New leaks of the Xperia Z4 front panel – could it sport a 1440p display?

by XB on 19th March 2015

in Rumours, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z4 front panel_1A few more pictures supposedly of the LCD panel of the Xperia Z4 have leaked, confirming all that we have seen so far. The image comes from a supplier who claims it will have a 5.2-inch display with a WQHD resolution (1440 x 2560). For many months now, rumours of the Xperia Z4 display resolution has fallen into two camps – some say that it will sport 1080p resolution, while others have spoken of perhaps an additional model with 1440p resolution.

Our sources indicate that the former is more likely, which certainly will benefit the battery side of things. Which resolution would you want on the Xperia Z4? Is 1440p even necessary on a device with such a small display? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Xperia Z4 front panel_1

Xperia Z4 front panel_2

Xperia Z4 front panel_3

Via Esato.

Thanks Tizzo!

  • AndyToliouXD


  • Rodney

    Oh god, please no… Gimmick gimmick gimmick. Better performance and longer battery life over higher than 1080p resolution please.

  • Paolo Armadoro

    1080p. of course. HOPE

  • Phat-t

    Glad there’s no Z4 Compact this year cuz I still love my Z3 Compact :D

  • DBS

    I agree with Sony’s management when they say 2K displays on phones are useless. They just consumer battery and offer no real advantage over a 1080p screen.

    I rather have longer battery life than gimmicks whose only purpose is to suck resources.


    Who said?

  • Doubleyoupee

    I hope not…..

  • Vuyo Ncube

    At least make a 1080p version! If not, at least make it as efficient and bright as hell!

  • mawhob2222

    Sony don’t support QHD name

  • David Hvatov

    I prefer 1920×1080, because there’s absolutely no difference between 2k & 1080 on this small display. Also bigger resolution eats more power resources.

  • Joe Black

    Don’t crush my hopes just yet. I’m an owner of Z1 Compact, so Z3 Compact wasn’t really that worth upgrading. Now, since x64 chipsets are turning into a new standard, I think Sony just might release a x64 mini flagship. Would be a nice move.

  • Alex Blake

    It’s good that they returned to xperia z2 speaker style but it would be better to have this big led notification back as well.

  • Yeah. I hope so. Still love my super cute Z3 Compact really much. Hehe. Anyway, if they did release, no problem and i’ll wait for Z5 Compact :3

  • Gregor Zabret

    I do not use the magnifying glass to look at the screen so I will not see the difference between HD and QHD display. Sony make 1920×1080 display!!! Also I rather have longer battery life!

  • RbbrDcky

    I agree with most here that 2K is pointless on this size screen. However, if they stick with 1080p, it will most definitely be used against them not for them just like what is happening now when people compare the Galaxy S6 to the One M9. Nothing I’ve read so far has painted 1080p of the M9 as an advantage over the S6… quite the opposite.

  • I Love Xperia Z4

  • Jecht_Sin

    I believe that 1440p in a 5.2″ display is totally unneeded. Also it slows down the phone. What’s the point..

  • bzhzhJjsbzbz

    will it use usb type c?

  • Omarion07

    Well it didnt slow down the S6! It’s even faster than the M9 which has a 1080p

  • Omarion07


  • i want Z4 with FULL HD display

  • Omeed Heydari

    Don’t care, Just waiting for my ZUltra’s Lollipop

  • Pootis Man

    1080p is more than sufficient. I really hope it isn’t QHD. To be honest though I still think battery life is going to be epic either way.

  • Omarion07

    I personally prefer a 2k display. Why would I want to pay 600-650 $ for a 1080p screen phone when I can pay the same amount of money for a phone with 2k display?? Tech market is driven by ”higher is better mentality”. In two years time 4k screen resolution will be normal for a 5.2” display. Only tech enthusiasts (who are few) prefer a 1080p resolution. Unfortunately these tech enthusiasts aren’t going to provide the profit sony mobile desperately needs.

  • If 2k screen and 4,000 mah battery, not a big deal. But I’ll prefer the battery performance over screen. 1080p is fine enough

  • Indashio

    7.1.A.0.12 Sony Album beta 7.1

  • ZXcorr

    Please no QHD gimmicks. FullHD is more than enough. LCD has already got more subpixels anyway, right? I just hope they’ll improve the color/contrast/saturation accuracy/quality. And viewing angles, just to shut the stupid haters up.

  • Guest

    But they have to use it to be in competition.

  • Indashio


  • Can you Upload APK???

  • Indashio

    give me your e-mail

  • cs098

    Honestly 2k or not 2k, sony should wait for the next qualcomm soc. The s810 is a mess. From overheating m9s to laggy g flex 2s. The s810 is not a a good chip set to use. The gs6 is showing that you can get good performance and decent battery life with 2k.

  • Quark Gluon

    I think there will be significant price difference.

  • paul_cus

    1440p, so the next Compact will have a chance to be 1080p.

  • zeoxzy

    With VR in mind, definately increasing the resolution would be my preference

  • Raj Singh

    I’m good with anything 1080p or higher.

  • gamer324

    I REALLY hope it doesn’t, 2k is good for tablets, but at 5.2 ” it is less than useless because of the trade-off in gpu performance (if not battery life).
    HTC One m9 has a 1080p screen and that is still brilliant. Only the koreans and chinese oems are pushing 2k screens, and that is mainly just because of marketing.
    I’m still hopeful that Sony uses the JDI 5.2″ RGBW FHD OLED, as that will truly be a step-up in all respects – color gamut, response time (crucial for blur free fast motion), battery comsumption, brightness, color accuracy ( don’t let Samsung fool you, OLED is capable of producing the lowest delta E values imaginable ) – of the display, bar the ppi.

  • gamer324

    If HTC and Apple don’t need it, then Sony doesn’t need it either. To be honest, all Sony needs is frivolous marketing.

  • hcm.

    1080p anyday. But I also don’t mind seeing Sony face palm all other brands by giving a 4K screen with 2 day battery life, just for the sake of it.

  • Omarion07

    M9 is the same price as the base S6 model

  • gamer324

    Trust me, had the situation been reversed HTC would still be criticised for something in its display. Most websites would say anything to make sure samsung comes out on top in comparisons

  • gamer324

    If you’re talking about benchmarks then 1) you’re comparing the new Exynos to snapdragon 810 and 2) check the framerates of S6 in on-screen benchmarks, they’re basically half of thr lg g flex 2 (s810,with FHD)

  • gamer324

    Higher is better, but with a jump to 2k only the ppi gets higher, for lcds color gamut, contrast ratio, power usage, brightness ALL get worse. And also if you put a SoC twice as fast as an s800 (the s810) in a phone with twice as many pixels to drive, what you’re left with is exactly the same maximum graphical performance. Now how is that PROGRESS?

  • gamer324

    It’s not x64 (which is short form for x86,64-bit) it’s literally just 64 bit processors. Sorry, but that thing just bugged me

  • gamer324

    A 4k xperia z4 tablet Ultra (12.1″) would be awesome too.

  • tablet

    I want to Be the best screen on sonys device….z4= k4 hehe he :)))

  • Nathan

    It makes sense. The Z4 will get 1440p and the Z4 Compact will get 1080p. (Or Z5 Compact)

  • DBS

    No, they don’t. Most consumers don’t even know what’s the difference between 1080p and 2k, much less on a phone where you can’t see it.

    Consumers, however, do care if they have to keep being attached to walls to charge their phones because their batteries keep dying.

  • nfs2010

    Off-topic, but might be useful to XB. Sony posted $744 million net profit from the last quarter. Not too bad after losing billions over the past few years! Smartphone sales revenue increased 28.7% YoY – yay! But still it was one of the worst performing divisions :( Keep up the good work, Sony & please don’t screw up the z4. Also give us an SD820 device this year (Z5 or Z4 ultra).

  • roeshak

    That’s why apple keeps selling loads of iPhones because battery life is so key to consumers

  • roeshak

    Don’t know where you got the 810 is twice as fast as the 800. Think you’ve listening to the qualcom marketing nonsense a bit too much!

  • roeshak

    Look let’s not get into the argument about the value or benefits of 2k displays.
    Simple fact, the phone the z4 will be struggling the most against is the s6 and it’s edged variant therfore the 2k display makes sense. It’ll give it more marketing kudos against the Samsung device.
    Forget about all this talk of 2 day battery life. Most people are used to charging overnight. A day off good use is all manufacturers need to aim for.
    2k display will do more for marketing than 2 day battery life.

  • elpollillo

    and what x64 or x86 means then?

  • elpollillo

    not yet

  • DBS

    Apple is NOT comparable with any other smartphone brand. Because Apple sells their brand to the consumers, not the devices.
    The typical iPhone user doesn’t know what the hell is RAM, iOS, jailbrake, bootloaders, ppi or anything of the sort. The typical iPhone customer buys the phone because it has an Apple on the back and it’s “hip” to have an iPhone.
    That’s why the iPhone 6 has the specs of a 2012 Android/WP flagship but sells millions in 2014.

    But battery life is still important to the iSheep. It’s the one major complaint and one Apple kept addressing when they presented the iPhone 6. And apparently the iPhone 6+ has a good battery life. Not Sony-good, but regular-Android-good.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Make 1080p model & 2k model, so no body can complain,
    That design should be called OminBEZELS !

  • User2080

    they need to make a version with a QHD display for the sake of marketing, to appease fans who need to keep up with the bragging rights.

    however, they will mostly be selling the FHD version.

  • User2080

    they need it for marketing.
    they can’t allow themselves to repeat the debacle with the xperia s and xperia t.

    they shipped dual core when others already went quad core.
    they can’t afford the same mistake now.

  • nfs2010

    LoL – true. But hey, S6 has more bezels (lower screen to body ratio) and smaller battery than Z3!

  • nfs2010

    True that. They could also soup up the QHD version with an extra gig of RAM, extra 16 GB storage. s-master amp and sell it for $100/$150 more. At least, it won’t sound as overpriced as the S6 edge.

  • [S]unjay

    I don’t want Sony to lose their amazing battery life at the cost of 2K.

  • [S]unjay

    My laptop had X86_64 Android :D

  • After using the Boost Max (5.7 inch display), Sony better release a Z4 Ultra. I can’t go back to a smaller 5.2 phone. Games and movies look phenomenaly better on a bigger screen. Hoping for QHD so they can buff up the phone with a huge battery.

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  • Timel

    Agree, at this time Full HD is enough and perfect for apps and gaming experience. 2K Display is fucking bullshit, useless and ruins the whole user experience. I won’t 2K display at this time but if the Xperia Z4 comes out with Full HD OLED Display that sounds more interesting

    All Sony need to do is improve the camera quality, seriously improve camera’s h/w and s/w especially camera’s s/w for example the auto mode and camera UI which is really horrible and old

    Sony gotta do anything that make the Z4 becomes the greatest, the best camera phone on the market this year.

  • DBS

    This is not comparable. And the competition isn’t all moving to 2K displays. Only Samsung and LG did. Motorola, HTC, Apple, no one else is releasing phones with such a useless gimmick because that’s what a 2k display on a 5″ phone is. A gimmick. And a useless one on marketing for that matter as general consumers don’t even understand what 2K is nor do they care.

  • Sadman Khan

    Exactly. CPU isn’t the only thing that matters. GPU matters too. And the GPU performance of S6 is quite bad. Z3C beats the GPU performance in the on-screen tests in all cases

  • I think you’re ruining innovation man. Come on it’s already 2015, battery size doesn’t really matter, The Droid Turbo which packs 3900 Mah battery and 5′ inch screen just have average battery life compare too Nexus 6 which have bigger display and smaller battery. Software optimisation is main point here. IPhone 6 Plus got a marvellous battery life, bigger display, same 1080p resolution, smaller battery yet better battery life than my Z2.

  • Quark Gluon

    Why even comparing two different brands? I believe HTC and Samsung have their own features and selling points, and also pricing policy.

  • Fynjy7771

    For those who prefer battery over 2K resolution there will be Z4 Compact. Since Z4 is a flagship, it must be technically the best, incl. display resolution. I’m very glad that Sony is moving foreward.

  • Fynjy7771

    The only thing I don’t like now in Z4 is that extremely regular and boring led dot, like in Z3. They should bring back led strip build in speaker, as in Z2, or make some innovation. Led dot is a step back in terms of design. Sony should keep their exceptional and beautiful style.

  • Quark Gluon

    And then few years later we have 4K screen on Z6 Compact just for the sake of being “the best”?

  • Quark Gluon

    As long as both version available, that’s a good thing for everyone. Maybe name it something like Xperia Z4 and Z4R, just like Sony A7 and A7R. (even though the A7S is in fact way more popular)

  • Allen Dunphy

    it had better be two display and let us choose :D

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Higher number =/= better

  • Emil Oskarsson

    2k displays are fine on a screen size of 8 inch or larger, not on a small screen under 8 inches, that is just ridiculous. 1080p will always be enough on screens under 8 inches since it is almost impossible to see the pixels already (if you don’t have your phone really really close to your eyes). So hopefully Sony won’t use a 2k display in the new Xperia z4,im hoping for a 1080p :)

  • Timel

    You said iPhone users don’t know RAM, iOS, jailbreak and etc bla bla bla Wow! Really? you know I just don’t understand why all android users are always act like they are smarter than others

    And what’s wrong if iPhone 6 has the specs of a 2012 Android flagship but can sells millions, Apple iPhone 6 deserves this succes. Don’t forget that an iPhone 6 has Apple ecosystem which is very stronger/better than Android and iOS which is very stable and can run smonthly on low specs, of course an iPhone 6 has lower specs than all android flagships but it still has much better performance and better user experience, at least its camera, the camera of iPhone 6 is much better than Z3 for example and Apple is also best in after service and products warranty, the whole word with the same standard.

    Apple really deserves this successful

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  • A.o.D

    Off Topic: Sony ranked 4th in top 10 smartwatch manufacturers in 2014. Above lenovo and lg. Not bad I guess :)

  • Ravi _111

    1080p is the sweet spot, battery longevity and device performance is important.

  • crackinthewall

    There’s a big difference between the Xperia S and the Xperia T. The Xperia S was rushed to the market with an outdated Snapdragon S3 and there was no point in releasing it that early (January 2012). In two months time, HTC released the HTC One S which had the Snapdragon S4 processor. The Snapdragon S4 was also competitive with the Tegra 3 and the first quadcore Exynos despite being just a dualcore SoC.

  • crackinthewall

    Unless the One M9’s screen has a clear advantage over the SAMOLED screen in the S6, that is understandable. The G3 had the first 2K screen on a phone and yet the 1080P displays from the M8, S5, and Note 3 were still prefereable. Why? Because despite having a higher resolution, it had poor color accuracy and a dimmer display.

    The SAMOLED display on the S6? It might have a higher resolution but it is more power-efficient than the 1080P SAMOLED display in the Note 3. Not only that, it has consistently been rated as the best mobile display. Why would you paint that as a disadvantage over an adequate 1080P display on its competitor? If you’re after battery life, just look at the battery performance of the Note 4 compared to the Note 3. The Note 4 has better battery life despite the higher resolution screen.

  • Sibtain

    He means the regular iPhone user. Don’t you go saying that it can run smoothly… My iPhone 6 crashes more than my Z3. And, I have a shit ton of apps on my Z3 and a couple of apps on my iPhone. I tried turning an iPhone 6 off in an Apple Store… It glitched af and then turned back on… Better user experience….. No. I would say that Android has a better user experience and performance. Androids run so much more fluidly and smoothly as opposed to iPhones. They have more modes, or are plain simple. The camera on the iPhone 6 is no-where near the Z3, Z3C, Z2, Z1, Z1C in any way. And, you say “TouchID/Apple Pay: Revolution of the digital wallet which is very useful”… Keep dreaming.. Google Wallet has been around for ages. Besides, you’re a troll: I’ve seen you on other threads.

  • crackinthewall

    Not with the S810 it’s not. The S820 is not slated to be sampled until H2 2015 and while the S810 was sampled in Q3 2014 (as early as July), we didn’t see a working phone with it until January this year.

    If by some miracle, Qualcomm was able to stick with the planned S820 sampling, we’d be lucky to get a device out by January next year. I’d rather they not rush it less we end up in the same situation almost a year later. Hopefully Samsung offers the Exynos to Sony for the Z5 Compact just in case Qualcomm doesn’t get their act together. A waterproof smartphone with heat issue is not a good idea.

  • Joe Black

    Oh, thanks for correcting me. I honestly thought x64 stands for 64 bit cpus.

  • Sibtain

    If the Z4 needs a 2K display to “stay in competition” or “for marketing”… They should make the battery 3900mAh – Like the Droid Turbo. That phone is the best in terms of battery life, with the Z3 falling short of 800mAh. Also, they need 3GB RAM, at least, a Snapdragon 810, 2.9GHz Clock Speed, Fingerprint Sensor (some of you may say that this is not necessary, but some people want it, and Sony may need it to be in line with the top manufacturers.. Like, come on, Huawei has one!), 5MP Front Camera, 20.7MP Camera (with a 16:9 Ratio for 20.7MP Mode or Superior Auto for 20.7MP Mode), possibly 5.1 Lollipop and Adreno 420 (BLAZEIT)

  • Sibtain


  • Sibtain

    It might. Check the leaks.

  • Sibtain

    Don’t worry. It might just.

  • Joe Black

    Qualcomm said they fixed the overheating issue with 810, and while I’m not inclined to believe them due to the whole M9 benchmark thing, I don’t see why not believe that the problem was indeed with the early software release.

    However, I think you can’t really fix the phone heating problem (on the outside) with Zs past some particular point, since they are made with materials that have extraordinary heat dissipation, as opposed to cheaper materials like plastic.

    Still, will be exciting to see what Sonys next step will be.

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  • With my Xperia T I said that 1080p is stupid on a phone and a waste of battery life. Then I got my Z3 with a 1080p display and discovered that I was very wrong. I won’t make the same mistake again: If they can keep (or even increase!) battery life while running a 1440p display, I support them!

    4K on your cellphone, anyone? :-)

  • Thanks for sharing that @nfs2010:disqus!

  • Geese Howard

    I am fine with 1080p. Our era now, 1440p isn’t going to go good with phones… and there is the battery life we have to take into account too. Most of the smart phones nowadays aren’t so smart with the battery life because our ‘smart phone’ has to run almost 24/7 with all sorts of apps that consume a lot of energy… so while it may sound like a wow factor to have a higher resolution, I don’t think it’s a smart move to implement that now.

  • George

    i prefer 1080p and 3200 mah battery but if they put 1080p screen on Z4 they will be behind SAMSUNG LG and other chinese brands

  • Mee Go

    W ko?cu.

  • mountain

    Put it this way. As long as the battery life remains the same as Z3, I do welcome a 2k display very much.

  • Rifat Göktas

    Well just to remind all of you, Sony already reached its third generation in terms of smartwatches. All the other manufacturers are not as long active as Sony. They should at least perform better than fitbit…

  • Solaire of Astora

    Quality > Quantity
    Sony should put an LG G3 next to the new Z4 with a high-quality 120hz AHVA 1080p display. I bet everyone would buy the Sony afterwards.

  • fg

    I’d rather they start using OLED RGB panels than up the resolution…

  • Jake Lew

    iphone battery life was bad .

  • Snorky112

    they do perform better, they just dont market as much

  • roeshak

    The camera of an iPhone 6 is only better to the noob user. I think that’s the point he was making. The iPhone is a good choice for very simple basic users.
    You sorta proved his point with that statement!

  • Paul Lam

    No problem with a 1440p display if the battery capacity and efficiency are good.

    Also, I hope that Sony’s preinstalled stock apps are optimised for the higher resolution.

  • cerunnos

    You have a defective ip6 then. I’ve been a long time Android/Xperia user (X10, Acro S, Z) and while I do enjoy the flexibility and customization of Android, there are many things that Apple simply does better. The reverse is also true in other regards (Android is better than iOS in some ways too).

    However, fluidity and UI responsiveness, Android is vastly inferior to an equivalent iPhone (Z -> 5, Z1/2 -> 5S, Z3 -> 6). My friend has a Z1, my classmates have Z3s and lots of Galaxy 4/5s, and I got a iP6 (mostly due to Z3s not being out yet at the time) and other than Launcher/Notification differences (IMO the biggest difference between the two), the iPhone has relatively few flaws/glitches. With Android, there is always some sort of “lag”/”stutter”, especially if you don’t restart it after a week or so. Some games are simply not optimized very well for it as well, even with relatively powerful SoCs. Battery life is about the same, they all go down relatively fast with intense usage, none of them lasts a full day without needing a portable charger/battery. 3rd party accessories support is hands down superior on Apple products. Things like AirPlay is also much more reliable than Miracast, unfortunately the side effect of multiple vendors implementing a standard differently. I agree however, that some widgets, pro-tools (like file managers, especially for networked storage), and standards (NFC most notably) are better on Android. I don’t find SD cards as useful an item anymore after 4.4’s restrictions.

    Photography, you don’t need to edit any settings (via using another app on iOS) and you can get relatively good photos out of the 6 (and the 5S). With the Z1/Z3 (and my old Z) you need to always switch to Manual to get a shot with lower noise. I own a Sony mirrorless with some good glass so I know IQ and basics of photography. For shots where you only have a cellphone around (or due to speed), a iP6 will trump any Xperia. I haven’t had enough time to play with Galaxy phones to accurately make any judgement on them. I agree with you that you CAN make a Z3 look as good or even better than a iP6/+, but that involves time that sometimes you simply don’t have.

    Honestly, TouchID is also insanely convenient, easily my favorite feature so far. Would like to see a similar (aesthetically, and if possible, better) implementation on a Xperia. It also seems that there is a greater rollout of places supporting ApplePay vs Google Wallet. Ultimately, the length of time it has been out is null unless it is widely adopted. Ecosystem wise, I think it is about the same, but I do give a slight advantage to Android for tools such as Airdroid (vastly better more powerful than iTunes) and like I previously stated, file managers, especially if you want to quickly organize/sort/upload large amounts of photos. Though these are ultimately for power users.

  • Durg

    The leaks show just a regular micro USB from what I see

  • jokensy

    Only americans would have got the 2K display. The rest of the world would have got only the 1080p version.

  • Fadi Obaya

    People are stupid when buying samsung watches and saying that they made the first android watch.. like fuck no. Sony ericsson did it

  • skyxz

    if it uses imx 230 camera sensor, I am sold. If not, iphone, here I come.

  • skyxz

    but the base point is that power required to push that many pixels in games with high graphics will provide u a performance equivalent to a 1080p screen with s800. Get it? Now, Don’t tell me that progress

  • skyxz

    Then what exactly are you trying to say??

  • mohamed


  • mohamed

    Where Lollipop

  • roeshak

    I guess you haven’t heard of the nexus 6 and Droid Turbo then lol!

  • malav patel

    x64 is 64 bit
    x86 is 32 bit

  • Steve12321

    x86 is Intel’s 32-bit architecture, or IA32. It’s the architecture used by every domestic Windows PC up to the AMD Athlon64 or some models of the Pentium 4 and Core 2.
    x64 is short for x86_64, which is Intel’s way to talk about amd64, AMD’s 64-bit architecture designed as a superset of IA32. It’s the architecture used by domestic PCs since the Athlon64 and the newer Pentium4 and Core 2.

    Your phone runs neither of them. It runs under ARM architectures. For most current phones, that is the 32-bit ARMv7 architecture (there are STILL some 32-bit ARMv6-based phones out there, based on the ARM11 core). Newer chipsets are based on the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture, since the Apple A7 jumped the gun on 64-bit support and everybody now “needs” to be 64-bit or sound outdated.

    The performance increase from x86 to amd64 was HUGE. x86 was very old, and very restricted specially on registers, leading to the programs spending quite some time just juggling register values; amd64 fixed that, making almost any code run faster by default just by compiling to 64 bits. Some people expect the same going from ARMv7 to ARMv8; that will not happen. ARMv7 was already a very good architecture, it wasn’t register deprived and didn’t have any obvious faults that were fixed under the new arch. In short, don’t expect the new chips to be just magically faster than the old ones, and don’t expect it to get magically faster with a 64-bit OS.

  • wared

    In Smartphones am a SONY fan, but in Smartwatches am a LG fan

  • lovebmw

    Politely, I don’t care about the screen resolution, I care about speed, battery, beauty, and latest software.

  • Apple is so far from even Full HD, don’t see point in adding them. Motorola has TWO phones with 2K display already. If Sony wants to end like HTC, well, okay…

  • I bet otherwise.

  • Solaire of Astora

    Sry, I meant if the Z4 would have the 120hz AHVA.

    HQ 1080p > 1440p (under 6″)

  • Fynjy7771

    In that case by then must be invented some new battery technologies or reduced battery consumption. Of course manufacturers won’t produce gadget, that will last for 30 minutes with on screen)).

  • DBS

    Typical American comment.
    1 – The Droid Turbo is ONLY available in the US on Verizon. It’s therefore out of the picture as it’s not an international phone.

    2 – The Nexus program doesn’t sell that much. Actually the Nexus program is mainly for enthusiasts. The general consumer doesn’t even know what a Nexus is. The Nexus 6 even more so as it’s a phablet an a ton of people dislike phablets.

    Also, Motorola is completely irrelevant outside the US and even in the US it’s not that big of a deal with the market divided between Apple and Samsung. Sony on the other hand is the third biggest OEM in Europe only behind Samsung and Apple. So there you have it.

  • DBS

    Yes, really. They don’t know. And it’s not “Android users are always acting like they’re smarter”.

    It’s plain facts. You are more likely to find an Android user that knows what those things are than an Apple user that bought an iPhone for its specs.

    “an iPhone 6 has lower specs but it still has much better performance and better user experience than all android flagships”

    My Z3C begs to differ. It runs way better and for much longer than an iPhone 6. It also has a much better user experience the moment I can actually decide how I customize it and am not forced into a grid of icons that aren’t really moveable only re-arrangeable.

    ” the camera of iPhone 6, at least is much better than Z3″

    If you’re comparing them in auto-mode, yes. The Z3, however, much like the old Nokia phones, have cameras aimed at people that KNOW what they’re doing with the camera and don’t just point and shoot.

    That’s why you have a Manual mode on Sony’s camera. To actually take advantage of the camera the phone has.

    “TouchID/Apple Pay the revolution of digital wallet”

    An US-only feature that will most likely die in the US as Europe has stricter rules when it comes to banking.

    “Apple is also the best in after service and products warranty, the whole word with the same standard.”

    LOL! Apple has one of the worst customer services around the moment they REFUSE to abide by the law in Europe. Apple is constantly being brought to Court in Europe because the law here requires all OEM to provide a 2 year warranty for devices.
    Apple insists in only offering 1 year and wants to charge you for the 2nd year which is illegal.
    I think that alone qualifies them as one of the worst customer services around.

    No, Apple actually doesn’t deserve its success. It deserves to be commended for their amazing marketing and ability to brainwash people, but that’s it.
    The first iPhone was innovative. Ever since that one, though, Apple has been riding the horse of brainwash. And at that, they’re actually really good. But their products aren’t.

  • DBS

    I’m assuming you’re American.

    Motorola has 2 phones with 2K IN THE USA. The Moto Turbo is a US-only phone. Also, worth noting, Motorola is in far worse position than any of the brands you mentioned (HTC and Sony).

    Sony is the third largest OEM in Europe and second largest in Japan (or first? They keep swapping with Apple). Motorola has disappeared from markets like Europe ever since Nokia crushed them in the end of the 90’s beginning of 2000’s.
    Even in the USA, where most Motorola fans are, Motorola isn’t a relevant company, with the US market divided between Samsung and Apple.

    Sony doesn’t need 2K displays to be relevant. They just need to offer good products overall and good customer service and market the products.
    Do you think there are no studies made on this? Of course there are. Companies do their market research. And I’m ready to bet that any market research will tell you that consumers prefer a phone with great battery life than a phone with a 2K display that they can’t even notice it’s 2K.

  • M?rcis Buhholcs

    I would say 1440p on 5.2″ screen is useless. Stick to 1080p and it’s good for battery too. Yes, others are doing 1440p maybe but this rat race/ppi phallometria leads nowhere.
    And if we talk gaming – how many games can take advantage of 1440p and at what cost to CPU, GPU and battery life?
    At the moment i am using Z3c which replaced my Nexus 4. I choose Z3c excatly because of the sub-5″ screen and 720p. I don’t need bigger. And i am happy some Android vendors do make good-spec sub-5″ phones.
    Also planning to replace my Nexus 7 2013 LTE with Xperia Z2 tablet – again, the same res as N7, but bigger screen (10.1″ vs 7″) plus memory card to store moves and music. I got tired of Nexus “no memory cards, in streaming we trust” aproach Google takes. Plus – Xperia Z2 has FM radio chip – i still use that.
    Which brings out another concern – how will battery of Z4 Tablet with 2k screen do?

  • Your assumption is very far from true, I’m not American at all. How does it matter, where are the phones sold? Most Sony’s aren’t being sold in the US at all… Motorola together with Lenovo are in MUCH BETTER position than Sony, so stop telling nonsense. Especially in US. And that Sony don’t need 2K display to be “relevant”? Of course they do when even Chinese companies are able to put 2K displays in their phones.

  • Sony is less “relevant” than Motorola worldwide. Eat it.

    (By sales, of course)

  • Kaostheory

    Could it sport the new jdi panel with in-cell touch?

  • DBS

    No, it’s not. Shove it.

    (Also, you’re not adding sales of Lenovo hardware to Motorola’s are you? Because it’s not exactly the same thing. Motorola is still independent inside Lenovo)

  • “The Z3, however, much like the old Nokia phones, have cameras aimed at
    people that KNOW what they’re doing with the camera and don’t just point
    and shoot.”
    You man went full retard.

  • Uhm, what should I “shove”? Motorola sold over 10 million phones in Q4 with fewer models than Sony plus they’re not being sold worldwide nor all in Europe, unlike Sony… Sony have sold cca. 12 million, out of which almost million are tablets.

  • DBS

    It matters because you can’t say “oh Motorola has this phone” and then when you look at it, it’s really an American carrier that has it.

    Motorola together with Lenovo are in much better position? How?
    Lenovo has no mobile brand power in markets outside China. Motorola has lost the brand power they had worldwide when Nokia crushed them in the 2000’s, so much that it ended up splitting the company in 2, selling the Motorola Mobility to Google who then ripped Motorola Mobility apart, kept the good stuff and sold the rest to Lenovo.
    There’s also a reason why Lenovo kept Motorola separate and in Chine Lenovo produces phones under their brand but for Western markets they use Motorola’s.

    Yes, Motorola is in a better position in the US than Sony. There’s no denying that. However, Motorola doesn’t hold 3rd place in the US market as Sony does in Europe. You may be a Moto-fan and I don’t dislike Motorola myself, but the facts are, in the global market, Sony is a much more powerful mobile brand and company than Motorola. Even with Lenovo in charge of the money.

    And again, no, Sony doesn’t need useless gimmicks like 2K displays on 5″ phones to be relevant. If they were releasing a 6″ or above phone without a 2K display, then you could point the lack of a 2K display as something bad when compared to the competition. But on 5″ phones it’s just stupid.
    The phones you have on the market with 2K displays are all above 5.5″ in case you haven’t noticed. They’re phablets, not phones.

  • DBS

    What should I “eat”?

    Motorola phones ARE sold across Europe, FYI. They’re just not relevant. Much like Sony phones are sold in the US but aren’t relevant (although that’s because Americans are used to not having to pay for their phones the prices they’re charged to us outside the US and so they only buy carrier phones).

    And fewer models? Moto E, Moto G, Moto G 4G, Moto X, Moto G 2, Moto X2, Moto Turbo, Moto Maxx…That’s 8 phones, discounting the Nexus 6.

    And that’s in a year cycle. Sony was using that stupid 6 month cycle. Of course they had more phones which spread sales across them. But I would like to know where you got the “almost million are tablets”.

  • gini

    Please usb type C (3.0 or 3.1) !!!

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  • Amel_Marie

    It has been 5 days since their Lollipop roll out and my D6653 still haven’t received it yet.

  • Guest

    The note line consistently outdoes iPhone in every comparison. The 8mp sensor is getting long in the tooth. The reason Apple sticks with it is higher mp will create lag. I’ve seen a lot of lag in many iPhones, one friend constantly shakes her phone to get it from portrait to landscape. The trick is with iPhones is they either avoid things like resolution and mp that will affect the phone or they slow things down so you don’t see the lag. Android runs at full speed so if there’s a glitch you see it.

  • Man, if you don’t know how to write “show” properly, stop trying to have a laugh at common idiom. I’ve never said Motorola phones are not being sold in Europe, just that they are not being sold ALL OVER EUROPE, which is certainly true. You can officially buy them just in few countries in Europe, unlike Sony phones. Are you SERIOUSLY counting those models which are meant just for US market, while a moment ago you have said that THEY DO NOT COUNT? Do not be stupid, man.

  • DBS

    Perhaps you should learn English before commenting on common idioms…
    “shove it”

    As for the rest of your comment, I advise you to re-read what I’ve written priorly. I don’t like to repeat myself because people don’t understand English.

  • Kaostheory

    There’s a lot of lag in iPhones. The difference is that it’s more subtle. It either runs slower or pauses longer. My friend shakes her iPhone to get it to switch from portrait to landscape. Apple also avoids improvements that will slow down the phone like a higher mp camera or higher resolution. It also omits things that the “general” buyer doesn’t notice, like dnla, fm, etc. As for tap to pay (there’s way more than Pay/Wallet) I’ve been using it in Canada for over a year (rollout 2013) and there’s absolutely no option for any iPhone. And as for the camera the Galaxy line has consistently outdone the iPhone in every online comparison.

  • “There’s also a reason why Lenovo kept Motorola separate and in Chine
    Lenovo produces phones under their brand but for Western markets they
    use Motorola’s.”
    What a fucking bullshit, not true by any means.
    “However, Motorola doesn’t hold 3rd place in the US market as Sony does in Europe.”
    Sony don’t either. It’s Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and then Sony.
    “And again, no, Sony doesn’t need useless gimmicks like 2K displays on 5″ phones to be relevant.”
    They do, because at the moment, they are not relevant.
    “You may be a Moto-fan and I don’t dislike Motorola myself, but the facts
    are, in the global market, Sony is a much more powerful mobile brand
    and company than Motorola. Even with Lenovo in charge of the money.”
    Another bullshit. Motorola have raised by 118 percent last year, while Sony are holding their sales +- the same. Which, as you could guess by raising smartphones sales, isn’t enough.
    “They’re phablets, not phones.”
    And you’re an animal, not human. (By your logic)

  • Well, you’re right, I didn’t think you would be using slang or informal phrases on xperiablog, my bad. As for the rest, I am reading it exactly how it is written and I do understand it very well.

  • DBS

    “What a fucking bullshit, not true by any means.”

    There aren’t Lenovo phones being sold outside China. They barelly sell any Motorola branded phones in China. I defy you to show proof of the contrary.

    “Sony don’t either. It’s Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and then Sony.”

    Unless you’re in 2009, wrong.

    First Microsoft doesn’t have any foothold in Europe on mobile under their own brand. And the phones they control in Europe – the Nokia branded ones – are in 5th place. Nokia fell in 2009 from first place and they kept falling after going with Windows Phone instead of Android. LG is ahead of Microsoft/Nokia in Europe already, only behind Sony, Samsung and Apple.

    “They do, because at the moment, they are not relevant.”

    No they don’t, yes they are.

    “Another bullshit. Motorola have raised by 118 percent last year, while Sony are holding their sales +- the same. Which, as you could guess by raising smartphones sales, isn’t enough.”

    Raising 118% from nothing means nothing. That’s the same arguments WP fans use to say that WP isn’t doomed. “Oh look, we grew by more than 100% last year”. Yeah, sure. When you’re at 1/2%, growing to 2.5%/3.5% is already growing over 100%.

    Yes, they (Sony) aren’t increasing their sales. And that’s a known problem. Which is why they’re restructuring. It’s also hard to grow on sales when the message you pass to consumers is “that 600€ phone you just bought will be “obsolete” in 6 months and after a year you’ll have to wait an eternity for us to update it for you”.
    Another thing: 2014 was an exceptionally hard year for any Android OEM because of Apple. The iPhone 6 and 6+ finally saw their screens upped, something iPhone users had been demanding for ages and not upgrading because of that. Apple addressed that and so a ton of iPhone users finally upgraded from their iPhone 4’s and 4S’s.

    Phablets are a niche market within the phone market. Like Humans are a part within the animal kingdom. The difference is that unlike humans which are the dominant animal, phablets aren’t dominant in the phone market, on the contrary.

  • Well, Sony themselves have said that tablets provide cca 5 % of Sony Mobile’s sales. It they sold 11,9 million products in Q4, I assume like 600 thousand are actually tablets. Although I haven’t checked they’re financial results that much in detail, so I don’t know if they present results as “Sony Mobile” or divided to actual type of device.

  • Nawi

    Original Xperia Z is included in “starting in around two weeks time” =)

    Sony Z Android 5.0 Awaiting software, expected late April

  • “There aren’t Lenovo phones being sold outside China. They barelly sell
    any Motorola branded phones in China. I defy you to show proof of the

    Here you go:

    “Unless you’re in 2009, wrong.”

    Talking about phones, I’m not. Talking about smartphones, then that’s right.

    First Microsoft doesn’t have any foothold in Europe on mobile under their own brand.

    That’s obviously not true, Lumia’s have nothing to do with Nokia anymore, they have no rights to use it.

    “Raising 118% from nothing means nothing. That’s the same arguments WP
    fans use to say that WP isn’t doomed. “Oh look, we grew by more than
    100% last year”. Yeah, sure. When you’re at 1/2%, growing to 2.5%/3.5%
    is already growing over 100%.”

    They have catched Sony already, don’t be so arrogant and naive…

    “The difference is that unlike humans which are the dominant animal,
    phablets aren’t dominant in the phone market, on the contrary.”

    Well, if every and each 5,5″+ smart is “phablet” for you, then they definitely take at least 1/3 of all sales.

    I see we have very different look at what could help Sony to get back from deep. Of course they can take the way of HTC and provide the same for 3 years in a row, just like a new copy. Truth is, if Sony don’t provide anything new (not only) to their customers, they will have no reason to buy the new Z4 whatsoever. Not only those who own Z3, but also Z2, Z1, maybe with Z it gives some sense. And if all other main competitors, i.e. Samsung, LG and probably Huawei, maybe even Xiaomi or Lenovo can make a phone with 2K resolution, people will have a reason to switch. Going for Z4? Nah.

  • DBS

    I asked you for proof of them being sold, not for an article saying that “oh they will…”.

    But since you brought up that article and regarding your comment on Lenovo not using their brand in Europe…
    From that very same article: “”In the west, our intention is to build on what already has been done by Motorola. Motorola is present now in a number of European markets — in the UK, in Germany, in France, in Italy, in Spain — and so we would rather accelerate what Motorola has done rather than stop and do it with the Lenovo brand. ”

    “Talking about phones, I’m not. Talking about smartphones, then that’s right.”

    Last time I checked, neither Sony nor Motorola, nor Apple have any dumbphones. Obviously we’re talking about smartphones. You just shot yourself in the foot.

    “That’s obviously not true, Lumia’s have nothing to do with Nokia anymore, they have no rights to use it.”

    All Nokia Lumia phones are Nokia’s, not Microsoft. Microsoft is responsible for the legal obligations that Nokia as an OEM had towards those phones, but the Nokia Lumia phones didn’t stop being Nokia’s because of the deal.

    Only “Microsoft Lumia” phones belong to Microsoft.

    Nokia doesn’t own the “Lumia” name anymore, but that didn’t turn “Nokia Lumia” phones into “Microsoft” phones.

    Also, most of the phones being sold in Europe that give that 5th place to Microsoft are being sold under the Nokia brand. Not Microsoft’s. And many of them are dumbphones, not smartphones.

    Only when there are no more Nokia branded Lumias being sold will you be able to evaluate Microsoft’s foothold in Europe when it comes to smartphones. But judging by what’s happened so far, I think you’ll be looking for them in the “Others” category, as WP marketshare has dropped from around 4% to 2.7% ever since Nokia left the scene.

    “They have catched Sony already, don’t be so arrogant and naive…”

    No, they haven’t. You really seem to hate numbers…

    “Well, if every and each 5,5″+ smart is “phablet” for you, then they definitely take at least 1/3 of all sales.”

    It’s not “for me”. That’s the convention. Officially, “phablet” doesn’t even exist. But it has been conventioned that any phone above 5.5″ is considered a “phablet”.
    If I was the one deciding what is or isn’t a phablet, I’d put that number at 5″. And define a “phablet” as “any smartphone that you’re not able to comfortably and safely manage with just ONE hand”.

    Indeed we have.
    And we shall see which path the new leadership of Sony Mobile takes. So far they’ve been pretty adamant with their new philosophy: don’t release a phone just for the specs. Release a phone only when you have something truly good to offer.

    2K displays on 5.2″ phones, to me, falls into the category of “releasing a phone just for the specs”. There’s no real advantage to the consumer in it. None. On the contrary, it sacrifices more important things like battery life. As such, I don’t expect Sony to follow that path.
    We shall see.

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  • crazychef83

    I would like to know if we are going to see an Xperia Z ultra successor?

  • Utsav Shah

    This is ridiculous! How many laptops do you even see with 2K display?
    Technology moves forward but it’s not in the right direction all the time.

  • LaosPerson

    Look it up, the Droid Turbo is not a US only phone, it is sold in other countries called Moto Maxx…. aka xt1225

  • solano89

    I just want to see the Z4 at it’s best and also at a good price!

  • Timel

    “That’s why you have a Manual mode on Sony’s camera. To actually take advantage of the camera the phone has”

    Who cares Manual mode
    People expect the greatest auto mode from smartphone
    Common this is the new era, the smartphone era don’t you get it? “SMARTphone” everything gotta be smart, efficient and easy to use.

  • DBS

    I’m aware of the Moto Maxx. It’s, however, an exclusive for certain Latin America markets. Again, not an international phone.

  • Battal Aljadei

    When come to screen-to-body ratio, Sony Xperia ZL is the winner .
    Even LG-G3 couldn’t reach Xperia ZL on that part,
    LG-G3: (75.3%)
    XP-ZL: (75.6%)

    But Sony’s a stupid to leave that kind of feature to others companies like LG and Sharp,
    As it did by leaving Xperia Active for samsung !
    and maybe soon we will witness a new company with smartphone has a feature like walkman :

  • Paolo Malgarise

    I prefer it with fullhd and snapdragon 805…810 is too hot :)

  • LiterofCola

    The hell are you smokin’

  • Kaostheory


  • Kaostheory

    Please be something better. Type C is a fail. Too bulky for the future, will probably be the most short lived cable tech.

  • If Sony can do 1440p with better usability when it comes to time before need to change and performance than their current generation manages then I say go for it.

    I would love higher resolution but not at the price of usability. I’d rather have an increase in battery than in resolution.

    Most of all I’d love to have a screen that can be set to display colors correctly (srgb) so I can do basic photoediting on the device.

  • Quark Gluon

    Just like I said earlier, I think there will be significant price difference between 1080p and 1440p version of the Z4.

  • Amsakanna


  • Kentkentkent

    I live in Norway, there is no Motorola phones in the stores here, but there is plenty of sony phones

  • Which proves my point.

  • Iki

    The z3 has a camera aimed at people who know how to use it.
    Any photografer who use a DSLR knows that you get better photos when changing settings…

  • elpollillo

    so basically, x32 or x64 its just a tag, right?

  • Fuad Jalil

    No, you are just a miserable dolt with low self esteem and comprehension issues
    who thinks it’s cool to abuse others but when they retaliate, you start whining
    instantly. Not that being able to read/write English is somehow the touchstone
    for anything, but if anyone needs schooling, it’s you.

    “I didn’t think you would be using slang or informal phrases on
    xperiablog, my bad….”. You see the irony? You wrapped your own friggin
    statement with an idiom, not something that’s really formal. So unless you have
    been living under the rock for the past 20 years, that didn’t make much sense
    to me. The point is not slang or idioms, the meaning of the word itself, shove.
    Shove is a proper English word and you assumed he meant show. So again you

    Grow the f up before you end up being a miserably vulgar narcissist and a
    horribly atrocious cold hearted plague upon humanity

  • azzido

    can Sony please add notification LED from Z2 to Z4 please?
    It is much better than this “dot” from Z3 :( also would like to see 5,5 inch screen and curved lens.

  • azzido

    I am 100% fine with 1080p display and do not want 2K.
    I rather care about battery life, performance and cpu cooling.
    Give us better colors, black and white levels, oleophobic solution instead of higher re(s/v)olution.

  • Guest

    ??Make over 13k/M0NTH@af4:

    Going Here you
    Can Find Out,,,

    ??? ::>>

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  • Adam join my blog too :-)

  • disqus_h2UBOMTq8F

    I’m sure that’s why people who bought the g3 bought it because of the screen and you don’t see many of them on the streets. But it’s still a very successful phone.

  • disqus_h2UBOMTq8F

    No it doesn’t

  • disqus_h2UBOMTq8F

    If you’re complaining about having to adjust settings on a phone camera then god help you when you touch a dslr

  • Steve12321

    No. x32 isn’t used anywhere. x86 is the official name for Intel’s 32-bit architecture. x64 is Microsoft’s way of calling AMD’s 64-bit architecture. Those are well-defined terms, refering to very well defined logical and physical designs. They are as much of “just a tag” as “phone” or “TV”.

  • cerunnos

    I have a DSLR/Mirrorless with good lens as well. However, a cell phone is for situations when you don’t have one with you. Also, when you don’t really care fidgeting with settings, or you know for times where speed is crucial. A dedicated camera is also much easier and faster to adjust than the touch menu systems on a phone. I use my phone when I simply want something usable on FB or to send quickly to friends. Why do I need to fidget with the settings when comparable phones in price and spec/size wise can do the same in Auto?

  • cerunnos

    I know what you mean, but the iPhone generally has superior UI responsiveness versus Androids. The iPhone has a short threshold before it switches orientation to prevent some unwanted rotations (I turn off auto rotation on both my iP and Androids). Higher MP camera is worthless when it doesn’t take better photos (lower noise, good detail/color replication).

    DLNA is replicated by Apple’s own iTunes sharing. Similarly, Airplay vs Miracast (which is a large mess unfortunately). FM use is pretty limited IMO, I have never used it on any of my Androids. As for NFC payment, I know what you mean. I’m in Japan and there are machines that accept Pasmo/Suica (dedicated cards) everywhere in addition to “NFC” readers for membership information via stores themselves that were integrated in older phones (pre-smartphones).

    I don’t care about other Androids as much as I like Xperias’ hardware design over the Galaxys’ styling. However, there are multiple comparisons that swing between a similar generation Galaxy versus the iP (it’s a tossup).

  • Kaostheory

    It comes down to preference, speed vs smoothness. Ios still has a lead in apps but with emulators I have more games than I can play. With dnla I can access all my media from my Windows pc and stream to my tv/stereo without paying for Apple TV. The higher mp note series beats iPhone and most reviews back up the fact that it’s the lower mp count that is the problem with the new iPhone. I work by myself so I listen to fm all day (can’t be done via Internet because of battery drain, data consumption and reception) and with noise canceling built-in I can still listen to music while operating tools and it doubles as hearing protection. Oh and enjoying ps4 remote play!

  • Mathias Cronqvist


  • Sibtain

    I don’t have a ‘defective’ iPhone 6. I just don’t find the iPhone as ‘feature-packed’ as the normal Androids.

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