Xperia Lollipop firmware certified on PTCRB for Xperia Z2 and Z3 series

by XB on 25th March 2015

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Xperia Z2_D6502_23.1.A.0.690Sony Mobile commenced the rollout of Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for the Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 series of devices early last week. However, the updates were only live for the Nordics and Baltic regions (at least for the generic firmware).

Move forward one week and we have still not seen any other regions receive Lollipop, apart from the above. Also, only some variants of the Xperia Z2/Z3 series have seen the update and this has not changed over the last week. Popular variants that haven’t been updated so far include the HSPA+ variant of the Xperia Z2 (D6502) and the Xperia Z3 Dual (D6633).

Well the PTCRB has certified the Xperia Lollipop update for a number of variants with build number 23.1.A.0.690. This includes the Xperia Z2 (D6502, D6503), Xperia Z2 Tablet (SGP521), Xperia Z3 (D6603, D6653), Xperia Z3 Compact (D5803, D5833) and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact (SGP621, SGP641). Hopefully, this signifies a much wider rollout will commence shortly. We’ll keep you posted as and when updates to other regions/variants commence.

Xperia Z2_D6502_23.1.A.0.690

Thanks Maikel, Martin, opmaco, Sandro and Soheil!!

  • Ricardo Ca


  • bzhzhJjsbzbz

    now z1 and z and youre done with the promises. other series i dont know but you didnt promise them anything so no pressure.

  • bilomar

    Maybe Monday? Hope it’s for Germany too.

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Too slow XperiaBlog! We knew this from 18th March. Some guy had posted it in comments but you were missed it anyway! Anyways better late than never!

  • ash

    No but it was not certified earlier however released.

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    It was certified earlier! Check the certification date. Its 17th March

  • Abdul Ghani

    well thank god i didnt flash my xperia z2 i am reading that there are bugs in te firmware in support forms that xreality and vivid mode does not work and many more

  • Matea1905

    And Croatia too :P

  • aryan1357

    will this certification means to india as well or it takes another week or two??

  • Camilo Uribe

    I haven’t had any bugs since I flash my Z2.

  • Aimen

    Waiting Lolipop for Xperia z1 :(

  • Aimen

    z1 ??

  • Messup7592

    Looks like we have to wait again :-/

  • sara khan

    Im A EE UK User using Z2 D6503 not had any updaye of lollipop 5.0

  • roeshak

    Yes the software they released last week isn’t finished. Some Sony features don’t work while others are missing.
    So what happens to those regions where the first update was rolled out. If Sony rolls a more complete version say next week, would those early adopters be prompted to redownload? One wonders

  • Kravtiger

    Yawn!!! Given up getting excited over lollipop. Will carry on with my flawless z3 with kitkat.

  • gotzilasftw .

    Yes so bad.. Sony xperia z1c here

  • Qays Muhammad

    The PTCRB website was not updated at that time. The March 17th date relates to the firmware being available. Anyone that checked PTCRB for those devices over the weekend would have seen that only one version of the handset Xperia Z2 D6503 had been certified and the others were not.

  • Sachin Gautam

    What the fuck, what about Z1

  • Sachin Gautam

    Yeah they ruined the excitement

  • Anel Mustafoski

    Cool we’re getting closer to our xperia Z

  • Ritwij

    Usually it takes around 1-2 weeks after the certification

  • Ritwij

    It is the same firmware which is certified. Same version is going global. No ‘more complete version’

  • gotzilasftw .

    What about xperia z1 compact ;

  • Djones109622

    If you got your phone via EE you’re going to have to wait until they release it. But they are probably too busy being bought by BT

  • sasadroid

    Xperia Z1. 4 april..

  • ash

    But it was not showing in their website

  • sara khan

    @djones109622 EE are still a brand not gone i spoke to EE so they stated software will arrive onceSONY RELEASE IT

  • Andreescu Daniel

    I’ve flashed on my z2 the baltic firmware and works great, really like it but i miss the close all apps button

  • kole?77
  • kole?77
  • Ritwij
  • bill z1c

    Thanks mates

  • kole?77

    1-2 weeks yet :)

  • Messup7592

    What a good news

  • lasttodie

    Hi,in Norway we are “lucky” who got the Lollipop last week OR.???? Let me tell you how my friends Z3 is after the update : IT IS F@%# UP!!!! The list goes like this: 1. Extreme lagging. 2. Battery drains fast. takes longer to get fully charged. 4. Phone can’t recognize memory card. 5. Wery slow on the web
    So if you choose to update I hope it goes better for you guys, but you have been warned

  • Delyan Mihov

    I hope Z Ultra gets certified in the next 3-4 weeks. I just want lollipop so I can move apps to the sd card, but more of that I want a stable, fast and bug-free phone. Fingers crossed.

  • Omeed Heydari

    almost 10 days and No Lollipop for even all Z3 and Z2s, even not in all region,
    So we sony users hope we got lollipop in these 2 weeks?
    I hope we got 14.5.A.0.242 April for ZUltra!

  • Kima
  • bzhzhJjsbzbz


  • Ibrahem Salah

    What about z1 ?

  • ZXcorr

    Waiting for D5833…

  • kole?77
  • Kiwison

    sooo your first impressions are not good and you don’t suggest it :( I waited so long for this update :(

  • HR

    On the Z3C the animations are a lot less fluid then on my Nexus 4. Especially apparent when looking at the open/close app sliding animation, or scrolling in the recent menu. I hope they fix it. It’s a little bit awkward that my old phone performs better than the new.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    I have bugs I flashed a prerooted zip I had a wifi tethering issue but there was a fix which I used also stamina mode does not work and there is a close all apps button but it needs pushing to the system it had been mentioned a few days aago on here

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    2 weeks maybe 3 or 4 days

  • Xyor

    Z Ultra already got certified. all models including C6806,33, 43 and 02

  • Guest

    Z Ultra gets lollipop certified too.

  • Delyan Mihov

    Just before few seconds I saw it too

  • Xyor


  • kawawangpinas101

    Z ultra has lollipop update now?

  • kevlo

    Z has no update certified

  • kawawangpinas101

    When we can update it then?

  • Xyor

    I don’t know

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  • als909

    What about D6633??

  • 2zlh2zlhpdk

    Z1 compact ???????

  • Sarfaraz Shaikh

    Plz don’t announce any update sony when u can’t delivered it at the given time … I have z3 the latest of ur flagships but still have to wait for how long only you guys know….. When u have it deliver it…. India

  • Ravi _111

    Can you deliver next 1 year in india

  • zatchu

    I just want a good stable 5.0.2 ! Let’s get it done.

  • Marcin Blaszkiewicz

    Thats werid because Z2 gets cert before Z3 O.o

  • khem ban
    Watch I have got it…

  • khem ban
  • Amel_Marie

    Did you use flash or wifi update?

  • nick

    Yes yes we know u hav flashed …ftf..

  • khem ban

    Didnyflashed it

  • khem ban


  • Amel_Marie

    Pc companion?

  • Steve

    Nothing for dual :-(

  • mukul verma

    yep u had flashed, indian model is d5833 not d5803, either u had flashed d5803 verison or u had imported d5803 model.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    don’t be sad, buddy. Sony will not forget you, but realistically, right now i would suggest you unlock bootloader and get some AOSP 5.0 goodies. Don’t forget to backup TA though.

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    you shouldn’t wait that long. I am sure workable FTF files should be avaliable earlier

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    ????????, but next time please use english

  • Emil Oskarsson

    It will come, have patient, I am looking forward to a bug free update for my now ageing device :D

  • sanamal

    When can i update my z2 in uae

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    Anyone got it via pc campanion ?

  • subbu

    Hello xperiablog, on the same day( mar 17 2015) even xperia z2 d6503 is also certified and it has began the rollout more than a week ago. but xperia z2 d6502 has not seen the rollout till now. Please let us know about the d6502 lollipop rollout.

  • Zidhin Mohd

    D6502 was certified on that day itself

  • khem ban
  • khem ban

    Importedd model

  • khem ban


  • Kristijan Kaši?

    If it’s certified on March 17. it shuld come to our devices in a few days! I hope so…

  • Kristijan Kaši?

    Nothing so far…at least in Croatia…

  • echomrg

    Z3C sold in italy are the D5803 model.
    maybe now we can hope the have our phone updated to lollipop too! :)

  • Joseph

    The update for the z2 has been pretty good but the x-reality and super vivid mode Sony kinda left out the files to keep those working…..oops!

  • Joseph

    Ya that’s the only thing I miss….and I never noticed the x-reality or the super vivid mode until I was reading it on the xda-forums. That’s the only thing but they did fix so many things so ya overall I couldn’t switch back to 4.4.4

  • Alex Yuen

    How about Z2L?

  • W. Jurewicz

    If we look at the latest 4.4.4 release (23.0.1.A.0.167). Sony took 4 weeks to release (but again, not to all countries).

  • RAK

    im going to root mine if this is true , Sony can keep their lag skin and shove it up their Xperias

  • George

    stop trolling

  • zzz44

    Where did you get that picture… From first photo?

  • Kaostheory

    S5 in Canada resumes 5.0 rollout after delaying from numerous bugs, no sign of .2. Gladly waiting for 5.0.2 from Sony. Definitely the best!

  • W. Jurewicz

    (Sigh) Now waiting for version 5.1…

  • khem ban

    I captured screen shot from mi phone itself

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Google has already fixed numerous bugs in 5.1 If the number of bugs in lollipop are holding sony back for the rollout then sony should proceed with 5.1 We have already waited so far, we can wait for another quarter for sure.

  • Garlicbadger

    EE are always rubbish with updates, the HTC One users waited 6 months after everyone else to get KitKat…

  • sara khan

    My sister has HTC ONE M8 Her 5.0 Lollipop update came in January 2015

  • zzz44

    Nono :) the screen picture… From your phone .. The blue one..

  • Guest

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  • Wrestler Kishore Cena

    Rolling out in Europe now to be Roll in Us soon.check out below

  • Sai Indraneel Naidu

    update date in india

  • naeemh123

    5.1 or 5.0.2?

  • harish g

    Still no sign of lollipop in India

  • Aiden7

    i keep checking the version this few day
    when i checking this morning,it become N/A for some region
    what does mean N/A?
    **sorry for my bad english**

  • Willy Lin

    Me too..
    Maybe they’re preparing it for those regions.

  • Aiden7

    but i check again just now,it returning to normal
    just wish they really preparing,can’t wait

  • Willy Lin

    Hope so..

  • Kristijan Kaši?

    Ok, it says T-Mobile in Croatia! That’s good, for me :D

  • Aiden7

    stilllllllll waiting here

  • aryan1357

    whats going on with sony no lollipop for z3 and z2 since two weeks

  • Guest

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  • Kristijan Kaši?

    The are fu****g with us!

  • Kristijan Kaši?

    I’m also still waiting, but we’re on the list! :D

  • subbu

    The given two weeks of time will be completed by today. N we dont see any rollouts in india. Where is our lollipop?

  • JayJay

    It means “not applicable/available” as far as I know…

  • sharath kamath

    Guess its high time Sony comes up with a press release. I can wait for more weeks for Lollipop, but i need a firm date. This delay is really costing Sony a lot.

  • Kristijan Kaši?
  • echomrg

    just got the update notification for my z3c in italy.
    downloading now.

  • Nasos Vasiliadis

    Wait..For XPERIA Z3 right?

  • echomrg

    XPERIA Z3 Compact (D5803 model)

  • Nasos Vasiliadis

    Waiting for XPERIA Z2… ^_^

  • brick

    Also got it for no brand phone in Italy, Xperia z3.

  • Andrea

    Yesterday started rollout for Z3 Lollipop in Italy ..630 MB for Lollipop..updated

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    No one got it for z2 ?

  • sharath kamath

    Next week. So maybe on Monday/tuesday onwards we can see FTF getting uploaded :)

  • Nasos Vasiliadis

    Patiently waiting still…

  • Amel_Marie

    Still got no lollipop for z3 here in Malaysia

  • Marcel Certain


  • ???? ????? ???? ???

    Sony confirm release lolliop for Xpreria Z series?
    my Z2a(D6563) can get un..pdate?

  • DrCuello

    Just got the update at Dominican Republic….

  • apolloa

    Still nothing here in the UK. Nada, zip…. my Nexus 5 is updating to 5.1 though which is good.

  • Govindaraj Meena

    Still no update in India maybe 2016

  • Kristijan Kaši?

    Ok Sony, if your Lollipop update for Xperia Z2 is our gift Easter gift, I forgive you!

  • Anderson Alves

    new firmware certified for z3 Dual D6633, keep calm users, lollipop is Coming!!!

  • W. Jurewicz

    The computer update is available as of this morning in Ottawa, Canada (D6503)

  • Radek Holý

    Yesterday I receive Lollipop to my Xperia Z2 (Czech Rep.) Supeeeer.

  • Adrian

    Hello guys! I have Sony Xperia Z2. I want to know if I will be prompted to install android 5.0 if i did not install 4.4.4 and now i have android 4.4.2???

  • reza

    Hi, I’m from the country, because I do not have to update z 2 d 6502 model?

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