T-Mobile US halts sales of the Xperia Z3

by XB on 6th April 2015

in Xperia Z3 series

Xperia-Z3-T-MobileOver the last few days, readers have got in touch wondering about the availability of the Xperia Z3 (D6616) on T-Mobile US after it disappeared from the site. At the beginning we weren’t sure if it was a website glitch, but now T-Mobile has confirmed that it is no longer selling the Xperia Z3.

The timing seems strange given how well Sony is claiming the handset is selling.  Or could it be that a new flagship will shortly be on the horizon? Either way stopping sales like this appears to be a bit abrupt, especially as it is likely to be at least another couple of months before the Xperia Z4 is on sale.

Thanks difwwh, Luis and Taurean!

  • roeshak

    Has nothing to do with a new flagship on the horizon. Forget about Sony’s claims. T mobile have done this most pprobably because of poor sales!

  • P9

    xperia Z4 should could be more great sell if SONY just don’t make it T-mobile limited only. gogogo Sony.

    sorry for bad eng.

  • GigaSPX

    I hope Verizon doesn’t do the same. People need to know Sony makes top quality handsets and it’s the best people could have. I certainly know it since I’ve enjoyed my Z3v.

  • who cares?

    who cares?!! where is lollipop for the z1c!?

  • shhh

    who cares?!!

  • rus_media

    Nice decision. Should stop all Sony product

  • ryq24

    I bet it’s because it’s too expensive that’s why no one buying it forcing T-Mobile to remove the phone. Sony need to review their pricing policy. They are not Samsung or Apple or lg.

  • MasterYoda

    As the Z3 had a lot of reviews on the Tmobile site, even more then the IPhone 6, we can assume that the sales figures are great.
    I would say someone made pressure in order to avoid competition..

  • roeshak

    That’s the whole point. Despite the attention they gave it, it just wasn’t selling. It can’t be surprising considering that there are much cheaper 801 devices on the market. The z3 needed the 805 to be competitive. It was overpriced for its class. Simple fact.

  • Geese Howard

    Poor decision. Should stop your mouth from running!

  • Hookers?!!

  • lovebmw

    You live in the James Bond world where there are people coming to get you? I assure you, lots of people had water damage as the phone is simply water proof for about month or so….

    Simply the water will go in through a crack, a slight bent, or the flab not closing well, or if you forget the phone in a hot weather in your car and you just have to kiss your glue goodbye…. And probably t mobile was like screw this.

    That’s my theory, and that the world will end soon.

  • rus_media

    Should stop read what you don’t want. Poor kid

  • cembo
  • Randy

    “more than”

  • dreamgs1

    sony should stop advertise their phones as water proof. so many problems they have to face for wrong advertisement. Through they are not water proof/ resistant. they should thing more on design, technology and camera quality etc.. than providing a water proof / resistant products which aren’t real.

    they are good at sound, some what camera quality and very good display of mobiles.
    Better to publicize them. they are good selling points than showing their mobiles can use in bath tub or during potty

  • rob

    Very few people even know or care about 801 vs. 805.

  • Geese Howard

    Can’t be helped, this awesome Xperia Blog is an open place and ‘low grade’ fanboys (ahem – you) abuse the freedom it gives by running your shit Samsung and Apple stinkin’mouth’n’breath. That is why everybody in here wears a gas mask to let you be… poor baby!

  • rus_media

    You just showed your lower graded family manners. For your info all my 3 phones are from Sony and every time they lied about their update time and I have full right to tell them what I want. And your kind of sh** came to my comment and showing which family you are come from and tacking like lower graded sh**s are totally inappropriate here.

  • Geese Howard

    Dude, get a gum! Your breath smells like Samsung and Apple! (Shakes head with disbelief) Well whatever my family is, don’t worry they’re not a Samsung or Apple that’s for sure! Adios!

  • rus_media

    Keep up keep up. Let me know what they taught you :)


    Think about what you are saying!!! A T-Mobile exclusive would have been catastrophic for Sony’s American interest! After this, you can kiss that exclusive on T-Mobile goodbye!


    I remember not so long ago people on this blog just insisting that the Z3 should be on T-Mobile or be a T-Mobile exclusive! Wow! Good call…I guess you better switch to Verizon or pay out the wazoo for an unlocked phone if you want to get any future Sony models.

  • TechGuyChris

    If you watched the NCAA right now you only see Galaxy phone and iPhone advertisements and a believe it or not a Windows Phone advertisement. Where is the xperia phone advertisement? No marketing sony.But, there are plenty of PS4 advertisements… Hmph.

  • Gitarooman

    not even Samsung or LG can have premium pricing, only Apple here in Canada. The moment any non Apple brand release something with premium pricing its guarantee instant flop

  • Raphael

    The most logical explanation is that there was a clause in their contract which entitled T-Mobile US to withdraw this model after 6 months in the case of poor sales.

  • Tech Gospel

    It wasn’t selling. Sony has HORRIBLE marketing presence in the US. Resting on their 1980’s laurels of the Walkman and TVs… Currently, Sony is focusing on the PS4… but they’re not really capitalizing on that brand to push their other lines… a simple free game with every Xperia purchase would help a lot.. or a free album (not a song, a whole album)… or $25 of free Google apps. All the reviews of Xperias here in the US are from already-Sony-fans… so no growing market there.

  • so where

    There goes timely lollipop update.

  • aseuss

    Sony needs to take Tomi Ahonen’s advice: FIRE YOUR MARKETING PEOPLE. Ahonen, a former cell phone engineer and industry analyst, has noted that the OLD Xperia Z–not to mention the newer Z3–surpasses the brand-new iPhone 6 on most features. “Sony, this should be your iPhone,” he says on his blog, noting that Sony is 2 years ahead of Apple in technology, with comparable build quality and design. Even Wall Street Journal complains about Sony’s lack of distribution and promotion. Last October, they said “Sony’s new smartphones have been getting rave reviews–too bad few have even heard of them.” Gizmodo called the Xperia Z3 “Android’s Best Kept Secret,” saying that “lack of distribution is dooming this fantastic handset.”. So, Sony, you heard it–from Wall Street Journal, gadget enthusiast site Gizmodo, and from a venerable industry analyst: Your marketing and promotion is TERRIBLE. Just get the word out that you actually make phones, and brand recognition will do the rest. You don’t need a Samsung advertising budget.

  • aseuss

    Speaking of T-Mobile, I read a customer review of the Z3 a few months ago, and the customer said that whenever he takes his Z3 out of his pocket, people say that they didn’t even know Sony made phones. That’s how bad Sony’s marketing and promotion is. Have you ever seen a Sony smartphone ad in the States? I haven’t, because they don’t run ads. No wonder they’re not even on consumers’ radar screens when they’re shopping for phones. I don’t even think it would take a huge marketing budget to get reasonable market share, because people already associate the Sony brand with good quality. Many people have fond memories using their Walkman recorders in the 80s and 90s and millions of people today have Playstations. Just getting the word out would be enough for customers to at least look them up, and then they’d probably be sold, what with the Xperia Z3’s waterproofing, 21-MP camera, Triluminous display, long battery life (85 hrs, to iPhone 6’s 55, according to Gsmarena), and great build quality. And Playstation capability, of course.

  • Arun

    Thatswhy Sony is coming up with open Micro-USB port in the Z4 series and M4 aqua. Hope It will fix Water-proofing problems.

  • Zhiyang Yu

    Sony only promotes their phones in Japan. You can see commercials and you see all the Xperias in TV dramas. Sadly the Japan market is still dominated by iPhone. Though Xperia does have some shares but definitely not comparable to iPhone.

    In China Sony has withdrawn all the Xperia sale lines in all the stores. They only sell phones online now.

  • edelac98

    My sony Z3 phone was boughth almost 2months if i have a priviledge for a refund i would rathered ask for a full money refund than to wait for their nonstop promises. They keep on posting diff. adds of how excellent their phone is but when it comes to software upgrade they are the most slowest one…100% disapointed

  • tong_its

    you just described what happened to my 6 week old z3 tablet compact. service center replaced the unit, and so my world didn’t end THEN, thank goodness. i can imagine how many bum z3 phones and tablets xperia dealers/service centers have to ship back to source.

  • hcm.

    Sorry I have nothing against you or your neighbour country, but what is wrong with North American people? or should I say, market.

    Why do consumers from US or Canada rely so heavily on carriers or advertising campaign to help in deciding which phones to get?

    Sony seems to do a lot better in Europe or Asia, but are there really that much of Xperia advertisements in comparison to Northern America?

    Sony can’t be that stupid – they know where the biggest markets are and the importance of marketing. It’s not like they don’t have the budget for marketing in North America, just look at how they have sponsored FIFA in the past or how they have advertised for PS4.

    There have to be other reasons that are pushing Sony away from focusing on US or Canada. If all people care about are iPhone and Samsung.. why bother?

  • tong_its

    i’m afraid an open micro usb port will not solve the problem. re my water-damaged z3 tab compact, service center peeps said the water didn’t get in through the port, but the GLASS SCREEN MOST PROBABLY LEAKED.

  • Gitarooman

    simply put that sony has limited resources and put all the marketing budget into the region they are strong at. EU and SE Asia. Marketing is the key to sell anything. You can release a cure to stop aging tomorrow, but if no one heard about it it won’t sell itself. Same thing where you can release a piece of crap and throw a mega marketing scheme behind it, it will at least have a chance. Like most people in marketing said, ALL customers are dumb, you pound something in their face enough you will at least get their attention. It worked for Samsung selling Galaxy phones in North America started from nothing. Their marketing spending is more than Google, microsoft and Apple combine X2 each years.

  • Adhi Suryana

    Haha, samsung fanboy reading Xperia blog? Very interesting, who teach you? Samsung marketing? or Apple?

  • dreamgs1

    Irrespective of open/close of ports, water may go inside. Assuming xperia devices are water proof / resistant , customers are buying and using it. If sony doesn’t put any water proof (like my previous xperia ZL which is neither water proof nor dust proof) , people will not make any attempt using them near liquid. But sony itself advertises and not providing enough support.

  • ????

    haha the tmobile tweet link points to a gallery of samsung, htc, and apple phones

  • rus_media

    Are you from another planet? Using Sony phones all my Android era and I’m a Samsung or Apple fan?

  • Luis Ramirez

    They only have a market in japan for asia… and Europe is not any better than north america. Sony is prioritizing certain branches and the mobile division is one of the branches that gets to suck on the tit last

  • roeshak

    Keep telling yourself that. The simple truth is even if they don’t know, when they go in store to check these devices out the store reps definitely make consumers aware of the differences.
    Another thing that I believe hampered it’s preformance commercially is that cold pale display. Whether Sony likes it or not, warmer vibrant colourful panels are more pleasing to the eye. They catch the attention of consumers. Huge downgrade going from the z2s warm colourful vibrant tones to the very cold pale bluish almost dead look of the z3.
    It’s no surprise Verizon opted for the z2s panel instead. Would be interesting to see if Verizon also pull the plug on the z3v. I think that device will do better as it’s more appealing.
    Sony got a bit too caught up in techblogs have to say about design. They’re obsessed with curved metal but I don’t think people who look to buy Sony are. Sony Z series had a bold striking look that was very masculine and I don’t think there was any pressing need to move in another direction. The two day battery life was also over played. Most people are used to charging their phones overnight. A full days heavy usage is all that’s required so to mess up the display so much to make it more power efficient was just insanely stupid.
    Vibrant colourful displays will sell you more phones than 2 day battery life promise.
    Sony’s target market should be apple and Samsung users as they dominate the market. Those users are accustomed to vibrant colours so why would they switch to something cold and pale.
    Most of the new Sony users who bought the z2 were ex apple and Samsung users while those who bought the z3 were mainly ex htc users.
    That’s what I saw at XDA. Okay it’s only a small sample but it’s indicative of the wider trend.
    There aren’t that many htc users and so Sony’s wasting its time appealing to those with curved metal.
    From the leaked image of the z4, they haven’t learnt from their errors. The same cold bluish nonsense has been used for a display again.
    Sony mobile needs to shed a lot of its executive team. They’re out of touch with the market.

  • Ram Mar

    My guess is the double-sided tape that holds the magnetic charging port failed. THAT is all that’s keeping it attached to the handset. No matter how careful you are with connecting & disconnecting the magnetic charger, it will eventually become loose, compromising the Z3’s waterproofing.
    i’ve read numerous reviews on Amazon blaming the accessories (charging docks and magnetic USB adapters/cables) when it is definitely a design flaw with the “Z” series – it’s not just a Z3 problem. Why do you think the only mention of the magnetic charging port in the T-mo Z3 documentation is on where it’s located? No explanation of use and/or of accessories. Odd, don’tcha think?

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  • lovebmw

    It has happened to my Z1, Z2, and Z3…. the sad part sony said oops you have a red dot, which mean water got in from the flange. and it did not, if you want to test your phone, open a port and blow air in it, see where the air leaks, but watch out the white/ red dot might actually become red…

    Only tmobile replaced it without questions asked…. i am sure they had enough of it.

  • Snorky112

    no it’s just a banner :/

  • tong_its

    this is new info. where does the red dot appear?

  • lovebmw

    Z1 and 2 have them next to the Sim, it should be a white small square…. If it’s red, congrats your phone is our warranty

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