Android Lollipop on Xperia – let’s hear your feedback

by XB on 1st May 2015

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LollipopWe have purposely delayed this post as we wanted to wait until a good majority of Sony Xperia owners were on Lollipop before asking for your impressions. Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware first started to roll on 16 March 2015 for the Xperia Z2/Z3 series and since then the rollout has expanded to other handsets including the Xperia Z1, Z Ultra, Z1 Compact, T2 Ultra and Xperia C3. Lollipop still awaits the older Xperia Z series, but hopefully that will start seeding in a matter of weeks.

Given that Lollipop has been out on Sony Xperia devices for over six weeks now, we wanted to ask for your thoughts on the update so far. Has it lived up to your expectations? Do you really enjoy the new look and Lollipop features? Let us know what bugs/issues you’ve had. Is battery life on par with KitKat? If you’ve downgraded, let us know why. Your experiences will be invaluable for those still waiting to upgrade.

  • Ajmal Roshan

    Still waiting for my z.

  • Z1C, no CameraAPI 2 compatibility, problems with managing of RAM, that’s all,
    Lollipop is great :3

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Lollipop + root + xposed + Sony. What else could you be asking? I’m satisfied. Battery life is better. Hope Sony will consider about enabling camera API 2 in future update.

  • BarelyBlurred

    I didn’t get it on my Z1 yet, so I don’t know…

  • Ángel

    No Lollipop for M2, no party

  • cloquazidus .

    For me, I love the UI, the xperia touch of simplicity, the speed. Even the battery, i can still get sure 2 days of battery. Overall I am satisfied Z2 Lollipop user…

  • RamaKrishna

    Lollipop on my Z3(D6653) is great but idk why,my z3 is rebooting from time to time :(
    Did a factory reset but still the problem persists :( anyone any help ?

  • Lukas

    It works good-but what i see is that i got shorter battery life (not much but still) and it was less fast than KK,but now works alright (Xperia Z1 Compact)

  • Shaun Kam

    You guys need to fix the status bar, and revert it back to black for apps who have not tinted their status bars in the code. It looks so mismatched with the themes. AND ADD CAMERA API 2.

    The battery life is also not as good as in KK. It can’t last a day on normal usage. And sometimes reboots without warning.

    But overall I like how sony has tried to keep it as stock like as possible in terms of the notifications, it looks great and I hope sony would continue this stock-like UI with their own apps such as Music and their modified stock apps.

    Using an Xperia Z1, C903 from Hong Kong.

  • HiengOng

    Good Job Sony lollipop works well on Z1. I hope silent mode back to notification quick setting and the audio volume is quite low after update. :)

  • SkyS1gn

    I flashed it 2 times with full wipe… still gettin battery draining…
    Now i even have root, using greenify, debloated the rom, exc exc. still draining battery. Shame, apart from this, the rom is stable, nice, fluid!

  • Gerg? Kerekes

    on my Z1 i love it, it’s fast, the notifications are just like amazing for me, the battery life is maybe lower, but i’m still satisfied. thanks, Sony! :)

  • Jonny Love

    Try a full reinstall via pc companion

  • Reza

    I quite satisfied with lollipop on my Z2, clean, fast, fluid and fulfilled my desire of what supposed to be but I really hope that sony would fixed this image processing on every Xperia especially the flagship.

  • Robin

    Release the lollipop update for older z series.I can’t wait anymore >_<

  • pablo

    Perfect!! Only need close all and raw

  • mia khalifa

    The big size of apps icon is so not simplify and not minimalist. It is so not Lollipop looks.

    And the quick access menu on the top of it, i wish it can be like kitkat

  • Yomi

    my experience with lollipop has been smooth but for some reason apps have stared crashing and i haven’t experienced that since i got my Z2 last year as it came out .guess it has to do with the 5.0.2 lollipop maybe when 5.1 is updated , this would stop . all in all i feel the device is faster and the UI is smoother than it was on kitkat and more responsive .The camera is definitely better as the pics are sharper now and with even more detail i say fantastic job on the path of Sony

  • Toni Junior

    Extremely below the KitKat battery

    Bug in screen unlock STANDARD

    Bluethoot dropping the connection

    Statusbar with access in the lockscreen – This can not happen

    Stamina mode working when you want, time yes time does not

    Return to center Update and not for What’s New

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Have you done a factory reset before?

  • Leon

    Loving it on Xperia Z1 Compact. Battery Life is very good, all apps run smoothly and the new UI is amazing. Sony did a very good Job!

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    It’s quite good as for me, but I want options to customize notifications on lockscreen, not ONLY Show all or Show nothing, I need an option to view notifications in status bar as on Kitkat.
    Battery behavior is better on Wifi usage significantly (8 display hours vs 7 in Kitkat), but worse on 3g for me (Z2)
    Sound become much louder in headphones, 2 volume steps higher than before , and now it’s stereo on incoming call, which makes sound richer.
    Camera focus is faster, saving photos also faster.
    Silent mode is ridiculous without blinking led, but it will be added in 5.1 as we know. Also impossible to activate silent mode while music is playing, that is bad.
    No auto-brightness button as before, only in settings, bad also.
    Impossible to activate Mobile data from lockscreen – minus for that.
    That is all I recall for now

  • Praviraaz

    Xperia Z2: Bugs with lock screen, touch effect at lock screen is continuing in home screen screen, at app screen,
    As soon as turn on the screen, Brightness is adjusting with a bright flash to normal at lock screen.

  • Fouad Mardini

    KitKat is better ,, also don’t cause battery drain like lollipop ,,, what I like about lollipop the design and the video recording is an awesome feature themes are perfectly made with beautiful colors and notifications ,, still lollipop needs a lot of bug fixing ,,, I’m using Z1 compact .

  • Simon Setyadarma

    So did I

  • sucahyo irpan

    Cool..stable..but from me personal..still need fixes.bit laggy..but overall fine by me.with battery draining what can i expect from my z ultra,i’m a

  • David Hvatov

    System equalizer doesn’t work anymore! In Kitkat equalizer worked in every app, but now it works only in walkman! Even ClearAudio+ doesn’t work now!

  • Allen Wan

    Sadly still waiting for the Lollipop update to hit my T-Mobile version of the Xperia Z3 :(

  • Jaya Sankar Yakkala

    Z1,slow :( gotta try resetting

  • Paladugu Bhavani Prasad

    The UI is not really changed that much except the notification bar but sony takes alot of time to release the update so i expect there will be more changes to the UI. The battery life is definitely gets shorter than kitkat. Except battery life there are no problems i faced till now (Z3 Compact India )

  • Abhishek Narvekar

    The equalizer needs fix nd also after after some times double tap to acces notification in lockscreen does not work…nd phone gets hot sometimes quickly..using xperia z1 !!!

  • Manoj Chowdary

    on my z ultra …i loved new UI but some SONY’s special features on z ultra are missing..all other company LOLLIPOP features are equal to sony device ..i think sony is something better than other company mobiles

  • Yomi

    update your home app since i updated mine it’s been wonderful the link

  • Toni Junior

    Went far beyond that friend, I reset and installation by flashtools.

    If you had not root, recovery and changes in the system today would be using a FW full of bugs

  • SopNaw

    Before you say “I have not yet received Lollipop :(” or “I dont have it”, have you watched the problems of others in the comments? I think, its time to wait a little bit again for that. But its cool to see that somes have it for give the impression and the stability.

  • Praju Rajkarnikar

    Well after updating my xperia z ultra, i found my speaker is not much loud that i used to found in kitkat. Battery life is decent .

  • Sadman Khan

    Everything is perfect minus the headphone profiles bug. Z3c owner here

  • f35hunter

    When I activated the utra stamina mode on my Xperia Z1 and tried to deactivate it the phone began to reboot and reboot again and again until it’s battery fully discharged
    Sony haven`t made any good major update since the kitkat
    Damn you Sony I think I well never buy sony phone again

  • I’ve had a little bit of this too, including Google apps like Maps. I thought it was possibly Play Services related since they just pushed out a big update recently so only time will tell.

    But overall I’ve been happy with the update. I think apps will still need more tweaks to be fully Lollipop compatible.

  • ??? ???????

    Please update the Baltic version of Andoid Lollipop on Xperia Z3! Beg you!

  • MobiousO

    My hard controls for SBH60 is not working in the same way when my xperia z3 got the lollipop update. Pressing and hold the volume key does not change tracks, the volume level doesn’t sync, the call button doesn’t work…I really want these controls.

  • pelka

    O yeaa.. Still no update for CE1..

  • Lapin Dubonheur

    feedback impossible as I am still awating this OS upgrade on xperia Z2 tablet. hoping that it is worth such a long wait.

  • Kerolos Samer

    I think that the new update lollipop 5.0.2 isn’t good enough…. New features had been added and they were amazing but there isn’t any solution for the high temperature of my z2 and I wish the new update 5.1 will contain the (close all) feature and many new features

  • Dipen Patra

    Sony you should update all the Z series as you promised before asking for Feedback. My XZ is still waiting, How can I give feedback.

  • Adnan Kamal

    Using Xperia Z1 Compact with Android5.0.2 Lollipop. The look & feel is great but I noticed few things that I feel Sony should take action & fast.
    1. There is a lot of lag now which was not in kitkat.
    2. The camera image quality in Auto has decreased, less details & more noice. The colour production is very nice but the image gives an artifical look.
    3. Hangs a lot & takes time to recover.
    4. The games gets closed anytime in the middle. Ex: Traffic racer, KOF 2012, Zombie highway 2.
    5. Battery is draining fast even with Stamina mode ON. & takes a lot of time to recharge.
    6. Many times the backbutton doesnt respond. need to press home, get out of the app, then restart the app & work again. This is really annoying.
    7. Mostly connects to the tv wirelessly & plays the videos but when the video ends & the next video starts, it doesnt play the video on phone or tv. It keeps on trying to connect to tv. Ultimately we have to close the app & restart again & the closure is as per point 6.
    8. Even the basic apps like dialer & contacts crash many times.
    9. Once the call is placed from the dialer, it takes long time to actually start the call.
    10. Response time for the touch of the phone is very disappointing in Lollipop.

    I feel these items are still missing for Z1C that I would’ve loved to see.
    1. 4K video recording.
    2. ability to change the system font.
    3. More themes for Xperia phone & keyboard.
    4. More options in notifications quick settings.
    5. Double tap to wake.

    I was reading a solution for my problems & came to know that if we update the phone thru PC Suite then we have to factory reset the device so that the phone is updated properly. I don’t know how much it helps but thinking of trying it. Hope it’ll help. I hope Sony responds to my concerns.

  • CopperStew

    Well, on z2 I’m very satisfied with the updated but I’m missing the silent mode that we use to have in previous updates
    On my z1, she complains about Xperia Home bugs and stops working even the home button stops working until she closes the apps from the task menu

  • Hasan Ashraf

    Awesome performance in Xperia C3
    The only issues I’m facing is front Camera, it captures a dark images in daylight, front camera quality is degraded after update. I hope Sony will fix it soon

  • blackadder_de

    Z3 Dual perfect so far, except for the SDCard integration which is totally fucked up. Do we have to wait for 5.1.1 another 3 months ?

  • Pavan Champion C

    What should we do t3 m2 and other users I m going to quit buying Sony I m not satisfied

  • János Jenei

    xperia E4 ???

  • japolis

    battery sucks

  • Victor Ling

    Very smooth and fluid, the only thing I sometimes dont like are all the colours…lollipop is way too colourful and I prefer the darker aesthetics of Sony kitkat…also, Xperia themes are NOT compatible yet with lollipop… This hopefully will be rectified soon…

  • Adrian

    I have a Z2 and I’m on last build from HK. The ROM is very stable, battery life is good, but can be better. My opinion is that audio engine is a little bit better. But we don’t have last lollipop build (5.1), we don’t have a new algorithm for camera and we don’t have RAW. Sony must update to 5.1 and solve all this problems.

  • Chris Mckechnie

    How did you get xposed on lollipop I thought it wasn’t compatible?

  • Ravi

    I’m enjoying very much of using Lollipop in my Xperia Z2. Interfaces and performances are much better.

    1. I got same battery life like Kitkat (sometimes got more than Kitkat).

    2. Camera performances are better than Kitkat.
    3. But sometimes got little bit of time to load applications.
    4. No heat problems (I think heat problem with camera app is reduced by lollipop).
    5. Not yet fixed closed all recent apps.
    6. Locker screen is good.
    7. There is no icon in notification area for Sounds(silent, vibrate). This should be added, otherwise I have to use volume button.

    Thank you Sony for the update of Lollipop. Hope you fix related problems :)

  • Barend Stapelberg

    Disappointed at no RAW support. Bluetooth secured device does not work properly. It’s worse than KitKat…

  • Luis Alejandro Orjuela

    Hi, I’m from Colombia. I apologize for my english.
    The two or three days after the upgrade (a clean one, Z1 Compact), I noted it was very smooth and don’t have any problems. But, later, the Radio FM began with bugs, it doesn’t work properly, I turn it on and the sound takes a time to start, and then, suddenly, it stops . And the performance! Oh God it’s so sad :( The launcher redraws constantly after gaming or web browsing or other activity a little “heavy”. That never happened with Kik Kat, not once. I really hope that Sony release a bug fix, as in the others.

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    It ruins wifi on my z2 tablet , wifi just keep disconnecting , second thong is that in recent app menu there is no close all feature and u cant long press the app to access app info . One last thing is that there is NO multitasking as they promised.thanks

  • aryan1357

    I’m using z2 d6502, After long press the home button google now comes up but the home button stay like this until i press it again its quit annoying and also some times this happens with back button hope this will be fixed in next update.
    Does anyone has the issue of walkman equilzer n clear audio there is no difference when its on and off

  • Jav_Ale

    Bug!!’s the same bug of another comments…the volume increase too loud, excessive treble and zero bass when i’m playing flac and then mp3, or just play anything mp3 song from zero, it’s very annoying that, another bug i’ts the reset xperia home screen when i’m navigate any program and when i want back to home screen..i’ts reseted…and last, when i’m call someone, and put the phone in my ear, it doesn’t lock that all like before of another versions of android, it just to touch the screen with my ear, it press the notifications bar…please fix that, the camera works so fine, a little sample of that

  • SonyFanBG

    Still no update for Z1C for Central Europe … :((

  • mjmdroid

    Multi tasking button sometimes takes up to 5 seconds to come up, is the only thing I hate about it and ho sometimes Bluetooth just mess up, may because of having two bt devices connected ( headset and Smartwatch 3)

  • Richie

    The UI and looks r awsum, eapecially the album art on lockscreen wen playin songs, but at times thr r lags. It takes some time to respond. Also batrery life s nt dat gud as kit kat.. Thr r also othr minor bug fixes.. Also facebook s vry slow aftr the update
    It would be good if all these r fixed in the nxt bug fix update

  • Shaktimaan

    Loving my z2 with lollipop, just the notification sound bug puts me off and I would still like to see some improvements in the camera department (Plz Sony).Overall a good update by Sony in a while :D

    Waiting for 5.1 now :p

  • Kiwison

    I’ve read all the comments before writing mine.
    As you might know I got the update pretty late but I’ve experienced none of the bugs you guys mention here. My Z3 works pretty good. I do have some requests though:

    >I think the speakers volume was higher in Kitkat

    >When the screen is lock I can no longer access
    mobile data on the notification bar which I think is very problematic.

    >Themes change almost nothing, it was one of the best features of Xperias now I feel like I’m on Touchwiz

  • serendipity1002

    My first taste of Lollipop was Cm12 on Z Ultra with many many customizability and fast updates too, features were added/bugs were fixed literally on a nightly basis. So when I locked bootloader and installed stock 5.0.2 rom, the sony’s lollipop experience felt quite underwhelming, sometimes borderline annoying to use. Still there were something you couldn’t get on custom rom, better camera software, better audio engine, and the amazingly effective Stamina/Ultra-Stamina mode. And now xposed and modules work without a glitch (so far), I can say I can get used to this for sometime to come. CM12.1 looks quite tempting now. I’m be waiting for sony’s 5.1 update to get rid of the memory leak that hasn’t been completely fixed in 5.0.2

  • SimonPieman

    Fast, can be made very close to stock android, uber reliable. Sony need to just sort out their abysmal support.

    There are loads of noise cancelling issues with the tablet z3 compact, and they aren’t supporting it..

  • serendipity1002

    It is now, Revo just published a new update for Xposed which solves the bootloop/random reboots. Prior to that, there have been unofficial fixes too

  • Soi Jun Kim

    sony z ???

  • Kevin

    I really like it. I think the battery life might be slightly better than on Kit Kat and there’s less lag on apps.
    I had to reinstall some apps, they weren’t being recognized at first but all work now.
    It’s frozen a couple of times like this morning when I was doing a search on Google Now.
    The only problem I have is that ‘Bluetooth unlock’ will not recognize my SmartBand anymore. I hope that’ll come back in a future update. I wouldn’t get any phone that’s not an Xperia.

  • para

    Would love to be able to switch between all three location settings within the quick settings pull down, rather than alternating between “off” and “high accuracy”

  • Lapin Dubonheur

    after reading all these wonderful comments, I am glad I did not have the chance to upgrade yet.

  • William Wijaya

    C3 and T2 update only rolled in few country and stopped.
    Tried to flash it and disappointed.
    they broke the important feature at lollipop.
    rear camera turn better but rear one is destroyed.
    low battery mode didn’t activated when the phone actually at “low battery” state which lead to more battery drain and dead phone at important time.

    not such a great job., looks more like a beta to me, and other user.

  • bilomar

    There is a difference, but only in Walkman. Not like in kitkat where it changed system sounds too.

  • bilomar

    There are some themes that are compatible for example the Mickey mouse theme got updated and I’ve also seen some other themes in playstore. If you search a little you’ll find some.

  • Damon Adrian

    Don’t forget boot loader+ recovery + deodex

  • Jaissal S

    I also installed the update on my Z1! I think that the phone needed a refresh at this point. I like the material design UI that Sony has created. The notifications are awesome too! Having more control over them is great. Battery level seems not that different from Kitkat. transffering apps to SD is cool too. Definitely update if you haven’t already. Gives my phone a boost of life that it needed.

  • bilomar

    And greenify

  • El_Carnicero

    By emailing their support instead of posting on a rumor site

  • Yomi

    for silent mode tap on volume and select silent first option from the left
    so you have silent ,priority then sound

  • bilomar

    Just release a bug fix and bring close all button. I still have. 690

  • Barend Stapelberg

    No RAW. Secured BT device ALWAYS disconnects and never works.
    Total fail. Back on KitKat.

  • El_Carnicero

    Using Lollipop on a Z3…

    I HATE the fact that Whatsapp notifications pop up on top of everything. Bloody annoying. No way to have the KitKat-style notification in the top task bar for swipe-down to view the notifications, etc. No quick silent mode toggle from long-pressing the power button.

    Battery life is lower.

    I might downgrade back to KitKat

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I can wait until summer, my Xperia Z runs just fine with 4.4.4 kitkat, :)

  • bilomar

    Maybe you have turned on pop ups in WhatsApp settings? I don’t have that problem at all. There is a option in WhatsApp that it shows a pop up on every screen when a message comes in.

  • Yasir Fawad

    Sony xperia z3 compact user here. My thoughts after the update.
    *the camera has been too slow specially background defocus
    *some times it would lag
    *it would become too hot, without any reason (mean in standby no games or something heavy)
    *the wifi was good before, now it won’t reach the previous speeds.
    *some bugs here and there, as i can’t change the wallpaper, directly. I have to go to album, from there it works.
    *a lot of bugs, hope sony fix them in upcoming updates.
    *like the new design
    *the priority Mode in profile

  • ??????? ????

    So far lollipop is ok, smooth and light in my Z1 but xperia home become laggy especially in app folder and when i turn back to the main home, lags!! Anyone here could help me to get these issues away?

  • i hate lollipop it’s so ugly

  • Ts-Club-2010

    Have a Z1 but still no update here in the Netherlands and it’s almost 3 weeks. Why you do this to me :(

  • Gaurav Sharma

    I am an Z3 User,rolled back to Kitkat due to following reasons:

    # lollipop update ruined sound quality of both speakers,not upto the mark as it was in Kitkat,top speaker has low sound as compared to bottom speaker – need to fix it,as the Z3 device is best for its sound
    # Camera app gets closed,and a message shows, app will be closed due to rise in temperature
    # CPU temperature cross more the 60 degrees
    # battery drains fastly

    Sony needs to work on these that too on priority….(and i hope they will do)

  • CopperStew

    I know dude, I know

  • akhilesh gupta

    I am still waiting for it on my best ever phone Xperia Z

  • Yomi

    Cool bro

  • 1. It eats more RAM now, Launcher crashes after every app open
    2. more sluggish
    3. where my HFR viewfinder?! Now im using Perfectly Clear instead
    4. Battery seems the same.
    5. Totally cannot multitask

    wtf sony…

  • Nesh

    Another promise from Sony with another buggy update. Goodbye Sony

  • thew01

    i use lollipop on Z2 and it’s make me impresive …… smooth UI,simple UI ,but one think,one think majority fitur for me ,like Hi-Res Audio via usb now ditched on lollipop ….so without any further ,i decide to downgrade the update ,and stick with Kitkat version…..

    SONY !! ,if you hear me ,please give Hi-Res Audio via usb back on lollipop …i need that fitur ,i very need it!

  • Hassandroid

    My Z1 Compact’s battery is noticeably worse after the update, also the phone heats up more quickly than before, it reaches 40 Celsius just from openning the camera for 3 minutes, what if I want to record a lengthy video of 10 or 15 mins? the phone will literally explode.

  • Yasiru Theekshana

    All is Good. Only the Battery Life is Bad. Xperia Z1

  • MarkLastiwka

    I quite like the update. Looks good, runs smooth. I like how they updated all the core apps to not only look more material but add more functionality.

    However I am sad that Sony killed their bluetooth smart lock features. I feel those were superior to Google as they took into account proximity to bluetooth device, not just if its paired or not.

    I don’t like Google implemention of sound controls and toggling silent, vibrate and sound after long pressing the power button. Sony should have ignored what google did and reimplemented the kit kat volume controls in the power menu. I still like priority stuff.

  • aryan1357

    i cant find difference in walkman also…

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I love it…

  • aryan1357

    Please dont lose the nativity of XPERIA devices SONY

  • Alexx

    i like it, but status bar icons are not so nice… Also they aren’t sorted

  • Ångermanlänningen

    My Z1 (C6903) is not yet on Lollipop. What’s wrong?

  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    It’s been over 6weeks now?! And I still haven’t got it?!! What for that I purchased the latest flagship from Sony then?

  • Nesh

    ????? ??????????? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ????????????

  • Nesh

    Why make a survey opinion, if not all opinions are published?

  • James Field

    Z2 (D6503) on EE UK. Battery life seems slightly improved (if such a thing is possible) and the phone seems to perform really well. Even with dozens of apps running in the background, it continues to be buttery smooth.

    I love the look & feel; really sharp & modern. Material design really works on Xperia. There are a couple of things which bug me about the interface though. Having to drag down twice to get to the quick settings isn’t particularly quick and it doesn’t play nice with lots of notifications. Notifications themselves also require more taps/swipes than they used to, which slows things down a little. I guess it’s just something to get used to. The big one for me, though, is the task switcher. It’s beautiful and works really well in normal portrait mode, but doesn’t work too well in landscape. The older switcher used to switch to a side-to-side listing in landscape mode, but the new one stays with up-and-down. It makes it harder to see and select/dismiss running tasks.

    The only potential bug I’ve found is with Sony’s App Remote app. This is a fairly specific one designed to work with Sony car stereo head units. Although it still works exactly as it used to, the on-screen display overlay (e.g. for changing volume) no longer displays above external apps such as Google Play Music. I’ve also had Google Play Music crash on me (only once) whilst using it in the car via the App Remote app. I don’t know if this is a fault with GPM or App Remote, but it never happened on KitKat.

    Overall, I think it’s a great update, but there are a few things which could do with polishing.

  • Nesh

    Another promise buggy update next.

  • Nesh

    Do not publish comments from Russia. It rassizm.

  • borntoparty

    As an OCD person, I agree with you.

  • Boonerski

    In my Z1? It’s mostly good and all, probably the most stable major OS update by far in my opinion. Though there’s this bug that the homescreen keeps withdrawing after exiting an app and occassions of lag on the app drawer. Lastly, battery life hasn’t improved, so much so that there is, yet again, a major bug where when the battery percentage drops immediately to zero whenever it’s low while I’m using it. One particular time is when my phone died instantaneously when it was still at 30%! Still, the majority of it was solved after a factory reset.


  • Nesh

    This site is moderated rassistami.

  • Chikku

    Drag with two fingers to access quick settings with one pull

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    This is the way I managed to get it. Plus you don’t have to deodex.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake
  • Joe Black

    Perfect on my Z1C, great improvement.

  • kido

    everything works perfect, except sound engine In the music app…music effects don’t work properly in lollipop 5.0.2, maybe becos iam using the beta version of the music app, or I’m not sure .. Please fix in later updates…either than that, everything is fine :)

  • Micheal Archer

    I’ve had the same issue with my battery…however, it might have been “my own fault”. At one time I unintentionally insulated the phone while charging so it overheated and the battery drained to zero while it was plugged in due to the excess heat. Ever since then, the battery indicator will often show reasonable charge but the phone will suddenly drop to zero and be dead. This has happened with charge ranging from 25% to 80% and often happens when I use specific apps (I guess these apps are more demanding on the processors and it causes the battery to crash).

  • Felipe Orellana

    I still wating for my Xperia ZL :/

  • Nithyanandh Mahalingam

    My friend had told me, that the microphone’s recieving levels are not that good. In fact, at times it is like when there was an issue with Kitkat regarding the same and there was an update released to rectify it.

  • jayesh

    Where is lollipop for xperia z

  • Nayib

    On my Z1C D5503 I think the battery is not as good as before. I’m expecting that will be fixed in the next update

  • Vikrant Rana

    Just received notification for lollipop update for Z2 on Bell Canada

  • Satyanarayan

    On my Xperia Z Ultra app to sd is not working…I can clearly say by seeing the size of memory card after moving apps..and sometimes when I plug earphones to it the sound is getting loud in earphones without bass. After restart of phone it is back to normal

  • fluxx

    The only disadvantage for me is, that I can’t use the SWR10 any more to unlock the device. (Funny enough, every other bluetooth device works now.) Other than that – everythings perfect. No problems, good battery life, I love the new notifications and quick settings. I still use third party apps for many things (Nine for Exchange, Today Calendar as Calendar, Contacts app), although the new stock apps look a little bit nicer. I think Sony has done a good job on the software side, then I still remember the bad communication in the last months (starting 2015, Feb, Mar, Apr, …). But that’s Sony, just look at the strange release of the Z4.

  • Parimal Singh

    Make sure you’re running the latest version of walkman on play store.

  • Mohamed Aly Hamed

    i need the following in lollipop for my z3 dual
    1-close all button
    2-make the two speakers get out sound during incoming call
    3-add option to the video player to capture screen shot during playing any video
    4- cannot send empty sms. fix it
    apart from these points it is perfect…….thanks sony

  • Maciej Semeniuk

    Still waiting for an update on Z1…

  • RamaKrishna

    ok :)
    Only via PCC ? No flash tool ?

  • Zahid Muhammad

    Z1 C6903 , Really problem on battery life its draining :(

  • sky hawk

    Well battery timing is more Good than kitkat ,but I see some issues with screen pining, in my xperia z2 when I pinned the dialer and call someone else it does not dial but goes back to call logs, and clear all applications is gone (major issue) it’s was the part of lollipop update. Thank you

  • Fynjy7771

    I love new features, but the design is childish. Sony can do beautifull premium design and they should do it. There is enough of childish design in Korean smartphone market.

    And there is no silent mode in notification menu. =

  • Boonerski

    I guess it’s pretty explainable that the battery drains quickly due to high temperature. But that’s also what I forgot to mention; since the Lollipop update my Z1 is quicker overheat much frequently (reaching less than 50 degrees in some cases) even on light usage. It dialed down a bit after a factory reset but the overheating is still present. Performance seems slightly affected too…

  • Boonerski

    The home button glitch also affects mine (Z1) as well. The ‘wave’ animation seems to get stuck when you don’t wait for it vanish. Anyway, the xLoud feature seems to have been removed after the update. I don’t know maybe they set it on on default so we don’t have to mess with it, but in my case the audio output seems much quieter.

  • Akand

    On my Z1 it lags a lot. Doesn’t run smoothly. I’m not satisfied. KitKat was most stable. Battery life is the most annoying issue for me now with lollipop. I am not happy at all.
    Smaller icons were good for me.
    I don’t like lollipop notification. It ccovers upper side of screen.
    But multi user function is very good.
    Keyboard switching option is also good. Email app, Sony Clock, Alarm setting clock are awesome.
    N.B: I didn’t try hard resetting yet.

  • who cares?

    mannn..this update need an update

  • Martin Ambre

    after the OTA update the Xperia Z3 Compact became sick and started restarting

    at one time it was so bad that he phone became unusable

    finally had to Factory Reset the device…. Loss of Data :'( all blame to SONY Development Team…

    Now using the phone with limited apps still having battery draining issues, Wifi connected but still page not available errors, phone randomly heats up, lifelog doesnt record correctly… and much more issues

    Walkman App with Jaybird Bluebud X was great before abut now the Audio Settings have to be visited each time I connect the headset
    SmartConnect App has lots of bugs now, doesnt work correctly
    Audio Record App doesnt work with PRESSY (get(dot)pressybutton(dot)com) jack connected

    Camera and its app are slow to start and click comparative to my fully loaded Kitkat Xperia Z3 Compact

    Sony Mobile India and its service center say to reset device again and tell me that you have to format the device memory completely even the memory card. I dont know why these guys arent trained and so lousy and lazy to give correct information.
    After Sales Service is bad in India

  • Prasad Daki

    Is Sony testing for the lower range series like the Xperia E3 and M2? Waiting to hear from Sony about these phones…these phones are strong on paper to play the Xperia Lollipop…can’t wait because the Lollipop on Xperia is awesome as I have seen on Z3… Just missing the RAW capture…will be happy to see if the Sony’s Clearaudio+ technology clears the extra noise and unclear frequencies in the audios…Sony can also upgrade the Photo editor app nicely…and I hope Sony upgrades it lower budget series to get the maximum focus on falling smartphone business…

  • oclk

    I’m using it for a few weeks now on my Z3 compact and i think that some things are better on Lollipop but also some are worse than before.
    I dont like the colors. This loud blue in every menu. I reminds me a lot of TouchWiz and i hate TouchWiz. The Sony UI before was much more simple and elegant.
    And then there are many other things i dislike. For example the new alarm setup is annoying as hell. If you are using it everyday this circular thing is pretty bad. And then there isnt a quicksetting any more to turn the phone on vibrate. You have to turn the volume all the way down to only make it vibrate. You only can turn it into silent mode by tapping in the quicksettings.
    Also i hate the new recent apps layout! It is so confusing and then there are also the Chrome tabs in the menu. I hope there will be an update soon that brings the “clear all” button back and i like the way HTC is handling the recent apps. You can choose between the new swivel wheel layout and the old grid view which i like a lot more.
    But i think most of my problems with Lollipop are with Lollipop itself and not only Sony’s skin on top of it.
    Overall its fine. Its fast and responsive but i’m not already shure if the battery life got worse or is the same.

  • Riffienkuningas666 .

    Still waiting for z1 update in Finland… I want to have the update through UC and won’t update through other ways…

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    I have Long time experience with phones let’s says about 15 years and this is the moment who I don’t care much for small bags they aren’t important for me
    But most important are
    1 phone performance
    and it seems good to me
    But it will be great if it can be increased more
    2 camera
    Is excellent in sun conditions
    But horrible in low light still hopping Sony will fix this
    3 battery
    It was better on kitkat
    4 design
    I love xperia design
    5 I don’t care for small bugs

  • Venugopal Ganesan

    some of xperia z ultra still not get android lollipop…..

  • Jeisson David Pacheco Garcia

    No deja poner el telefono sin ningún tipo de bloqueo, deberían agregar el botón de cerrar todas las aplicaciones abiertas, hay una pequeña demora al abrir youtube, hay pequeñas demoras al navegar por los menús del telefono

  • kido

    And also a recurring problem that affects my z3c that hasn’t gone away with lollipop update is focusing issues when shooting time-lapses. When capturing timelapses, after a few frames the camera gets out of focus shots, which when rendering causes the video to ‘shake.’ no matter what focus setting i use it still gets out of focus. I did not have such issues with my old zr, and thus this comes as a bit of a disappointment.

  • priyank

    I m using z2 d6502 model, after lollipop update system ui gets crashed some time and also the sound has became quite low after update does any one have the same problem?

  • f35hunter

    Can you tell me What device you are using please?

  • Olger Shaqiraj

    Just don’t do it

  • f35hunter

    You are lucky man

  • hatem

    @bilomar:disqus i agree with u

  • hatem

    i need double tap to wake and smart call on my z1 :((

  • valentino lollipop UI.
    2.hate the recent apps which you can touch the screen like usual to go back. now you must press soft button.
    3. Laggy in my xperia z3. (only for a short times then normal looks like stuttering less cpu power or cpu fall asleep?)

    only that for now..
    rest i love it.

  • valentino

    i think you can go to settings>security-Advanced list>trust agents>smart lock(google) turn it on. now go back to screen security list you will find smart lock below owner info and the rest you should know. hmmm you never search it on google don’t you? never harness the power of google?

  • Cindi Williams

    I just updated and OMG, my battery drain is unbelievable. I have not had my Sony Z1 for a year yet. 3 hours ago it was 100% and right now it is 64% and the phone has been very hot all morning. So not happy! Also, I don’t like the fact that if I had a heart attack ICE is not longer on the front screen and I’m not sure in an emergency someone would think to “swipe up” before seeing it. Those are the two things at this point that would make me want to go back to the old O/S.

  • Satish Pokala

    The music sound quality has become very ‘vocals’ biased and the equaliser does not work!!

  • Cindi Williams

    Totally unhappy with that.

  • abmonstein

    The battery life has been greatly reduced on my Z1. It is challenge to get through the day with a single charge and doing what I used to with the previous OS version.

  • Micheal Archer

    If you get stuck in a reboot loop, you might be able to halt it before the battery drains by pressing and holding the power button for at least 5 seconds. I have also had success by plugging the phone into a wall outlet.

  • Dominik Fürst

    I am disappointed of android 5.0, it makes many things more complicating and the battery life is 30% shorter, 4.4 was perfect, i shouldn’t have made the update… At least i hope sony brings up an 5.1 update with bug fixes soon, and also the sound volume settings are better than in 5.0

  • Hugo Leonardo

    I feel your pain here in Brazil too =/ we haven’t got the L yet … Sony doesn’t love us anymore =/

  • Ankush Sharma

    I am using Xperia t2 ultra dual D5322. After update lollipop phone becomes laggy and slow. Ram is the main issue. I think to degrade jelly bean. Because in jelly bean no issue smooth performance. But in lollipop am not satisfied please fix this issue. Phone becomes laggy and slow some time restart.

  • Jerry Berglund

    I like it. It stable and reliable. I have noticed more that that battery is actually not as good as before. But I honestly dont think that is Lollipop that makes that problem. I think more or less thats its some sort of a thirdparty-app that is draining battery. When I check it always seems to be facebook. But it is smooth. ANother strange thing is that HD-video don’t record with 60 pic/s like promised but still only 30Pc/sec and thats strange. But strangly enough it kinda looks more fluent than HD with 30 pics/sec. So either the app that measure is showing the wrong numbers or I have a placeboeffect. :-) BUt I sure do like this one. I do miss though the possible to get to the role menys fast toggles with one thumb. Sometimes its kinda like a rolecurtain, roles back, and you have to do all again. Its really fluent.

  • Vasilis K.

    1. If you tap the bell you get immediate vibration mode.
    2. You can change the appearance of the Chrome tabs in the overview (recent tabs) through the Chrome settings > Merge cards and apps > Disabled. It’s a Chrome setting that is activated by default. Nothing to do with Lollipop.

  • Micheal Archer

    My overheating issue was a one-time event with lasting effects. I do find that the battery can become rather warm (before and after update) and that affects the battery drain rate. However, my overheating during a charge (due to an inability of the phone to disperse excess heat caused by external factors) was the beginning of a series of these “sudden” full power losses. I’m not sure if the digital battery gauge is confused or if the battery now has a physical fault that causes it to short out under certain conditions…the result is that the battery indicator will suddenly drop from a reasonable percentage (30-80%) to zero in an instant. My battery health is “Good” according to the phone…so I have no idea.

  • Micheal Archer

    I deleted Facebook from my phone a couple months ago because of high battery drain and extreme data usage. It was always running in the background and apparently always using data. I kept Messenger, and if I really wanted to I could check Facebook through the browser. I just check it from my tablet (Tablet Z) or my laptop though.

  • Kevin A. Koesoema

    The battery life on my Z3 has been reduced a lot. The battery only lasts for less than a day, it’s disappointing. Also, it’s a bit, just a bit laggy, but it’s kind of bothering me cuz Z3 is such an amazing phone, so please fix all of that…. :”)

  • Micheal Archer

    Try restarting your device and making sure that all apps (through Play Store and What’s New) are updated. I had extreme heat and battery loss before I did those things after the update as well.

  • Total

    My Z2 keeps on freezing and I had to restart it at least a dozen times now within three days of update. It’s become slow as well (lag while accessing some menus/options). Also, it was easier to access a few options in Kitkat (like bluetooth and wifi activation). Now I have to go deep in which is a shame. The oversized icons are a big turn off. Overall, in terms of aesthetics and functionality, not a good update for me. I hope Sony would’ve done better.

  • Z1

  • Total

    and yes, battery life seems to be a bit lower as well but that’s too minute a difference, if any.

  • Michael

    Points Négatifs :
    1. On ne peux plus sélectionner le mode Vibreur / Silence et Avion quand on appui sur le bouton “power”
    2. On ne peux plus fermer en une seule fois les applications ouvertes (Obliger de les fermer une par une dans le carrousel)
    Points Positif :
    – Interface graphique plutôt sympa
    – Il semblerait que le niveau de batterie soit identique à Kitkat
    – Il semblerait que les performances soient meilleures que sous KitKat (Meilleur score à Antutu)

  • Cindi Williams

    thank you. I will try that. There are a couple of apps that I am updating now. Any ideas on how to get ICE on the main screen?

  • fblover

    There isn’t button for delete numbers in Dialer pad when talking with somebody

  • GigaSPX

    It’s nice on my Z3 Tablet Compact, but still nonexistent on my Xperia Z3v for Verizon. >:(

  • Vasilis K.

    I updated my Z1 Compact using Flashtool, WITHOUT a clean install. I kept all the apps, settings etc. Everything so far is perfect. Battery is pretty much the same as Kit Kat I’d say. Personally, I like the new Lollipop UI and improvements. It;s like having a new phone again.
    I think the problem with the battery that most people face has to do with certain apps, and not Lollipop, and probably mostly with that crappy Facebook app and services. I don’t have a Facebook account (and never will!) and I’ve always had all the relevant apps deactivated or unistalled in my previous rooted device.

  • oclk

    Ah thank you so much!! :D Those points really annoyed me.

  • Boonerski

    Probably Project Volta’s not doing what its programmed to do. Either way, what happens to mine is somewhat the opposite; when attempting to charge my Z1 to a full 100%, I once saw the battery percentage skyrocket to 70% to 80% in a about a minute while I was just doing some light browsing! But then when I left it on standby, the battery charges slower. When reaching 99%, it takes quite a while for it to reach 100% unless I use the phone while it’s still charging. Overall, my phone just charges somewhat fast if I’m (lightly) using it while charging. It doesn’t necessarily happen always but don’t know if it’s a good thing of just a bug or glitch…

  • Vasilis K.

    You’re welcome! Now enjoy your lollipop! :D

  • Anas Azeem


  • Cindi Williams

    Just did all that and it’s still hot and now down to 57%. Yes, I do use Facebook, but until yesterday’s upgrade. NEVER have I had this happen.

  • Luis

    Everyone with issues, do yourself a favor and use PC Companion to Repair your phone. Do a clean install. I updated my Z Ultra and the experience sucked. Apps were closing, lag and battery sucked. I did a repair and now it is flawless. Only the rare Google Maps force closing, but that isn’t Sony’s issue.

  • tmnd

    Try factory reset. Seems to solve a lot of issues.

  • Aleky2002

    There is on my Z1C
    (look next to the WiFi indicator)

  • Aleky2002

    Screen recording feature crashes after ~5s on my Z1C

  • hansip

    I believe it’s intentionally put there because of Home launcher action. So no biggie. There are other more important issue that is memory leak.

  • Ali Bach-Tobji

    Screen problem after unlocking my z2

  • Aleky2002

    Je suis très d’accord !

  • Luke

    1) Wi-Fi: I’m struggling with the Wi-Fi on the D6603… Sometimes after I turn it on, it’s impossible to turn it back off. When I switch it off, it appears off but isn’t really. It drains the battery making the battery life far from great.
    2) TrackID: Also TrackID doesn’t work well in particular when you want to record radio.
    3) App drawer: The close all button has disappeared, stupid.
    A part from this, Lollipop is great! It looks great and adds useful features especially for security!

  • Anas Azeem

    Lollipop for Sony? FAIL
    I’m at Z2 D6502 India

    1. Audio volume in call degraded, you’ll hardly hear the other if you are in a crowded or noisy area.
    2. Getting to unlock the phone now requires three actions – Press the lock Button(or double tap) -> Swipe up -> the your normal unlock mechanism (pattern or password etc)
    3. Getting to settings also requires more taps or Swipes now. One Swipe down then another Swipe down then you get to tap the settings buttons.
    4. The close all button everyone is talking about is there but it overlaps the google search. Looks very down market.
    5. You can’t go to the app settings from the recent tasks screen, earlier you could’ve long pressed on the particular task and you’ll go to the app info.
    6. In kitkat when you long press any item in the notification tab you can get to its setting (example, long press on the mobile data toggle button would open the settings of the same). Its missing now and I’m badly missing it.
    7. TrackID doesn’t work anymore, if you are listening to Radio and wanna know what’s playing on it, you can’t do it now, the radio stops playing and TrackID listens to what’s playing outside.

    Only one good thing, you can move your apps to SD card.

  • fluxx

    This works for everything BUT the SWR10. It does not work because the band hides itself after the connection procedure. You can stop the smartband process in the task manager and then do the connect as described – but you have to do it on every restart or if the band gets out of range, so it is no valid fix. Hmmm you never search it on google don’t you? Never harness the power of Google? ;-)

  • Ravi

    It is working, I mean it is not here in drop down notification list. I think they fixed it in latest update. In my country 23.1.A.0.726 is the latest version yet. :)

  • valentino

    Hmm any software update via pcc? I think no. Since update via pcc only for SmartWatch 3 and sbh52 devices. So it means softly by Sony you must move on to swr30 hahahha. Bad Sony. :( Sorry bro I never harness its power on swr10. Will you accept my apologies.

  • Siddharth Pratap Singh Chauhan

    Who r not got update are lucky one below it become leggy and restart once or twice in a day and it hang continue. Kitkat is gud as compare with lollipop.. My c3 dual is become hanging machine.Please do some thing for it.

  • siva balan

    We missed camera raw capture support in all model’s lollipop. but old google nexus 5,htc one m9,nexus 6 supports raw capture. Raw capture means camera saves the image to DNG format. see the detailed review below

  • Micheal Archer

    It took me a moment to remember how to do that one. I believe it’s in your Contacts rather than in your settings. Once there, you should see a heading for ICE and you can identify yourself as well as ICE contacts (either from your existing contacts or by adding new details).

  • Mindaugas

    Honestly , it’s a piece of shit, why would you rush to release update wich fucks up your phone?
    A lot of bugs, always been android fan, but after this my next phone is iphone, fuck you sony so dissapointed.

  • Micheal Archer

    I’ve had it jump large percentages for no reason in the positive direction as well. Sometimes increasing from 10% to 40% to 60% in an instant and then slowing down. These issues existed for me before the update though. Yesterday I also experienced my phone increasing in charge from 10% to 22% while it was unplugged and unattended (after it had suddenly dropped to 0% fro 40% and I had recharged it to 10% in my car).

  • Aditya Thakur

    That ‘Close All’ is missing in my Z1.

  • Arda Akca

    For Z Ultra I can say the following,
    1. It gets ultra Hot
    2. After returning to the home screen from an app, icons load much slower
    3. Keyboard is messy, when I delete it gets confused
    4. UI is nice
    5. Call volume s.cks
    6. It really gets hot I mean real hot.
    7. I miss going to the settings when I held the icon in notification cente. Like holding the Wifi icon to go to its setting.
    8. Why do I have to push volume button to silence my phone? It was there before.
    9. UI is laggy.

    This update needs real quick debugging. Sony does not offer a newer replacement for Z ultra so if my phone is outdated I will have to change brand and I was planning to hold on to Z ultra until Z4 Ultra came around but Sony is making this hard for me.

  • Toby Johnes Fen

    works great on my Z2. Only issue, if any is the loss of volume from the speakers. It’s either too low or goes full on, there’s no mid range. life seems to be about the same as Kitkat or probably marginally better. But not a hint of lag anywhere. And once I got Chrome tweaked through the chrome://flags option… I must say it’s as good as it can get.;-)

  • Arda Akca

    By the way I still can’t move spotify app to SD card. It takes a lot of place but somehow the option to move it is faded out.

  • Arda Akca

    How do I do that? Can you help?

  • fluxx

    No prob ;) I did the research a few days before and also wrote the Sony support. They answered that this feature was removed and they have no Information if it will come back in future releases. It’s the only thing I don’t like about the Lollipop update and as I plan to buy the first Android Wear that suits me (Next Moto 360? Huawei Watch?) it’s not that bad.

  • siva balan

    missed new lollipop raw capture feauture on my z2
    True manual focus (adjustable focus distance)
    Manual exposure time (1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/100, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/8000)
    Manual ISO (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 10000)
    DNG output support
    30fps full-resolution burst capture with focus stacking & exposure bracketing
    Material design
    see the link below

  • theskig

    I blocked upgrade notifications months ago :)

  • theskig

    on which phone?

  • uidesigner_sony

    What about the theme, hah? When U select blue one, somewhere u see orange accent… and many other uncompatible combinations
    Thanks for god we have XDA developers!

  • theskig

    Never know about holding icon and going to settings. Thanks man!

  • theskig

    Which phone?

  • theskig

    Thanks for sharing all these infos. I think I’ll stay with KitKat for a while.

  • dinesh

    we want a diiferent UI especially in notification.

  • theskig

    It looks the main problem after update. Always better to clean everything, even it takes time to reinstall and configure all the things like before.

  • theskig

    You just need to do a factory data reset and after it don’t restore the backup but reinstall apps and configure the phone by yourself

  • Samantha Alexandra Vélez Salin

    Lets here my feedback:

    Sony is the only manufacturer that is releasing lollipop in an active way because at this date, almost entire Z series, -except original z series-, and 2014 Xperias like T2 ultra and C3 have a sweet taste on its lips.

    Manufacturers like Samsung or lg are not doing that lollipop update program, and if they are, it’s slower compared to Sony.

    Currently, some few 2014 references don’t have lollipop like Xperia E1 and E3, Xperia M2/ M2 aqua, and Xperia T3. Five phones with their dual Sim, single Sim and LTE single Sim variants, but Xperia lollipop AOSP is for developers in test mode to find bugs in order to create custom Roms just in case of no official release.

  • Arda Akca

    Omg that would take ages!

  • malinalaza

    I read the comments, and remember how i was bashed when i said that i won’t upgrade to Lollipop. Hate to say it, but … i told you.

  • theskig

    Take this occasion to clean everyhting and install only must-have apps and you’ll see the phone working fast and smooth as new.
    It’s worth it.

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    Lollipop finally to Z1 Compact
    It is perfect, just ab fab….
    Much better camera
    wifi fixed (I had a wifi issue)
    Excellent notification
    Excellent features
    No bugs
    Better battery

  • Mindaugas


  • Utsav Shah

    It’s very buggy. many times the equalizer kicks off late and sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

  • jose

    I’m having a strange issue in my z2 when I unlock the phone, sometimes like 1 to 30 times or so, the screen shows the image in very high contrast like if you where playing with the contrast bar in a tv or something like that, very annoying, and it last 1 second to fix

    it started since the lollipop update

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    the current notification panel m not a fan of it and when u choose a theme above noti bar changes color to something for example blue then they soft key area should also change the color it stays black overall its nice if u can make it optional to use album art as lock screen or not and please bring raw feature to camera our camera kinda suck against s5 iphone 5s

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    when you unlock the screen the screen shows high contrast for a sec then back to normal why z2 d6502

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    same here

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    and why only some regions of z2 has close all button and sony stock browser m kinda disappointed i dont have them

  • Anas ßalóÒsh

    our biggest issue is camera please improve the camera

  • jose

    thank god I’m not the only one… I was beginning to worry because I made some research and couldn’t find major information about this symptom

  • illstplaya .

    The lollipop update hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet.

  • Cindi Williams

    Ohhh I have it set up, it is just before Lollipop it showed up on the locked page and you could access it without having the passcode to the phone. Now you have swipe up before seeing it

  • Viktoria Perenyi

    It is very strange for me. Installed today, I’m still testing, but it nerved me for the first time, and even since then… I’m a quite practical person, have Z1 compact, and here are my comments :
    1) I really dont like that there is NO ICON in notification area for SOUNDS (loud, silent, vibrate). Please add (=give back)!
    2) And there was a simple but great & comfortable widget for sounds on the home screen, but it disappeared after the update. I used it several times a day. Please add (or tell me where it is).
    3) I also dont like that if I want to get to my favourite contacts, I need to push at least two buttons. Why? Makes even calling (quite basic function of a phone device) my favourite contacts more difficult, cant believe.
    4) App-icons are too big, the were much more elegant and nicer before.
    5) Sorry to say, but I wish I had not installed.

  • Tweety

    “we wanted to wait until a good majority of Sony Xperia owners were on Lollipop before asking for your impressions”

    Central Europe 3 still hasn’t received Lollipop. I don’t know if people at Sony realize that such problems determine whether or not customers will buy another phone from Sony.

    I flashed my Z1 compact with customized FR (France) and now with Vipnet HR (Croatia) but I cannot do the same with CE3 firmware because it is not released yet.

    Battery life is terrible when using mobile data. The rest is acceptable.

  • Tweety

    “we wanted to wait until a good majority of Sony Xperia owners were on Lollipop before asking for your impressions”

    Europe 3 still hasn’t received Lollipop. I don’t know if people at Sony
    realize that such problems determine whether or not customers will buy
    another phone from Sony.

    I flashed my Z1 compact with customized
    FR (France) and now with Vipnet HR (Croatia) but I cannot do the same
    with CE3 firmware because it is not released yet.

    Battery life is terrible when using mobile data. There is no easy switch from sound to vibration like in Kitkat. Instead, volum up or down + notification bar resembles of Windows phone 8.1 solution.

    The rest is acceptable.

  • Tweety

    Wifi problems with IEEE 802.1x standard.

    Battery drain when using mobile data.

  • Ryan

    If u want manual features…. Try Camera FV -5

  • Dion

    Main thing that gets to me is that they removed or broke the Xperia with Facebook sync functionality! I’m on a Z1 compact and before lollipop all my contacts had their Hi res facebook photos associated which would display when they called… Now they have tiny pixelated photos in contacts app and nothing displays when they call! It was one of my favourite things about my phone!

  • Saeed Okoroji

    Battery life is th e same. Performance is a teeny bit laggy. But it’s worth it to have smart lock and the new notification function, especially for calls.

  • Ayad Fahos

    So much bugs must fix in next update sound battery all close buton systeme equalizer update center app all this before is working as well in kitkat and now in lolipop no more is missing not working z3 dual

  • grav1ty

    Volume Control is horrible. There is no access to volume control over notification center, you have to use the volume button. But if you are hearing music you cant switch to loudness or vibration. Horrible.
    Btw: There is no way to close all apps in recent apps…

  • Liam Irwin

    I love the update on my Z3 D6653 however there are a couple of bugs I regularly run into. There might be a problem with RAM management, even when just switching between two or three apps they have to be completely reloaded which is a bit of a pain when trying to multitask.
    Something that’s bothered me since I bought my Z3 is that the FM radio app and Google Now conflict causing the FM player to mute. When this happened between the camera and Google Now it was fixed in the very first update. A few updates later and it still isn’t fixed for FM.

  • Ritwij

    Finally I found someone with this problem. This happens with my Z2 D6503 a lot. For me it is low contrast and then back to normal.

  • Quentin Jackson

    Still waiting for this on Xperia Z3 in NZ. The situation is disgusting.. My Z1 tablet has it already.. Really ruined what was a good track record for Sony.

  • Aadil

    The UI is good. Z2 UK lacks the close all button. Sony also needs to add a sound toggle to the toggles menu. Pressing the volume button isn’t the best way to do it.
    Battery life is too bad now. Phone stays awake even when screen is off and it looks as if stamina mode is doing nothing. The phone gets very hot sometimes. None of this happened in kitkat. I am seeing about 2 hours screen on time less than what I got in kitkat.

  • Here are my experience so far on Lollipop on my Xperia Z1 Compact :
    -Visual and animation are flipping awesome.
    -Love the new added features.
    -Can’t judge battery life yet since Google Service is buggy as ef.
    -Gaming performance is a bit lower than KitKat.
    -Volume seems a bit off at times. There are times that the volume won’t go down even if it’s all the way down.

    For those experiencing worse battery life, look at what’s eating your battery from Settings. If it is Google Service, turn off Location. Only turn it on when you need it.

  • jonoave

    Things are noticably snappier – animations and transitions are smoother.

    The only downside I can find is the implementation of notifications – priority, etc .. but that is Google’s idea of notifications in Lolipop.
    Battery life is a bit mixed – it seems a bit lower to me but I can’t be sure. Well it could be the same but it’s definitely not better.

  • George Moraru

    Guys i really envy you. I’m still waiting for lollipo on my Z1. I’m in Romania and it seems that only the Vodafone version received the update while mine is unbranded:(

  • Amimanot

    Number 2 & 3 is actually not sony’s problem, it’s google’s. Even on the nexus phones you have to do that. As for number 5, you can access app settings, you just have to make sure developer settings are enabled (tap build number on about for 7-ish times) and long press on the app icon in the recents screen

  • Kima

    flash it, I could’t wait anymore…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    No you don’t need any deodexing,
    It’s just plain and simple

  • George Moraru

    I have trouble using FlashTools on linux. Also i couldn´t access fastboot on my phone. I tried a couple of times and then i gived up.

  • Sairon Jay Grepo

    It’s been over 6weeks now?! And I still haven’t got it?!! What for that I purchased the latest flagship from Sony then?

  • Cedup

    Received 5.0 weeks ago on my Z2 in Germany. Didn’t upgrade, I’m a bit worried about the bugs

  • Cedup

    That’s due to the carrier branded phones. Never buy those, if early upgrades are your thing.

  • Cedup

    Don’t buy a branded phone then.

  • valentino

    Moto 360! Classic but modern. Damn I want it. But its expensive here and no one sell it. Sigh. Really like Moto 360. But smartwatch 3 look nice and feel nice with that rubber. Hahah even though like a kid watch.

  • valentino

    Dude you only purchase a flagship not half of their assets. Lol. You buying that flagship is only like a dust from a pile of dust.

  • bao trung giang

    Lollipop on my z1
    Camera: fast but photo quality is average
    Sound: low
    Battery: average
    Speed & ram: good
    Screen: just like kitkat
    Really need to improve the photos quality, battery and clearaudio

  • TerenceW

    I have Xperia Z1 (C6902) and Xperia C3 DUAL (D2502), all updated lollipop using flashtool.
    For Z1:
    1. Some options have been removed in Walkman.
    2. The decice can be really HOT.
    3. RAM leaks, annoying.
    4. Want further update to fix the above.
    For C3 DUAL:
    1. System can sometimes be VERY laggy, very very slow, maybe due to ram leak
    3. Cannot display current user’s avatar on the top right corner in lockscreen like Z1 does.
    4. Always display a ‘key’ icon on status bar even when VPN is not in use.
    6. Black screen or laggy when activating camera using side shutter butten during sleep.
    7. ONLY India market’s C3 DUAL receive the update, what about the others?
    8. Find My Xperia didn’t work. It says it needs Google Account but I’m already logged in.
    9. VERY unsatisfying, laggy, slow, buggy update!

  • I’ have z ultra his phone …

    After Lollipop Android update

    1.The camera has some log …

    2.The battery is a little weak …
    3. havent close all resent app
    4.The user does not have a one hands working

    plase fix bugs

  • Thariq Mohammed

    i have Z2, battery life is good, RAM management is very poor, gaming and camera performance is better on kitkat.

  • HereIsJohnny

    using sony z3 with latest HK lolipop (23.2.A.1.62) with root and boot recovery enabled.
    The close all is changed so it become small three line icon which is great comparing the previous CLOSE ALL button.

    what i dont like is, the phone sometime freeze on apps right now, i even did factory reset and still the same, don’t know if it was sony issue or google issue (webview problem)

    Wifi seem a bit hit and miss (seem the signal is worse in lolipop), some setting require more tap than kitkat

    will see in few more weeks to see how it goes since i just update to lolipop (waiting for the second lolipop update on my country but cant wait anymore so i just use the HK firmware)

    hopefully sony update to 5.1 since i would like to see Device Protection (so stolen phone cannot be used without login to gmail) and memory leak fix (

  • Andy Liang

    yeah speaker volume is too low, plus the camera is a little laggy, otherwise everything else is good!


    I factory reset my phone before upgrading to lollipop. Generally a smooth experience but in my opinion I feel that the wifi signal has gone weaker and is harder to connect to the same modem in the same room as compared with kitkat.Previously all kinds of wifi signal could be detected from my room(etc. neighbours wifi) but now i can only detect the one I’m connected to.

    Phone reception has remained 2 bars all of the time(like 95% of the time), and it takes a toll on the battery. Considering I live in Singapore, reception should be strong. I do remember having such a issue in kitkat however, but less frequent.

    The speaker has become softer too I think. In the past I just need to crank the volume slider up to halfway to get a decently loud sound booming across the house, now I need to turn it to maximum to get the same results. Either that or my hearing is worsening or the videos I watch lately are all whispering to one another.

    The rest has remained fairly constant, or better. Speed-wise it is awesome, no lag , no crashes. Battery life felt like it has improved.

  • TerenceW

    On C3 DUAL, there are also issue that incoming MMS on notification center, the”Mark As Read” butten does not work somtimes, require more taps.



    Yea , my Z3 sounds way softer now, maybe it’s the xLoud

  • 3_nity

    No complaint on my Z1 Compact

  • DBS

    My Lollipop update rests in the Update Centre.
    I’ve refused the update as a I’m not willingly ruining my Z3Compact.

    Lollipop’s Ui is horrible, Xperia Themes are castrated and can barely change anything, sounds controls are the stupid mess from official Google Lollipop, the notification tray looks horrible with that vomit colour, there’s no close all in the new and worse multitasking screen, there’s no RAW and no camera improvements…

    No. Moving Apps to the SD card isn’t enough to justify ruining my phone with Android 5.0 Vista.

  • Kevin A. Koesoema

    LOL Vista XD

  • Ambarish Tiwari

    Ram management is poor on my z1.. Kitkat was more quick.

  • Sandeep Kumar

    ask the Doomlord he can help you (

  • Abin Benny


  • Kenneth F

    1) I see it here, both on Z3 and Z3 compact…

  • ZoubIWah

    im happy – no diff in battery life, no unstability, and a few new features.. its cool… better than i expected (coming from samsung where initial fw would be good and updates would render it terrible..)

  • Sandeep Kumar

    using Z1 (c6902)
    1. sound is not good (Walkman)
    2. need close all apps
    3. need more toggles {i`m using power toggles}
    4.need to add guest mode more options
    5.need to fix RAM leak

  • Srinivasan Shanmugam

    when will you release lollipop for C6602 Models,i think this model mobile face battery very quickly down AFTER Kitkat update, so please fix it,

  • Kenneth F

    I like it, very clean UI, not as cluttered as Kitkat.
    Using it both on Z3 and Z3 Compact.
    No update yet on my Z tablet.

    Smart Connect:
    Doesn’t do ‘stop’ actions for Bluetooth units
    There is no ‘Mute’ for ringer mode.

    Battery life is good
    No ‘Mute with vibrate’
    Missing “Close All” on app overview
    I very much like that I can set it to mute for a specific period, great for meetings and the movies.
    Better integration with Chromecast.
    Better response in apps.

  • anderson44

    Every Time xperiablog with you
    ————— SEE MORE INFO<—– <<<<

  • Igool

    On my Z1 compact, when radio is on and I go into Google now, the radio goes silent until I type something or close that app. Battery life seems shorter too. Also when Google now is on and when I lock the phone, it does not sleep and is always on standby.

  • Yomi

    Seems you need to reset your device to factory reset once done should solve the issue

  • Eng. Yasser Al Jaabery

    I have xperia Z2 . i download the update by my phone but when i start instal it , the phone shatting down and starting on normally and the update not install . i try 5 time to update my adroid but cant do that . pleas tale me what i do

  • Yomi

    He means in the pull down quick settings

  • Satyanarayan

    Is App to sd is working on lollipop Xperia Z Ultra?? its not working for me in my Z ultra (lollipop) as i can see the size of Android folder in memory card is in bytes after moving….and can anyone plz provide yours asphalt 7 Data file and apk which is preloaded in Z Ultra because I formatted my Internal Memory and could not find the Data file.

  • Yomi

    Is your battery above 50%

  • aryan1357

    Yeah orange accent can be seen only in keyboard and when swipe

  • Viktoria Perenyi

    …good for you… :)

  • fried_egg

    Still no EE update to the Z1 (some seem to have it some don’t, Sony say they do not update all at once but in stages – which just says it is time to kill off the near pointless operator own brew versions in a world where people take their phones abroad anyway) – with the problems some have I am not so bothered but it would have been nice to have got it faster all the same – if there were no operator versions surely roll out would be faster and less buggy? Time for operators to wake up to the brand damage they do

  • pinus2

    Xperia z1.
    Aptx dont work.

  • Igor Wi?niewski

    Still waiting for xperia Z lollipop :<

  • ArlegoxD

    That also happens in my Z1 Compact :v

  • Etienne

    I just find it annoying when you have to swipe to clear all your recent apps, instead of having a “close all” button on KitKat. Other than that, Kudos!

  • jag

    For Z Ultra.

    1. UI is great. Love all the animations and transitions.
    2. Home screen gets laggy sometimes because maybe because of the redraw of all the widgets and infos. It’s not like this in kitkat.
    3. Sound got low as others mentioned. I need to hit it all the way up sometimes when I’m outdoors.
    4. Love the smart unlock feature By google. But now tasker seems not useful anymore.
    5. Battery life is same as Kitkat.

    Overall. I love the new UI experience!!

  • dino

    +need double tap to wake
    +need disable screen lock

  • Ivan Prskalo

    I don’t like Lollipop on my xperia z3 compact,nor on my regular Z3… I think it’s buggy. Apps delay with opening, to many animations and transitions.. Pull down notifications are messy and new grid allows you for only 9 shortcut toggles.. AND WORST off all: long press on toggles don’t lead anywhere in settings!!! Awful.. Also there is issue with power button when it becomes unresponsive sometimes, I have to press three times to wake up phone.
    On the good side, it seem phone heats up less…

  • Fahad

    My Z1 is almost dumb beacause of lack of XLOUD & ClearPhase :( I want them back on next update

  • Ivan Prskalo

    What’s wrong with using volume buttons? I use them for this dince beginning of time (cell phones).. and I think it’s intended from Google and Sony that we use volume buttons for this.. It’s easier and more convenient..

  • I love Man U

    Point 1: I can’t agree with you while using Z3 Compact, I used to get 8, 8 1/2h of on screen time…now I always get about 7, 7 1/2h…:(

  • Puya Ghoorchian

    Im out
    My next phone will not be sony for sure
    Just release the shit for other phones
    What the hell does the programmers r doing?
    Matter of weeks and u have to wait a few months

  • ben bleho

    I like the update very much. Z1C is now faster, more speedy and snappy. Better graphics. Love the larger icons. Battery drain much better now than before using the same apps. Lollipop: 2-3% battery drain per night (8 h) Kitkat: 4-5% drain. And this ends all discussion in my eyes. ok, the sound-thing with xloud & clear phase is missing, but my player has its own equilizer and filter – so what.

  • I just wish they brought back the old nice signal bars and wi-fi status indicators.

  • B. Alex

    we will be waiting for that for ever , the phone is not going to get that ever from sony .

  • B. Alex

    what ? that is imposible from the hardware side . maybe you can get the smart call from the z2 but that is it . double tap to wake is not possible or if it is it will mess up your battery because sd800 is not optimized for tap to wake … sry

  • B. Alex

    everything is improved on my sony z1 . Speedy , normal battery , apps hang a bit but not more than they did in 4.4.4 . I feel like auto brightness is a bit problematic and my vibrating started making some weird noises but i read that is a z1 problem later in life :)

  • B. Alex

    also i enjoy the new lock screen without the freaking sparkles …. those really annoy me .

  • B. Alex

    also guys you can download the new Walkman app , now music app . It optimized for lollipop . try apkmirror . i found it there

  • Vasilis K.

    No way!!! I prefer the Lollipop ones! :D

  • Joseph Pamplona

    Yeah i had battery problems too when i first updated. I was quite annoyed. Then i realized it was lifelog. So i just disabled it and my battery life is excellent now!

  • Joseph Pamplona

    So far, I really love this update. There are some little bugs here and there but they haven’t really bothered me.

    1. Ghosting of the home button
    2. This weird contrast thing when waking up the phone. It only lasts a second so it’s fine with mr

    I’d really like Sony to add manual mode to the camera. I don’t really need RAW but manually controlling focus, shutter speed, iso and more would be very nice.

    Overall, the lollipop update is awesome :)

  • aiamkesz

    I use power-button’s menu. Is that available?

  • Samael

    I’d love to try multiwindow on my xperia device. :)

  • Azhy Najmadin

    Please change the notification , it looks very similar to any other cheap roms . And themes dont work with lolillipop but it did with kitkat so please fix that too.

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    Let’s wait for Android Lollipop 5.1 to fix all the bugs.

    Also, I would like to see Sony make a Nexus device, one that has Sony’s awesome design and hardware, but free from all the bundled Sony crapware (Lifelog, Lounge, Walkman (Music), News from Socialife).

  • Marius Miroiu

    I own a sony ericsson T230, when lollipop will be available?:)

  • NotAnAnonymousCommenter

    When you buy a new phone.

  • smileman

    I have a Z3C. Generally speaking Sony’s implementation of lollipop is a great improvement over kitkat, but I would recommend a few changes:

    1. there seems to be a bug with magnetic charging when the phone is turned off and inserted on the Sony magnetic charger. The screen will flash on and off and not start charging sometimes until it was removed from the magnetic device and then reinserted. I didn’t have this problem prior to the lolipop upgrade.

    2. it’s great to now have full album art on the lockscreen, but with regards to playback controls I would much prefer the Nexus implementation where the control buttons are actually integrated into the lockscreen rather than in a separate floating notification. The separate floating notification control also has artwork and so the artwork is being shown twice, and floating notification is covering up the full album art on the phone lock screen.

    3. I was disappointed there weren’t more improvements to the camera. In addition to improved autofocus it would be great to seen RAW as an option, which is standard on stock lollipop and so there is no good reason for Sony to exclude it.

    4. another stock option that should be here is Google’s phone dialer which allows search, where for example you can type in the name of a business that is not in your contacts and Google search then pulls the phone number up.

  • CopperStew

    Well there something else that I would like to report, when you power off you phone or reboot it: the recent apps don’t close. I don’t know if it’s only me or its for all of us

  • Maurice Phoenix

    My Z Ultra Seems A Bit Slow & Taking Longer Time When Processing…Freeze Here And There But Still OK…Z2 Is OK For Me…Wish There Is An Confirmation When You Wanna Off The Device Or Cancelled It After You Hold THe Power Button

  • Ravi

    It can be used, but I addicted to use notification bar. :) and I want to save my buttons, if I had any problem with buttons, I can’t use my z2 in full functionality (water resistance).

  • Ravi

    In Lollipop, it is not there at power button menu. They give only Power off, Restart, screenshot and record only. (My software version is 23.1.A.0.726)

  • Ravi

    But using my Z3, really I got same battery life. Usually it can survive for one and half day like in Kitkat. (Using daily phone calls, Using cam, wifi connectivity, few games…etc.)

  • safvan k

    After 5.0.2 in xperia Z1 I found -ve emotions in
    #Walkman widget pause and play bug also sound adjustment issues
    #more time takes to boot up phone comparing to 4.4.4
    #battery charge down faster even low brightness in 5.0.2
    #some crashing, if come back to the home screen from any app
    #expected high resolution audio missing, I thought the speaker is crying not laugh
    #all app close option missing
    #better camera but slow , fast navigation, UI is awesome also lock screen
    >>nothing extraordinary only just BETTER !!!!

  • Siyam Hossain

    I recently upgraded my XPERIA Z ULTRA. Here is my opinion.
    1. slightly improved camera, new sound photo feature
    2. new battery fetures, slightly improved battery life

    3. user accounts
    4. better RAM management

    1. no intelligent notification feature like before
    2. no longer have the option for large icons, which looks great in ultra’s large screen
    3. lower speker volume
    4. walkman sound quality is too poor now, they basically damaged their sound options
    5. they added lollipop features, but their UI (launcher) is actally degraded, nothing new except the notification panel and lower button, kitkat launcher was far better.

  • yuanhui502

    I would like to see some functions to be added so that I would not root the device to gain better experiences:
    1: please add auto-hide navigation bar (all at least hide button in navigation bar),if possible, pie chart from gravity box actually works good. could think of adding something like that.
    2: auto-start manager.
    3:if we can change the font of the cellphone without the requirement of root access, it will be good.(like Samsung)
    4.status bar is ugly. Couldn’t it just be like the original lollipop?

    1: battery drained faster than previous version. (cellular standby become extremely energy-costy)

    By the way, I am using Z1 compact (D5503).

  • El_Carnicero

    It’s already switched off. It still shows in the top part of the screen no matter what, because Whatsapp deemed that their notifications should have a “High” Priority and Google gave us no way to control that.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Had a disqus commenting issue, anyways did you try this?

  • I bought Z3 knowing I hated 4.4 Sony skin but I patiently waited for lollipop and its damn awesome can’t wait to see what Sony will do in next firmwares

  • Bhim Garbuja


  • MeeM

    I’m really miss the important widget for me … I don’t know the name but I attach photo …. the widget you can find it in the third pic in the right that mix ( wi-fi , sound , bluetooth …. etc)

    really want it back if you can help.

  • Dhany Wibiksana

    Mine is x-reality and supervivid, sometimes display is blurred after lockscreen, the rest no problem even battery had more powerful than kitkat.

  • Joseph Greentree

    I do like Lollipop but theres a few things. Firstly I don’t know what is going on with answering calls but the handset keeps on rejecting them. Swipe right to answer and Boom reject.. So whenever someone calls I have to call them back… Very annoying. I’ve noticed it’s a tad laggy sometimes when switching menus. One thing I would include is the notifications menu to have clear all at the top rather than the bottom. It does feel a little like Disney to me, rather than an OS that means business.

  • Ilya Averbukh

    My Z1 is just “killed” by this upgrade: many apps crashing and make the phone reboot , phone reboots twice a day, freezes during a regular operations. Just can’t use it.

  • Umer J. Khan

    My Xperia Z2 (D6503) is now heating when on wifi and mobile data; it also hang for th first time today. My opinion: KitKat was very stable and Mature!

  • Aadil

    Thanks. I’ll try that out. But that still doesn’t explain why the battery usage details are incorrect on an otherwise stable build.

  • jeson|

    love the xperia,.[


  • Melfes Wired

    just let my A2 get the lollipop first…

  • MartinDeHell

    Jako? kurwa w Polsce jeszcze aktualizacji nie ma wi?c z tym postem mogli?cie czeka? dalej :/

  • Apurv Shukla

    i am using xperia z1 c6902 , after android l update battery life is horrible it has considerably reduced after kit kat also walkman has a lot of bugs some times volume is low in earphone and then “boom” its so high it blasts your ears , also contrast problem in lock screen the screen minimum brightness is not low means its bright even on lowest setting , Sony has removed tools from widget which was very handy and convenient , the phone is slightly faster than before and better ram management , sometimes i get an error unable to open contacts , wifi switches on automatically , particle effect is available only in live wallpaper. loudspeaker has become soft , ringtone volume is very low now after update

    no added features to z1 like smart call handling , smart backlight control, vivid mode

    even xperia e3 has smart call handling , smart backlight control.

  • 98kuroneko

    I am using a Sony D6503 and very satisfied with the new sweet software. I am also beta testing the Music app as well

  • Shubham Mutreja

    Enjoying lollipop on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

  • Akbert

    sms can’t be read in Ultra Stamina Mode!

  • Dona

    I’ve tried using Ultra Stamina mode. The text messenger always FC.

  • Tun Aung


  • Viktoria Perenyi

    I do agree with you and miss it too, and especially the sound /volume icon.

  • GuoZhong

    hope to support RAW Camera.

  • DavidBaik(????????)

    The sound too low after upgrade 23.1.A.0.726 Generic KR for Xperia Z3 D6653.. Would you fix it?

  • Nagato Yuki

    But I dont think there would be a release for early Z series (esp. for Z, ZU and Z1)

  • aryan1357

    i really feel that my old xperia z is doing better with the sony’s noise cancelling earphones after updating z2 its not same as before do anyone feel same as me…
    and also some times i see that google bar in recent apps look like this

  • 5u5m1t

    I got lollipop a month ago in the UK on my Z3c. It’s been overall good with no bugs and few problems. I did have a day where my battery got depleted very fast without a reason but that’s not happened since. However from time to time I was seeing the phone crash when I tried watching a YouTube video via Facebook. In the end I’ve not seen any notable improvement to battery life and the only improvement in my eyes is the aesthetics of the software (and that’s purely subjective as well).

  • Utkarsh Tripathi

    I updated Xperia T2 Ultra to Lollipop last week. The update is pretty stable and memory efficient than KitKat. The Only Bug is that the Xloud is removed, and due to this I am getting distortions and feeble sound in the internal speaker. I tried on a different T2 ultra and a C3 but the reault is same. Please bring the option back we need it badly, it was a marketed feature said by Sony, it can’t be removed in an update.

  • Ivan Prskalo

    That’s sadly gone…

  • Danny

    you mean tools widget?

  • Adham Shawky

    Need close all button in z1, lollipop update have a lot of bugs and crashesh alot an. Some times when press home button no icons appears

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I’ve been trying to post a reply from the day 1 lol

    No you don’t have to, go to XDA and find out

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    This way bro, trying to reply you but didn’t work, something’s up with disqus

  • imparanoic

    5.0 on my z2 and wife’s z1 compact, seems to be lovely, great update, better camera, also no camera annoying crashes ( so far) on my wife’s z1 compact, also love the transfer to sd for apps, which I had before on my xperia tx, but not on my z2 on 4.4

  • avn

    Im using xperia c3 after the update there is a bug on the front cam it shoots very dark pics. I used to love my front cam please fix it for me.

  • Mainak Sarkar

    Can apps be moved to SD card?

  • Chan Kin Cheung

    yeah my domestic helper’s C3 LTE have this problem as well. And, a lot of users also face this problem. Please reflecr this feedback to Sony, thanks admin

  • Ravi

    Yep, it can be done.

  • Sridu

    You’ve ignored the Z, ZL, ZR users which should be you major strength. Anyways you could have asked 2-3 weeks back so that Z users also would have got the updated build along with Bug fixes :)

  • kirstína

    my z1c is still running kitkat,, what do you think when am i going to receive the lollipop ?? im from slovakia

  • Matthias

    I love it on the Z3 Compact, but the new “Silent Mode” behaviour is horrible.

    I have to use the volume buttons to get the UI for “silent / priority / normal” mode to show up.
    Why remove the toggle button in the quick settings in the notification drawer?

    Besides that, the UI where you can choose between silent, priority and normal just sucks. It overlays the current application, but you can still interact with the currently running app AND the sound setting at the same time. There is no way to simply dismiss the sound setting overlay, without interacting with the underlying app.

    This is just stupid UI design… but luckily, it’s the only negative thing concerning Lollipop that I can think of right now. :)

    Edit: One more negative thing, on my Z3 Tablet Compact, the Google Now Launcher has become horribly laggy. Scrolling was smooth on 4.3, but not so much on 5.0 :/
    But its not that big of a deal, since most applications run smoothly.

  • laci_csk

    Now my T2 Ultra restarting freqvently. When receivig an incoming call the screen remain dark, not showing anything, only when I push the screenlock button can see who is calling. Its wery slow … and more bugs.

  • Snorky112

    am I the only one to ask myself which phone is on this video? the first one has white face with black bezels, doesnt look like a Z3 to me…

  • Suhail

    I’ve using the Z2 D6503. Swipe down twice, the size of the setting and editing icons are tiny and annoying. It was much better as a fully sized icon, although the thinking behind it was understandable. Colour scheme of the settings menu should be customisable, as well as the colour of the notifications. The blue and orange gets older really fast. All in all, it seems quite the same as running on Kitkat, and not so much smoother…that’s the feeling I get anyway. As of yet I have not yet received the Close All or Clear All button in the recent apps screen, so it’s still not yet fixed.

    It doesn’t feel optimised for Sony devices, although the look and feel is better than Kitkat. I do notice improved battery life and less oveheating issues. I think I just expected more.

  • I have a z1 compact, no software update available, why?

  • Jakes Vis


  • Major

    The “Update Centre” disappeared on the Z3

  • Matthias

    It’s integrated into the “What’s new” app now.

  • I really miss the airplane mode on long press of powerbutton it’s the most important function to make the device quiet when it must be like important meetings and at the movies. Having to swipe twice takes more time.

  • Faisal Abdalla

    It’s like 5.0 bug. My brother using nexus 5 and exact same thing happen. After 5.1 it never happen again.

  • João Pedro Figueiró Pavan

    When lollipop will be available to Z1 c6943?

  • Messup7592

    Well, after some weeks of lollipop on my XPeria z1, everything works fine, smoothly and I really love the new UI. I just noticed that sometimes, when I wake up my phone, the lockscreen is flashing/flickering, the display is overexposed during an half of a second. Did anyone else has noticed it ?

  • Tweety

    Now you’ll get another update. It is already rolling out.

  • Kima

    me too, but it’s not serious, I’m sure they gonna fix that..

  • Messup7592

    Yes, as long as it’s not a hardware problem it’s not a big problem :-)

  • Amirul Syafiq

    The HEADS UP notification is killing me!
    The story: Me watching a youtube tutorial video peacefully when suddenly, BAM! whatsapp notification shows up in the full screen video. I’ll check it later, I said. I swiped it away. The notification is deleted. damn! i want to check later, not delete it.
    2 seconds later, IT CAME BACK! fine. I just wait for it to get itself back into the standard notification tray. after 10 long seconds, its hides itself. okay.. I missed some parts of the video but I just go on watching it until the important part. Guess what? BAM! another pop up notification! it blocked the video!
    can’t it leave me to just watch the video?
    I left windows phone because of the stupid banners. now, it came android.

  • Messup7592

    Same problem of bug contrast in lockscreen, glad to see that I’m not alone to have his cause I thought at first that it was a display trouble

  • paul t

    Asked Sony and the rest of the lollipop users… wheres “double tap to wake”? Why has it been disabled on the Z1??

  • amish

    Why sony didn’t give multi user mode to T2 ultra updates.?!? I mean that’s the cream feature of lolipop which we expect eagerly to use… Sony should add it!!

  • Issam Riyami

    The update is nice… I am having two weird issues though…
    – There seems to be a problem with the font.. Mostly with the emoji/emoticons.. Sometimes it shows as unrecognised boxes or Chinese characters for some reason…

    – The phone would not save my Wifi password so I have to type it again everything I connect…

    Any of you facing similar problems? Any solutions?

  • tina

    It’s not what I had expected. I have z1 and it keeps crashing, it’s slower than normal and the battery goes flat really quick…how do I change it back to the old version….. Help!!!!!

  • jeffzie

    On the Z2. Things have moved around for no reason (e.g. silent mode), plus in-call alerts get in the way of the phone UI. Am quite annoyed.

  • Joseph Kevin G. Yap

    It’s very buggy. The ultra stamina mode doesn’t allow you to open and compose messages. When you open a message, the messaging app will close. The Walkman app has bugs in its volume level though I sometimes prefer the bug over the normal because the bug has higher and clearer sound so it is better for noisy environment. The overheating and battery drain issue for camera and album apps is still unsolved.

  • Joseph Kevin G. Yap

    SONY please DON’T fix the high volume in Walkman’s better to keep it that way. However, it lacks bass. Maybe you could just enhance it by adding more bass. The video is arranged better though it has problems like reading subtitle files and it was placed in the middle of the screen when you enlarge the resolution which is very wrong. It should be at the bottom. Also, enhance the volume level for videos. It’s weak I can hardly hear any details. Loudspeaker is weak too. I often miss calls and messages in z1 compact, my phone.

  • Ben Lim

    I like the new colours and improved features. The long awaited fix to turn off the alarm clock is finally available :) The only gripe is the slowness to load icons and frequent slowness when trying to use an app.

  • Tms40

    It’s looking pretty good however there are a few issues I have found on Sony Z1 unbranded uk:

    1. Battery life is about half compared to kit kat

    2. Home screen is laggy as is the app drawer with apps not showing for upto 30 seconds

    3. Google play music now will not work (cannot play any music)

    4. Other audio playing apps when playing in the background stop when you use chrome.

    Overall there are a few issues which need addressing in an update asap.

  • Anbu Raj

    Xperia Z1 6903…
    1.Navigation soft keys response lags..frequently
    2.Micro SD Mounting Problem…..
    3.when restart the phone Even good reception shows NO SERVICE..
    4.Music Play over Bluetooth headset music crack… more frequently
    5.Switching between apps very slow….

  • Riju Pal

    Same here in z1…

  • Riju Pal

    I am using z1. Lollipop is running great. Though the tethering was not working for some day and now its automatically fixed. I dont know how. But sumtimes when unlocking the display over exploses. Not a big prob. Battery is same.

  • Pratik

    Volume too low on Z ultra after update otherwise it’s great

  • Timel

    Another important point!!!! “The Xperia UI”

    Material Design is good but it looks cheap and too kiddish for the Xperia devices, especially Xperia flagship devices. The classy design and premium looking of Xperia devices deserve Transparent UI So Sony should modify Material Design with transparency / glass-like effects.

  • Smuti

    Same in Slovenia, waiting for my Z1C.

  • Ibrahim Najjar

    gps not working any more after lolipop update on my z1

  • Dominik Fürst

    Xperia Z1, on my oneplus one i like the 5.0 update, they made everything right but sony didn’t :/

  • Andy Smith

    WelI I have had Z,Z1 and Z2. I was due a free upgrade and was waiting for Z4. Installed Lollipop on my Z2 and Z2 tablet. First thing that happened was wavealarm and android alarm clashed so the screen flickers when the alarm goes off and you cannot cancel it without turning off the phone.
    Agree with other people, I hate the new design, looks cheap and tacky. All the nice icons have been replaced with basic shapes. Sound controls have gone from the quick menu and I HATE that floating button taking up screen real estate.
    So I went out and used my free update to get a Z3 with Android 4.4.4 :-) much happier now.
    If Sony dont go back to their interface with 5.1 I will seriously consider switching to the Lumina when I come to replace the Z3. Also not going to replace my Z2 tablet with the Z4 tablet until they fix the Android version. There are lots of other options such as the Lenovo Miix.
    I am not surprised Sony are shooting themselves in the foot, I’m surprised how fast they are re-loading. They did the same thing changing the interface on the Smartwatch. SW2 brilliant, SW3 seriously crap, full of bugs, hard to find the basic apps, etc.
    They really need to put back the stuff they removed with 5.0.2 when they release 5.1 or make the Z4 available with Kitkat 4.4.4 otherwise they will lose even more market share.

  • Andy Smith

    Just remembered, the main reason I do not like 5.0.2 is they changed the facial recognition. On 4.4.4 you can use the phone single handed and can see your face on screen so can see it recognises you and it goes straight to home screen. With 5.0.2 you cannot see your face and even if it does recognise you it just changes an icon at the bottom of the screen, you still have to swipe to get to home screen. Its changes like this that make the phone much harder to use as a business tool.

  • Sayed Mustafa

    Tethering problem ( says ” tethering error ” whenever I open it) and very low volume!

  • Mark Spook Taylor

    I have bug problems with my version, keeps asking which home screen you want when exciting every app. Even choosing the experia screen via the settings doesn’t lock it in as ‘permantly chosen.’

    The lower volume it’s producing is a huge problem for me -I watch a lot of streaming videos and ‘tv’ on mine, and am seriously struggling to hear it now even on highest volume. This really needs to be fixed.

    It had also had problems playing some video files on social media, which It never had before. It eventually returns to the previous screen, or on a few occasions, has crashed altogether.

    If a new version, or maybe a ‘ patch ‘ do not come out in a week or so, I’m going to have to downgrade back to kitkat, which I had no problems with.


  • Peter Kuan

    I just updated to lollipop on my xperia z3. I noticed some of the quick settings icons are not reacting to my touches!? Very annoying.

  • ho

    u can add it manually

  • fluffy

    I am using the Sony Xperia Z3, which I think is the best phone ever. This is what I think of 5.0.

    Visually the new look is nicer than the previous one. However, many procedures now requires a detour to perform. E.g. unlocking the screen now requires 3 moves instead of 2, to get to the quick panel requires 2 moves instead of 1, etc.
    Although some features are nice, but others are completely unnecessary and have replaced previously more useful features. E.g. when I type, I get two suggestions of words instead of 3, and in the middle I instead get a duplicate of what I’m typing, marked in magenta – why?
    Some things have become better looking, but also have become buggier. E.g. I like the looks of the new Xperia e-mail-app, but it is now slower at opening, and slower at updating recently received e-mails. Also, for g-mail it now does not show the latest sent e-mails, only as far as a couple of days (random number) back.
    The buttons for replying, forwarding and deleting an opened e-mail are now awkwardly placed and cover lower parts of an opened e-mail. It is now especially hard to unsubscribe from news letters… Again, this feature now looks nicer, but has been implemented in a clumsy way.
    Battery life is not on par with kitkat.

    Otherwise I like the new look.

  • Shooshoo

    For Z1, need to fix battery draining fast, need to fix stamina mode as not working properly, x-loud disappear and sound become very weak, need to make icon for silent mode, need to add motion action like z2. Thx

  • Niladri

    My Xperia Z1 ever since I updated to Lollipop, seems to have lost the ear proximity sensor and light sensor functions. Every time I take a call, my ears and cheek seem to just swipe down every possible pig-sh*t of a notification screen over the calling screen and nothing happens with auto screen off during the call. It takes me a full 20-30seconds to hang up a call because I have to swipe up all those stupid notif drop downs back up to reach the End Call button screen.

    I’d say Android and Sony are together made of cheap low lifer arses who can’t do any upgrades right. And none of them seem to have a got a fix for it yet. Way to go losers.

  • adrian worth

    I updated this week ( I normally hang on till the last minute)

    As for the changes most are a good I think, but the one big problem I have is that I can’t get Audible to give a status and pause function in the notification bar.

    To elaborate, I listen to alot of audible books via audible app, when using kitkat you could swipe down the notification bar and there would be a status of the book with a pause, rewind and fast-forward function. Now if I want to pause I have to open the app. This may seem a bit anul but it’s something that really annoys me that they take away features that have always been there. Unless I’m being extremely stupid and there is setting that I haven’t seen.

    Has anybody else had this issue or am I a complete muppets that doesn’t know how to use my phone ;)

    Experience z3 compact.

  • Sabu Padmanabhan Vijayan

    After the lollipop update, my phone (xperia z1) is very slow and battery is draining very fast. Somebody please guide me

  • David

    I love it so far but one issue I have is when selecting a contact to make a call or dialling a number. When I hit ‘dial’ it just stutters, shows the call screen for a second and then goes back to the contacts screen and doesn’t actually make the call. I then have to do it once or twice more before the call is made. Is just a bit frustrating that the phone element of my phone doesn’t work so well.

  • Owen Ow

    I have the same issue wth this. When i turn the phone on, it super bright and after 1 sec, it turns bacl to its original light.

  • Owen Ow

    Oh. I notice that the speakers are weak and laggy cam too

  • Vaibhav Dharpure

    I am using c6902 Xperia z1. After lollipop update my camera giving blurish and foggy photos in day light and night also

  • Ahmed Mamdouh

    Guys I’m facing some bugs…
    My device is being overheated lately
    It takes about 5 sec to open the apps
    The equalizer sucks… It’s not even work with any other apps like soundcloud
    When I switch to another app… Then back to the first app I found that it restarted the app
    Any one agree with me?

  • Ahmed Mamdouh

    And the equalizer doesn’t work with any other app

  • sunil pillai

    My Z1 has become terribly slower after the update. Notably, while moving from any apps to the home screen, it takes few seconds for the home screen icons to appear.Launching certain apps at times has also got slower compared to kitkat.

    Launching aoos

  • Kamlesh Das

    my battery back up has gone down and not to mention sometimes the phone works of its own.. like without touching the screen apps will open and not one, many apps will open at once and for 5 secs it will work of its own and sometimes it becomes unresponsive to touch and slows down also. not to mention i m holding a xperia z1 and my friend is holding a xiaomi note and his battery back is better than mine. his is around 2 days. cannot believe tht.

  • Apurv Shukla


  • Maureen Alemania Bantog

    Can anybody help me with my z ultra Loudapeak problem? Thank you. Whenever i make calls or receive calls, it’s always on loudspeak..cant do anything about it.. my phone is already updated to lollipop. thanks

  • Ashish Gupta

    Guyz i have updated my Z1 to lollipop as soon as it was released almost everythng is good in lollipop update other than minor glitches and i have also experienced that twice or thrice in a week my xperia automatically turn off and gets on and it feels really embarring when i am around my frnz and it happens while viewing any pics or such sort of thing.

    The biggest and worst DRAWBACk of Lollipop update in Xperia Z1 is thatit just consumes battery just like a hell i hv to chage my phone twice in a day to 100% to use it whole day around. I cant imagine to goo out without a powerbank.

    Plz PLz Plz u DEVS plz fix this issue i felt to be vry proud of being using my XPERIA Z1 but dis battery draining issue is really irritating me alott . i EXPECT tht u will be rolling out an important and effective minor update as soon as possible really we the users of Xperia Z1 are suffering alot….

  • Arun Patrick Sebastian

    I am using the lollipop version for quite some time now. These are the pros and cons..
    Camera is functioning better.
    Material design looks nice.

    Heats up quite a lot(more as compared to kitkat)
    Headphone does not get detected(It gets detected on restart)
    Lags , it lags a lot. Ui needs more optimization.
    Home button bug.
    Battery performance is not on par with kitkat.
    Battery performance:JellyBean>kitkat>Lollipop

    I hope you guys at sony value our feedback and send us some update and patch these glitches.

  • Ahmed Kiwan

    the phone just went too slow and the battery is killed …lost many good customized option…i want to get back my kitkat plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me …im using Z1 and im really regreting the upgrade .:(

  • m.Ossama

    Hi there, I bought.Z1 abt 5 month ago and after updating to lollipop the battery became draining so quick and performance got decreased hope that will be fixed soon

  • Andrew

    I updated my z1 a couple of weeks ago, and phone is now really laggy. Icons on the home screen take awhile to load up and when they do they look horrendous (in a childish way), Internet holds for a long time, messages don’t show with the notification light until I press the power button, I don’t like the new double drag down settings menu the only positive is the battery life is better than before.

  • Ekay

    Hi, This is Ekay. When my C3’s OS was upgraded to Lollipop, these were the major turn-off’s: (1) I cannot switch back anymore to “Swipe” only lock screen even though I deleted all admins in my phone, (2) I cannot turn off the keyboard sound and (3) the message notif keeps on changing even if I don’t change it.

  • Jagadeesh M

    I’m using xperia c3. i updated to lollipop. UI was good. but the performance is very very slow. and front camera capturing was very very bad. I can’t take selfie.. I can’t downgraded to kitkat also… kitkat is more more better than lollipop in performance wise….

  • Jagadeesh M

    lollipop is totally waste… very slow to open dail pad.. I can;t make outgoing call. I can’t atten incoming call also.

  • Nm Pabel

    yesterday i was updated to lolipop my xperia z1 c6903 after updating my phone getting to much hot and battery drainig very fast i hate this update and it became slow pls fix it

  • danmack

    Can’t listen to music when the phone is locked? Instructions say to allow wired devices for hands free under the voice settings within Google settings but I can’t see the option anywhere. Anyone else?

  • Boris Klenovsek

    Well I have z1 and I’m Having issues with chrome loading very slow. And my ram ussage is big, I’m trying to clear all the time. I unistalled alot of apps. My device is overheating with simple tasks. I tried everything to optimize the dedevice but is bad.I’m thinking of downgrading and rooting device and lowering resolution on it. They really should implent downgrading your resolution on Androids without rooting. Full HD isn’t really needed on screens of this size. That’s just my personal opinion. I regret that I upgraded my device to lollipop.

  • Irfan Faiz

    No issues on my Z3. Phone is still very zippy and I notice less instances of stuttering or any lag on 5.0. Battery life is more or less the same as on 4.4.

    Loving the UI though, Sony’s implementation of Material Design is beautiful.

  • johndoe1667

    email is frustrating slow to load. at times when i’m using the phone offline, it just crash..

  • subhendumishra

    I have upgraded mys Sony Xperia Z1 to lolipop and the experience is not very good. The speaker volume has become lower and I can’t even hear a thing if my ceiling fan is on.The call Ui has become very slow and too buggy please fix it. Also the free ram has reduced to 400mb only from 800mb which has made my phone slower.My battery drains out pretty quickly and the frequency of charging has increased.There are to many crashes including the contacts and other apps too.I have to literally wait for the playstore to launch nowadays and takes hours to install an app.The overall Ui looks good but the performance has gone down makes the xperia z1 a flagship phone looklike a substandard value edition phone.

  • Darren Birkett

    Totally agree. I hate my z1 now. Appalling battery life, apps crashing all over the place, laggy, home screen redraws every time, camera so slow and jumpy that I miss photos, and the phone gets so hot it’s worrying.

  • ajh11

    Update to Lollipop was a complete disaster on Z1 Compact. Had to have it sent away for fix. Only just got it back so still working it out

  • farawayplace

    Total loss of Hi Res audio Out via USB MINI. It was an there in Kitkat. Now it is gone. Angry.
    Hi Res lossless tracks no longer register as HD in app, either.

  • Jon Daniel Palmares

    Please bring back the feature to allow widgets in the lock screen. (No offense but I really want to put a binary clock in my lock screen than the sony clocks)
    Also please bring back the quick access widgets (wifi, airplane mode, etc.)
    Also please bring back the feature when you press the overview button twice it goes to the home screen.

    Everything else is OK. My battery is better. Performance is slightly better.

    I agree with other users that sometimes the sound enhancing features no longer works with system sounds. The power off menu also is gone. Would have been better if it would go back.

    I am using a Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503)

  • Richard Prevett

    I am continuing to experience problems with my phone contacts in Lollipop, just like in 4.4.4. I have 4 gmail accounts and see hundreds of contacts in my telephone contacts list which are unnecessary clutter. I have been trying to edit the list down to actual useful phone contacts whom I actually phone or text to. This tinkering makes my gmail synchronization go haywire with daily messages of failed synchronization and warnings of too many contacts removed. I also have to be very vigilant and check my contacts lists in gmail when I’m on a PC to assure that they haven’t disappeared, something which has happened several times. I find the entire Android system for managing telephone contacts extremely tiresome and frustrating.

    What I would like is to use my gmail contacts on my Xperial Z2 Lollipop to contact my gmail contacts by gmail. I would then like to use my telephone contact list to contact people by telephone or SMS. I would like to use the phone. I would like to use gmail. Not both at the same time in an unholy jumbly mess.

    What I do not need is to see all of my various gmail contacts in my telephone contacts.
    I don’t know if this is an Android thing or a gmail thing. Apparently iPhones don’t have this problem.

    As a last resort, I may be tempted to switch to a Windows phone in 2016 if I see that Win10 has a better contact management system.

  • Krishna Dutt Mishra

    Lollipop update After mobile very slow running My Sony Model Xperia C3 Dual


    I have a z1 C6902, after lollypop update I am facing the following issues-
    1) Worse battery life, drains really fast and sometimes needs charging twice a day.
    2) A lot of lags while switching apps, the dialer and contacts take ages to open and there is a significant lag while making calls.
    3) The swipe down quick settings menu has some issue. Apart from WIFI and Bluetooth, nothing seems to work. P.S. – It was working fine earlier but it doesn’t work now.
    4) Issue with background running apps- The app running in background keeps restarting again and again whenever you switch back to it. Specially with web browsers, the page reloads every time the app is selected from the background apps. Its really annoying at times.
    5) Volume control is missing in quick settings menu( Silent/vibrate/full volume), now it can only be done through the volume rocker.
    I hope Sony resolves these issues ASAP with the next update.

  • Purnendu dewangan

    I have updated my Xperia c3 dual with lollipop but not impressed. My set is working very slow even sometimes it hangs. Front camera taking darker pics. Set is very…………… Very………….very…………slow………slow…………. Slow…. ..i can’t express my feelings

  • Purnendu dewangan

    If Xperia c3 dual is not capable for lollipop then why did sony gave update… …why……? Sometimes i think to throw the set

  • Messup7592

    This Is strange… Hope it won’t “hurt” the display with time

  • Jade Booth

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  • Omen Rayyan

    I had updated my Z1 and it went in a restart loop. I did factory restore and Repair using PC companion and it worked fine for an hour or so and then again started reboot loop and soon after that my phone died with no LED and no way to turn it on (includes recharge, restart pin in SIM card port and force boot by pressing power and volume up and/or down).

  • Owen Ow

    Problen with Z Ultra LTE lcd panel when switched on. It turnes very bright for 1 sec and goes back to normal. I hope they fix it.

  • devx fred

    Why the ui is still like google’s lolipop’s material design? doesn’t SONY always change it to their Vanilla designs.I understand it’s 5.0 thing.But I expected something different from Sony as they always do.But sadly

  • Andre Lemard

    If they did people would complain and say that it’s not stock and it’s ugly.

  • Petrescu Cosmin

    My Z1 Compact audio quality is poor after updating to Lollipop. Everything else seems ok.

  • Charles Henry Lauffer III

    ever since i downloaded lollipop onto my z1 compact my battery life has gotten exponentially worse :( anyone else experience this?

  • Jack Ayoub

    How can I close all apps and tabs?

    Also how do you change the colour of the text swiping line? Don’t like the orange.

  • Apurv Shukla

    how to add manually

  • John albadry

    I’m using z1 and after upgrading it began to lag and the application list disappears every time i close an application,, not mentioning that the camera became slower… GOOD JOB SONY :-/

  • Droan Yadav

    i have with the screen brightnees

  • Droan Yadav

    and this is a vey bad version

  • Droan Yadav

    how can i get my erlier version

  • Sunil Saini


    I have updated my Xperia T2 Ultra Dual (From India).

    I’m facing lot of issues regarding lollipop update.

    1. Phone is not responding sometime even after the unlock button pressed twice or thrice.
    2. For calling when we click on number, Sim selection prompt come later sometimes this delay come at 3-4 second.
    3. After Update google chrome is not working so long, after using usually 15 min it hangs or if you load heavy page then it slow down the phone.(so disable it)
    4. Google application is not responding sometime.

    as of my thinking these all problem come with lollipop and may be with memory management.
    i reset my phone 2 times first 1 day it works fine but then same issue.

    Sony Kindly updates us, i’m not only one that facing the same issue.

  • Chaseau13

    My wife and I have both Xperia z1s, we upgraded to lollipop we didn’t hate it, but it just feels like sony didn’t get something right because both our phones get really hot, and they are very slow now, I’m looking right now at websites on how to downgrade back to kitkat.

  • Malini Mohan

    D5322 T 2 ultra is my phone, after lollipop updation, my front camera has become bad quality. It’s has lots of grains now… Before it was OK… Better.. But now.. The pictures look soo bad.. What should I do to change this? Please please help me.. Having this phone in my hand with bad pictures, it’s really sad.

  • Vin Basbas

    Hi Guys! I’ve read some of the concerns here and i just wanted to share mine. I am using Z1 Compact and here are some of the MAJOR problems that i encounter:

    1. The smoothness of the camera is gone. If you notice when you move your camera, you find the screen kind of “laggy” or kind of slow, unlike in KitKat, the Camera flows very smoothly. No Lags, clear in every angle even if you move the camera either fast or slow.
    2. The Secondary camera has too much gamma in taking photos. when you take them, even if you modify the HDR, Stabilizer and Soft Skin, all results are like in a very high bluish gamma picture, especiialy when you’re just taking a pic in a low light environment. This never happened to KitKat.
    3. The quality of the camera is GONE!!!! as simple as that.
    4. BATTERY LIFE SUCKS! I usually use my phone for 2 days with KitKat, sometimes with the use of stamina mode. I don’t use too much app, only social networking sites (FB and Ig, no games).But now, IT DOESN’T EVEN TAKE 24 HOURS TO LIVE THE DAY WITHOUT CHARGING. I always go out from the house with 100% battery Life, but now, i have to always bring my charger with me as the battery drains so quick that at around 3-4pm, i needed to re-charge it. TAKE NOTE, I USE THE STAMINA MODE EVERSINCE I NOTICED THIS DILEMMA on my phone. I’M AFRAID, WITH THIS PROBLEM, IT MIGHT RUIN THE STRENGTH OF MY BATTERY (so please make a better update for this one)
    5. It easily heats up. this is whenever i use the camera for a longer period which i never experienced with KitKat. The upper middle part near the camera is the one heating up which is very alarming.
    6. When you try to unlock the phone or press the power button to wake up the screen to unlock, high resolution contrast is very noticeable. why is that? that can also kill the battery life, as the screen is one of the major battery draining thing on smartphones. (refer on you power usage)
    7. In silent Mode, why is it that the notification blinking LED is removed. In Kitakat, if you are in silent mode, the LED blinks. If you are in Stamina mode, it blinks on the first 5 seconds and suddenly changes to gamma-white blinks that is long in interval (which can also be helpful for notifying the user, though). BUT in Lollipop, the blinker can only be seen if you are either in vibra or tone mode, regardless if you use the stamina or not. Why is that little but helpful thing removed?

    I never do blogs, but i am really concerned with these issues that are bothering me and the quality of the phone i used to love. May we get answers on this matter? Thank you very much!

  • Vin Basbas

    Hi Guys! I’ve read some of the concerns here and i just wanted to share mine. I am using Z1 Compact and here are some of the MAJOR problems that i encounter:

    1. The smoothness of the camera is gone. If you notice when you move your camera, you find the screen kind of “laggy” or kind of slow, unlike in KitKat, the Camera flows very smoothly. No Lags, clear in every angle even if you move the camera either fast or slow.

    2. The Secondary camera has too much gamma in taking photos. when you take them, even if you modify the HDR, Stabilizer and Soft Skin, all results are like in a very high bluish gamma picture, especiialy when you’re just taking a pic in a low light environment. This never happened to KitKat.

    3. The quality of the camera is GONE!!!! as simple as that.

    4. BATTERY LIFE SUCKS! I usually use my phone for 2 days with KitKat, sometimes with the use of stamina mode. I don’t use too much app, only social networking sites (FB and Ig, no games).But now, IT DOESN’T EVEN TAKE 24 HOURS TO LIVE THE DAY WITHOUT CHARGING. I always go out from the house with 100% battery Life, but now, i have to always bring my charger with me as the battery drains so quick that at around 3-4pm, i needed to re-charge it. TAKE NOTE, I USE THE STAMINA MODE EVERSINCE I NOTICED THIS DILEMMA on my phone. I’M AFRAID, WITH THIS PROBLEM, IT MIGHT RUIN THE STRENGTH OF MY BATTERY (so please make a better update for this one)

    5. It easily heats up. this is whenever i use the camera for a longer period which i never experienced with KitKat. The upper middle part near the camera is the one heating up which is very alarming.

    6. When you try to unlock the phone or press the power button to wake up the screen to unlock, high resolution contrast is very noticeable. why is that? that can also kill the battery life, as the screen is one of the major battery draining thing on smartphones. (refer on you power usage)

    7. In silent Mode, why is it that the notification blinking LED is removed. In Kitakat, if you are in silent mode, the LED blinks. If you are in Stamina mode, it blinks on the first 5 seconds and suddenly changes to gamma-white blinks that is long in interval (which can also be helpful for notifying the user, though). BUT in Lollipop, the blinker can only be seen if you are either in vibra or tone mode, regardless if you use the stamina or not. Why is that little but helpful thing removed?

    I never do blogs, but i am really concerned with these issues that are bothering me and the quality of the phone i used to love. May we get answers on this matter? Thank you very much!

  • Vin Basbas

    Hi Guys! I’ve read some of the concerns here and i just wanted to share mine. I am using Z1 Compact and here are some of the MAJOR problems that i encounter:

    1. The smoothness of the camera is gone. If you notice when you move your camera, you find the screen kind of “laggy” or kind of slow, unlike in KitKat, the Camera flows very smoothly. No Lags, clear in every angle even if you move the camera either fast or slow.

    2. The Secondary camera has too much gamma in taking photos. when you take them, even if you modify the HDR, Stabilizer and Soft Skin, all results are like in a very high bluish gamma picture, especiialy when you’re just taking a pic in a low light environment. This never happened to KitKat.

    3. The quality of the camera is GONE!!!! as simple as that.

    4. BATTERY LIFE SUCKS! I usually use my phone for 2 days with KitKat, sometimes with the use of stamina mode. I don’t use too much app, only social networking sites (FB and Ig, no games).But now, IT DOESN’T EVEN TAKE 24 HOURS TO LIVE THE DAY WITHOUT CHARGING. I always go out from the house with 100% battery Life, but now, i have to always bring my charger with me as the battery drains so quick that at around 3-4pm, i needed to re-charge it. TAKE NOTE, I USE THE STAMINA MODE EVERSINCE I NOTICED THIS DILEMMA on my phone. I’M AFRAID, WITH THIS PROBLEM, IT MIGHT RUIN THE STRENGTH OF MY BATTERY (so please make a better update for this one)

    5. It easily heats up. this is whenever i use the camera for a longer period which i never experienced with KitKat. The upper middle part near the camera is the one heating up which is very alarming.

    6. When you try to unlock the phone or press the power button to wake up the screen to unlock, high resolution contrast is very noticeable. why is that? that can also kill the battery life, as the screen is one of the major battery draining thing on smartphones. (refer on you power usage)

    7. In silent Mode, why is it that the notification blinking LED is removed. In Kitakat, if you are in silent mode, the LED blinks. If you are in Stamina mode, it blinks on the first 5 seconds and suddenly changes to gamma-white blinks that is long in interval (which can also be helpful for notifying the user, though). BUT in Lollipop, the blinker can only be seen if you are either in vibra or tone mode, regardless if you use the stamina or not. Why is that little but helpful thing removed?

    I never do blogs, but i am really concerned with these issues that are bothering me and the quality of the phone i used to love. May we get answers on this matter? Thank you very much!

  • Vin Basbas

    Hi Guys! I’ve read some of the concerns here and i just wanted to share mine. I am using Z1 Compact and here are some of the MAJOR problems that i encounter:

    1. The smoothness of the camera is gone. If you notice when you move your camera, you find the screen kind of “laggy” or kind of slow, unlike in KitKat, the Camera flows very smoothly. No Lags, clear in every angle even if you move the camera either fast or slow.

    2. The Secondary camera has too much gamma in taking photos. when you take them, even if you modify the HDR, Stabilizer and Soft Skin, all results are like in a very high bluish gamma picture, especiialy when you’re just taking a pic in a low light environment. This never happened to KitKat.

    3. The quality of the camera is GONE!!!! as simple as that.

    4. BATTERY LIFE SUCKS! I usually use my phone for 2 days with KitKat, sometimes with the use of stamina mode. I don’t use too much app, only social networking sites (FB and Ig, no games).But now, IT DOESN’T EVEN TAKE 24 HOURS TO LIVE THE DAY WITHOUT CHARGING. I always go out from the house with 100% battery Life, but now, i have to always bring my charger with me as the battery drains so quick that at around 3-4pm, i needed to re-charge it. TAKE NOTE, I USE THE STAMINA MODE EVERSINCE I NOTICED THIS DILEMMA on my phone. I’M AFRAID, WITH THIS PROBLEM, IT MIGHT RUIN THE STRENGTH OF MY BATTERY (so please make a better update for this one)

    5. It easily heats up. this is whenever i use the camera for a longer period which i never experienced with KitKat. The upper middle part near the camera is the one heating up which is very alarming.

    6. When you try to unlock the phone or press the power button to wake up the screen to unlock, high resolution contrast is very noticeable. why is that? that can also kill the battery life, as the screen is one of the major battery draining thing on smartphones. (refer on you power usage)

    7. In silent Mode, why is it that the notification blinking LED is removed. In Kitakat, if you are in silent mode, the LED blinks. If you are in Stamina mode, it blinks on the first 5 seconds and suddenly changes to gamma-white blinks that is long in interval (which can also be helpful for notifying the user, though). BUT in Lollipop, the blinker can only be seen if you are either in vibra or tone mode, regardless if you use the stamina or not. Why is that little but helpful thing removed?

    I never do blogs, but i am really concerned with these issues that are bothering me and the quality of the phone i used to love. May we get answers on this matter? Thank you very much!

  • Paul

    Same here…

  • Ali

    I have a Sony Z1 and upgraded to Lollipop and everything went perfect in the beginning, then suddenly my phone freezes whenever I make calls or receive a call, so that I have to restart my phone to get it working again !!

  • fahim

    Hey bascially the moment I had updated my z3 to the 5.0.2 my sound of my speakers started playing up and idn why it was fine before the update and now after the Update my speakers play up the music sounds distorted when playing out loud but when using headphones they are fine any answers?

  • Palam

    I am great fan of Sony, because of the hardware and software desgin. But new lolipop make me feel that, what is the difference between stupid nexus and sony, the notification bar sucks, dialing pad sucks. New flat look sucks. No feel of xperia flag ship.
    I hate new Ui design. Looks like no brains put behind, only you guys took the lolipop and put hardware compatible drivers, with Sony flag ship software…
    I am not paying for stupid android Ui, I am paying for xperia feel. You must return my money back… Or else xperia feel.

  • elbert88

    One of the reasons I got a Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact was so I could transfer pictures from my DSLR and view them in a bigger screen to share with loved ones. To do this, I use a USB OTG adapter and directly connect the two devices. This automatically prompts the tablet to open Android’s stock Camera Importer, read the DSLR (as an MTP device), and allow me to import pictures as I please.

    Sony’s Lollipop update broke the feature that allows android devices to read MTP devices (or decided to take the feature out). It still works on my Nexus 5 running 5.1, so I know it’s not an Android problem. I have also tested it with a Sony RX100 Mark III, and setting it as a USB Mass Storage device allows the tablet to read its files, while setting it as an MTP device yields no results. My DSLR doesn’t have this option and can only be recognized as an MTP device.

    I have since reverted to Sony’s KitKat ROM since this feature fully works there.

  • tackchou

    Just updated my z1 compact D5503 with Lollipop few days ago, battery life have reduce significantly compare to Kitkat! Worst of all, my battery will not charge beyond 85%, even if I charge it overnight with the phone switch off!!!! Fix it ASAP please…

  • Nick

    I’ve been on LP 5.1.1 for a few weeks now on my Z1c and all is seemingly very good accept for one frustrating issue that I have no idea if it’s CyanogenMod or the Lollipop itself…. during multi-tasking when I ask more of my CPU it naturally gets warmer and at random temps observed between 38-43 degrees I get fine black horizontal lines that flicker and increase in number and intensity as temp rises…. this video shows it…. anyone else experience this as it began with 5.0.2

  • Gayo

    Can’t copy files to my SD card since the update! Please help!

  • Using Lollipop in XZ1 Compact Sim free. There is a glitch where when my charger is plugged in, the camera is not working, in that it takes up the bottom part of the screen only, as if the ratio is messed up. Any attempt at taking a picture crashes the app. As soon as I disconnect the charger, the camera works again. Only started in lollipop update.

    Also I don’t like the new toggles in notification bar. Volume control is gone e.g. sound/vibrate/silent and press and hold WiFi or Bluetooth to get to its settings.

    I also really don’t like the white notification bar skin.
    I’d like the option of choosing to make my notifications against a transparent background and to change the color of the text. I can download lock screens to change the skin but not for my main desktop. The white isn’t bad per say but some apps don’t use it and have their own skin, which then stands out like a sore thumb. You should be able to skin over notifications globally.

    I also find it really hard to select text at the edges of the screen and when you press and hold the word you want to correct, it should magnify it and let you go from letter to letter to make specific changes but it doesn’t.

  • Joseph Kevin G. Yap

    The video application doesn’t read subtitles anymore. I wish it could be like any other video player like vlc which can easily open subtitle without any fuss. The camera and album application consumes too much battery. It overheats device just after five minutes of usage. (z1 compact)

  • sani

    Guys anyone is suffering from the battery after the lollipop… My z1 used to stay 2 days and half, after the update is 18 hours without any activity, If I used it to call or check my email it will last only for half day….and its getting so hot and I can’t use it… I regret the last update…any advice.

  • Sekhar Chowdary Vegulla

    I have sony c3 after updating from kitkat to lollipop. The phone became very very slow. While calling it hangs…

  • HAkan OZkok

    same , very annoying . i thought because of lockscreen and i changed it but still same. couldn t find any topic aswell

  • Faith Skinner

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  • Ghost

    so who lollipop for z c6602 & c6603

  • Max

    Xperia keyboard not learning new words since Lollipop update (Z3C). Fix please?

  • Noah Knowles

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  • Javad Amiry

    It’s very buggy. It’s very buggy. It’s very buggy.

    – How can I put the phone in silent mode? It used to be in quick setting panel.

    – The UI? How it looks an feels? Awful! The 4.4.3 was really beautiful.

    – But, it’s not all. I cannot use the phone while it’s charging. The touch system get confused, and sometimes it seems it’s touching itself!

    I wish I could downgrade to previous version.

  • Sulthan Ahamed

    im facing a problem on wifi connection getting disconnected often and everytime i need to switch off and ON my wifi

  • Sulthan Ahamed

    Iam using sony xperia Z1 ( c 6903)

  • bill

    Since the upgrade on my z1, been missing calls as ringtone is out. I can’t assign ringtones either. The loudspeaker and ear speaker both failed during my diagnostics. Battery drains faster. Need help anyone? Thanks

  • GJR2016

    Just updated my phone to the 5.0.2. Now my xperia z1 is running really slow :-( what to do? Can I go back to the last version?

  • devx fred

    point…but i think google’s material design ugly in same way. i can’t enjoy Sony’s screen when it was rich icons ,selection button was more eye catching.Bythe way do u like new meterial thing by Sony? I am not talking about google’s.

  • Kelvin Kah V-Ken

    Please do enable camera API 2.0, since you have one of the best camera among the phone. Full manual mode for user, like LG G4. Redesign the camera app for more manual control and the software processing for the picture. Hope fully Sony can make Z1 to Z3 user have a feel of DLSr camera.

  • azurati

    So, here is my take. I am an Experia Z1 user (more to do with the contract that i am on!). Lollipop update was completed a few days ago. Firstly, it is SOOOO slow now. Opening email is painful.

    Secondly, I feel that the UI has been Google-ised. Gone are the subtle Sony design elements – It looks a bit like a kid’s toy, even though some of the Lollipop enhancements are welcomed – particularly since I am an Android Wear user as well.

    If Lollipop is this slow on all phones, I will have to consider an alternative mobile OS. I am assuming it is more to do with the fact that the Z1’s processor cannot handle Lollipop.

  • CaptainPure

    i agree with ravi, im enjoying my lollipop z ultra c6802 but there is some bug with load the app icon when you press home button, and sometimes, after playing games open all apps result serious lag for seconds… please update the fix soon as possible… and please add new future for setting the ringtone for each apps notif. thank u sony i love ur product… the best smartphone i ever have

  • CaptainPure

    I’m z ultra c6802 and i enjoying my lollipop 5.0.2 but there is some bug with the interface slowing to load icon apps, and sometimes, after playing games open all apps result serious lag for seconds… please update the fix soon as possible… and please add new future for setting the ringtone for each apps notif. thank u sony i love ur product… the best smartphone i ever have

  • keon lessey

    Since I updated my z1 to lollipop it has stopped vibrating, I can’t personalize my contact ring tones. Whenever I try it just rings the default ring tones and the automatic screen brightness does not work.

  • fang

    After updating my mobile (sony xperia Z) into lollipop, i can’t turn on my wifi anymore. Could someone tell me how to solve this problem :'(

  • Alun Griffiths

    I’m really enjoying Lollipop on my Z1 compact; the Sony overlay is fairly minimal, battery life was decreased at first but improved after a few charging cycles together with a few tweaks to settings. The first time I made a phone call after the update I could hear the touch noise when I held the handset to my ear so presumably there was an issue with the touchscreen disablement feature but it only happened the once; other than that I’ve not noticed any degradation in performance and I think Material Design concept looks quite striking (but then I’ve had straight up Lollipop on my Nexus 7 for 6 months or more).

  • Daniel Davies

    Definitely less..I have to switch off so many apps to get two days battery now, also it no longer charges past 85%

    The permanent status bar is awful, especially when watching a you tube video, really of putting bright blue bar!

    Pop up notifications are awful!

    Wish I could have kitkat back…

  • Craven Stiffler

    Please fix the problem of the lolipop version i must prefer to use the android kitkat than this ..always hang-up my sony c3 dual

  • Craven Stiffler

    Cause my unit is only 1 gd ram and it not fit this new update it consume a lot of ram usage.

  • Craven Stiffler

    also my walkman or music apps sometimes stop while playing music then reshme for abot 10 seconds and also when i make a video recording the sounds of it will stop for about a 3 can i fix itplease someone can help me?

  • eltho

    The flow is a lot slower…
    It takes a lot longer to open mails! Anyone else experiences this problem?

  • Saurabh Dange

    After updating to Lollipop after using it for somedays i am facing problem while connecting calls using carrier is there any solution?

  • Javier Narváez

    I just installed Lollipop on my Xperia Z smartphone.
    Great new features but I’m having problem with the battery. It seems to discharge faster now and it takes longer to recharge while the device is on. If I turn it off, I find the recharge to be pretty fast.
    I´m considering to downgrade to KitKat until this problem is fixed.

  • Ganesh Basa

    Yep the equaliser takes a moment to start working

  • mon

    My contacts keep crashing and battery is over heating. Xperia Z

  • Adrian ?ulumberchean

    On my Xperia Z1 Compact, I get sudden battery drops every time when I keep the internet running. This is really annoying. With KitKat my battery hold for almost 2 days even if my internet was running all the time. Now my battery is getting drained in half a day if my internet remains opened (I can keep my phone up and running for one day only if I turn off the internet).

  • Luhan Patrick Shakya

    Didn’t like the lollipop upgrade in my Xperia C3. Kitkat was better in every terms. Those big icons seriously making my phone looks really bad also m experiencing delay in opeaning apps. It never happened when i was using kitkat.

  • Barbaros Gunes

    c6603 (xperia z) everything looks fine but volume level for headset and speakers are extremely low!… That should be a bug needs to be fixed according to many comments on the subject from many users…

  • kin p

    Xperia C3 Dual Lollipop is very very buggy. For examples, the notification bar shows up and overlaps the calling app during call. The calling app is extremely unresponsive. The gallery app becomes unresponsive when selecting a photo. also the biggest problem still unfix is the rear camera quality, it’s muddy and full of artifacts. My Sony Ericsson C905 camera does a better job!

    Please help how do I go back to Kitkat? I paid over 300$ for a Sony phone and I will never again unless Sony listen to their customers.

  • kevin setiawan

    i just upgraded my xperia c6603 to lollipop a few days ago, and started to realize that the battery drains a lot faster.. does anyone else have the same problem?.. tried to check battery usage, and it tells that the Android OS consumes most of the battery.. done googling lots of article, it’s said that the culprit that cause this matter is facebook or any other app that running in background. so i have uninstalled few apps that running in background but the battery consumption stil in the same condition.. any suggestion?

  • Sumit Joshi

    I am using T2 ultra dual, after upgrade with Lollipop it became too slow. Once i click on call option it takes 2-3 seconds to display the next options.

  • Andre Lemard

    You could try using the repair my phone option in PC Companion or Sony Bridge for Mac. The only thing is that it factory resets your phone in the process.

  • Sascha Xu

    i am using C3 and getting lag after update into lollipop, sadly, i am prefer kitkat version cz more useful.

  • Ivars Svekris

    I miss the front lock camera on when doing face unlock.
    Without it face unlock does not seem to work. :/
    Anybody knows how to enable it?

  • Max van Peer

    Unbelievable slow camera launch under 5.0 NO GOOD

  • Alamin Atiatalla

    Am using T2 ultra dual
    recently i update to lollipop
    the problem is:
    i cant find the way to stop Screen automatic brightness

  • Qais Sunna’

    Yes I’ve downgraded my z1 due to battery issues, on KK I Could stay up to 24 hours without charging my battery, after I’ve upgraded to Lollipop.. my mobile just won’t survive for more longer than 13 hours approx.

  • anditsgone

    How do I enter (or exit) silent mode when using headphones/headset? The quick-setting for muting is gone and the advice on the internet says to use volume up/down, but when earphones are plugged in the volume keys control the music level (which does note display the bell symbol that is supposed to be pressed for silent/vibrate). Please be gentle if answer is obvious.

  • Apoorv Deshmukh

    Workaround which you might already be using-> Remove headphones/headset, exit silent mode, put headphones/headset back in.
    Otherwise head over to settings->sound and notifications

  • I honestly didn’t expect the Lollipop update to be so buggy, especially since they made Sony handset users wait so long. I have a Z3 (using in India) and I’m currently on 5.0.2, following are some of the issues I’ve been facing eversince the update:

    1. Half the time, people can’t get through to me when they try calling my phone. Either they’re directed to voicemail or they get a busy tone.

    2. The speaker volume has become extremely poor. I feel sad when i try to play music from my phone now.

    3. The screen orientation more often than not is stuck in portrait mode. I have to lock the screen and then unlock it, to be able to change to landscape mode.

    4. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get past the notifications on screen (truecaller and others) to click on the accept button. Plus I don’t remember the last time I saw the slide to answer screen.

    These are just some of the issues I’m facing. Anyone else?

  • SuiSydul

    1. The speaker volume has decreased dramatically! Trying to watch a video or take a call through loudspeaker is pointless as the sound is too low.
    2. The back softkey does not work during a call, so I i open an app mid call I cannot press back, I have to either press home or recent apps/
    3. The keyboard does not show up during a call, so I cannot reply to a text message or email during a whole call.

    PLEASE fix the above issues otherwise I will have to get rid of the phone as it is becoming unusable!

  • Edward

    ZL here upgraded to Lollipop when it was released about a week ago. Battery drain is absolutely killing my phone, its madness. I just unplugged from the wall at 100% less than 30 minutes ago. I’ve got 14 minutes of screen on time and 4 minutes of browsing Reddit, my battery is already down to 90%. It gets warmer the more I use it too and the battery drains even more quickly. I can’t even use my phone normally anymore because it will be out of battery before I get off work if I touch it at all during the day. About 1 hour of continuous use doing something simple like reading an eBook or a few blog articles will drain me to almost 0.

    Needless to say, I am horribly disappointed with the Lollipop update and will not be replacing this phone with another Sony unless Sony proves that they won’t destroy the next one with an update, too (i.e., fix the battery drain on this one first.)

    I’m down another 4% in the couple of minutes it took to type this reply.

  • Ashish Virmani

    So now everyone hates look n feel of lollipop and say kitkat was better. I remember people criticising kikat when we got kikat update.

  • Greg Bradelle

    The upgrade to Lollipop on my C3 has rendered the phone completely useless: problems picking up calls, switching between apps takes ages, apps crash if more than 3 or 4 open at the same time, pages take forever to load… Cannot even begin to tell how frustrating using my phone has become. It is somewhat ok when on WiFi but absolutely useless in 3G.
    Looked everywhere to see how I can downgrade back to KitKat which worked just fine and was better looking as well. It looks quite complicated and risky to do. Very VERY disappointed and upset.

  • Erik Gulliksen

    I got a Z1 as well and it fixed some errors i got from last update way back, very good.
    But, battery life is DRAMATICALLY lower! I turn of a lot of stuff usually and could easy spend 4-5 days without a recharge on standby. Now it is less then one day, but I want to use it as well… :-S

  • Nils-Jakob Farestvedt

    My z1 is much slower and way more laggy since 5.02. Press on the Facebook app and wait 5 to 10 sec before it launches (basically u sitt there wondering if the phone actually registered the touch) and than, after 3secs of black screen, it takes twice the normal time to load the wall.

  • FadyMahfouz

    The Xperia T2 ultra battery died and now it wont charge! The screen blinks as its about t initiate the charging screen then reboots again and again. What can I do?!

  • Danny

    – I can’t silent while music playing
    – Sound has a small noise that making me crazy
    Using Z3 compact OS: L5.0.2 @23.1.A.28

  • My phone is very much slower now on Xperia Z1 Compact. Many apps lag and often I have to wait ~1-3s before my f.e. messages window opens up. It annoys me so much (because 4.4 was perfect and very smooth), that propably I’ll downgrade the software myself back to KitKat.

    Also, I don’t really like the interface of Lollipop. IMHO it’s much less readable than it was in KitKat, f.e. the notifications window – icons are now much smaller and the colors are dull, faded.

  • echaos

    i’m using z1 compact D5503.The visual buttons cannot show when D5503 is fullscreen. Is it a bug or i just don’t know how to use it??

  • Osama Darwish

    It is very bad please how to downgrade lollipop on Sony xperia c3 d2501 please tell it is too slow

  • Bhushan Tuli

    Since the time my Xperia c3 dual sim has upgraded to android 5.0.2, GPS function has stopped functioning. if some time it starts then within 2-3 minutes it says GPS signal lost… i am in Mumbai India…

  • Gene Conroy-Jones

    My Z1s is so slow now. Lollipop looks great but phone is almost unusable.

  • Wai Meng

    Hi guys , im using Z2 ..
    After 5.0.2 Lolipop . here is the problem that i facing so far.
    1. Battery Drain (Such as surfing internet with Wifi / Small apps ) its drain rapidly ( I din’t face this problem with Kitkat version )
    2. Overheatting problem 60degree above. ( Even Youtube for 5-10min it went up 60cel , seriously ?!!!
    3.Volume .. ( Volume sucks in everything , Walkman , Or whatever it is .. )
    Its always impossible to listen when it drop to 6/10 out of volume level..
    And it went rapidly after 7 – 8 – 9 and so 10 ..
    Basicly , i need a nice volume adjust its depend on my situation .
    But i can’t listen a single thing when it goes down to 6..
    And its over volume when come to 7 above… Please update it .. i love Sony Design .but not this problem

  • My Xperia ZL, with ROM C6506 when battery is about 10~20% turn off. Anyone has same problem? How to solve? Tks

  • danmack

    Will be changing phone, don’t want to but walkman doesn’t work properly after update and support has been terrible. Z1 compact.

  • shyam

    Didn’t get any update for my xperia tablet z.. Any news about update in India

  • shyam

    Any news about lollipop on xperia tablet z in India. Waiting frm many days

  • Lloyd Gladstone

    Change music back to Walkman.
    Get back sensme slide show to album.
    Get back location based WiFi.
    Have better battery management.
    Increase volume output.

  • EK98

    My Z3 compact automatically switches to priority when charging, and then to loud when taken off the charge. I hate this and want it to not be a thing. Help me please.

  • EK98

    My Z3 compact automatically switches to priority when charging, and then to loud when taken off charge. How do I stop this?

  • Praveen

    Too much battery drain problem after update

  • Yuda Adhiguna

    Hey guys,

    I have updated my Xperia Z1 into the latest firmware update of lollipop which is build number 14.5.A.0.270, but the problem still persist. Sony default camera is so laggy when it meets certain condition of lighting. I had a hard time capturing pics with my rear camera, especially indoor pics. But I’ll tell you that this problem only occured in the rear camera. Everything else is fine since the latest firmware update, only the rear camera still. If you wish to see the problem, and how it looks like, see this link. Thanks to the one who upload this video, makes everyone easier to see how it looks. I really miss the jellybean and kitkat camera which is lag free.
    Thanks for your concern here.

  • Tivep

    I had a blazing fast sony xperia z ultra. Now it’s a slow incapable phone. All major phone features have slowed down. The call takes 3 seconds to open. The messaging takes 5 seconds to open. On hitting the call or answer button it takes 3 sec to start the call. A beautiful phone has been slowed down terribly by the lollipop upgrade.

  • kshitiz saxena

    1.there is no notification area for sound and silent,
    2.Sony update center is not there
    3.Display icon is too big in size,
    4.One feature should be there ” that when you gonna swipe your dashboard there should be more styles for swiping ,,,its boring by having only one and other companies are providing this.

  • Miji

    Updated my xperia z yesterday…
    1. Battery drain really fast.
    2. Overheat issue getting worst..just a few minute opened a couple of wont open due to heated upper back..still not install any games yet because I’m too worried about this heat issue.
    3. Camera lag a lot..slow to open n image quality also not better or maybe worst than 4.4.4.

  • MG

    I have just installed lollipop on my Xperia Z. It is usingbso much battery power that I will have to recharge with 5 hours of 100% charge. I want to uninstall and return to my old android system. How do I do this.

  • MG

    The battery drain is dreadful, I want to uninstall lollipop and revert to the old system bit I don’t know how to do this!

  • aditya netaji kakani

    Xperia ZR upgraded to 5.1 yesterday. The battery drain problem is back. Draining like a hole in water tank, even on standby. Phone is heating up a lot. performance is quick what with no battery life. That sucks. need a fix real quick.

  • James Crawford

    This is how I addressed the decrease in speed, battery life, and overall performance issues after the Lollipop update on my Xperia Z1S.

    I long pressed on the Google search widget/Google anywhere bar. Then pressed Hide.

    Everything is back to normal as far as I can tell at the moment. I’m going to run further analysis tomorrow. I’ll post back here with more feedback on the ad-hoc fix.

  • Stefan Spasov

    After my phone was updated with Android 5.0.2 I can’t enable sound icon on my status bar! And respectively I can turn off the sound! I tried to do it as it should be settings>personalization >status bar but there is no sound option! Please, help!

  • Kimberly Farrally

    It sucks, everything runs incredibly slow now. Takes forever to open text messages, Facebook, Instagram, or the camera. And now when I try to record, it pauses the recording every few seconds. Ruining my baby vids. I’ve always been a huge fan of Android, but if this isn’t fixed soon, I’m going to switch to Windows…which I really don’t want to, but I can’t take this much longer!

  • jky

    I’m Sony T2 user. After update to lollipop, my sound system not function on media. It’s only working on notification and alarm. Hope someone can give me an answer to fix this

  • Spyros

    my Z1 has a problem after the u[date to android 5.0. During a calling after few minutes they can’t hear me well, my voice sounds with interruptions or with a noise like blowing. does anyone know something about it?

  • Teddy Wetherby

    Any help out there . Me i own a Experia z3 my daughter owns a z1 we did the update 2 days ago to Android 5.02 and now the phones do not ring or give text notifications and I have checked and unchecked everything. Grr T-Mobile US

  • Sohaib Darwish

    I don’t like the fact that I can’t delete numbers dialed inside a call anymore. Using my logins on phone services has become more unsecure to me.


    Battery charging time has increased by 4 times on my xperia z after updating to 5.0.2 please help to solve this problem

  • James Dowse

    Z1 unusable after update. Desperately slow at doing anything, keyboard sporadically disappearing during typing. Not impressed. Off to buy a Samsung.

  • Dhaval

    SGP321 takes ages to charge and battery drains quickly.

  • Zuliah

    Hello! Well….It Sucks big time! How can I revert to the older version. I am using a Sony Xperia tablet Z1 and the three bottom icons (back, home,apps) are MISSING…..and its draining my battery very fast!! I really want to get rid of this new Android system!

  • Khizer Khan

    After lollipop update I have speakers issue I mean when I am on call with somebody they find my voice to be distorted…
    Sony please help…
    I have formatted the phone re-installed the whole bloody OS….

  • Julio dmello

    Hi. Recently I upgraded my Sony Xperia c3 to lollipop 5.0.2. The update is quite gud and I’m finding my phone running smoothly.
    BT recently I noticed that when I’m on call my screen does not goes of automatically, I have to press the power button to lock the screen.
    I have done the proximity test and it goes well. Or works during test.
    Does anyone faced this problem after lollipop update

  • Robin

    First tell me did you do factory reset after upgrading to lollipop?If you didn’t then try that.If factory reset don’t work then reinstall your device to lollipop or repair software from pc companion.

  • Laura Ho

    i’m using Xperia Z and after upgrade to Lolipop.. My battery drain very fast any solution ?

  • Zuliah

    THANK YOU ROBIN! A factory reset… Works but it was quite a hassle to save all my data before doing the reset. Thank you again….
    Buuuuuuuut IT STILL DRAINING MY BATTERY!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zuliah

    THANK YOU ROBIN! A factory reset… Works but it was quite a hassle to save all my data before doing the reset. Thank you again….
    Buuuuuuuut IT STILL DRAINING MY BATTERY!!!!!!!!!

  • Robin

    Don’t worry buddy.This will happen for the first time after you updated your phone to lollipop.Your phone needs some time to adjust with the new version of Android.But remember lollipop improved battery performance and also increased charging time.

  • Robin

    Don’t worry buddy.This will happen for the first time after you updated your phone to lollipop.Your phone needs some time to adjust with the new version of Android.But remember lollipop improved battery performance as well as increased charging time.I hope you won’t mind with that.Wait for the 5.1.1 version of lollipop.That may fix the problem.Have a good time with lollipop buddy :)

  • Robin

    Don’t worry buddy.This will happen for the first time after you updated your phone to lollipop.Your phone needs some time to adjust with the new version of Android.But remember lollipop improved battery performance as well as increased charging time.I hope you won’t mind with that.Wait for the 5.1.1 version of lollipop.That may fix the problem.Have a good time with lollipop buddy :)

  • I upgraded my Z1s about two weeks ago. There is definitely more slowdown- i have to wait a few seconds after opening any app (gmail, chrome, etc) which was not present with KitKat. And about half the time I go back to the home screen, it takes about 4 seconds for my app icons to show. Honestly, I’m kind of thinking I should downgrade :/

  • Abraham Simons

    After the update the phone is slow. Apps take a long time to open. Icons take long time to appear on the screen. As if I am bieng forced to upgrade the phone. I have Xperia z ultra may be I should switch to apple .

  • Robin

    Try factory reset.This will solve the problem.

  • Amar Harsora

    Xperia Z: battery life has reduced as compared to KitKat, proximity sensor also does not work properly.

    Performance looks better than before.

  • Mamuroguers

    There is no silent option without vibration .No sound option in quick settings .some features missing in security settings like face unlock

  • Robin

    I thought battery backup increased a lot than kitkat but 1 problem is that lollipop also increase battery charging time.And yes proximity sensor doesn’t work properly.I hope 5.1.1 lollipop will fix this problem :)

  • Robin

    Use volume down button,there you can see silent option.

  • Vaibhav Mehra

    I have Xperia Z. Since the lollipop update my phone is heating up, has a significantly reduced battery life and takes FOREVER to charge when on. Plus I cannot delete conversations in the native messaging app. Please fix ASAP.

  • Nettie210

    Kitkat is still the superior version. The Sony UI is classier, where Sony have gone for the cheap look in Lollipop. Like the UI in the first colour screens, pre smart phones. Reading thru all the posts below and the problems experienced since Lollipop upgrade, I’m really happy I stayed with Kitkat. I get 2-3 days battery life, no glitches, bugs or problems. No point in upgrading to ruin all that!

  • Mohammad Alkadi

    it sucks .. it drains the battery

  • Tiger955i

    I am using the Z1 C6903 and I upgraded to Lollipop a few weeks ago. My experience is that the phone went from medium fast to ultra slow. Huge “lag” on every operation I perform -as much as 5-10x more time is lost waiting for action after an operation.
    Battery? Well, before I could run my phone for at least 36hours without charging, but immediately after upgrading this became 12hours -and when battery goes <20% I only have "minutes" before the phone dies. It is also heating more than before.
    Sound quality when talking in the phone has also become a problem. Dropout of outgoing sound is reported back to me frequently ("terrible sound quality, you are dropping out all the time" I often hear).
    If this is from upgrading or something else I do not know for sure, but it also happended right after upgrading.

  • LexxxD

    Greetings, I am with Xperia Z3. After the lollipop update the sound has drasticly decreased. On maximum level, I can barely hear my music or the Radio using Headphones. It is very annoying, since I enjoy louder listening expirience. Please fix this issue with an update. I’ve read some forums, and I am not the only one that find this annoying.

  • disqus_O5mnxtxvRF

    I’m having an issue with volume. Everything plays super soft compared to that of the KitKat. I did a factory reset on music player but no changes. The equaliser doesn’t help at all. Anyone else having this problem?

  • James

    After upgrading and living with lollipop for a while now. I can safely say that my phone was better before the upgrade. Battery life is significantly reduced during normal use. Also, frequently the battery drops almost 1 percent per second to zero. There is also another trick it likes to play, like loosing a sizable percentage of battery all at once (like 40 percent) as per the screen shot. Another issue is the WiFi. Sometimes the phone doesn’t pick up WiFi properly and doesn’t turn on. But this is a minor issue in comparison to the battery which can effectively makes the phone unreliable. The phone can get very hot now for no discernible reason (when not being used). The only positive is that in general it looks better.

  • Robin

    This will happen for the first time after upgrading to lollipop.Do a factory reset after upgrading to lollipop.This Wil solve the wifi problem as well as battery draining problem.Or wait for one or two days.Major update like lollipop need to stabilize in your phone.Some files are still setting up after upgrading to that’s why your phone is still running in background and causing overheating problem.

  • GeoffWhere

    Early days yet for my Tablet Z SGP312 upgraded this past weekend to 5.0.2 build 10.6.A.0.454 but, less than 2 days on, I’m finding my battery drains much more quickly even under moderate usage.

    Battery performance in Power Management settings shows Display consuming 82% while all other apps using 5% or less! Display settings not changed from previous firmware environment.

    I’ve now unchecked adaptive brightness to see if that reduces consumption. Any suggestions?

  • Preeti Kumari

    It’s pathetic.I upgraded to lollipop and my phone died. It did not turn on. I raised request with Sony they did nothing. I had to format my Sony Xperia c3 myself. Afterwards it’s hanging whenever I make a call. Ph has become extremely slow. 3g is not working only 2g is working. Worst phone ever #sonyxperiac3

  • Siva

    Am using Sony Xperia Z1, After Upgrade to Lollipop Bass is entirely gone, I cant Feel the Bass in my headphone and the Audio Quality is worse than ever. i’m Damn sure that there is a bug in this new version of lollipop… Sony try to fix this Bug ASAP

  • parth rathore

    My Walkman of xperia z ultra is not giving bass.. Sometimes it gives and sometimes it dont.. Is it a bug which everybody is experiencing after updating it to lolypop? Because when i was using kitkat there was no problem in the sound..rply please that should i replace my phone or work on kitkat only.?

  • Sam Dioneda

    I have a question about how the pictures appear so blurry and pixelated in the Photos app but they appear really clear if I view them via the Camera app. Why is it like that? :-( I hope someone can help me or what. It’s kinda frustrating. I’m using Xperia Z2. :-(

  • Sam Dioneda

    I have a question about how the pictures appear so blurry and pixelated in the Photos app but they appear really clear if I view them via the Camera app. Why is it like that? :-( I hope someone can help me or what. It’s kinda frustrating. I’m using Xperia Z2. :-(

  • Nataly

    I got an issue with calling people. Since I updated, anyone I’m calling or who is calling me can’t hear me well without interferences. The sound is stopping every second and is splitting the voice into parts. Microphone is fine, as well as all technical staff.
    In other things, I enjoyed the update. But unfortunately when I can’t call normally, it doesn’t make sense.

  • Father Gabriel OP

    I have just installed Lollipop on my Xperia ZL. The app icons are larger than Kitkat and to my dismay Lollipop still refuses to transfer photos and videos to my SD card, I was keen on installing Lollipop mostly because it transfers to the SD card. The Kitkat icons were much more elegant and slightly smaller, What should I do for the transfer?

  • Wouter Vandenbranden

    I’m on Lolipop for 2 hours and my battery drained already to 55%!
    Reminds me of other upgrades with battery drain issues.
    My phone is also running warm/hot.

    My phone is a Xperia Z C6603

  • Robin

    That screen shot is from Xperia care.So I think you understand why your phone’s battery draining so much.

  • Wouter Vandenbranden

    What screenshot?

  • ???

    I have battery drain problem. cell standby takes up over 17% of overall battery usage now.

  • Robin

    I uploaded a screen shot.can’t you see that?ok forget about that.The problem you are facing is because the new lollipop update still need some time to stabilize in your phone.Some files are still indexing in background and causing overheating problem also battery draining will be OK in 2days or less than that.

  • Shinu

    Xperia ZR speaker not working. Dose anyone got the solution? I have updated my xperia zr to lollipop 5.0.2 and now my speakers not working. I have to connect earphones all the time.. Sony… Do u realy care about ur users? Not a single reply from u guys.. Customer care said this is hardware issue.. All of the above user are facing hardware issue at a time? Is this what u want to say? This is disgusting…

  • ShadyKat

    I wish I’d read all this before updating my Xperia to lollipop. Restart takes ages, themes are monotonous, and sound is ridiculously and unacceptably low. Looking for ways to downgrade, until all of this gets sorted.

  • Asus

    When i was playing get rich, sound from my sony xperia z ultra didnt match with the action in game and late 2 or 1 second. How to fix it?

  • Citra Puspitasari

    after updating to Lollipop, i can’t hear anything from my speaker. Either it is for listening to music, incoming call, games, all.. I am using T2 ultra. How could i fix this? there’s no way i could always be with my earphone. Thank you

  • Wouter Vandenbranden

    Thank you Robin, this seemed indeed the case – today my battery usage is back to normal

  • Lei Kty

    Updated for my ZR. The sound becomes soft…. Where is the Walkman xLOUD function?? Hope to get back this function and also the sound icon in notification bar. Without the icon is kinda inconvenient.


    iam using sony xperia t2 ultra, after upgrading to lollipop, dialer has become very slow, i need to wait or sometimes i need to touch again the no for calling. if anyone has a solution for this pls reply

  • dhyatt

    I really wish I would have researched this before I updated – I waited over a month. I have a Z1 and it has slowed to a crawl with lollipop installed – there is a delay to do pretty much everything now. I don’t use the phone for much besides calling and texting so this is just ridiculous. The phone also seems to be acting erratically when it comes to notifying me with a text or phone call – sometimes it vibrates and rings and sometimes it doesn’t – it’s extremely annoying. So in short if you have a Z1 I definitely would not update it to lollipop.

  • Islam Youssef

    I don’t like this update to be honest, me and my wife own a couple of Z3s and we don’t like how low do they sound now, we don’t like that fact that we have to double unlock the phone or not having the ability to access my music while it’s locked, overall this update actually made it worse and I wish I could have my old phone back! did they even do a customer study to know why people buy their phones!!

  • Mike

    I have a Z1s with T Mobile. My phone runs like crap now, everything is slow. UI lags, apps that were fast now freeze for random very short periods, soft button presses will need to be repeated. Disappointed.

  • Jepoiii

    I love my Sony Xperia Z3 so much! Yes, even after the lollipop update. Performance and experience is great. But there’s one big issue after the update and it really is a pain. The volume of my speakers drastically lowered down. The LOUD front facing speakers that I used to enjoy very much are gone. It became too quiet. I can’t hear anything when I’m outside. Is Sony going to provide a fix for this?

  • Selva Mani

    I’m using sony xperia Z ,
    Previously I never had issues with battery Life , now after lolipop update , battery drains so fast despite ,auto sync,location are off and clearing app data
    average battery life is 6 hours max at average usage
    (wats app,FB, Snapchat)
    and the battery consupmtion statics shows android OS using the max power.

  • LJ Watson

    I am using the T2 ultra, everytime I take a picture with the front camera it doesnt show up in my album. The picture is just a black screen

  • Lucas

    I’m using Z3 branded by T-Mobile in Poland. Just after the update a big problem appeared: the Home button stopped working (it only brought up the Google search button but didn’t send me home), the camera widget stopped functioning (black screen appeared after pressing the camera button on the widget while the physical button on the side of the phone still worked properly), and SwiftKey keyboard stopped working properly too. All those problems, especially the one with the home button, made using the phone really annoying. I tried about everything but the factory reset. Setting everything up again would cost a couple of hours of my precious time.
    After less then 24 hours all the problems ceased without any action on my part.
    Now it’s about a month after the update and I’m having all those problems again.
    I’m not sure whether the fault lies with Sony or T-Mobile but I’m positive an update shouldn’t cause so much trouble for a user.

  • peltruquin

    Z1c here, battery life after lollipop is just horrible I only get 6-7 hours, I used to go for an entire day with kitkat, and phone feels hot sometimes

  • Cornel ?oiman

    D5503 – phone function affected. Often unresponsive when I press contact name to make a call. That its annoyng!

  • Alex Heylin

    Made phone slow and buggy (clean wipe & flash). Only noticeable improvement was increase in max headphone volume, with many other “improvements” that were no better or actually worse. Then I enabled ultra power save mode which nuked most of my apps including google play store and services which was just what I didn’t need three hours before I set off for a 5 day music festival! currently trying to reload KK

  • John Hayton

    I have the Z1 compact. Overall, the upgrade is fine, with one huuuuge problem: the camer button no longer does anything other than wake up the phone or put it to sleep! It has become a boring old sleep button. Really annoyed, since camera was a major reason for buying this phone and I use it a lot.

  • ShadyKat

    On Z, camera startup time is 3x slower. Notification bar toasts can’t all be switched off. There is a “conditional forwarding is enabled” popup every time you dial, suddenly. Sound is a LOT quieter. If these could be fixed, it’d actually be a pleasing update.

  • lynx O

    My loudspeaker is not so loud anymore! I have tried turning everything I can upto max and I’m still unable to hear a lot. This is very annoying as I usually use this while I’m at work to pass the time and have always loved Sony for there music capabilities!

  • Aaron Wodrich

    I have an Xperia Z1s, since lollipop I haven’t been able to use tethering or visual voicemail.

  • rvv

    Z1 Compact – 5.0.2 – Very very Poor battery life, Heats up pretty quick especially when using chrome, no standout “improvement” over kitkat – If you are an Android OS developer you should be ashamed of your “next improved version” (run the “improved version” in loop)…just plugged in to downgrade to kitkat to help myself out of this misery

  • Poesiemau

    I’ve updated my Xperia Z (C6603) to Lollipop 5.0.2 last weekend. There are 3 issues that i think need fixing:
    1. Ringtone/alarm/media sounds are suddenly mucht lower, even when they are set to the max.
    2. Icons are suddenly much larger.
    3. Android OS uses more battery. I charge to 100% every night and then the next day when i get up only 2 or 3 % would have been used. With Lollipop this is over 10%!!

  • Rahul

    am using sony xperia c3….recently i upgraded to lollipop from kit-kat…lollipop sucks…don upgrade to lollipop…

  • Elemental

    After lollipop update z1 is barely usable it gets hot, battery has gone terrible, it’s like a massive cpu/memory leak somewhere redraw of homescreen and icons after exiting an app very slow and just using the phone book dialing and functions is painfully slow. I’ve used 15% battery in 10 mins and the back of the phone is burning my hand, that’s just browsing. Tried factory reset to no avail the Google app seems buggy too with random crashes, I’ve hidden the google search bar which has speeded the phone up a little. The ui of lollipop looks boring and cartoonish too maybe Sony should personalise it’s ui. Anyway it needs some serious patching for the z1!

  • Angel Pascual

    after updating to lollipop, my sony xperia flash a message saying “Unfortunately, InitialBootSetup has stopped… pls help me… what should i do..?

  • Jan Overeem

    Since lolipop the volume goes down everytime i listen music on spotify with my headphones on. When i lock the screen and the phone moves the volume goes down to zero or stops even. I listen to music a lot, so this is a big problem for me. Please fix it!!!

  • Jon

    My Z1 C6903 has (after the upgrade to 5.0.2) become totally useless from time to time. Something steals all its capacity. Sometimes I am not able to pick a call!!! Nothing happens when I touch the “Answer”-button, and the call goes to the answering machine. 6-20 times daily it “freezes” completely, and I have to restart it. A few times it is enough just to turn the screen saver off or on. It has also become very laggish. I had to restart it twice(!) while I wrote these lines.

    I love my Z1 the way it was before the upgrade. I was about to move over to the Z3, but now I am wondering if Android is no longer a stable platform. So I am considering going back to iPhone.

  • Amy Driscoll

    i upgraded my phone last night, and i hate it! i feel like all the options i used are now missing. it’s no longer really easily to put my phone on silent with no vibration. i would swipe down, and could change my sound to on/vibrate/off with no vibration. this button is not there. so i have to go into my setting and then into sound, i have vibration turned off, but it is still vibrating for all my apps.

    the icons are huge and take over my entire homescreen. they look ugly.

    it deleted my cool lock screen and now my lock screen isn’t an option. when i change the lock screen picture, for some reason it shows me a picture of the last song i was listening to, instead of the picture i chose.

    you’ve ruined my phone experience. i feel like throwing it away. i hate it.

  • Amy Driscoll

    me too

  • Peg Peg

    Installed lollipop this week, looks great. But I hugely miss the quick keys (from widgets) for flight mode on/off, mobile data on/off, location on/off and so on, shown on this old picture from my phone.

    Are these functions not available anymore?

  • Natalie Gausden

    My Xperia Z (only two years old so hardly ancient) has gone from a battery life of 2 days to a battery life of about 9 hours. I don’t know what specifically is draining it, but it goes down about 10-15% per hour.

    Any tips?

  • Aditya Aarya

    This iz aditya and my phone is xperia c3 dual. After the lollipop update music is not working properly . There is some sort of disturbance and music stops playing as soon as i locks the screen . My cam is also not working properly … :(
    Other than these lollipop is nice with fantastic UI….

  • Saransh

    Initially every thing was Wright but after a month of upgrade to lollipop suddenly battery percentages got erratic changing values and my xperia zl switches off. Only after charging it switches on and when unplugged again switces off. The battery drain is also there as well as I have notices the fluctuations in battery current values were very high which might be causing it. Online I have found many such user suffering from the same problem. SONY please do some thing.

  • Shaqxify

    Using A Z3 Dual. Auto Sync Button Missing, Close All Windows Button Missing. Battery Draining Out Too Fast. :( :( :(

  • eirik årdal

    I have the z3 compact and I’m having some issues with the headphones jack plug which I now think may be related to this upgrade. Basically, I’ve had my phone for a year without issues, until some time late in May, my headphones stopped working. The phone registered the headphones connecting, but all sound was still routed through the phone speaker, not the headphones. I looked up some similar issues on forums and they claimed this was most likely due to lint/dust/particles that had been accumulating over time. Sure enough, using a pincer and creativity, I fished out some lint and it got marginally better. Maybe 1/10 times I would get sound out through the headphones, but even so they would disconnect at the slightest touch to the wire. I then sent the phone to service and got the jack replaced entirely and the phone reset to factory settings. The headphones worked perfectly! But then the phone kept updating itself and its apps over the next days and it stopped working again… I don’t know which update killed it but I don’t think it’s a hardware issue anymore. Still looking for a fix…

  • ashmawy mahmoud saad

    i have Sony Xperia t 2 ultra i upgraded to lollipop but it no hanging too much, the battery is too much fast die and every time it reboot alone . it annoying me now, what can i do even my sister have same model and have same problem.

  • Mats_N

    How do I turn of both sound and vibrate? Had no problem with that before the update using a Mute app. Now the app doesn’t work anymore. Or are we supposed to power off the phone on meetings and at night?

  • George

    I used to love my sony experia Z1 compact. But since I installed Lollipop the people can not hear me. My speech is on and off. I tested my microphone and is working ok. But in call, it is like bad reception. Basically I cannot use my phone. If I have to buy a new one I will not buy sony again. I love experia but mine is still new and is now useless. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Krzysztof Dymicki

    Xperia Z from Orange. Just upgraded – in 3 steps – upgrade came so, every upgrade with higher version, and lesser cipher.
    But the touch screens becames unreliable. It shows the touches, but freezes and/or doesn’t react. Very hard to use the phone active. It means I can answer call or shut off the ringing wake up, but very hard to unblock the phone and make a call.
    I reset it (power+volume up) – to no avail.

    Anyone – any solution?

  • nerdsplease

    I love that I can have other user accounts…

    BUT I HATE, HATE, HATE that they removed the USB Audio functionality from my Xperia Z2. It worked before lollipop, but doesn’t now. WTF were they thinking?!?! That is a huge feature for me and one of the main reasons I bought my Z2. Now I have to either downgrade to KitKat, or just get a different phone. Sony has lost a customer, unless they fix this ASAP.

  • Naomi T

    Ditto! Can’t work out why and it’s driving me bonkers.

  • aamir shaikh

    Hi, I have recently updated my Xperia Z to Lolipop, the user interface is stunning, but unfortunately, the battery drains too fast, the XLoud is removed, the sound of the speaker has gone too low, the most annoying thing is that the Quality of the Music App, (Walkman) has degraded to an unacceptable degree, I have Always used Sony products, be it TV or a mobile or Headphones or Camera’s.. The Quality of the sound was amazing with the Walkman app, I wonder why Sony Upgraded the app to Music, it just degraded the sound Quality. With the Kitkat version of Android, sound quality was yet acceptable, but now the sound Quality went from bad to worse. Now the Sound Quality of HTC and Samsung Devices are way better and the Old Sony Mp3 player which i have NWZ-B142F has way better sound Quality than Xperia Z.. Didn’t expect this from Sony. I will literally stop Sony Devices if this is not fixed and Post this everywhere (all Social Networking Sites) so that people who have high expectations from Sony do not have any more expectations. I was about to buy Xperia Z3+ but looking at the Quality going down with each upgrade, I don’t think I will continue with Sony anymore.
    Used to be a proud Sony User, now I am not :( Owner of 4 Different Sony Ericsson model phones, then Owner of Tipo Dual, Xperia J, Xperia Z, and many more models my family uses.

  • Ady5449

    Yeah.. sound sucks when you have to choose what model of earphone/handsfree you have, love the way back then KitKat

  • Rasneet Kanwar

    The volume of my Xperia Z has reduced drastically after the update! The speaker volume is almost inaudible and its difficult to take conference calls! Please fix this bug asap, don’t want to change my phone!

  • Souvik Bhattacharya

    I am using xperia C4 , but the calander notifications and events are not getting displayed on the lock screen? what needs to be done?

  • Abdalkarem Al-Abawi

    The update is terrible my phone (Xperia Z Ultra LTE) got so sluggish even the basic stuff like dialing a phone call is painfully slow… in short the OS that interfere with the basic functionality is crap OS…. better for your to offer alternative other wise your ship will sink with the sluggish, insufficient, insecure, and spyware infested Android!!!

    The only reason I bought this phone is because I love & respect SONY… but Sony has cornered me by offering only Android… they should offer Windowsphone 8.1 OS or some proprietary OS of their own… damn Google (the Camouflaged NSA)…

  • Rajnish Sharma

    After install lollipop my xperia zl ringtone sound goes too minimum automatically. I have change to maximum but after some tie again it show minimum.

  • Ankur Omar

    im using xperia zr with andriod 5.0,
    1. If all the conversation are deleted under same message after opening that message with all conversation it doesnt go to message list screen which was fixed in kitkat version
    2. No password protection for screen pinning

    1. There should be delete message option along with “mark as read” option in status bar option.
    2. App Icon size too big and not elegant as kitkat icons

    3. Home icon, recent app icon, back icon were more elegant and good in kitkat

  • PP Mguire

    Anybody notice camera degradation after the upgrade? My pictures are noticably worse after moving to lollipop.

  • Ankur Omar

    When external usb is attached then all the app that are stored in sd-card doesnt work even after removing usb it doesnt work, have to unmount sd-card first n then mount it again.

  • Nima Pour xperia Z2 HELP!!! I just bought my new sony xperia z2 yesterday. out of the box it got 50% battery and automatically it started updating. I recharged it fully, but amazingly it drained in only 4 hours! in battery usage, the lock-screen shows to use 58% of the battery. overheating is another problem that just happened. What should I do?

  • TheQuietOtaku

    Lollipop totally ruined my Xperia Z. The home button is completely broken, the camera is completely broken and many popular apps such as Facebook Messenger have also stopped functioning. This is absolutely pathetic service to receive for a phone which costed $750. Shameful.

  • ahonn

    do u know guys,why speaker is not much loud?
    it because after update to Lollipop don have x loud anymore :(
    like a piece of shit

  • jymy

    My T2 Ultra phone voice call disconnected after a few seconds call by “no network” prompted when 5.1.1 installed ! It happened many times till now.
    I rather downgrade to Kitkat if no solutions found.

  • raj

    After upgrading to the latest update.. my phone is rebooting continously for last 5 hours… Please tell me what to do

  • Vignesh Venkataraman

    The video playback really sucks after the android 5.1 update. on my XZ UltraThe video player suddenly says that the video cannot be played if I do any thing like fast forward reverse or change volume during playback.The same videos which played flawlessly on 5.0 are doing this on 5.1 and all videos are doing this on 5.1. Even last time on the upgrade from kitkat the same thing happened till a new release of a different number fixed the issue.Should never have updated early.

  • Setyasha

    my m2 camera has been decreased its quality after upgrade to 5.1 lollipop :( :(

  • Dashing Shakeel Rauf

    i am using xperia m2 dual my back camera result affected by lolipop it has becomee third class cheap camera like china mobiles kindly solve this problem

  • Wolfgang Hübner

    Upgrade to Lollypop broke the GPS in my Xperia M2. It looses the connection to the GPS signal every 10-20 seconds or so, then reconnects. The GPS tools for resetting or recalibrating don’t work. I suggest a driver problem, since after a test run in my car, the GPS service suddenly started working without error after 45min – just to fail with the same symptoms mentioned above after I restarted the navigation app that used GPS.

    EDIT: The upgrade was to version Lollypop 5.1.1 IIRC.

  • Frederik Janssens

    Same here… GPS connection problems after upgrade to lollipop, guess i will have to downgrade to kitkat again and wait for a bugfix….

  • Sam Bainbridge

    Horrible. I really loved my Sony Experia Z1 when it ran on Kitkat – up until 3 weeks ago. I would always punt Sony above Apple to all my Apple friends prior to this so-called upgrade. My touchscreen is now glitchy, erratic and it lags terribly. I am unable to answer my phone as each time the phone is woken up from sleep, the screen is completely unresponsive and frozen. I have trouble messaging and have to switch the phone on and off at least 4 times before the screen become responsive again – even to the point of having to hard restart it. I tried a factory reset in the hope that I could get Kitkat back, to no avail. It just reinstalls lollipop. If you can’t answer your phone, and you can’t message – the two most basic prerequisites – what is the point of this now expensive ornament? Thanks Android.

  • Vitalis felix

    Can someone Help, during the process of updating from android 4.4 to 5.0 to 5.1 on my Xperia Z, i remember seeing a notification telling me how long it would take for the battery to get fully charged while charging my phone. however, i seem to have lost that functionality and i don’t have it in 5.1.1 ….is there anyway i can get it back? and which android version was it under?

  • Daniel Savard

    Hi, since the Lollipop update , the volume for the audio (playing MP3) is quite low.
    Even the sound set at maximum, it is too low.
    I have read that a lot of users have a similar issue.
    My phone is unlocked, but not rooted.

  • Jin Ni



  • Android lover

    Small app for camera doesnt work in lollipop 5.1 in my xperia z. Plz help me. Thanks.

  • Gareth Reynolds

    I have xperia Z, Z ultra & C3 Kitkat’s phone app worked – lollipop’s doesn’t
    Kitkat you could tap a phone number in the browser and it would dial- lollipop no more
    ” ” you could press the phone button on your home screen and you’d have the last few numbers you’d dial at the top and the dialpad on the bottom- lollipop you have to push a tiny button in the bottom corner to get the dialpad & then the rest of the screen is just blank, wtf? then to get back to your contacts list you’d have to backout, then the little button on the top right- annoying b/c you used to only click once.
    The proximity sensor was also irritated with since kitkat- everytime you pull the phone away from your face it thinks you’re trying to swipe down – didn’t used to do that either. just let us go back to kitkat- I’m sick of all of it- I even bought a newer C3 was supposed to have Kitkat, no such luck- in the documentation it says upgrading will diminish performance yet- there is no way to get around- next phone may not be sony if the phone app is still like it is next time.

  • Christov

    Volume levels are disgustingly low. I cannot hear video unless the room I am in is dead quiet and I often miss messages and calls, even when the phone is less than 2 metres away.

    Edit. Sony Z3 Xperia D6653, Android 5.1.1. Build 23.4.A.0.546

  • Valsamis

    I’m using M2
    there is no toggle button for data

  • Henry

    I have just upgraded to 5.1.1 Xperia Z . In general it works OK. The thing I am missing is the Quick Power menu, it used to be in the middle of the home screen and I found very useful. I know that some of the menu items are in a pull down, but I don’t find that as useful.
    I also found the airplane mode on the shutdown very useful but that has gone now as well.


  • ‘Tis Moi

    This update cost me an entire DAY to get my login to Gmail sorted only to find that my tethering was also screwed!!! I also want my Walkman app & my only barely decent THEN sound back! Good grief– I thought my sound was soft before!!! Holy sh*t, it’s ruined for good now! WTF? And why, oh why, must I swipe up, TWICE, to remove the notifications & get to my home screen? Annoying as f*ck. How & why do companies work to REMOVE the good things about their products?? I’m liking my daughter’s VKWorld better now…too bad, ’cause the T2 Ultra *was* pretty sweet.

  • ‘Tis Moi

    No lines on mine– but frankly I’d be more pissed off at the d*mned barking dogs!!!

  • Ted

    I just got the update to 5.1.1 for my experia z3v and messaging won’t let me send a text

  • Ted

    Any information on solving this is appreciated

  • Wayne Leon

    When I receive a call, I can barely hear the caller as this update has completely screwed up the sound. All other sounds on the device are loud and clear. All, except when I am trying to hear the caller. Is there ANYWAY around this? I am sick and tired of this problem now. I think I will ditch Sony from now on,

  • Leon Banks

    I have an Xperia ZX. Since the latest update. Anyone I call, or who calls me can not hear me. I am also having the Mute icon appear when the calls are made or received. Anyone else having this issue?

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