any app to get that close button

  • wared

    Sony can make the both designs and let us choose.

  • pjlk

    Oh well, so much for Xperia. I liked the On/Off buttons/bar/switch on kitkat looks like the side power button. I also liked the status bar icons on Kitkat over AOSP-ish Lollipop. The blue colors on the Messaging, Settings, Dialer,Clock looks so cheap like I wanna puke. The only Lollipop I like was the Walkman lollipop version, thats it.

  • I’m so glad the app drawer background remained transparent instead of white like the stock Lollipop UI!

  • Happy Holi!

  • roeshak

    It couldn’t possibly take them that long to apply their own skin on top of that lollipop. The choose to delay. No other explanation!

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Well blue color is clearly theme, the video show that it will change according to theme.

  • When will lollipop update for xperia z3 ?

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    What is really bugging me is the inconsistency in so many place across the UI just like others have pointed out. It feels like that Sony haven’t had time to implement everything Xperia like and take care of those tiny little detail in the UI to make it perfect (although they should have with all the time they took…sigh). I start to like the path they are heading with Lollipop but what’s currently shown feel so half-baked and there still so much thing to work on. Hopefully this is only the early version and the official UI will look more completed.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Sony Mobile marketing chief said it would be this month… May be the last day of this month :v

  • sosarozay300

    wow the sony skin is terrible

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    I think the smallapp bar should still stay there but they need a redesign. What really need removal in recent panel is the search bar, there’s already search button or widget on homescreen and in the appdrawer.

  • i want lollipop

  • en


  • doministry

    Contacts and Phone as separate Apps?!
    And the question is – when we launch Phone, we DON’T see the dialpad first?
    THAT’S EVEN WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin A. Koesoema

    I just want the Xperia Kitkat UI….. This Lollipop UI breaks my heart. There’s no elegancy…especially the status bar :(

  • mustafa

    Other than the inconsistencies, it looks quite good.

  • Any screenshot on lockscreen?

  • hansip

    Well some firmware version does include it some doesn’t.

  • hansip

    Well some firmware version does include it some doesn’t.

  • big difference… :))) nooottttt

  • big difference… :))) nooottttt

  • Masoud Mirzaei

    Thanks for mentioning! I’d Like to see it too! :)

  • libioo

    can you share the source please ? I did not noticed this on twitter.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    From what I have seen in various preview videos, the lockscreen now stay as stock as it can get, no more fancy animation. You can see in action in the video.

    Oh I just notice something weird. Dialer has a shortcut to Contact but Contact doesn’t have a shortcut to dialer. Seperating those 2 apps feel not convenient at all. Apart from the icons in the homescreen, Xperia old icon in the UI feel better than Google stock ones.

  • Ellis Seiker

    Well I think Sony’s doomed now. I’ve never imagined Samsung’s UI looking better than Sony’s before… Disappointed. A lot. This is not Sony style. I’m gonna flash CM or what into my Xperia Z2 then :(

  • Pickicool

    I will not upgrade to lollipop.
    The new phone and contact app killed me. I can’t.. I’m done with lollipop. :/
    The settings app is shit.
    Sony failed with the new material design. Honestly, I’m really sad for this situation.

    I hope that someone will create a good lollipop ROM with Sony Kitkat UI interface.

  • even though i love flat icons etc the brushed steel icon look was amazing i loved it :( could have gotten rid of the ring around the camera symbol entirely and just make it white floating

  • Cezary Raczy?ski

    Sony Mobile Poland says that Lollipop on MWC isn’t the final version of software.

  • Roger Carp

    Those navigation buttos look unprofessional to me. It’s a premium phone not a game toy

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    I understand why they called it Z range because it will sleep a lot to get android 5 update zzzzzzzzz

  • Deadstar

    Just missing the update on my z3c, come on Sony!!

  • WilliamTell13

    I agree with everyone, separating dialer and contacts is so stupid!

  • Khaled

    These are some solid points, I didn’t notice them until you mentioned them. The album navigation menu and font size for the latest Walkman and Album for example are inconsistent. I would write this list at their support forum to get their attention, someone over their needs their eyes to be calibrated!

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Looks good.. :)

  • Chitti- The Robot

    It is in the video of MWC Sony’s live event.

  • Khaled

    look closely at the top right of the Dialer app, there is an icon that looks like contact/address book. I am pretty sure that’s a shortcut to the contacts

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Haha genius

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    That’s the best news

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Very likely but it’s weird that contact doesn’t have the shortcut to dialer

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Like Chitti- The Robot said, you can watch it here.

    SVP of Sales & Marketing Dennis van Schie said it toward the end of the videos.

  • Snorky112

    maybe it will have in the release version

  • JMoss

    Am I the only one here who has fallen in love with Sony’s Lollipop UI?
    Navbar buttons are among the best I have seen so far (I absolutely hate the ones by LG and Samsung for example), only htc did something better. We will have an almost stock, elegant and light interface, with the great addition of themes (giving us the possibility of choosing primary and secundary colors, which is great). My only complaints are for the status bar (especially for the misaligned battery indicator) and for the multitasking view lacking the “close all” button.
    But in the end, according to me, this design definetely destroys the Jurassic-looking Xperia KK UI.

  • kole?77

    Update for z1c when? April or March?

  • serendipity1002

    Thank you for being the deliverer of good news, I just sighed a deep deep breath of relief.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Hopefully the released version will adjust other inconsistencies too.

  • Prince Kaz

    I want Sony to improve something

    1) every parts of the Xperia UI need smooth and continuous animations
    2) All app icons should be circle
    3) Sony should remove the small app bar from recent app screen
    4) Setting Menu looks very cheap and very kidish
    5) the UI of the Camera is pretty corny and boring

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    I think they should remove search bar in recent app screen and redesign small app bar. I agree with the rest.

  • I watched the video. I couldn’t find it.

  • haxona

    Wait what are they SEPARETE!?! I love everything but wtf Sony that is one huge cumbersome mistake

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    Good Idea. Then you should post the link over here so everyone can contribute to the wishlist.

  • Nguy?n T?n L?c

    They are separate now with shortcut to go to Contact in Dialer but not to Dialer in Contact

  • Dan Makwana

    Comments section includes:



    Argh, the Lollipop UI sucks!

  • JDIS

    Xperia UI is lack of smooth animations while The new Touchwiz UI is much smoother for example when I touch the app drawers, the animation goes very smooth

  • Kristijan Kaši?

    Ok, I don’t need comparison, I need an update!

  • Sadman Khan

    Watch the video. The animation is the stock android one i think. Pretty cool

  • libioo

    thanks :)

  • hansip

    Man i like lollipop, but more so happy to see my app in the reviewer video’s phone!!! :p

  • hmmm

    lollipop not looking so good….seems so incomplete…to bad my z3 will look so ugly!

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  • doministry

    Yes maybe it’s that.

    But why there is no dialer when we enter the phone?

    I also have to say the old toggle buttons were much nicer.

  • hmmm

    stupid dialer/contacts separation,so ugly signal signal,no close all aps button….jesus christ and people are waiting for lollipop!

  • i can’t wait for lollipop update

  • Lollipop does not look too good but I expect that it will only get better with few updates.

  • ayub407

    Lollipop lock screen as seen on Xperia M4.

  • roeshak

    We’ll have to wait until the z4 gets unveiled to see what new software features Sony has for this year. It’s always been this way at the start of the year with just the base android updates. Question is will z3 and z2 stseries get those updates just as the M8 and S5 are scheduled to get sense 7 and Samsungs new UI.
    I doubt it seeing as Z1 and z didn’t get the software on z2 and z3.

  • RealityCheck2015

    This all seems pointless :D I mean if this update improves the phone speed and battery life then cool but if it’s just a visual update then WHAT IS THE POINT?!?! I used to go nuts for the new updates but after a while it just seemed pointless really. Oh well.

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    I read in frech website that lillipop will be available this week in franc, is it true?

  • Simo

    Possible but not sure

  • bilomar


  • Ritwij

    It’s stock lollipop one

  • mrninko

    software has not been certified yet

  • jonyah

    I’ve been playing with a cyanogenmod lollipop on one of my tablets this week and I’m not really sure it’s all that. I like my Z3 the way it is and I don’t think I want many of these changes on my phone. If it comes with an easy way to root, or some actual useful enhancements, then I’m all over it :)

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    They are refering to a tweet on sony mobile FR

  • mrninko
  • Eduardo Otero

    Those Network and WiFi icons look as cheaper as Android Pure

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  • Clarence Alvarado

    Look at the album art of Michael Jackson playing. I think it’s the Xscape album.

  • Wolf0491

    Idk I chose not to do an update because it required me connecting to computer. But the notification in the bar is not able to be cleared once an update is ready… So it gets rather annoying see it all time.

  • DBS

    It may be annoying but this horrible new design annoys me a hell of a lot more ;)

  • Amimanot

    Just wondering, is the extra button on the far right of the navbar (the keyboard button) a lollipop thing or is it only available in Xperia lollipop ui?

  • ZXcorr

    The colour of the text “Call Settings” is wrong. o_O

  • This is disappointing. Xperia still uses Android’s universal UI. Samsung is breaking the trend by using their own Touchwiz UI. Sony needs to make a unique UI of their own. SMH.

  • Rizky Maulana

    oh that keyboard :o

  • Killian Khoo

    Nope this icon available on kitkat as well.
    It is for customize the keyboard ~

  • Sarfaraz Habib

    Lollipop design is awesome

  • Robin

    I want to kill you time killer Sony!!!! >_<

  • John Zakaria

    They can’t colour the navigation bar?!
    Thank you tinted status bar for existing
    Thank you xposed framework

  • Adjaero Pascal

    far right not far left. He’s talking about that tiny keyboard icon close to the square navigation button

  • Oh yeah!

  • JiaWei


  • haxona

    That has to be a mistake because otherwise it really is one retarded designer who came up with that functionality

  • mi

    Im actually fine with aesthetics im not very particular on that… As long as inget 60hz all around navigating through apps…

  • Fadi Obaya

    It was going to be released this week, but a SONY rep said, I met yesterday in a Swedish store called “Media Markt” that they were going to delay it for some weeks to clear out all the bugs to give the costumers a clean and stable update. :)

  • mohamed


  • Saawal Khan

    I am sad that m2 won’t get lollipop. And also I bought this device like 3 mounths ago. Even my nexus 7 2012 got lollipop. Come one Sony ffs

  • Charlie

    Cheers to Sony? They were lazy and just used the stock one? They should do the same with the rest of the UI. It’s one big homage to lazy design.

  • Charlie

    You are probably the only one. Yes. The look is horrible, it looks like they drafted this up in 2 weeks, quick and dirty.

    Half the time it’s just stock with the old Sony style on top. But with an ugly flat icon and a bright bar at the top.

    I don’t see anything new, nothing eye-catching. I too love anloght design but it’s just boring and stale. Every review you see nowadays characterizes the Sony UI as fast and light but outdated. Why doesn’t Sony ever listen to criticism? That’s why they’ll never be up there with the big boys.

  • Charlie

    Thank goodness.

  • Charlie

    100% agreement.

  • Charlie

    No, Lollipop and Material Design is beautiful. So y turns it into a bit more whitespace, bright colored bad at the top with an ugly flat icon.

    The whole ideology behind Material Design is being raped here.

  • Charlie

    Or… Just go full stock. This lazy “let me just make everything look outdated” design is getting boring.

  • [S]unjay

    Looks quite good but clearly unfinished.

  • michael

    Sony is providing stock lollipop System UI. What a bullshit

  • Brimob > TNI

    2nd like here. Big boys who? HTC? LG? Moto? Lol what a joke.

  • Daniel Craig

    Every thing is beautiful but these things need to be re added:
    1. Close all button in multitasking.
    2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth had a quick toggle on front in the settings menu.
    3. Scene Automatic (SCN Auto) mod should be back just like on the good old Xperia T, S, V… WITH SUPERIOR AUTO as an optional choice.
    4. The drop down bar from the up (I don’t know what it’s called) Needs a total makeover. That orange brightness adjuster so so dull…

  • BioShock

    Just use Google keyboard, best keyboard ever

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  • Yomomma

    it looks fuckin ugly, this is just aosp with different colors and some other like that

  • Fadi Obaya

    It’s not final software.

  • Charlie

    Motorola being the exception, those are two companies that have released Lollipop for their current/older phones.

    Furthermore, they didn’t post a 1.6 billion dollar loss on their mobile division and don’t have rumours flying around that they’re calling it quits or selling their mobile division.

    At the moment, I’d at least call them better boys.

  • jj

    Seriously…and to offend all who takes offense…grow up! We are in a market full of choices, and no one made you buy a Sony…..the fact is not one company will ever deliver a perfect phone, it’s impossible for what we expect as consumers…..Many us remember the days of pagers and having to call someone back from a payphone….be happy you even have something as innovative as a smartphone….

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  • Shehab Skull

    Come on bro (stock ui + Sony features = fresh ui) ?

  • Charlie

    They don’t use stock UI + Sony features. They use stock UI + stale looking Sony UI. That’s where it goes wrong

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  • Daniel Craig

    I sure hope so.

  • Marco Antonio

    The Xperia dialer has been dismissed as I can see, that’s the stock Google dialer with minor mods. Shame on you Sony, you’ve ruined your great Xperia ui

  • Nettie210

    Nope, don’t like Lollipop, it’s too ‘jazzy’ and
    even just the new time layout would drive me nuts. Kit-Kat still is a better
    layout etc. Lollipop is making changes for the sake of making a change. I’ve
    had the update request on my phone for 3 days now and will NOT be updating to
    Lollipop, especially after reading all the problems everyone is experiencing!!
    I like my phone in a fully working order, not causing me no end of charging,
    WiFi, etc. problems like a lot of users are experiencing right now after this recent
    upgrade. This smacks of a hastily rushed through, virtually untested
    upgrade, which Sony nor Google are willing to answer to the problems it has
    caused many users.

  • Nettie210

    That’s a bit harsh, Sweg!!
    Their phones are great, but this update has come from Google and many users other than Sony are experiencing even worse problems.

  • Nettie210

    Nope, don’t like Lollipop, it’s too ‘jazzy’ and
    even just the new time layout would drive me nuts. Kit-Kat still is a better
    layout etc. Lollipop is making changes for the sake of making a change. I’ve
    had the update request on my phone for 3 days now and will NOT be updating to
    Lollipop, especially after reading all the problems everyone is experiencing!!
    I like my phone in a fully working order, not causing me no end of charging,
    WiFi, etc problems like a lot of users are experiencing right now after this recent
    upgrade. This smacks of a hastily rushed through, virtually untested
    upgrade, which Sony nor Google are willing to answer to the problems it has
    caused many users.

  • ????³³³(and Puppies)

    I have not upgraded to lollipop from my kitkat , not even planing to do it xD

  • Nettie210

    Me neither, no point in replacing a good system with a bad one! I need my phone functioning well in all areas.

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