Walkman update lands (9.0.0.A.0.1) to change name to “Music”

by XB on 13th May 2015

in Applications

2015-05-13 20.25.38Beta users of Sony’s Walkman application had already seen the name renamed to “Music”, but now it is the turn of the regular users sticking to the stable releases. Build number 9.0.0.A.0.1 (from version 8.5.A.3.3) has landed changing the name to “Music” and bringing various other changes. This includes moving the settings and play queue to the navigation drawer, along with a faster startup time and a reduced app size.

If you are on the beta releases, then you might want to check out the latest 9.0.1.A.1.0 build number introducing a new landing page and the addition of a shortcut to the Podcast app to the drawer.

2015-05-13 20.25.38

2015-05-13 20.25.49 2015-05-13 20.25.59

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Walkman Hipster Flames in 1, 2, 3…

    Will miss the Walkman Logo. Was unique. But it was never “Walkman”. Just using a “Name” because of it’s fame. Music is better. Like the new Playing screen though.

  • David Hvatov

    “Walkman” name sounded more premium for me & icon was cool too. Now sony turned this player to regular chinese one.

  • MarkLastiwka

    Oh great. Here we go again with the complaining about the name change. Like there wasn’t enough of this in the beta community…

  • Felipe Orellana

    naaah, i have using the version 8.3.A.0.9, the new version is a b*llsh*t

  • Great Dude

    I still think that they should made the name like “Music by Walkman” or something like that.
    Although I didn’t bought a Walkman since many years ago, I hope that Sony will maintain producing these stuff and to the legend to continue.

  • Amimanot

    I don’t mind the name change… But not really a fan of the new player design. The old one looks unique while the new one looks like the many other music players out there. Feels a bit same-y (if thats even a word).

  • spatch72

    Obviously branding doesn’t mean anything anymore to the Sony faithful. Let’s just drop the “Xperia” name as well, and call it “The Sony Generic Phone with Generic Music App”. No one really care a about branding anyway, right?

  • The_Newtype

    We need fewer updates like this and more updates that fix ongoing issues that plague many users… Like, say, audio notifications, group messaging, etc.

  • I’m 23 and I’ve never owned a Walkman; I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Some will not know what a Walkman is. Sony’s apps are beautiful and surely is best to leave it as Music-Album-Movie just like their XMB interface.

  • bilomar

    Or “Walkman music player”

  • Bob

    I’d agree with you but this is no update. This is a downgrade !!! Sony really pissed off a lot of loyal fans.

  • AXBiC

    They need to put more providers to find music informations :/

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I’ve was beat testing the music app, some album art will get cut off, depending on the size

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Does a simple name change mean that much to you people?!

  • Raj Singh

    Nostalgia prevented me from upgrading. I will when I get home later even though there’s no need for Walkman anymore since Sony replaced Music Unlimited with Spotify.

  • Janco123

    What’s new app also updated. New look

  • Bob

    Obviously it does for some people . Just look at the reviews on the play store. Most are negative.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    And what’s the point? All pee are complaining about is because they felt all nostalgic about the Walkman name. No one realizes that the younger generation picking up more and more smartphones are going to know what that is. Bitch all you want about it but that’s just how it is.

  • Dexter Moregan

    I totally agree with you. Old interface is beautiful and unique which I prefer than a new one.

  • Bob

    You asked “what’s the point?” The point is people come to this site for news,rumors and to discus their opinions. I’m under no illusions that Sony is going to change their marketing strategies because a few fan boys are upset over losing their Walkman logo. Still sad to see it gone. I’m mean its like the end of an era. LOL

  • Brick

    There was also an update for what’s new. Speaking of what’s new, why the hell does Sony keep adding photos of people into their apps? In the update page there’s a photo of a couple, who the fuck are they and why do I have to look at their smiling mugs every time I check for updates? I hate this trend of adding random photos of pretty people into apps with a passion.

  • thew01

    walkman is Sony’s brand name for their music player ,not name of a player …. so i agree with sony change the ‘WALKMAN’ name’s to ‘Music’ ,even on their walkman product ,the name of player is ‘Music Player’ !

    best regards ,and enjoy your music

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    apk pls….

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    agreed… User should understand diff between a brand and apps names.

  • If there was an auto sleep function that would be so awesome…

  • SSyar

    never received any update of Walkman from Sony Update Center, but got this update instantly from Play Store :)

  • 3rdflyleaf

    It’s like a new set of designers/developers and the previous people working on Walkman/Music is better. The old NowPlaying style is so much better!

  • iia3ezu

    I always uninstall Sony crapware on my Xperia phones… Walkman/Music included. There are better music playing or jukebox apps out there.

    Another example would be Album… QuickPic is so much better and faster.

    Lounge, Socialife News, AR Effect and Sketch… absolutely rubbish.

    Storage space is already quite limited on the phones, please do not pre-install your in-house Sony crapware on new phones. Let the users what they want to download and install, instead of assuming that everyone wants the crap from the devs at Sony Mobile Communications.

    We like Sony’s hardware design and R&D efforts, but the software side is not good enough.

  • mukul verma

    in beta version, its there. i am using beta version of walkman.

  • Angels

    Actually i prefere more the old version of disigne but its good that that try to change some now things. But i cant enjoy my music now because of the not working equlizer because f 5.0.2 update. I hope sony will fix it soon.

  • I remember my first walkman branded phone, it was Sony Ericsson W550i in 2005 and it’s player also was named Walkman. I was using Walkman as music player since then and now it’s gone. Sad :(

  • ash

    Now I can swype from anywhere in screen to change the song to the next

  • poiko

    What about gapless? Is it able to do it now?

  • poenyaku

    sure,but “Walkman” name sound better than just a plain “Music”

  • Brick

    Unfortunately that’s because they tried to adapt it to Google material design, which is used by everyone, while before Sony always used their own style. Some people prefer cohesiveness in design. I’m personally not a fan of this material, “flat” cheap ass design trend going on lately. Hopefully it will run its course and be replaced by something else soon which I hope will be better.

  • Damon Adrian

    *generic is the word

  • nick

    Background color is not accurate still!!!
    Landscape why does the album art go to small size it should be larger like portrait

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    It does sound better, but how many people in the younger generation will recognize it

  • fried_egg

    Sony dropped the ball when it let a brand like “walkman” die. Says a lot when the marketing people have so little confidence in the results of their past work they need to do a “kelloggs coco pops”

  • @damonadrian:disqus @Amimanot:disqus I thought the word could be “uninspired,” “boring” or “tepid.”

  • lol

  • fried_egg

    so that sort of says the beta community reflected the wider market… that is the job of a beta community. If the branding is gone & Sony no longer have their own music service… why bother with it at all. That will be the next move

  • Apurv Shukla

    cant find x loud and clear phase after update to android l and now this new update , somehow its not as good as before.

  • Don’t buy Sony. What’s the point in selling Hardware without own Software?

  • Rock Lady

    Amazing sound quality!

  • george.ath

    Any news on intergration with Spotify? Or is that a playstation music feature only? I wish they’d intergrade it into the music app without having to download the Spotify one separately.

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    That’s true I told a friend to go on the walkman app and he was like what’s that?

  • Redfire 89

    Anybody knows how i get now updates at my Music app? because i have the beta and how will i get new updates now? normally over update center or what?

  • XperiaSlay

    Oww, I wonder What Xperia E1 feels about this changes it has Dedicated Walkman key.

  • Andrea Atzeni

    Is there any chance to install this apk to a non Sony device? The version 8.x is fine and it can be installed with ease, but version 9.x just says something like “application not installed”

  • dimz

    I used to own a Discman back in junior high, then I had that bright idea to open it and check out if something was not connected. Needless to say, it went the way of the dodo.

  • The_Newtype

    I too would love this. It exists system-wide on iOS via the clock application. Very useful.

  • Snorky112

    playstation music is spotify …

  • Snorky112

    yea why buy a sony if you don’t like sony’s software ? the sony software is the main reason why I prefer sony android smartphones

  • Snorky112

    yea they decided to put the sony apps on playstore because update center was broken you could get an update weeks after others, playstore works well

  • george.ath

    So… no difference if you are already a spotify user? What a let down! I really hoped there would be an intergration in the Music app so you didn’t have to switch between apps.

  • mukul verma

    nope, there is not a way to install it on non xperia.

  • jag

    Uninstall the beta in the Settings. Then head to play store for the latest update.

  • jag

    I wish that too!

  • jokensy

    DAMN! They haven’t fixed that freaking ‘search music’ function yet!!!

  • accent56

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  • nick

    First of all opt out of beta testing.
    Theb uninstall the current beta and head over to play store to get the stable v9 music


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  • Geese Howard

    You should have punched him for not recognizing Walkman LOL Kidding man :)

  • Ryan Kumar Jassi

    Lol yeah should’ve done

  • nick

    I think they didn’t study English alphabet..that is why their search implementation finds music which doesn’t begin with alphabet we type to search..

  • Mac

    indeed lol haha

  • Mac

    I will stay on Walkman as long as possible. If ppl don’t understand the symbol of being a music player, then buy your stupid a** iPhone or galaxy. I don’t give a fu*k. I just want my walkman ;)

  • Rene Pedroso

    It is integrated

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    Ist es die Nutzung des Greenifys ganz notwendig? Ich nutze ein Xperia mit 2 GB Arbeitsspeicher und finde, dass ich genug freien Arbeitsspeicher habe, um meine Bedürfnisse für Multitasking zu unterstützen.

  • bilomar

    Ich mag es nicht wenn Anwendungen im Hintergrund laufen wenn ich sie nicht nutze, ob es notwendig ist musst du selber für dich entscheiden. Wie viel Akku das jetzt spart kann ich nicht sagen weil ich greenify seit Beginn
    nutze. Die meisten vorinstallierten apps habe ich selber schon deaktiviert. Ich hab immer 1,5gb RAM frei. Nur apps wie WhatsApp und messenger habe ich am laufen.Und “greenifien” tu ich die apps nur wenn ich das Handy nicht mehr nutz, also wenn der Bildschirm.gesperrt ist.

  • Kravtiger

    Does anyone no how spotify is supposed to work with the music player?

  • Emmanuel Guerra

    Please, share the apk!

  • Andy Droid

    I have actually tried it. But then again after seeing the changes, the Now Playing Screen, i immediately uninstalled the “Music” update and now it returned to the usual Walkman app… whew!

    Sorry folks but I bought a Sony Branded phone so I have the right to use Sony branded name, just like WALKMAN. I will never update again.

  • Andy Droid


    i disagree… sorry. We bought a Sony Branded phone phone, so we too have the right to use the Walkman logo /name imho.

    Your stand alone music player is a nice piece, but at the end of the day, our Xperia phone can do same thing + playing Android games + taking a call, and yes we’re now updated to Lollipop.

  • Andy Droid

    lol. if they remove the Branding from their phones, then there will be a sudden decrease in pricing. You bought your expensive Sony phone, not mainly for the hardware, but for the branding. You pay for the brand… hahaha!

  • Andy Droid

    count me in bro! i mean i use the walkman app mainly because of the branding, also as an expression, makes it unique.

    if i want a different music player, i could’ve just downloaded another one from the Play Store.

    – Poweramp
    – Shuttle Music Player
    – MixZing
    – Equalizer+

  • Andy Droid

    it should be able to work, as long as your Region is supported by Spotify. But make sure you have the latest …errrr latest Walkman Update.

  • Kravtiger

    How do I know what region I’m in and if it is supported?

  • devx fred

    I downgraded after seeing Music app.It sucks.laggy,useless, & doesn’t give me feel like i use Sony phone.Sony please change it back.otherwise if u guys gonna make changes like this i m never gonna think about buying a Sony phone coming days.

  • Jaissal S

    Updated just now. I love the look of the now playing screen!

  • Great Dude

    I used QuickPic but I did found Album a better app.
    In Album I can see all the pictures in one place according to date next to each other.
    I don’t have to search through different folders like Quickpic.
    Am I wrong ?

  • Great Dude
  • Great Dude
  • MarkLastiwka

    The wider market won’t even be able to tell. The branding is not gone. It is tied to their Walkman (an actual audio player). Sony does not have any legacy of apps with the name of Walkman. In fact, the name of the app before walkman (a few years ago) was Music.

    Also, Sony doesn’t have it’s own service anymore. They killed Music Unlimited, remember?

  • Paul Muad’Dib

    Danke für die Antwort. Ja, ich weiß, wie Greenify funktioniert. Ich hab’ es schon lange her gekauft aber seit ich mein ZL nutze, hab’ ich vergessen, es wiederzunutzen. Ja, der Grund für das Akkusparen ist gut aber leider kenne ich keine Möglichkeit mein Handy zu rooten (der Bootloader ist gesperrt und unentsperrbar). Greenify läuft besser, wenn das Handy gerootet wird.

  • bilomar

    Hab das z3 ohne root. Ich weiß da auch nicht ob da momentan überhaupt root geht hab noch Garantie drauf. Ich habe den Google now launcher mit greenify ersetzt wenn ich das aktiviere werden alle apps greenified und der Bildschirm gesperrt.

  • Daisy Fowler

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  • vigneshprince

    isn’t w200i the first one?

  • May be, or w800i, I am not sure) But first walkman phone was produced in 2004-2005 and w550i was one of early walkmans. In my case, I just said, that w550i was my first walkman phone)

  • Uday


  • fried_egg

    The walkman branding has gone from the mass market…(no one buys the audio players and that will get worse as market leader ipod also declines fast – phones have absorbed them – and what is the music function on an iphone?) while 4.4 will still have the “walkman” widget, once lollipop is loaded it goes too. the W icon is replaced with a musical note icon… now, if sony are killing off the walkman app so as to differentiate the high end $1000 music player (which keeps the walkman brand) that would make some sense (ie, the phone cant do hd music & that is to be associated with the legacy going forward)… but you are wrong.. on the phones the branding is gone. worse, sony are in a mess over music (which dont forget they own over 1/5th of the worlds music publishing industry i.e. content) and have been exiting things like gracenote for over a year now. Walkman meant something. True, some branding like “trinitron” has to die because the meaning (crt excellence) is gone… but walkman had “legs” it just did not have proper marketing. Sony dropped the ball… just as they have their own name… all products used to proudly have a little dotmatrix S label with the words “it’s a sony” on it. Sony meant something it doesnt in the mass market any more.

  • Jecht_Sin

    I suppose just checking the Spotify app in the play store

  • Jecht_Sin

    Can anyone explain me why In KK I can’t remove it from the notification panel just swiping it?

  • Felipe Orellana

    A possible reason for the walkman changed name (in spanish) greetings from Chile :)

  • DonnaPGrant

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  • Raphinion

    They must’ve changed the algorithm to detect the colour of the player depending on album art. I don’t remember the old Walkman app picking this colour from the album title (“Heat” – faint, top right)

  • Haekal Zidni Barkan

    I hope those peoples at Sony HQ are just “testing the waters”, seeing customers’ responses and when the result is unwanted (when majority of customers didn’t like the new naming) they’ll revert it back. Hope it was just that.

  • Geferson Gonzales

    ….i retain the walkman apps on my z2 and z1…music sounds bored since it already used by other smartphone…walkman is trademark of sony…

  • Odiin

    Hi, on my Moto G2 upto Walkman version 8.5.A.3.2 (apk) easily installable. But after the updates I’m not able to install. It shows application not installed. Do any one knows why is it like that? Any solution?

  • R.I.P Walkman

  • rocky22

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  • Moinul Islam Khan

    They just did a wrong decision. Walkman is unique and has a different value for its name. Its has a premium feelings that other operators didn’t have and they are now going back to ordinary. Seriously a wrong decision! Bring back walkman!

  • Isabelle John

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  • bassanova

    Sound quality dropped? Felt that my bass lost, never be the same again. And the equalizer works weird! Improvement needed!

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  • Kostas Papadopoulos

    I hate everything they did
    I just go to settings/apps/music and delete the updates to get the good old walkman
    I will keep doing it untill they will fix their “MISTAKES”
    if you do that me and all the sony funs will abandon you

    Oh and NOBODY LIKES 2D when you can have 3D the first walkman logo is 3D and its awesome

  • Kostas Papadopoulos

    I use this one too
    They just dont know what to do to improve their smartphones and they ruin everything
    there is no longer the litle arrow on top right side to let you see the song list and that SUCKS

  • the player is indeed better, but i will miss the logo too… they should have kept it, in the notification drawer and so! maybe it will return

  • KS Tae

    where is my custom playlist gone to? i cant find the song list using the playlist that playing.

  • m-X-a ThrI

    I Have MBS 100 portable bluetooth speaker.After last update of Walkman,which became “Music”, the sound level through the speaker became too low.
    Any solutions?

  • Nilesh Patil

    We want Walkman back
    Walkman name sounds better than music. And if Sony has not bothering about uniqueness and brand then why r u wasting time for designing apps Google is doing better than u. We have another choice of Google play music and many other better music players.

    It is kind request to Sony plz don’t change Walkman name and symbol. I don’t have problem with GUI, app size and whatever other.

  • Santosh Aher

    Its the worst update.
    Equilizer settings are so bad while using headphones.
    So much of noise can’t even turn on the equilizer on xperia Z1.
    Sound is good only if I turn of all sound effects.

  • snu

    Is it possible to use phone’s power button to pause/play walkman on doubleclick?
    I’m using generic headphones without control button.

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